tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Beach House Ch. 02

The Beach House Ch. 02


Chapter Two -- The Exhibitionist

The next morning they both were up early and went out for a long walk along the beach. It was their time to stretch the legs, enjoy the sunrise, and talk about their lives' in general. Three hours later they were back at the rental, well before they needed to concern themselves with any suntan lotion. This would be their first full day at the beach and they were well on their way to enjoying every waking minute.

Later that morning, after they had spent the early hours on the beach, it was time for a nourishing breakfast. Dan cooked the eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee; letting Dee relax after setting the table. At the beach, the kitchen was Dan's domain.

After breakfast, Dan went off to listen to music and read, while Dee decided to write a few letters. She knew that letter writing was a dying art in this electronic age. Not able to find time during her fifty busy weeks at home, letter writing helped her to relax. She let the family know how much they were enjoying their vacation with words. This was also her private time. Their marriage was successful because they knew when they needed to be a couple and when they needed time away from each other.

The day moved quickly from morning, to noon, into the afternoon. They did not break for lunch, instead nibbled from the refrigerator. Dan woke from a short nap as he heard Dee scurrying around the kitchen. She was in the process of preparing a plate of fruit, crackers, and cheese when she looked over to her husband stirring in the chair.

"Would you like a plate of fruit?" She spoke softly.

Eyes not quite fully open, he looked in the direction of his wife, took a second to comprehend her question, and answered, "Yes that would be nice.

Moving his legs and sitting up slowly stirred the blood and helped him to bring his body back to life. This provided Dee enough time to prepare a second plate and move to the table.

"Come on, it's ready to eat." She said as she pulled out the chair and sat down.

Slowly at first and then with a jerking motion Dan moved out of his comfortable chair and onto his feet. By the time he walked to the table, he was fully awake and hungry. He looked down on the food before he commented, "Looks very appetizing, but it is missing just one item."

"Oh yeah, and what would that be?"

"Wine! Would you like a glass with me?"

Dee thought that it was a bit early for alcohol, but remembered that she was on vacation and thought to herself, why not?

"Yes, I think I'll join you with a glass. How about that red wine we opened last night, if you don't mind?"

"Exactly what I was planning to pour for myself." Dan answered as he made his way into the kitchen to find two glasses.

Walking faster now, with a glass now in each hand, Dan moved to join her at the table.

There was something special about fruit, cheese, and crackers at the beach for the two of them. Maybe it was a reminder of their earlier lives when they had time to take a small basket of food and a bottle of wine to the park. Dan smiled as he placed her glass down on the table.

The sweetness of the fruit and the tartness of the cheese enhanced the wine; it did not take long for either to finish their glasses. Dan got up, went over and this time came back with the bottle, he knew they would be enjoying the wine, more than the food, as he changed the conversation.

"Did you enjoy our love play last night on the deck?" He wanted to make sure she enjoyed their session as much as he did.

"Yes. I enjoyed the spontaneity and energy. You were quite the animal outside." She teased him.

"And if anyone had seen us?"

"Then they would have gotten a very erotic show."

"What was going through you mind as I was stripping you?"

"I felt that you were forcing me to be naked and that excited me. What did you enjoy most about making love outside?" She also needed to understand what he was thinking.

"It excited me to expose you outside. I didn't realize how exciting it could be until I started to pull your clothing away from you body, leaving you naked." He did not share the fact that an audience didn't hurt either. "I fantasized that I was in the dunes, sneaking a peek at you being stripped on the deck. I wondered what you must have looked like from the dunes." He was clearly wondering what it was like for his voyeur.

"Mmmmmm, so you would you like to watch me?"

"Yes. I wouldn't mind seeing you naked on the deck."

"Well maybe your fantasy might come true."

Dan didn't answer. He just smiled, picked up his glass of wine and the look in his eyes told her that he would definitely enjoy her putting on a show.

"We'll just have to see what this wine might let me do."

They finished their meals. Dan made sure her glass remained full, hoping that the alcohol could be his friend today.

Dee pushed her chair away from the table and stood up. "My kidneys are going to burst if I don't take care of them." She moved away from the table and made her way to the bedroom. "I'll be back shortly. Don't go away." She teased.

Dan watched as she made her way down the hallway. There was a little sway to her step and he knew the wine was working. He leaned back in his chair after picking up his glass. Closed his eyes and smiled, hoping that what he was thinking would come true.

Dan was still deep in thought, staring out the window when he heard the sound of tapping heels against the hard floor. He turned to find a half naked wife walking towards him like a high fashion model. She was dressed in four inch black heels, wearing a red teddy that ran high over her hips with a wisp of cloth running between her legs. She smiled as she saw his eyes brighten; knowing well that this pleased him.

Dee moved in heels slowly, letting a smile grow across her face. "It's time for your fantasy. Are you ready for me?" She teased." You better get your ass out into those dunes if you don't want to miss the show."

Getting out of his chair quickly, he didn't need to be told twice. He picked up his hat and sunglasses from the kitchen nook and started for the door, and suddenly stopped, "I need to get one more item." He turned and made his way back to their bedroom. A few seconds later he came back holding a digital camera. "Would you like a few pictures to remember this?"

Dee smiled, "Why not. I wouldn't mind seeing what I look like naked from the dunes."

Dan ran out of the beach house, down the stairs, out to the walkway that would take him to the beach. Just before the last dune he turned to his right and made his way into the dunes. His steps were a bit harder to negotiate, given the soft sand, but he was on a mission and nothing was going to get in his way.

Dan was now far enough away from the walkway and directly behind his house. He looked up to see one of the sliding glass doors open with his half naked wife standing in the doorway. He waved to her and she waved back. Dan found a spot that allowed him to sit down in the sand that provided an unconstructive view of their deck. He was pleased when he realized that this deck was constructed differently from most. The fencing consisted of large pains of Plexiglas, not the normal wooden fencing, allowing a clear view of the entire deck.

