tagErotic HorrorThe Barn Ch. 09

The Barn Ch. 09


Micah watched the members of the church fucking before him, and he felt their sexual energy flow into his being. Every manner of sexual coupling was taking place within the barn. Wives were pleasuring men other than their husbands, while some of the women and men were satisfying their lusts upon members of their own sex.

As Micah watched the orgy, the pastor's wife was avidly sucking his steel-like cock. Micah grinned, filled with joy that his plan was working out so perfectly. He motioned the pastor's wife to turn around and when she was in place he mounted her pushing his cock deep into her womb. He drank in the energy, which she released as she came on the swirling bumps of his member. So great was the energy the woman released that he decided to have each woman come to him so that he could fuck her to orgasm and devour the forces she gave forth.

In a booming voice he ordered all the women in the barn to come and stand before him. He commanded the men in the room to form a semi-circle around the women. He called upon the men to stroke their cocks as he filled the women's pussies with his manhood.

The first in line to fuck Micah was Sarah, and she quickly knelt to suck his cock before turning around so that her master could fuck her doggie style. As Micah pushed his hardness into Sarah's wet pussy, he could visualize himself fucking Sarah down through the years until she died upon his cock. Sarah's cumming was so strong that Micah decided to cum in her. With a roar, which shook the barn, Micah shot his seed into the climaxing woman.

When Micah had filled Sarah with his hot cum his cock did not go limp. He fully retained his vigor as he motioned Sarah to move away and for another woman to take her place. Once he had shoved his cock fully into the next woman's pussy, Micah looked around at the men standing, masturbating before him. He saw that each man was eagerly staring at the fucking going on in front of them. As Micah watched, several of the men came, showering the floor of the barn with their cum. Micah grinned as he saw the cocks of the men who had just cum almost instantly return to full vigor.

The being known as Micah grinned to himself knowing all the church members were his heart and soul. In awhile he would turn his attention elsewhere but for now that which was taking place in the barn would be enough. As he fucked the last woman, Micah told the men to take the place of the women and prepare to be mounted. Micah instructed the men to spread wide their ass cheeks and to masturbate while trying their best to achieve an orgasm. Micah assured each man who came, while being fucked up the ass, a reward, and Micah fulfilled his promise by flooding the men's rectums with his demon cum.

Later as the men and woman, with Micah's cum dripping from them, stood around him he laughed and motioned them to continue on with the orgy, "Fuck and be fucked, suck and be sucked for you are all free to do as you wish. Fulfill your every desire and fear for you shall not sin for I absolve you from all that takes place here this night.

"Men you shall find that tonight you are able to perform beyond your wildest imaginings, and each woman here will experience the excitement, which only few of the female sex have ever known in the history of this world. Tonight is for pleasure, and you must all drink deep from the cup of sensation."

In the house Amos watched anxiously out the window at the barn. His greatest fear that Luke, Sarah, or Rachel would come back to the house and seek entrance at its locked door, in which case he would have to turn them away with force, if necessary. Amos tightened his grip upon his shotgun and prayed that none of his kin came up to the house. He had seen a lot in his lifetime, but he had never seen anything like was happening to him now.

It would have been bad enough to find an orgy going on in his barn; however he had seen similar things in his younger days. Liquor and lust could lead to an orgy, even among the best of God fearing people. Amos knew more than a little about human nature. He might have been born and raised in the hills, but he was more of a man of the world who more sophisticated.

No, it was the silent children sitting still as stone at the barn, which really scared him. It had taken Luke Jr. and him to herd the kids up to the house and gather them together on the floor of the living room.

Amos knew with all certainty in his heart that what lurked in the barn and took possession of the people at the party, was evil; and, he was determined to defend the innocent from all harm, not matter the cost. He was not a violent man and loved his family dearly, but he knew his duty.

Each minute, which passed seemed like an eternity to Amos. Every now and then he would catch Luke Jr. watching from the top of the stair, only to motion him back to bed. After an hour, Amos gave a sigh, for during that time there had not been any sign of motion from the barn. Yet, time passed slowly for the watcher. A hundred reasons for what was occurring ran through his mind, but nothing seemed to make sense. The only answer he could come up with was that somehow the devil had descended upon his household, but for what reason, he could not fathom.

