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The Bath


Dinner was over, the table cleared, dishes were done and I was bushed from a rough day at the shop. The wife was headed for the love seat to curl up in front of the TV for whatever that night's viewing was on as is our usual routine and all I wanted was to soak my ole' bod and relax. I own an auto shop and it was one of those days where nothing went right. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have had any at all today.

"I'd had a rough day at the shop, sweetheart and think I'll go upstairs and take a nice long soak, if that's okay," I informed her.

"Anything I can do to help, honey," she offered.

"Ah, thanks just the same doll, but I think a good ole' soaking will do me just fine," I replied. "Just need to soak my parts for a while."

I was sitting in the tub, a tub of bubbles to relax after the day. Yea, I know bubbles aren't really a macho thing, but they help to hold the heat in.... and ... well, I like the bubbles. What can I say? My wife came up and saw me soaking, knowing how tired I was and offered again if she could do anything to help.

"Ah thanks, honey. Just want to soak. But thanks for the thought. I won't be long,"

"Let me get you a glass of wine and you soak as long as you want, dear," she offered.

" No need, but thanks anyway. I'll be fine."

"I'll just get you that glass of wine and see if I can make you feel a little better." As she turned away, she lit some candles and turned out the light then put on some soft music and left the room saying, "There, that will help you relax some".

She knows I really enjoy a hot soak in a dim room. It takes your mind away and lets you relax easier. The music was a nice touch though. I expected that she'd return with the wine and offer to scrub my back or rub my feet or something like that. She's always sweet that that way.

Well she did return. And she did have a glass of wine. Two glasses as a matter of fact. And wearing nothing at all. She stepped out of the darkness of the next room and stood in the doorway holding those two glasses. I couldn't do anything but sit there with my jaw hanging open and staring at those two glasses. Well ... I may have copped a glance at something else, too but those two glasses shimmering in the candlelight, told me that I don't think I'm going to get my feet rubbed, or my back either for that fact. Not quite what I had in mind, but this could be relaxing, too.

She climbed in facing me, handing me my glass saying, "Hold this for me, honey".

Just as I took it from her, her empty hand reached under the water just that quick and grabbed my dick and then said, "And I'll just hold this for a while."

No doubt what she had on her mind. And I liked it. Our sex life has always been rich in that way, full of spontaneity. I took a drink of the wine, really more like a huge gulp that I choked on, because when I was about to swallow it when she gave my dick a big squeeze and hard jerk.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. Something wrong with the wine? Is it too cold?" she said with a coy smile.

We talked some small talk, the usual, 'what did you do today, dear' stuff. She kept the conversation directed that way, the whole time as she was holding back that coy smile and under the cover of the water, was slowly long stroking me with one hell of a grip.

Talk about not concentrating on the conversation, she had my piston stroking up and down and running on both cylinders in short time.

Every time my eyes started to cross and I'd start to moan, she'd snap back with a, "What's matter honey? Is the water too hot, or getting too cold? I can make it hotter if you'd like?"

Yea, Right!!! "Uh ... No... No it's not too hot, dear. Not too hot at all as a matter of fact..."

She cut me off and said, "Then it must be too cold."

She had her back to the faucet, so she had to rise up to turn around to reach the faucet and when did she stuck that firm little soapy tush in my face.

"Here, let me see if I can heat it up some, darling."

She does have a way to always make life fun that way. As she turned facing the knobs, I realized that it wasn't the hot water knob she planned on heating things up with. She reached between her legs and grabbed my dick, leaned back and sank down all the way on it resting her weight on my lap and gave it a little sideways grind just for jollies.

"There now. Doesn't that feel better? It's not too hot is it, Sweetheart? I wouldn't want it to get too hot."

"Uh, No.... It .. uhhhh ...not at all. As a matter of fact it feels just ..."

She cut me off again and started slowly pumping me up and down with just the motions of her ass. "There now. Is that getting it any hotter, baby? You'll let me know if it gets too hot, won't you, Sweetheart?"

I'm about to loose my mind about this time and something else as well. So I felt I needed to get in the game a bit. "Sweetheart, let me see if I can adjust the heat for you, just little." I leaned forward, reached around and when straight for clit. No doubt about it being plenty wet with all of that hot soapy water. "Here honey. I think this is more like it. What do you think?" as I held her and started stroking her little love button under the water. "Is it starting to heat for you? You don't need to get cold either."

Then she just seemed to go limp, closed her eyes and say, "Ohh Yeahhhh .... That's good. That's good. Just like that. That's ......."

This time I cut her off and started pumping my hips into her as I kept giving her motor the ole jump-start. After a few minutes of that she leaned forward a little and reached down and grabbed both of my soapy balls and gave them a good squeeze and holding that pressure said, "Just wanted to check the temperature real quick, dear. Won't take me but just a minute."

She leaned forward a little more, breaking my hold on her clit and started grinding her pussy into my dick with a deep stirring circular motion and really got aggressive pulling and tugging at my balls, squeezing it out of them. "Yea...That's more like it. It's getting there now, Hun. I can tell. It's just about where it needs to be."

All I could do was groan and brace myself putting my hands on her pumping hips. "Theeerrre we go," she bragged with a giggle as I groaned and emptied my balls deep inside her. " Yeeeeaaaa ... That's what I was looking for. That was it. Just needed to tweak the temperature a bit more, but that did it. Now wasn't that relaxing, sweetheart? I know how much you enjoy soaking in a nice hot tub. You did enjoy the soak didn't you, dear?"

Of course, reciprocation was in order once we got in bed, but that's another story.

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