tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Batman: Downfall Ch. 01

The Batman: Downfall Ch. 01


Abandoned labs of Doctor Jason Woodrue, 8:01pm

"Pamela Isley," the words felt odd on her tongue, "Doctor Pamela Isley," the title made little difference to how the words felt as they passed over her full, ruby red lips. The name was as foreign as her past life, the life she led until that fateful night when....the name was hazy it was there stored in the back of her brain. At last it came, Doctor Jason Woodrue, the man that had changed Pamela's life forever with one single injection that had almost killed her and driven her insane. She laughed at the last part, insane! Clarity was what had been bestowed upon her not a breakdown of her cognitive functions but the shrinks at Arkham Asylum disagreed, but that was men for you, what did she expect?

Poison Ivy was born the night Pamela Lillian Isley died and it was for the best. Now she had power, now she had clarity, now she had a purpose even if the winged freak tried to stop her once in a while. Ivy ran one long gloved finger along a work bench the dust gathering beneath her touch in a ball as she slowly slid it along the wooden surface, "stop me or seduce me I can never tell nowadays." Ivy muttered to herself as her finger drew an outline of a bat in the dust. She admired her handy work before viciously running her finger in a cutting motion across the dust drawing, severing head from body. "The Bats loss I guess, not mine."

The crashing sound that came from the other side of the lab door broke Ivy from her thoughts. The swearing that followed made Ivy's lips curl into a wry smile. There were not many humans that she trusted but this one, she was different. Ivy Leaned back on the work bench awaiting her guest, she didn't even flinch when the door to the lab was kicked open, "Where are you, you green bitch?" the voice was high and carried that distinct Brooklyn twang that Ivy found adorable.

Harley Quinn stormed into the lab, her head swinging left to right, the twin pony tails on either side of her head flicking this way and that as she did so. Her white face paint looked paler still in the full moonlight that streamed in through the skylight, her black lips even darker and her eyes just as black with her make up. "You murdered Bob you bitch!" Harley shouted out.

"Don't worry, I am sure Joker has plenty of henchmen to fill his void," Ivy said in her southern drawl, her smile widened as Harley finally saw her across the lab. Ivy reached up putting her hands behind her head a flicking her long red hair up so it cascaded down in light curls across her bare, pale green shoulders, the temptress resplendent. Her smile faltered as Harley came bounding over to her, the fist that connected with the side of Ivy's face drew a gasp of surprise and Ivy clung to the work top to remain on her feet.

"That was for Bob." Harley said, biting back tears.

Ivy reached up and rubbed the swollen lump that had only seconds ago been her cheek, "I guessed that much." When Harley went to throw a punch again Ivy was prepared and caught Harley's wrist. You could never tell with Harley what would set her off and Ivy had no idea that seducing, giving a message and unfortunately poisoning one of the Jokers lackeys would be enough to make the small, perfectly formed time bomb explode. "I had little choice; I needed to see you and could not leave a trail." Ivy said as explanation.

"You could have just told bob the message, what did you do," Harley shook Ivy's grip loose and took one step back, "Fuck him then give him the message, 'oh by the way you have only two hours to live, but thanks for the cock!'" her voice had gone falsetto in a terrible mimic of Ivy.

Ivy stood straight and laid one gloved hand on Harleys shoulder, "no need for vulgarity Quinn, it was a kiss, a sweet one at that." Ivy did not show much compassion for humans especially males, but the one called Bob had done her no ill, none that she knew of anyway, so his last kiss had been long and lingering, his death quick and painless once the message had been received.

"Well Bob was one of the good guys, we were close." Harley shrugged the hand from her shoulder and crossed her arms about her. Ivy raised one eyebrow at the last part. "Not close like that, Mr J. would have had him killed. Friends close, but you don't know what friends are, do you Ivy?"

Ivy could have let the comment slip but her mouth was already open and her reply flowed forth, "Ah yes only one man for my Harley Quinn, good old Joker. Has he shown you his Kazoo yet?"

"Mr J. and me don't need sex, what we have is deeper than that." Ivy was amused to see Harley pouting as she spoke and felt slightly bad for mocking her so stingingly even if she did have it coming.

Seeing Harley Quinn almost vulnerable thawed Ivy and she stepped closer pulling the woman into a hug. She smiled as she felt Harley's hands entwine behind her, "We should not be fighting Quinn." The arms about her tightened and Ivy reciprocated, "I have missed you."

