The Basting Thread Weekend


The towel around her, Taylor grabbed a handful of the cloth at her chest, with the other hand clutching the fabric at her waist. Billy followed behind, keeping his hands at her back and steadying her body as they navigated to the breaking waves. She found it harder to walk in the surf as they drew close to the waterline. They were only twenty feet from dry land, and the waves alternated between smaller three-foot crests, followed by a series of larger four-foot breaks. "Only a few more feet," she said to herself as she struggled to keep the towel in place.

Suddenly, Taylor felt her feet come out from under her as a large wave crashed across her body. As she tumbled in the water, she heard her muffled screech, mixed with the clatter of the surf, as she attempted to scream beneath the surface. Feeling the wet grit of sand as it rushed over her body, she reached down with her hands she grabbed at the bottom of the surf. Attempting to push herself out of the deluge, she felt the rush of water slow and change direction. Almost as quickly as the wave had crashed in, Taylor felt the water spread and recede, and she found herself lying on the beach.

Stunned, Taylor laid on her back for a second. She could feel the water rushing around her body as it flowed back out to sea. Looking up, she could see the blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun on her flesh. It was then that she quickly pulled herself upright, realizing her towel was no longer wrapped around her body.

Looking around, Taylor realized she had been washed ashore by the wave. But, the same crashing breaker had also ripped her towel from her grip. She looked to the water, hoping the towel had washed up next to her, but it was nowhere to be seen. She could see Billy on his hands and knees just at the water's edge. His mouth was open and he had a surprised look in his eyes as he stared at her. "Oh my God," she shrieked as she looked down at her bare flesh.

Quickly hopping to her feet, Taylor looked back towards the direction of her motel. She could see hundreds of people as they stared and gawked at her. There were a group of boys standing just a few feet to her right, holding their surf boards under their arms and grinning from ear to ear as they pointed at her. Just beyond them, she noticed a large woman sitting on a small inflatable raft. The woman had a white towel, draped over her shoulder.

Like a sprinter in a hundred-yard dash, Taylor darted for the woman. The sand beneath her feet was hot and abrasive, and she could feel her exposed breasts bouncing with her stride. Without slowing her pace, she yanked the towel from the woman's shoulders, causing the lady to tumble backwards and roll in the sand. Quickly, she unfurled the cloth and wrapped it around her naked torso. "Sorry!" Taylor yelled as she continued to run towards her motel. "I'll bring this back in just a minute!"

Taylor could hear the woman yelp and scream as she continued to run towards her room. "That naked woman just stole my towel!" echoed across the shoreline. Undaunted, Taylor focussed on the wooden walkway that crossed the dune to her motel. She found that the towel she had just taken was not a beach towel, but rather a bathroom towel the woman had probably stolen from one of the motels. It was small and left one side of her body exposed. It was also short and revealed the bottom of her ass as she ran across the rippled beach. She could feel hundreds of eyes upon her, but she could only see her escape; the walkway was only a hundred yards away.

Seeing Michael seated in his chair, Taylor yelled. "Hey ... Michael! ... Michael!"

Surprised, Michael looked up and popped out of his chair. Taylor was running straight for him and she had a wild look in her eyes. "Well, this is it," he thought to himself. "I've had a good life. I just wish it didn't have to end here."

Shocked, Michael's mouth fell open as he watched Taylor run past him and make for the walkway. She darted across the sand, jumping over the beautiful sunbather he had noticed earlier. Startled, the woman jumped up, forgetting that her top was untied and revealing her perky, round globes. Realizing her mistake, the woman quickly knelt down, grabbed the beach towel she had been laying on, and wrapped it around her.

"Meet me at the room!" Taylor yelled as she started up the walkway. As she leapt two steps at a time, he noticed her bare bottom wiggle and bounce as the white towel she was wearing fluttered up behind her.

"This is going to be interesting," Michael muttered to himself as he grabbed his shirt. Rubbing his forehead, he watched as Taylor disappeared across the walkway. "Maybe she'll let me have a drink before she kills me."


Michael took another drink as he gazed at Taylor and Billy on the dance floor. It was his fourth Jack and Coke and he figured he needed it. It had been a long day since the incident on the beach and the liberating effects of the alcohol were a welcomed relaxation.

