The Beach


Their section of the beach was usually deserted when they walked down from the cottage. Nothing was different this morning. To the east all you could see was sand and surf. To the west a few people were just shapes on the horizon. The neighbours weren't down to their cabana yet. Dress was casual here on the island and sometimes non-existent or at best very skimpy. It wasn't unusual to see a woman sunbathing topless.

He had built a roofed enclosure to shade them from the midday sun. A double chaise was built in and covered with a soft duvet for comfort. Today was going to be warm so clothing would be somewhat uncomfortable. The screen offered a degree of privacy but it was not unusual to see beachcombers walking by.

The population on the beach was adults of all ages and sizes. You could be nude without feeling uncomfortable. They stripped off their suits but kept a cover-up close. More often than not couples would stop to talk.

When his wife was comfortable on the chaise he spread sunscreen over her nakedness to protect her from the sun. His hands lingered on her breasts, stopping to feel her firmness and letting her nipples burn into the palms of his hands. He spread her legs open, kissing the folds of her pussy before applying the oil. As he stood up she returned the favour, planting a kiss on the tip of his penis. The neighbours happened by at that moment but if they saw they didn't let on.

They didn't get to spend much time relaxing down by the water despite living at the beach. Work always seemed to get in the way for one or the other but these rare times were always good for the soul. Morning passed into early afternoon. Thirst and hunger would mean going back to the beach house for re-fueling. Neither one felt the inclination to dress. The neighbours looked up briefly as they passed. They were both nude. Her hand was resting on his midsection, his hand on her pubic mount. It appeared that they had been caught in a private moment.

They prepared lunch together, enjoying their nudity and closeness that their busy work schedules had interfered with. He carried the lunches outside to the patio. They had a view of the water but not the beach. The patio was quiet to the outside world.

Her breasts hung naturally. He could feel his penis harden as he stared at the pink tipped nipples. Her long, often hard nipples drove him crazy. She was self conscious about them, seldom wearing anything that would allow her nipples to show through. Today her nipples resembled pencil erasers. He brushed the back of his hand across the points and watched them harden even more.

He was fully erect now. She noticed his erection, looked down at her breasts and smiled. She liked the control she had over his sexual desires. Despite the passing of the years she could still turn him on in an instant. Today she was feeling extremely mischievous. Maybe it was time to torment him sexually.

After lunch they decided to go for a walk. He slipped on a swim suit and was surprised to see that she only slipped on a light cotton T that barely covered her ass. She was decent but barely. He was going to have an erection to deal with while they walked.

The beach road was quiet. No one drove much unless they had an errand in town to do. As they walked he bent down to pick up a brightly coloured stone. It was a pretense to steal a glance under her top. From that angle he could see her ass cheeks peeking out. He had to adjust his growing erection. She noticed and suggested that a walk along the beach was in order. They cut down a path to the water.

Once there she pulled down her top to accentuate her breasts and her nipples. This was going to be fun as he could be so easily manipulated. Facing away from him she bent down at the water's edge. Wetting her hands she wiped them across her cover-up. She turned to see his reaction. The cover-up was damp. Not only were her nipples readily visible but the pink of her areolas was visible through the fabric. To add to his obvious discomfort she reached out and closed her hand on his erection.

A middle-aged couple they weren't familiar with were walking close by. They were wearing suits. As they approached the couples exchanged glances and pleasantries. The women's eyes widened when she noticed the tent in the front of his suit. She licked her lips and walked by, tightening her grip on her husband's hand.

This wasn't fair so he reached behind his wife and under her cover-up. The palm of his hand cupped her butt cheek, his fingers in the crack of her ass and one finger up against her pussy lips. As she walked away the other woman glanced over her shoulder in time to see this display. Tit for tat. His wife couldn't move his hand away from her butt and still play by the rules that she made up.

As the other couple walked on she decided to up the stakes. She grabbed the hem of her cover-up and lifted to top up over her head. Even though he would be blocking the view, if the other couple turned around they would know she was now naked. She waited to see what his reaction to her nudity would be. It didn't take long for her titillation to turn to desire.

He reached for her hand and led her up the beach to where a tree had been washed ashore. She leaned against the trunk of the tree and watched him remove his suit. His hands went to her body but she pushed him away. She wasn't finished with him yet. She sat up on the trunk of the tree and spread her legs wide, inviting him to go down on her.

No invitation was necessary. He dropped to his knees and buried his mouth against her pussy. He loved the smell, the feel, the taste and the texture of her hairless pussy. He had gone down on her countless times but never tired of it. He lost himself to the moment, sucking, licking and nibbling gently. She was very moist, perhaps due to the excitement of being exposed in semi-privacy or because he could encourage her to squirt when his tongue found a certain spot.

His penis was throbbing. He was approaching a hands free orgasm when he heard her say hello to someone. She didn't stop him so he didn't know if there was actually someone there. However, the same older couple had returned from their walk and were standing there watching the display. He was obviously excited looking at his wife's nipples as you could see his erection between his legs. His wife's nipples were making holes through the fabric of her bathing suit.

He stood, waved, reached for his wife's hand and together they started to walk back the way they came. Who would cover up first? Neither one wanted to lose face to the other so they walked along hand in hand stealing glances as they went. They didn't encounter anyone else on the beach although the older couple obviously were watching them from behind.

As they approached home they realized they were being watched by their neighbours who were still sitting in their cabana. Neither one said a word as they approached. He waved to the neighbours and proceeded up to their own spot. She wouldn't let him win so she didn't try to cover up. After all men had more to show when naked and she was proud of what hung between his legs.

They sat down on the chaise to rest. He reached over to cup her breast then let his hand slip down to find her pussy. He inserted a finger into her pussy while his thumb found her clit. She had opened her legs readily and a low moan escaped from her lips. They had never fucked in public before but stopping was not on their minds. She stroked his erection before both lay back, reversing positions so both could orally please the other. The neighbours be damned. They could watch if they wanted to. Nothing was going to stop them.

Hungrily they sucked, kissed and played with each other. No longer was this a game. Both of them wanted to fuck and they weren't going to stop. He reversed his position as she rolled onto her back her legs falling open to receive his cock. He entered her feeling the walls of her pussy squeeze the length of his penis. He started pumping into her with all the abandon of a teenager.

She suddenly pushed him away from her. She rolled over onto to her knees to expose her butt and pussy to him. He was spellbound by the site of her ass in the air, her rosebud giving way to the moist glistening lips of her pussy. She was waiting for his cock.

Before starting to fuck he couldn't resist once more going down on her. He started at the small of her back, lingering at her asshole before inserting his tongue between the lips of her pussy. The taste drove him wild with excitement. He sucked hard to get all of her essence before kneeling behind her and inserting his erection into her waiting pussy.

She moaned and reached back between her legs to stroke his balls. He reached forward to cup each breast, the nipples burning holes in the palms of his hands. There was no stopping now. He thrust repeatedly against her, his balls slapping up against her thighs. He felt his orgasm building. Her moans escaping from her lips told him that she was close to her own orgasm. Suddenly orgasm racked both their bodies. Her pussy clasped his penis to draw out every bit of cum. Electricity ran up and down their bodies before they collapsed side by side on the chaise.

After coming down from that high they remembered that they weren't alone. They looked over to see if their neighbours were still there. They were in their own grips of sexual pleasure. Now they could be the voyeurs. They lay back to watch the show.

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