tagBDSMThe Beach

The Beach


We walked under the full moon across the beach. It was late in the evening, the air was a soft, cool breeze and the moonlight pressed shadows across the landscape. In the distance we could see rising buildings, with the light glinting off them. As we walked the beach, we were heading off far from the sounds and neon lights of the city. The trees multiplied until we walked between the water on one side and the trees gathered along our other side. The night grew slowly darker.

When we could no longer see the skyline, we slowed and stood in the soft sand. I pulled a large blanket out of a bag and spread it on the sand, a few feet from the water's edge. I sat the bag down and turned to look out at the water. I felt him standing behind me and his hands on my back, soft and gentle like the breeze that blew through my hair. He whispered, "Take off your shoes..."

I sat down slowly on the blanket and slipped off my sandals. Squishing my toes back into the sand I stood again. Master had removed his shoes also. I looked at him, smiling. He wore jeans and a blue-green sweater. The slight breeze ruffled his hair a bit. I wore jeans and a white tshirt with a chambray shirt unbuttoned over it. I left my hair unbound and it fell down my back in golden-brown waves.

I looked up to meet his eyes and felt myself drawn closer to him. Without a word or a movement, something drew me to him, until I stood before him. I felt his hand slide gently along my cheek as I kept my eyes lowered, looking at the area around the neck of his sweater. I turned my face slightly into his hand, purring softly. His hands slid softly through my hair and around my neck. His other hand slid up along my waist and I closed my eyes, listening to the gentle roar of the ocean behind us and feeling his loving touch along my body.

I leaned towards him as his hand slid up my side and inside my shirt. His hand slid up to rub softly under my breast. I gasped softly and leaned towards him, my hands on his sweater, rubbing it against his chest and stomach. I felt his hand behind my neck, lifting my face up until our eyes met. His hand captured my breast, gently kneading it, his palm over the t-shirt, pushing it over the hard nipple. I slid a hand beneath his sweater, touching his warm skin. I felt him suck in his breath as my fingers softly caressed the skin of his stomach.

Then his face dipped down, and he brushed his lips across my forehead and down my cheek to my lips. We kissed warmly, passionately beneath the stars. I slid my hands around to his back, still touching his skin, as his own arms went around me holding me close. Slowly we drank from each other's lips, our tongues reaching out and sliding together. Hearing soft moans and realizing they came from deep inside myself, as we pressed closer.

Slowly, he pulled back and held me back a step or two. I immediately missed his touch. He smiled and crossed his arms, one hand on his chin. He gestured and told me to remove my shirt. I slowly unbuttoned the last few buttons of the large chambray shirt and folded it, laying it on the edge of the blanket. I heard his voice soft, "Very good..." He walked slowly around me and stopped, standing behind me. I could feel his warmth close to my back, but not touching. He spoke again, "Lift your arms."

I stretched my arms up over my head. He took the hem of my t-shirt in his hands, his fingers brushing my skin as he lifted it up and over my head. I shivered, feeling the cool ocean breeze upon my skin. His hands fell back to my stomach, caressing slowly upwards. He cupped his hands around my breasts, lifting them and squeezing. I instinctively pressed back, feeling his sweater against my shoulderblades, yearning to feel the hot touch of his skin. His lips fell across my shoulders as his fingers pulled gently on my nipples, pinching them in intermittent rhythms.

I sighed softly, my legs growing weak. Soon, his fingers began to travel back down my stomach to rest on the edge of my jeans. I felt him undo the button and slide the zipper down slowly. He slid his fingers under the jeans, caressing my bare skin. I heard a soft moan from himself as he slid down my back, raining soft kisses as he passed. Then he was crouched down behind me, gently easing my jeans down over my hips as I struggled to remain standing. As he slid them down my legs to my feet, I felt his mouth following, hot on my skin. I let him lift each of my feet and push the jeans away.

He stood up running his hands up my sides as I trembled. Then he turned me to face him. I left my hands at my sides, eyes still lowered, feeling his gaze upon myself. I grew warmer still and the his fingers lifted my chin a bit and he whispered, "Undress me..."