Harley pulled free from the hug surprising Ivy. "Yeah about that, you got out of Arkham three months ago. No phone call, no email, not even a candy gram. Until tonight," The pout this time was for show Harley Quinn was always one for theatrics. "I thought we had something special." Her voice was weak, but her eyes narrowed and the viper smile gave away Harley's little act.

Ivy pulled one glove off slowly as she spoke, the elbow length glove sliding off her thin long fingers, "We do Harley, something very special," Ivy pulled the second glove off just as slow. "There's not many like you in the world," Ivy dropped the gloves to the ground and put her bare hands on the black corset clad waist of Harley Quinn. At six foot Ivy stood six inches taller than Harley and she looked down at her white faced, wide eyed lover. Her hands moved in, finding the corset strings.

"I' m not that easy you know," Harley retorted. "You still killed Bob and I am still pissed off about that." Ivy leaned in, her full red lips, meeting Harleys black lips. Harley's mouth parted willingly and Ivy's tongue explored.

Harley felt overly warm, her corset making it hard to breathe, and the deep lingering kiss making it even harder. Harley could feel her sex tingling even though all she wanted to do was strike out again at Ivy for being so callous her body was one coiled muscle, yet Ivy paid no attention to how worked up Harley was, she just kept kissing her as her hands worked the knots and loops of the corset. In one fluid motion Ivy lifted Harley onto the workbench and Harley eagerly opened her legs allowing Ivy to slide between them and continue their kissing.

The corset finally gave way, Harley breaking the kiss to take a much needed gulp of air. Ivy remained patient as Harley pulled the Corset free, Harley relished the sight of the fire that ignited in Ivy's eyes at the sight of her pale breasts, pink nipples already growing erect with excitement became solid mass of pink flesh when the cool night air enveloped them.

Ivy was trying to be patient or atleast as patient as she could be, it had been such a long time since Harley and she had been alone together like this. Yet it still felt like someone had hit fast forward, time was short she knew phase one of her plan should have been in action but the moment she had seen her little firecracker come bounding into the lab all that had been forgotten. Now here they were, with Harley topless her perfectly round breasts sitting high on her small frame with nipples that begged to be kissed.

Harley's fish net stockings ended at her shapely thighs, the plaid school dress that Harley had on barely covered her upper thighs and with her now sat on the table it had ridden further up to reveal a rather bright neon pink thong covering her sex. Ivy kissed one of Harley's stocking clad feet, the next kiss caressed her ankle, then her shin and up past her knee and along her bare inner. Ivy's next kiss was light and placed in the centre of the pink thong which sent a shiver up and down the length of Harley.

In one fluid motion Ivy pulled and then slipped off the thong Harley's trimmed bush (the ace of spades of all things!) was now exposed, her labia parted and damp with excitement, her breathing was already heavy and she moaned with expectation.

Ivy did not hesitate, it had been far too long for both of them and slipped one long finger into Harley who collapsed back on the table, arms above her head and let out a long moan as the finger slipped easily into her then bent slightly connecting with the hard ribbed area above her entrance. Ivy leaned in her tongue running along Harley's labia, further up and finding the hard little nub of her clitoris, her first playful lick causing Harley's legs to spasm and for her to cry out in pleasure with little yips and gasps.

Harley thought she was going to explode her whole body was on fire , all that remained of her outfit were her elbow length mismatched red and black gloves and the wisp of fabric that made up her plaid, pleated skirt yet her body felt suffocated, the air about her had been cool but was now too thick and cloying. Her pale chest was a deep crimson above her breasts which she now cupped and pulled on her hard nipples. Harley's hips had started to grind and gyrate creating an ebb and flow effect of Ivy's tongue on her clitoris. Ivy reacted swiftly remaining still letting her lover to continue to her destination. Ivy could taste Harley's juices on her tongue could feel the slickness of her chin as she moved her head slowly back, her finger was nothing more than a wet, sticky mess still buried inside of Harley with a shuddering moan that started low and increased rapidly, Harley reached her crescendo with a shuddering groan, her legs kicked mindlessly and her buttocks lifted from the table as her orgasm ignited.