As darkness fell, Amos saw the headlights of a car turning in the drive. The first set of lights was quickly followed by another pair. From the light thrown out by the front porch light, Amos could see that a car followed by a bus had pulled up in front of the house. A tall light brown haired man stepped out of the driver seat of the car and began to walk up to the front door. Amos saw the driver of the bus follow the brown haired man up to the door. Outside the door the driver of the car smiled as he saw Amos looking at him and held to the window a card, which identified him as Dr. Thaddeus Orion. Amos rapidly opened the door to the men outside and welcomed them into the house.

"Mr. Amos Clayton, I presume?" The brown haired man who had identified himself as Dr. Orion asked.

"Yeah, I'm Amos Clayton and I'm mighty glad to see you, but I didn't expect your friend or a bus full of people."

"This is my associate Mark Allen," Doctor Orion said. Amos was struck by the doctor's deep blue eyes, which were even deeper colored than Micah's. The man before him had a thin face with a long, slender nose. His jaw was firm, and his mouth was full. "He is a man of many talents and tonight his talent is bus driver. I'm afraid that we have no bus full of people. Mark has driven a bus to pick up the children. The will be taken to their church, where somehow the door will open to another one of his talents, which we will not further describe. In that place the children will be safe from any harm. Please take my word when I say that my associate is more than capable of guarding the children."

The man Dr. Orion pointed to was a short African America of slender build. There was something about the man's stance, which struck Amos as if the man he was looking at was very, very dangerous.

"I am pleased to meet you, Mr. Clayton," said Mark Allen. "Rest assured that every child I take to the church will be safe."

"Good, I been worried out of my mind about them kids," Amos gasped with relief. "Git'em out'er here the sooner, the better, but you gotta take my great-grandson Luke."

"No they don't," yelled Luke Jr. running down the stairs. "I don't want to go anywhere. I know something terrible is going on and that Pa, Ma, and Rachel are in terrible danger. I am awful scared and I haven't every seen you so scared great-grandpa, but I'm a Clayton and I ain't running!"

"Boy, it's for your own good," Amos bent down and embraced the lad. "You go with these folks."

"Mr. Clayton," interrupted Dr. Orion touching the shoulders of Amos and the boy, "it would be for the best if your great-grandson remains. He knows more than you imagine, I can see it in his eyes, and he needs to witness these events so that his generation will not forget what happens here this night."

"What if things don't go the way you have planned?" Amos challenged the doctor, "then what?"

"He needs to witness this night so that his generation can remember and protect themselves from the darkness, which had descended upon this place. I can promise you this, no evil will happen to you or to him except over my dead body."

"Alright," nodded Amos feeling somehow compelled to agree with the doctor, "but he can do his watching from upstairs. Git up there boy and watch out of one of the front widows!"

"But first let me help you get my friends on the bus!" Luke Jr. insisted, "Didn't you see how easily I got them to come with me when you brought them up to the house?"

"You're right they seemed to follow you more than they followed me," Amos admitted. "but that was before I had these other fellers here to help. Now don't go feelin' bad, because you done your bit this night. We'll git your friends gone, but like this doctor says, you need to watch; so, git upstairs and watch!"

Reluctantly the boy trudged up the stairs and pressed himself against one of the front upstairs' windows. As he looked down, Luke Jr. saw the children led out of the house and loaded on the bus. He then saw Mark Allen get onto the bus and back it down onto the main roadway. He would have loved to go to the top of the stairs and hear what Amos and Dr. Orion were talking about, but he could not seem to move from where he was, so he turned and looked toward the barn.

"Mr. Clayton," Dr. Orion said, "I will now tell you what we are up against this night. What I will tell you will be the truth to the best of my understanding. Some of what I may tell you might challenge your beliefs; in fact, you may not believe what I say. All I ask is for you to remember, what you have seen to night and what you know about the history of this place."

"That's fair," nodded Amos, "I'll hear what you have to say."