I smiled and stepped nearer to him. I let my hands slide under his sweater once again, lifting it up. His arms rose to assist me and I slowly drew the sweater carefully over his head. I set the sweater on a corner of the blanket and turned back to him. I smiled softly as I reached out to touch his chest. I drew my fingers down the middle of his chest and down across his stomach muscles until they rested on his jeans. Momentarily my fingers dipped down to brush across the bulge in his jeans.

I felt his body responding, its slight movements, reactions to my touch that sent my soul soaring in joy. I knelt down then before him. I let my hands fall to his feet. I leaned down to kiss each of his feet softly. I heard his softly surprised, "Mmmmm..." as I rose then, drawing my hands up his legs to his waist again. I felt his hand run throughmy hair getnly as I pulled the button of his jeans loose and slipped my fingers in the slide down the zipper.

My breath was growing quicker as I started to peel the fabric away from him and I slid the jeans down over his hips and down his legs, my eyes on his erection just beneath the thin fabric of his underwear. I eased the jeans away as he lifted each foot in turn. I looked down to fold his jeans and set them on the blanket and then turned back to him. I reached up, and rested my hands on his thighs. Slowly I traced my fingers up along his skin, closer and closer to the last remaining fabric. Behind him I saw the moonlight and heard the rushing water of the oceantide.

I felt him take my fingers inhis and hook them in the bikini. Slowly and carefully I peeled the fabric back and quickly down his legs. I set them on the pile of clothing and, kneeling before him, I asked, "May I taste you?"

He groaned and I watched his cock jerk before me. I licked my lips, waiting. "Please..." he whispered as he tucked a hand behind my head and drew my face to him. I leaned into him and licked my tongue along his hard length. Up and down I covered his erection in long wet licks, working from tip to base, and from base to tip.

Then I lifted my hands and lifted his cock to my lips and slid my lips around the head, swirling my tongue around it in my mouth. I sucked him into my mouth, feeling his hand holding my hair. I sensed his body stiffening as I swallowed more and more of him into my mouth, letting his cock slide along my tongue to the back of my throat. Softly I pushed farther and then pulled back gently, pressed my lips tightly around his hardness.

Over and over I pressed my lips up and down his cock, my right hand stroking the base with the wet saliva from my mouth. My left hand slid up between his thighs and cupped his balls, caressing them softly. My lips left his cock for a moment and I tilted my head down to lick the sacs softly as my hands pumped and stroked his cock.

When I tilted my head back up, I felt his hands tugging in my hair. "Stand." He spoke, breathlessly. I stood facing him, not yet looking up. One hand slid to my breast and pinched the nipple as the other pulled me close to him. I felt his chest nearly against mine, his cock hard against my thigh. He pulled the nipple out and twisted it. I moaned softly, not moving. After a moment or two, he lifted my face and stood back. My eyes met his mirroring the desire I felt eminating from his.

He took my hand and led me to the water's edge. He held my hand and whispered, "Lie back." Slowly, holding his hand I lied back so that the top of my head nearly touched the water. I stretched out and looked up seeing him and gasped to see all of the night stars in the backround. He smiled and told me to stretch my hands up over my head back on the sand and I did. Then he knelt down between my legs, and I caught my breath again.

"Look up to the stars, Melissa...." I obeyed and looked up to the stars, white pinpricks of light on the dark blue velvet background. Then I felt his hands parting my thighs, spreading them far apart. I felt him moving between them and his arms sliding under my thighs, and I held my breath.

His tongue reached out and licked up my thighs, right up close to my pussy. The breath came out of me in a whoosh. I felt his mouth soft and moving over my pussy, breathing gently againt my skin. I felt all of my desire rush to that one spot for a moment, waiting in anticipation. Then I felt his tongue licking along the lips of my pussy and moaned. As his tongue licked between my legs, I felt the tide coming back, water lapping at my hands and forearms. I looked upwards, breathing hard, watching the stars as his tongue circled my clit and caught it between his lips, pressing and sucking on the little knob of flesh.

I gasped as the water rushed up my arms and teased my scalp. I felt his tongue dip inside me, his hands gripping me close. I moaned and sighed, the pleasure intense, the feelings washing though me. The water washed over my arms as I felt him slide a finger in my ass, pressing as he licked my pussy. The burning in my belly caused my to shut my eyes in pleasure and then open them again, looking to the stars, feeling full, pressure building, sensation overwhelming me, unable to move, wanting to press my hips to him, trying to hold back. I cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh... Mmmmmmmmm....." as I pressed into the sand, and my body began to throb.