At their room, Taylor had explained how her bathing suit had disintegrated while out in the ocean with Billy. Her theories concerning the strange event ranged from too much bleach in the wash, to possibly leaving the wet bikini in her beach bag and letting it dry rot. She hadn't remembered doing either, but there was no other explanation.

Of course Michael had mocked expressions of surprise and concern during their conversation, never revealing the truth about his devious joke gone awry. If she had zeroed in on some scientific rationale for the mystery, he was not about to offer an alternative, especially one that would enact such swift and terrible retribution.

The rest of the daylight hours he had spent with Taylor at the motel swimming pool. She had changed into her black bikini, but had not been able to bring herself to go back to the beach, the site of her humiliation. At the pool, he watched as she timidly got into the chlorine water, a beach towel always within reach at the pool's side.

There, she told him how Billy had come to her rescue, and how she had invited him to have drinks with them that evening. Michael had smiled and remarked on what a wonderful an idea it was, even though secretly he despised the proposal. Their life together had been lackluster for several months, and he had wanted an evening with just he and his wife. Besides, Billy hadn't really saved her since she eventually ended up on the beach naked anyway. But, the guilt he had felt for what had happened with the swimsuit made him bite his tongue. He felt he owed her a night without any type of argument.

Michael took another sip as he watched Taylor twist and twirl amongst the dance floor lights. The mix of spotlights and laser effects mingled with the haze of cigarette smoke that hung in the nightclub air. He could feel the thump of the base speakers in his chest as they blared across the room. He observed as she moved close to Billy and ground her hips with the beat of the music. The blue mini dress she was wearing clung tight to her body, and several times he noticed her pull the hem down as it gradually rode up her firm butt. Once she had even let it ride up so high that it revealed the tiny black thong that she wore underneath.

As the song slowly mixed with another, Michael watched Taylor lean forward and give Billy a kiss on his cheek. She then grabbed his hand and began pulling him over to the table where Michael was seated. He could tell that she was subtly flirting with her dance partner, and it made his heart flutter. Michael knew Billy was much younger than he was, and his energy and youth excited her.

"Hey baby," Taylor said as she smiled at Michael. She ran her fingers through his hair as she plopped down in the chair to his left.

She held on to Billy's arm as he pulled his chair next to her and sat down. He then smiled and leaned to his right, Taylor grabbing his shoulder and pulling him upright. "You all right?" she giggled as she steadied him.

"Wow," Billy slurred. "I think I've had a few too many."

Taylor giggled and snorted as she turned back to Michael. "Hi baby," she said with a smile and drooping eyes. "Are you having a good time?"

"I think he's not the only one that's had too much to drink," Michael said in a stoic tone. He turned away from Taylor and began watching two girls as they danced together on the dance floor.

Taylor's smile faded slightly as she turned back to Billy. He was slumped back in his chair, his eyes barely open. She then turned back to Michael and watched as he purposely ignored her. "What's that supposed to mean?" she asked with half a laugh.

Michael took another sip from his drink and turned back to Taylor. "You've had quite a few," he remarked. "I think you've had enough fun tonight. You should stop now."

Taylor's brow raised as she stared at Michael. Her smile quickly changing to a frown, she began tapping her fingernails on the table. "You mean like how you stopped having fun last night? Like how you stopped drinking and dancing with those girls?"

"What girls?" Michael asked with a surprised expression.

"The three girls that were all over you last night!" Taylor answered quickly. "Don't tell me you don't remember last night. They were all over you ... or maybe it was the other way around."

Michael gave Taylor a puzzled glare. He had tried to remember the previous night's events, but he had way too much alcohol and his memory escaped him. "Were they good looking?" he asked in a serious voice.

Taylor cocked her head back and slammed her hand on the table. "What?" she asked in a raised voice. She then stood and grabbed her purse from the back of her chair. "You know what? I'm going back to the room, then I'm going for a walk." Michael reached out and tried to grab Taylor's arm, but she quickly pulled it away. "Leave me alone!" she snapped as she stepped away from the table.

"Come on," Michael pleaded as he looked around the room. He could see that their squabble was drawing attention from the other club patrons. "Just sit down and relax."