"Years ago Winston Winslow, in his ignorance and pride, summoned up something from beyond this world. Perhaps the best term to describe such a being is as a demon but that word is not exactly correct. There are many realities. Worlds upon worlds, existing in the same time and place but separated by differing forces, and in between those worlds are voids, which are greater than the void of heaven. Within those voids exists mindless, soulless entities, which always seek to enter into the reality of one of the worlds. Those beings are blocked from this realm, and they cannot enter into any world without the aid some intelligent being form one of those worlds.

"Given all things, I find it hard to call Winston Winslow intelligent, although he was well learned in mystical matters. Using an ancient, forbidden rite he summoned up one of the entities from the void between worlds and promised it the life of someone who had defected from his group. The entity took on the form of a winged demon and flew along in search of the man's fleeing automobile. Almost miraculously, the man escaped and in the being's frustration, at being denied, it returned to that barn out there to destroy all within; however, Winslow eluded the creature to hang himself upon a noose on the tree before this house. Winslow did not die before he cast a binding spell, which was powered by his fleeing life's energy, upon the demonic entity. The dying curse of Winston Winslow bound the creature to the area of the barn for all time.

"The man that gave you my number is a client of mine. I have learned a lot from him and I have learned more from reading the sheriff reports and photographs. I am sure that the rite, which called forth the being, was ancient ritual that involved all manner of sexual debauchery. Therefore, the entity craves the energy, which is generated through carnal acts.

"If I am successful the people within that barn will return to normal. I will ensure that they have no memory of this night and in the same manner I will ensure that the children remember only a joyous party."

"That's all well and good," Amos looked the doctor in the eye, "but what if you ain't successful?"

"In that case," said Dr. Orion, "you and your grandson must leave this place and never return. Please stop by the church to inform Mark, he will know how to proceed."

"You don't sound any too sure of yourself," growled Amos.

"I am sure that I will do my best," answered the doctor, "but when dealing with such creatures there is always the possibility of failure. Know this; that if I fail it will be because I have died. Now, I must go out and prepare myself to face that, which waits inside your barn. Stay here and keep the doors locked. You will see a sign to flee, if it comes to that, but do not open the door to anyone unless you see me wave to you."

"I have to admit," Amos solemnly said, "I didn't follow a lot of what you were saying, but I got enough of it and I seen enough to know there's evil here. I will be praying for you Dr. Orion. God be with you!"

"May He also be with you, Mr. Clayton,' replied the doctor before he turned and went outside. Amos watched the man walk back to his car where he opened trunk and brought out a white staff, which had a large crystal on the top of it. The doctor bent down and picked up several other items from the trunk, but Amos could not see what those things where. Amos saw the doctor take several deep breaths before walking up to the main doors of the barn.

Dr. Orion tried pulling on the barn doors but found them barred from inside. He raised his staff above his head and a light flashed out from the crystal top, and the barn doors began to slowly open wide. Amos saw the doctor enter the barn, but no more than he had gone inside than the doors flew closed.

As Dr. Thaddeus Orion entered the barn all the orgy came to a standstill. At the back of the barn, Micah's red eyes flashed in anger as he willed the barn doors to seal themselves. Micah sensed a sudden threat to his power, and he was filled with wrath.

"How dare you enter this place?" Micah's voice boomed with anger. "Who are you? Give to me your pledge of devotion, partake of our pleasures and maybe I shall spare you."

"I enter this place because it is my sworn duty. I am one of the seven guardians at the edge of the world. I bow not to your kind; although, you have my understanding and pity."

"Fall before me and worship me, as do these followers," Micah sent forth a powerful burst of will. "Come here and taste of my cock."

"Once you were happy in the void, which was your domain. You were called here by a man filled with lies. A sexual rite called you into this world and from sex you derive the greatest of your strength. You desire to break forth from this place and return to the void. I can return you to your home."

"Fool!" Micah scoffed, "Once what you say is true. All I wished was to return home, but I have drank deep from the living well of mankind. I have absorbed the knowledge of each person I have touched. I am strong beyond the mindless thing I once was, and I have no desire to return to the void. I will dwell here and feed upon my flock."

Micah waved his hand and the orgy resumed, "See how well they feed me."

"You shall not have them!" shouted Dr. Orion. "They are not to be slain by you."