Finally when I didn't think I could take anymore, he pulled back and rose over me. He didn't touch me. He had a hand to either side of me, looking down into my eyes, blocking out some of the stars. He gently touched my cheek and I tilted my head into his hand, whispering, pleading, feeling my pussy so hot and aching, "Pleeeease..." He cupped my face and tilted it so our eyes met. I felt a shot of fire flash through me to my very core. "Yes?" He asked, a slight smile on his lips. He leaned down, sliding his cock along my thigh, barely touching my pussy. I gasped, trying to stay still.

"I.... I need you...." I barely managed to breath out. He leaned down and brushed his lips across mine. "What do you need?" My body burned to be joined with his. I whispered against his lips... "Please fill me.... Please take me... I am begging you."

He kissed my lips breifly and leaned back up on his hands, his cock at the entrance to my pussy, sliding in it's wetness. "Here?" he asked, teasing me.

"Yes, yes, pleeeeeease...... Ohhhhhhh please." He chuckled and then thrust inside me fast and hard. When he was deep inside me he stopped, looking back down at my face. I looked back up wide-eyed. "Ohhhhhhhhh..." I moaned. He whispered, leaning back down to kiss my neck, "There?"

"Yesssssss.." I moaned, "Ohhhh yesssssss." He leaned down to kiss along my breastbone, then sliding to the side to kiss my hard nipple. He nibbled and licked it, "Hmmmmmmmmnn...." I pulsed and grew weak, as he slid his cock back to the edges of my pussy and then thrust back in harder. I cried out and reached up to touch him. He leaned up quickly. "Back. Your hands... where they were."

I immediately pressed my hands back up behind my head in the sand. I ached to touch him, but suddenly I felt helpless again, looking up to him and the stars, feeling him grasp my hips. I felt him thrusting hard and fast suddenly, going deeper and deeper, his cock sliding inside me, pressing the walls of my swollen pussy. I felt the water again on my arms as he pumped into me over and over. I cried out again, moaning, breathing harshly.

He was breathing hard too, his cock stiff and pulsing inside my wet soft warmth. His pelvis rocked over mine, pressing against my warm swollen clit. I felt the warth filling me and begged, pleaded to come. I was so close. He leaned over my capturing my hands above me. I groaned deeply and met his kiss as he leaned down to my lips. He whispered, his mouth near mine, looking into my eyes, "Count from ten...."

I looked up into his eyes and whispered steadily, "Ten..... nine.... eight...." He pounded into my pussy, pulling almost out and then sliding back in. "Seven... Six... five..." He leaned down, biting my nipple, licking at it. "Four... three..." I whispered breathlessly. He leaned back up as I whispered, "Two...." And I saw his smile as his body rocked over mine recklessly now and he whispered, "Yes..." as I said "One...." And he told me, his eyes locked with mine, "Come for me..... yes... come for me Melissa...."

I gasped, keeping my eyes on him. I felt the pressure push and push, moaning until it broke like a dam and I came hard, juices pouring over his cock, my pussy convulsing around his cock, squeezing in contractions, my hips bucking. My hands were held tight in his, our eyes locked together and I felt him come inside me too, groaning as I did. Then he kissed me and we slowed, finally resting our sweaty bodies against each other, kissing deeply, lovingly, our tongues playing. He leaned back and I looked up to him, whispering the words, "I love you."

I felt his hands bring mine down between us as he rolled over, pulling me close. I curled up against his chest as he whispered, "And I love you..." Moments passed as our breathing slowed and the night bathed us in moonlight. Suddenly, he tugged me upwards and rolled us both into the cold water. I laughed and laughed as we let the water cool and cleanse our bodies. We played in the water for a while, ducking and swimming together under the stars.

Finally, both of us smiling, he led me back on the beach to our blanket. I took two large towels out of he bag and we wrapped ourselves together and lay down on the blanket. I rolled up on his side, one hand draped over his chest and my leg thrown over his. I felt his hand on my back caressing me softly.... my hand caressing his chest... and we drifted off... in the moonlit night... listening to the waves hit the shore.. and our hearts beating together.

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