"I'll see you back at the room later," Taylor answered as she began walking towards the club entrance. "I think I just want to be alone for a while."

Michael stood and watched as Taylor pushed her way through the crowd and disappeared near the front of the club. He gave a sigh, and raised his drink to his lips, quickly downing the remaining alcohol in the glass. He then looked over at Billy. "Hey man. I think I'm going back to my room. You going to be okay?"

Billy pushed himself forward in his chair and leaned his elbows against the table. He swayed back and forth as he motioned for Michael to come closer. Michael placed his hand on the table and leaned his ear close to Billy. "I left my jacket in your room," Billy mumbled. "I think my keys are in the pocket."

Michael gave another sigh as he raised upright. He looked back to the club entrance, then back at inebriated young man. He shook his head in disbelief. "Okay, come on," he said as he reached his hand down. "Let's get your jacket."

Michael struggled as he helped his new ward navigate through the maze of tables and individuals in the nightclub. As they stepped down the front steps of the club, he found it easier to throw Billy's arm over his shoulder to help steady and guide his way. As they made their way the two blocks back to the inn, Michael had to stop several times to listen to Billy exclaim how beautiful and sexy Taylor was. Michael only nodded and agreed, as he pushed him back on their way. He had even appeased Billy by singing "Pretty Woman" and getting him to sing along.

After nearly thirty minutes of stumbling and staggering, Michael soon found himself at the front door of his room. He propped Billy up against the wall as he reached for his key and unlocked the door. Again grabbing Billy, he pulled him into the room. "Taylor?" Michael asked as they stood in the doorway. "Are you here?"

Michael pulled Billy over to the bed and eased him down at its edge. "You okay?" he asked as he steadied his shoulders.

Billy smiled and gave a thumbs up.

Running to the bathroom door, Michael flipped the light switch on and looked inside. He then ran to the sliding glass door and pushed it open. Stepping outside he looked in all directions. He could see the full moon as it rose above the barrier dune. In the distance, he could hear the roar of the tide as it pounded the beach just beyond the dune. Taylor was nowhere to be seen.

Giving a groan, Michael stepped back inside the room and could see that Billy had pulled out of his shirt and had passed out underneath the bed sheets. Walking to the bed Michael shook Billy's shoulder in an attempt to wake him. "Hey man," he exclaimed. "Wake up. You can't stay here." He shook him again. "Hey! Wake up!"

Raising upright, Michael brought his hand to his face and rubbed his eyes. "This is great," he mumbled to himself. "I'm on a beautiful beach, my wife is gone, and there's a half naked man in my bed." He looked to the cushioned chair at side of the bed. Grabbing a pillow from the bed, he sat down and positioned the padding behind his head. Pushing himself back into the cushions he let out a sigh. "Where are you?" he whispered.

As he sat in the chair, Michael found himself continually looking out the window. He couldn't help but worry about Taylor. He knew he had been cruel back at the club, and desperately wanted to hold her and tell her he was sorry. "That's it," he said as he stood to his feet. He looked at Billy, who lay unconscious in the bed. "I have to find her."

Grabbing the door key, Michael walked out the sliding glass door at the back of the room. "She has to be on the beach," he thought to himself. "I've got to find her." Looking back to Billy, he reached inside and flipped the main light off. "I'll be back," he said as he slid the door shut.

_,.-:*'' ACCIDENTAL ECSTASY ''*:-.,_

Taylor sat at the edge of the pool with her bare feet lazily dangling in the water. Originally, she had wanted to walk on the beach, but as she drew nearer, thoughts of her day's experience turned her towards the more relaxing location. She had now had time to cool off, and regretted causing a scene at the nightclub. She wondered what Michael was doing at that moment, and what Billy thought of her for leaving. She looked at her watch. It had been more than an hour since she had left. Surely, Michael had made it back to their room.

Her shoes in hand, Taylor pulled herself up and attempted to make her way to her room. As she stood, she felt lightheaded and staggered a couple of steps to her right. "Whoa," she grumbled as she regained her balance. She had thought the cool water and night air would sober her up, but the results of her libations were obviously still in full effect.

Staggering her way back to her room's front door, she reached for the doorknob and paused. Walking over to the window, she shielded her brow and peered inside. The only light in the room emanated from beyond the slightly opened bathroom door. She could see the huddled form, curled underneath the bed covers. He was alone and asleep.