She raised her arms and rested them against the frame of the door, wiggled her ass while she looked out over the dunes to make sure he was the only one in her audience. It's time for your fantasy Dan, she thought as she seductively looked out towards her voyeur.

Dan pulled the camera out of his pocket, turned it on as he pointed in the direction of his wife. He fired off two shots of her ass as she turned to disappear into the house. He wondered where she had gone, when the sound of loud music came rushing out the door. He knew she liked to dance and had a pretty good idea what would happen next.

Dee reappeared at the door and started to dance. The heels made her long athletic legs look that much longer. The height of the heels forced her to move in a most erotic way. She could feel her sexual energy rise as she closed her eyes and moved.

Dan had a hard time taking pictures when he just wanted to watch his sexy wife move by the door. He knew he would enjoy the shots later; he forced himself to concentrate on the taking pictures as he slid behind the camera.

Dee was really getting into her show, using the door frame like a pole, she danced to the music. She could feel the teddy starting to fall from her shoulder and knew this would be exactly what he would want to see. Her movements were made to help the material slide off her shoulders and down her body to expose more of her body.

He noticed the teddy starting to move down her body while he kept himself firmly planted behind the camera, taking as many shots as the digital would allow. He also felt the excitement of what his wife was showing, as his shorts tried to contain his growing erection.

Dee opened her eyes as she turned to look at her voyeur. Seeing that he was slightly hidden behind the camera she stepped out onto the deck. Locking her eyes on him as she moved, Dee reached up and pulled the teddy down to her hips to expose her breasts. Out they came, each supporting an erect nipple that clearly showed in the sunlight. She let the teddy fall down to her hips as she approached the railing. Now standing completely outside, for anyone to see, she wiggled her ass, letting the material slide down her legs as she stood holding onto the railing.

Dan did not miss this opportunity; he forced the camera to take pictures as fast as it could, while the material floated down her legs to expose the racing stripe of hair now visible just above her pussy.

She wiggled her ass again, lifted one foot up to allow the material to fall off her leg, and then the other. She now stood completely naked on the deck wearing only heels. She enjoyed feeling the hot sun upon her skin as a warm flow of air passed between her legs. He was enjoying her public nakedness.

Dan was having a problem now, her exhibition was having the desired effect on him and he needed to free his problem from his pants. Sitting up slightly, he was able to unzip his shorts and release his problem. Now in hand, he stroked his penis, as the other hand managed the camera.

Dee did not miss the action visible in the dunes. She smiled to herself, moved one hand down between her legs, and started to massage herself, while she watch him masturbating in the dunes. Dee turned her back to him, walked towards the door, stopped, spread her legs, and bent over as she glided one hand down between her legs. She raised the hand and placed it on her ass, letting her fingers race down her ass, between her legs, and up over her pussy.

Dan caught her hand movements and used the camera to record more of her show as the lens zoomed onto her ass, catching her hand running between her legs.

When her fingers touched her clit, she felt her body tingle and wiggled her ass in appreciation. She started to move her hand firmly between her legs as she enjoyed the pleasure it was providing her body.

Dan would see her wiggle every once in awhile; he knew she was getting excited. This only forced him to grab his own member and stroke a bit harder. He was having a difficult time trying to please himself while continuing to take pictures.

Dee rose slightly, turned her head in his direction, saw him feverishly moving his one hand. She asked herself, how can I get him to cum? . The HOW suddenly popped into her head and she rose all the way up and seductively walked back to the window. Turning to face him she leaned back against the glass, spread her legs, and move her hand back between her legs. Now he would be able to see how excited she was, as she closed her eyes and masturbated for his camera.

Dan was having trouble again. He expected a show from her, but masturbating outside was not what he thought she would be doing. He didn't mind that she surprised him with this move, but now he wanted to cum. He also wanted to take pictures. Doing both took an inordinate amount of dexterity. Finally, Dan closed his eyes and let his own orgasm cum. His hand gripped his penis hard and the white fluid shot from his body; he came.

Dee had opened her eyes as she watched her husband's jerking body in the dunes. Seeing that the camera had fallen from his eyes, she knew that he had just cum on the beach. This pleased her that she could excite her man from this distance, this only added to her own excitement and approaching orgasm. She looked in his direction, letting the hot sun spotlight her naked body, as her own orgasm took control. Her whole body shook, making it hard to stand by the window. Like a trooper, she was able to finish, standing, in heels. But she almost had to crawl to get inside the house after that session.

***** ***** ***** *****

In the dunes hidden from both of their view was the voyeur from last night. After getting the show of his life the evening before, he was making a point to keep a close eye on this house. His diligence had just paid off; he was witnessing another erotic session between the two of them, this time she was naked in daylight and her significant other was off to his right taking pictures of her from the dunes.

The voyeur was paying close attention to all the details. He noted that the man was wearing black shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and a green safari hat. The fact that he was taking pictures of her in daylight made it more exciting. They were exhibitionists and he was going to make sure he had a front row seat as long as he was able. He enjoyed the show that she had put on yesterday and today. He had wondered if she would do it again, and he was not disappointed. Watching a beautiful woman bring herself to orgasm outside was about the most erotic thing he had ever watched. He had wanted to fix his own growing problem, but decided against it so as not to give his position away.

When she went inside, he figured that the show was over and that the other man would return to the house shortly. He sat quietly, not moving, while he let his mind work on a few ideas. He wondered if he might be able to spark a new show from her. He was slowly coming up with a plan. He would need to work out the details once he got back to his beach house. Given how good she looked naked, it would be worth the effort.

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