Words had become meaningless between them now, Harley sat up and then stepped, unsteadily off the table, her legs still shaking from her orgasm and Ivy was already removing her own clothes. A green unitard that was more see thru than Pamela Isley would have dared worn, but that was just one of the many allures of Poison Ivy. Compared to Harley, Ivy's breasts were immense. Heavy pale green globes of flesh topped with dark, almost bark in colour areola and thick nipples, mother earth made flesh. Underwear was nothing to Ivy and as the Unitard dropped to the dirt littered floor her full bush a blazing red that matched her hair became visible. Ivy opened her mouth to speak but Harley moved quickly, grabbing Ivy who gasped and spinning her around. Her hands reached out grasping a table opposite and stopping her from falling any further.

Harley reached round, her hands hardly able to maintain the heavy hanging flesh that was Ivy's breasts. The hard, thick nipples pressed against her palms as she squeezed hard eliciting another gasp from Ivy. Harley's orgasm was still producing aftershocks throughout her body as she leaned against Ivy, feeling her hot skin against her own. She squeezed the breasts again and pushed her sex against Ivy's ample backside. Harley knelt down, eager to reciprocate the pleasure that Ivy had just given her, she buried her face deep into the warmth, she could smell her deeply and her tongue found the taste of her woody and arousing as it darted between thick labia.

Ivy pushed back, moaning out as tongue was replaced with fingers a louder moan followed as she felt Harley's tongue probing her anus. She wanted to reach around to let Harley feel her hand on her head but she was scared of letting go of the table and collapsing into a quivering pile. Ivy ground down onto Harley, tongue pushing into her anus as fingers darted back and forth slick with her juices. Ivy's moaning turned to a sudden gasp as Harley delivered a sudden stinging slap to one ample bottom cheek. "That's for Bob," Harley said in a husky voice, another slap on the other cheek and another gasp from Ivy, "That one was for not calling me."

With the fingers of one hand slipping in and out of Ivy one moment, the next toying with her clitoris Harley's other hand delivered stinging smacks to each cheek until the skin had reddened. Ivy's legs shook and her knees threatened to give way at any moment. Harley smacked Ivy's cheeks one last time, the hand remaining on her bare rump feeling it's warmth before sliding between them, finding her puckered anus and pushed a finger in. Ivy turned her head, red hair matted to her forehead and her pale cheeks rosy with colour, "please," she pleaded to Harley and bit her full bottom lip as the fingers in her sex gave way to Harleys tongue and mouth.

Ivy turned back and lowered her head and ground down further adding a little more pressure onto Harley's her head her hips pushing back forcing Holly's tongue firmly into her while a finger danced on her clitoris. "Fuck!" Ivy exclaimed one hand pulling at her right nipple as she closed in on her orgasm. Ivy's hips bucked back her cry loud in the abandoned lab. Harley's thumb moved slowly back and forth in her tight anus as the lone finger on Ivy's clitoris tipped her over the edge. Moans and cries mixed with husky breaths and yelps as Ivy came to a shuddering orgasm that travelled through her exploding in muscles and travelling across her skin in tiny electrical currents that intensified across her hardened, sensitive nipples that left them tingling.

The floor was dirty, covered in debris and probably droppings from rodents but with Harley curled up next to her with one hand cupping one of Ivy's heavy pale green breasts Ivy did not care in the least. The silence was broken when Harley finally spoke, "You didn't get me all the way here just so we could screw. What's your real angle?"

Ivy smiled and gave a soft chuckle, "I have a plan," Harley groaned loudly and sat up, Ivy sighed at losing the warm hand on her breast. "It's a good one, I promise."

Harley was on her feet, she bent over gathering her clothes and Ivy felt herself tingle deep down at the sight of Harleys round backside, smooth and toned and within easy reach if she dared to reach out. "Not this time Ivy, two years." Harley stood up straight her clothes a messy bundle in her arms as she turned around. "I have been outta jail for two years, Mr J's been real good to me even the Bats has cut me a little slack." Harley dumped her cloths on the work bench and grabbed the neon pink thong from the pile, she tottered on one stocking clad foot as she tried to slip it on while she spoke, "Whatever the plan is, count me out." She put her foot down and lifted the second foot feeding the thong onto it while staring at Ivy.

"You haven't even heard my plan yet," she leaned on her elbows, hoping that the sight of her naked body and heavy breasts was enough to slow Harley down from storming out.

