tagMatureThe Bathroom Counter

The Bathroom Counter


I happened to step into the bathroom just as she was coming out of the shower. She had just put her hair into the towel turban and had her other towel wrapped around her glistening body. She is a fit woman, mid 50s and the smoothest wrinkle free skin I have ever seen. It was a pleasure to touch and caress, not that we had done much of that lately. I had just turned 50 and pretty much gave up on everything, some of the medications I take really put a damper on my libido, and she paid the price. We had always been very sexually active, at 40 she was a insatiable as any 18 year old girl. We could not get enough of each other. As time wore on and changes to our bodies took over we were less and less active. Oh we always wanted to, but something came up. Her daughters, my kids, our grandchildren, the dog... we seemed to let anything and everything keep us from being intimate.

So there she stood, skin glistening in the lights of the bathroom mirror. The towel wrapped around her body covered her from her breasts to just above her knees. I gave her a playful swat on the ass as she stepped by. She made sure to brush up against me on her way, just to make sure she had my attention. She gave a little yelp from the swat and glared at me thru the mirror. Many times we made out on this counter, I cannot count the times we soaked the floor in her wonderful orgasmic gushes. She would get so wet during foreplay that we never had the need for any lubricant; her natural wetness has always been more than enough.

I remembered back to one of the memorable sessions on that counter. She had just walked out of the shower, without her towels. The water running off her shoulders and cascading down across her breasts. They were full and her nipples tightened in the chill of the summer air conditioner. She "accidentally" bumped into me on her way by the counter. I was getting undressed to get into the shower after she finished. I gave a swat to her ass, the pop was louder than I expected. She jumped, and then froze in disbelief. "You better kiss that and make it quit stinging" she said with a sly little grin on her face. "Yes Ma'am" I returned. I knelt down to the level of her wonderful firm ass and gave a little kiss, with an exaggerated "MUAH". "That just won't do" she grinned, "I know you can do much better than that."

So I grabbed both of her firm cheeks and gave them a squeeze. I placed my mouth on the red hand print I had left, and gave a full tongue lick to her right cheek. In one smooth motion I had her turned and lifted up onto the counter with her perfectly trimmed pussy lined up right in my face.

She started to say something; I really can't tell you what it was because I placed my hand in the middle of her chest and pushed her back up against the mirror. This put her pussy at just the right angle and I leaned in to split her lips with my tongue. The initial contact gave us both a tingle. "Mmmmmm" a soft moan slipped from her mouth as the roughness of my tongue glanced across her growing clit. She reached down and separated her lips even further allowing me full access to the treasures held behind them. The heat rising up from between her legs was extreme.

Gently stroking her clit with the length of my tongue and then using just the tip to coax it from its hiding place. My tongue was working its magic as she reached the peak of her first orgasm. Her breathing was more of a panting sound as she let out an amazing "Ooooooh mmmmmmmy GOD!" and as her hips bucked up to reach my mouth a gush of her cum flowed from her sex. Now wet with her juices I moved my face up to hers and kissed her deeply on the mouth, our tongues intertwining and wrapping around each other. She tasted so wonderful, and now she tasted herself via my hungry mouth.

She reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding it to the opening of her love tunnel. There she paused just long enough to open her eyes, and looking directly into mine, she raised her hips off the counter and engulfed my rod in her hot wetness with ease. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she was raising and lowering her ass taking me into her fully. Slowly, evenly she stroked from head to hilt. The feeling of her tightness was more than I could stand. Moving in and out, the top of my shaft running along her now swollen clit. I could feel every muscle inside her gripping, flexing, and hugging my cock as she masterfully worked it in and out.

I could feel my cum rising up and knew it would not be long before the power she had over me caused an eruption of my cum to fill her tunnel. I slowed the stroke just enough to prolong the sensation, she opened her eyes and without a word pleaded for me to again bring her to peak. Her hips bucked up to meet mine as I felt the warmth of her orgasmic juices surround my cock, now throbbing on its own and ready to unleash my own fluids into her.

Another orgasm under her belt she clenched her love muscles around my spear and in a matter of seconds had me beyond the point of no return. My cock throbbed and spasm-ed as she milked every last bit of seed from me. Spent we collapsed into a pile of warm goo as neither of us had the strength to stand.

She must have realized I was in a fantasy state. I am not sure if my glazed over eyes or the rock hard erection was the giveaway. Whichever it was, she took over and reached down and started to stroke my cock up and down. Slow gentle strokes, building as she stared directly into my eyes.

She broke her gaze as she lowered herself to her knees, where she placed her tongue on the pre-cum dotted tip of my cock. Twirling her tongue around the head and paying special attention to the sensitive underside. She drew the head into her mouth fully, slowly working deeper and deeper. At full tilt the tip of my cock just crazed the back of her throat, she called this her "jewelry earning duties". Her head bobbed up and down while her hand finished the motion down to the base of my cock. Faster and faster and we both were moaning with pleasure. I felt my balls tighten, and I knew release was very close. Breathing heavier and faster with each second.

I reached down to lift her up onto the counter, but she pushed my hand away and continued ever faster, slobbering and coating my cock with her hot mouth. There was no doubt, where she wanted my cum. It was mere seconds before my cock started throbbing, unloading rope after rope of thick cum into her mouth. She barely slowed down as my hips bucked into her chin, filling her mouth, she swallowed after each thrust. My knees weakened and I fell leaning against the counter. "I will let you repay me when you recover," she said over her shoulder as she strode out of the room. She sat, then lay back in our bed; relaxed her fingers rubbing her glistening pussy. My recovery would not be far off... (To be continued)

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