Quietly, Taylor pushed open the front door, and crept inside. Turning, she pushed the door shut, trying not to make too much noise. Looking back at the bed, she could see him turn slightly and reposition himself, his entire body hidden beneath the covers.

Slowly, Taylor tiptoed to the side of the bed. Tossing her purse and shoes into the seat of the chair next to the bed, she reached over her shoulder with her left hand and unzipped the top of her dress. Reaching around her back with her right hand, she pulled the fastener down and wiggled out of the garment, letting the dress slide down to her hips and fall to her ankles.

Looking into a mirror that hung over a dresser in the room, Taylor surveyed her body. She hadn't bothered to wear a bra that evening, and she looked at the newly formed tan lines on her breasts. She had prided herself for not having tan lines, visiting the tanning salon often and sunbathing in the nude whenever possible. But, after her time on the public beach, the lines from her bathing suit were already evident.

Reaching down to her hips, she hooked her thong panties with her thumbs and pushed them down. Pushing past her thighs, she let the item drop and gently fall to her feet. Stepping out of the tiny article, she bent forward, grabbing the item and tossing it over to the chair. She then turned down the covers on her side of the bed, and crawled inside.

Taylor stared up at the ceiling as she lay in the bed. Her head was spinning from the alcohol and she fought to keep her mind in focus. The room was dimly lit, the light from the bathroom making its way through the narrow crack of the slightly opened door. She could hear her bedmate next to her, his breathing in rhythm, his body motionless. "Are you awake?" she whispered as she turned and looked at the covered form. "Hey," she said a little louder. "You awake?"

She watched as the huddled mass twitched and took a deep breath. "Uh huh," was the muffled reply coming from under the sheets.

"Don't say anything," Taylor quickly whispered. "Just let me say this, and don't interrupt." She could hear him take another deep breath and fidget under the covers. She then rolled in the bed and faced opposite him.

"I'm sorry about tonight," Taylor said with a sigh. "It's just been a weird day and I didn't mean to leave the club like that. I just wanted to have a good time and maybe I did have too much to drink." She could feel him turn over in the bed and face her, but she continued to face away from him, staring out the front window of the room. "I just wanted to have a good time tonight," she giggled softly. "And I haven't had a good fuck in a long time. I need you to fuck me good tonight."

Taylor could feel the bed wobble as he raised his head from his pillow. She could then feel him move and shuffle under the bed sheets. She could hear him undo his zipper, and feel the bed shake as he pulled out of his shorts. Rolling onto her back, she could see him push around under the covers at the foot of the bed and slide his way over to her. She could feel his hands grab her ankles and slowly spread her legs open. She sported a grin as she felt his body slide up and his tongue slowly begin to probe her silky mound.

Grabbing at the sheets at her side, Taylor threw her head back into her pillow and arched her upwards. She gasped as she felt his tongue slowly begin to lap at her moistened lips. She could feel his hot breath as he rhythmically licked and softly blew across her smoothly shaved skin.

Taylor moaned as she felt him work his way up slightly and run his tongue around her clitoris. There, he focused his attention, making small circles around the sensitive bulb with his tongue. She closed her eyes and pushed her chest upwards, pulling the covers off of her upper body and revealing her large firm globes. Reaching up with both hands, she took each of her nipples between fingers and thumbs. They were hard and stood erect as she gently tugged at them. She let out a moan, followed by a giggle as she squirmed in delight.

There was something different about Michael. Her head was spinning from her night of partying, but she could tell he was more forceful and determined. Whatever he had been drinking that night, Taylor thought she would go out and buy a case the next day. Perhaps the effects of the liquor were arousing the senses in both of them. Whatever the case, she liked it and didn't want it to end.

Reaching for the headboard, Taylor let out a loud cry as she felt him increase his vigor. For several minutes she lay in joyful bliss as he attacked her swollen clit in a rapid motion, lapping at the juices that dripped from her throbbing lips. She was in ecstasy and could feel her heart pound in her chest. Her breathing was labored and heavy as she spread her legs out as far as they would go. Reaching down, she grabbed at the sheets that covered his head, pushing him closer as she tilted her hips, trying to give him better access.

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