"I know your plan, it's the same plan as everyone else's," Harley grabbed her plaid skirt and muttered a profanity as her own gloves fell to the ground. "You want to kill batman,"

"No not this time." This made Harley stop in her tracks, "I have a much better idea." She held out one hand and Harley helped her to her feet. "We've all tried to kill him, I want to embarrass him, show the world that he is just like every other man, weak and base in his desires." She put a hand on Harley's bare shoulder and walked slowly behind her. "You see the Riddler has it right. He never plans on killing Batman he enjoys tormenting him, trying to make him look stupid. If it weren't for his massive Ego, he could have finished Batman off years ago."

Ivy's hands ran down Harley's arms and moved in, cupping her slender waist just above her thong. "What did you mean when you said desires?" Harley asked.

Ivy pulled herself in closer, her breasts squishing into Harley's back she smiled as Harley pushed back acceptingly, "Just that my dear. He is not really a Bat, just a man in a silly costume."

Harley gave a loud whip crack bark of a laugh, "He's not the only one!"

"Very true, that costume has a weakness, the man inside it. What does Batman have in common with every other man?" Ivy's question was met with a shrug, "He has a cock. And cocks tend to get men into trouble, a lot."

Harley turned around, it was like being in a permanent state of arousal when she was around Ivy, even now, with talk of the Batman and her crazy plan all Harley wanted to do was spread Ivy on the work table and bury her face between her legs. "You want him to have sex?" Ivy nodded in reply, "I am going to dislike this next question but, who with?"

"You!" Ivy replied and Harley's laugh peeled out loud and clear.

"Oh honey, the Batman won't go near my merchandise," Harley leaned in and whispered into Ivy's ear, "I'm one of the bad guys remember?"

Ivy nodded, "exactly, what better way to show the Batman for what he is, buried deep inside one of the people he claims to oppose. No amount of talk would get him out of that jam. He would be ridiculed by all, made a mockery of and shown to be nothing more than weak pathetic man like all the others."

"You're talking about a sex tape." Harley shook her head, "that's crazy."

"Exactly, it's too crazy, too stupid and too childish. He wouldn't see it coming from criminal masterminds, no we all do things on a grand scale," Ivy began to pace back and forth as she spoke, "and he catches us every single time. We escape and do it all over again like trained simians."

Harley wanted to reiterate the whole crazy thing again but found she was nodding slowly and agreeing with what Ivy was saying. It was true, even now Joker was planning a heist of his own involving exploding birthday cakes and a trap for his old friend the Batman, a grand scheme to stoke his own inflated ego, he was playing to type, "Ego," Harley said and Ivy smiled wide, "Put ego aside and do something different, something so simple..."

"He wouldn't see it coming." They said in unison.

Gotham City, 12:59am

Above the streets of Gotham a figure sat hunched in the dark, hardly moving except for its head as it scanned the city streets below. It was a man that had brought fear to the criminals of Gotham who, for the most part had the Gotham Police Department brought and paid for. But He was above that, He had shown the criminals that not all of Gotham would lie down and take a beating, to the police He had become an embarrassment, catching criminals and stopping crimes at an alarming rate that made the mayor and other officials of Gotham question their ability to Police. He had become a symbol for hope to the many that walked the streets below him, a fearful symbol, a bat, a Batman.

Cramp was the worst part of all this Bruce said to himself, he sat stock still hunched over watching the street lamp lit roads and walkways of Gotham city ten storeys beneath him. He slowly risked stretching one leg out, wincing in pain as the cramp dug in deep one black clad arm reaching out to steady the bulk of his armoured body. Bruce stretched his toes feeling the relief almost straight away with a sigh he moved his leg back into position. It was closing in on one in the morning the moon was full which meant he had little need for night vision. His ear piece buzzed with police radio chatter, small crimes and domestic arguments summed up the night.

Without taking his eyes off the street below Bruce reached across to his wrist and tapped a quick familiar code, the radio chatter died immediately and a double click a second or two later confirmed he had made a clear connection, "Alfred, looks like I get to have a lie in this morning."

"That is a rather uncommon occurrence during a full moon sir." The Wayne families Butler Alfred replied.

Bruce had to admit for a full moon Batman had seen little trouble. The crazies always enjoyed the full moon and to type always decided it was the best time to come out and play. Bruce rose up, his hooded figure cut a dramatic vision to anyone who was watching, the Batman still caused kids to gasp and cheer and adults to do the same with equal gusto. He was a symbol of hope that Gotham needed, but Batman still needed to sleep. "I'm coming in." He tapped his wrist again cutting the feed, a second later the police band came back with an alarming amount of noise and chaos almost deafening him.

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