tagBDSMThe Beauty And The Box

The Beauty And The Box


Ephemera was going out of her mind. It was dark, it was hot, and she couldn't tell what time it was. She had been locked in a box for nearly two days now. This was what Master had decided was to be her new weekend routine. He had told her He was kicking her training up a notch, but she had no idea He had meant locking her in a box for the whole weekend. She was put in that box at midnight on Friday night and stayed there, without release, for the whole of Saturday and, although she didn't know it, she had nearly finished her second day in the box. She hoped she would be let out soon, her limbs had gone numb long ago. Every now and then a dull ache returned in her muscles, but for the most part, her body had stopped functioning.

She had food brought to her at regular intervals, but each time she had to earn the right to eat by sucking her Master's cock through a hole in the top of the box. She had five minutes each time to make Him come - if she succeeded, she would be allowed to eat, and if she didn't, she would go hungry until next mealtime.

The box was designed specifically for this purpose. There was a built-in tray that slid out the side, where Master would place her food. When the tray was slid inside the box, the outside was locked with a padlock. She barely had any room in the box to move. She couldn't kneel up, she had to stay sitting or kneel down. She knew it would only get worse; Master had told her that soon she would be locked in a box barely bigger than her own body and fed through tubes, with only a glory hole to aid with breathing, or cock sucking, when her Master felt the need for it.

As it was, she had to drink water through a pipe that ran into a bucket outside the box. She didn't know where she was - she wasn't even sure she was inside anymore. She knew she'd been moved from the living room, where she had first been put.

She was going crazy, she was sure of that much. There was so much time on her hands that she was even beginning to run out of things to think about. The time spent in the box so far had taught her that she was grateful for every second serving her Master, it was much better than being confined to this box, doing nothing, just slowly going numb in mind and body.

She began humming to herself, trying to keep herself sane, trying to keep the darkness of the box out of her very soul. She thought she heard something. She quietened.

Footsteps. She listened closer. Those footsteps were Master's. She had learned quickly and she could now tell by something as small as a cough if it was her Master.

"Ephemera..." Master's voice was low and taunting. "Have you had enough?"

"Yes, Master, I have had enough of this box and I beg you to take me home."

In her blind stupidity she tried to kneel up and knocked her head hard on the ceiling of the box. She heard her Master chuckle to Himself.

"Stupid girl. What makes you think you aren't home?"

"Master, I mean, inside your home. Am I inside, Master? I feel as though I'm outside."

Her voice sounded high-pitched and loud. She had grown so used to the silence and now her own voice reverberated around her head just as it did around the box.

"You will find out where you are shortly. First, I need your attention."

She heard His fly unzipping and readied herself to prove how good she was. Sure enough, His impressive cock was thrust through the hole in the box and she managed to locate it in the dark, gently licking Him and bringing Him the most pleasure she could before she took His cock in her mouth, as far as she could, and attempted to suck Him into oblivion.

She did well, and her Master came hard into her waiting mouth. He must have come in the time frame she had been given as He told her she was a good girl and complimented her on how well she sucked His cock. She heard the gentle click of the lock as she swallowed His load, and the ceiling lifted off the box. The first thing she saw was her Master's face, looking down on her, and then the pitch black sky of night outside. He offered her His hand, and she took it, struggling to pull herself up. Her muscles just wouldn't work. Her body wouldn't co-operate and she was in a panic. He pulled harder and she came out of the box, but she couldn't support herself. He caught her as she fell, and gently sat her down. Looking around, she realised that she had never moved far at all. She was, in fact, sitting on the concrete that marked the path to their front door. She had been a mere two meters away from the front door.

Her Master sat beside her and gently began to rub her arms, then her legs, slowly bringing the blood back into circulation. She cried out in pain as the blood came flowing back to her near-lifeless limbs, her fingers throbbing, her legs feeling like they would have the pins and needles effect forever.

"How did you like your time in the box?" her Master asked her, looking into her eyes. She looked back at Him.

He was gorgeous, she had always known that. But now, she was more grateful than she'd ever been to see Him, and anxious to serve, to rid her mind of the mind-numbing boredom and insanity that was the box. She told Him as much, and He laughed gently.

"My box not good enough for you, girl?" He mocked. "Well, you had better get used to it because your next box will be a whole lot smaller and a lot more uncomfortable."

Her neck ached, but all she could do was nod. She was exhausted, but she was also flying. She never understood why she felt this way when He subjected her to things she thoroughly disliked, but she was willing to go along with the feeling.