"I have no intension of killing them. They are the first of a congregation, which will spread across the face of the world. I will bring them only the finest of pleasures and in return they will feed me; but, I will never harm them."

"You have no real understanding about humans," Orion shook his head, "You would replace love with lust. You would deny these people free choice by keeping them tied to your will.

"Your kind is not meant to dwell within this realm. I shall open the way, and you can go home."

"I go nowhere," shouted Micah. "I have crushed others, and I can crush you. Kneel now before me and suck my cock before I grow tried of you."

"I really don't think so," Dr. Orion smiled.

"Fool! You have no idea what I am! I am that, which your nightmares are made of and I am your doom."

"Perhaps," grimaced the doctor from the force of hate, which hit him as a physical blow. "but I will stop you if I can."

The entity shed its human form and took on the shape of the winged demon, which it had first taken upon entering the world. Its fiery eyes cast a crimson glow upon the man who stood before it. It directed all its will to consuming the intruder and for an instant it felt the man's will begin to crumble.

Dr. Orion stepped backward as he felt the power of the creature's will. For a second Orion's mind went blank and everything seemed to spin. The doctor took his staff in both hands and pointed it at the demon shape. A white light flashed forth from the staff and the entity recoiled. The instant when the light hit the creature was enough to allow the doctor to push his way out of the barn doors and into the yard beyond. As the doctor left the barn doors slammed shut behind him.

Orion staggered from the barn and was halfway to the house before he stopped and stood straight. As Amos watched from the house, he could see that the doctor appeared to be gasping for breath; however, Thaddeus Orion raised his staff toward the heavens and yelled something, which Amos could not hear. The doctor then touched his staff to the earth and again spoke. Once more Dr. Orion called out words, which Amos could not quite make out, and sudden flames appeared on the ground, as the doctor moved his staff over the flames. At last, Amos saw Orion pull a vial from his pocket and empty its liquid contents over his upturned face. Then the doctor returned to the barn doors.

This time the doctor did not touch the doors but shouted strange words as he stood before them. In response to Orion's cries the doors flew wide open and did not close as he stepped within. Amos watched the doctor enter the barn and move until he stood directly before a monstrous being, which stood at the far end of the barn.

"Be gone and forever depart," Dr. Orion shouted. "I recognize these people and take them willing under my guardianship. You no longer have any power here. You come from without, but I tell you I am from within and have greater power than you. I have called to me the elemental forces of the world. I am their channel and their focus. I am one of the seven guardians at the edge of the world over whom you cannot prevail."

"If you do not bow to me then I shall destroy you," the thing that was Micah spread its wings a rose to pounce down upon the man who valiantly stood before it. "Die and feed me your life's energy."

The wall to the barn suddenly seemed to vanish and in its place appeared a black, swirling vortex. As the demon launched itself at Dr. Orion, the force of the vortex hit it and pulled it backward. The being howled in terror as it felt itself being carried backward, until it was sucked into the chaos, which emptied into the void. As the thing was pulled futilely screaming from the barn into the vortex to vanish within the whirling madness, which engulfed it; and, as it vanished into the void the opening in the barn wall faded and vanished as if it had never existed.

Luke Jr. saw none of the sexual activity in the barn; his total focus had been upon the transformation that Micah had made into his demon form and the battle, which Dr. Orion waged with the being. His heart was filled with terror at what he had witnessed, but he gave a yell of joy when he saw the doctor banish Micah.

From his vantage point in the house Amos saw Dr. Orion collapse to the floor of the barn. Amos quickly ran from the house but by the time he entered the barn Orion had pulled himself up to his knees. He smiled at Amos as the elderly man helped him to his feet.

"That was close, very close, but the entity is gone; however, I still have much to do," the orgy had stopped and all the people sat with blank expressions upon their faces, "These people must never know of the evil, which touched their lives. Leave me here to free their minds of memories of this night. They shall dress and soon depart thinking only that they had a wonderful summer gathering. Those that have children will go to the church to pick them up and will think that the children were left at the church to have their own party. I must also get to the church before the parents arrive to ensure that the children also have only pleasant memories. I will be up to the house before anyone leaves to talk to you and Luke Jr."

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