She sat with her Master on the concrete path as He continued to rub her aching limbs. He sat with her for a long while. After what seemed like forever, she finally felt herself land firmly back in her body, the screaming, throbbing mess it was.

She clung to Him as the real pain set in and the tears began to fall. He wasn't sorry, nor should He have been, but He was sympathetic, in His own way. He whispered soothing words to her, and soon she calmed enough to try to stand. He helped her up and led her slowly up the pathway towards the house. She climbed the stairs slowly, painfully, and finally they reached the front door, the entranceway to her sanctuary. He opened the door and carried her the rest of the way to the bathroom. He ran the shower and when He was satisfied with the temperature, helped her into the warm water. It beat down mercilessly on her broken body, but she was grateful nonetheless. When she had washed herself clean and He was satisfied, He towelled her off and carried her to His bedroom, where He placed her on His bed. It was large and soft, with a beautiful white duvet that she sunk into gratefully. He laid a kiss on her forehead, then left the room silently. She fell asleep in an instant.

When He awoke, He found that His slave was not in His bed, next to Him. He frowned. That's where He had put her, and He had not given Her instruction to get up early to tend to Him. He got out of bed and nearly stood on something lying on the floor - His slave. She had got up in the night and decided to sleep on the hard floor, kept warm only by the carpet. He frowned again to Himself and nudged her sleeping body with His foot. She awoke instantly, and looked up at Him questioningly.

"Why are you sleeping on the floor, Ephemera?"

She quickly rose to her knees, head lowered, before answering Him. "I couldn't sleep in the bed, Master, it hurt me."

"More than sleeping on the floor?!"

"Yes, Master. It was so soft, it hurt my body to lie there."

He shook His head. "Get up, Ephemera." She did as she was told.

"Next time I allow you to sleep in my bed, I expect that you will be grateful to sleep there next to me, and not decide to sleep on the floor like some filthy animal."

She lowered her head further. "Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master."

She was, too. She hadn't realised how her actions would offend her Master.

"Look at me."

She looked up and into His eyes. She saw a beautiful human being, her God, her life. He was of Asian decent, although she had never asked Him where His heritage lay. It wasn't her right to ask. He had gorgeous brown eyes, almond-shaped, framed with long lashes. His hair was black, though it was rarely visible due to His fondness for hats - trucker caps and beanies, mostly.

He looked at her, and He saw light, an angel in suffering. She had long black hair, a sideswept fringe, pale skin, and emerald green eyes. Her body was beautiful, art in itself, and He was pleased to think He had played a part in creating the woman she was today. She was slim, with curves in all the right places. She had hips and an ass - not too much, but just enough for Him. Her breasts were full but didn't droop. The small tattoo on her inner thigh was a testament of His ownership over her. He drank in the sight of her. Even without makeup, she was beautiful. She was His.

"You know, Ephemera, that I love you, don't you?"

"Yes, Master, and I love you too."

"How much?"

"Anything you wish for me to prove it, Master, and I will do it," was her reply. He shook His head.

He lay back down on the bed. "Come here."

She moved over and lay down beside Him. He began to kiss her, slowly and passionately, until she was breathless with desire. Usually He would have taken her brutally right there and then, but today He didn't. He gently parted her legs and ran a finger over her slit. He heard her breathing quicken. He began to gently massage her clit, focussing on her pleasure for once. She served Him so well, He figured she deserved pleasure of her own today.

When He was certain that she was fully aroused, He slowly and gently slipped His cock into her depths and began to move unhurriedly inside her. She moaned and instinctively tried to fuck Him for His pleasure, but He put her in her place with a firm, "not today."

He didn't fuck her, He made love to her. He took her aching body and turned it into a temple for her pleasure, allowing her to climax many times beneath His hands and body. He saw the confusion in her eyes as she stared deep into His own, but He told Himself He would tell her later the reason for her treat this morning.

He rocked gently inside her, feeling His own pleasure building to its peak, and He began to move faster within her walls as His own orgasm built. Finally He came, and she came again with Him, trembling and moaning quietly to herself as His hot seed filled her, made her complete.

As her tremors subsided, she gazed into His eyes, that confused look still on her face.

He slowly withdrew from her body and kissed Her again on the mouth. He had known she would forget about today.

He lowered His mouth to her ear and whispered His secret:

"Happy birthday, Ephemera."

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