tagMatureThe Best Friend's Mother

The Best Friend's Mother


It had been such an embarrassing experience. My name is Mia. I am 38 years old with an 18 year old son Matte. His best friend Donald is 19 and a really nice looking lad. I liked Donald very much, as besides his appearance he was always so polite.

In a sort of motherly way, I quite fancied Donald. I know this isn't really correct behaviour for a woman of my age, but to be honest my own husband John was so boring it was a relief just to look at Donald.

A few times when he has called our house for Matte before college I think I saw him trying to look up my skirt as I nibbled at some breakfast toast.

I wasn't sure of course but I didn't really alter the position of my knees. I knew that Matte was down in the basement having a shower and my husband John was in work so it was reasonably safe.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement in Donald's trousers.

My thoughts run riot. I was a 38 year old married woman and I was secretly exciting an 18 year old gorgeous young man.

A part of my secret excitement was the fact that I could see the outline in his trousers was quite large.

I breathed heavily as I realised that Donald must be a really big boy.

Again it related to my own situation with my husband John. Apart from being boring, John had never been well endowed. In fact he was quite small down there. It probably contributed to my lack of satisfaction and my husband's built in inferiority complex.

With all these thoughts going on in my mind. I not only didn't close my legs, I consciously let my knees slip further apart.

I cant pretend any innocence. I knew I was showing the young lad my panties. When I heard a groan across the room I was sure. It made me feel so wonderful. I was making him an even bigger boy.

Just then Matte came in after his shower. As usual he was in a rush and they were both out of the house in about 5 minutes leaving me to my thoughts.

I did hear Matte teasing his friend as they left "What's the matter with you Donald. You are so quiet. Have you seen a ghost?"

Matte laughed as Donald mumbled "I am OK. I was just thinking about something."

When I was left in the house on my own, my thoughts were flooding me and it made me want to do things.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible. There was no time as I had to get ready to go into my office. I did manage to get through the day but my mind was working like mad.

I knew the house would be empty when I got home, and to be honest I could hardly wait.

I didn't even take the usual precaution of going up to my bedroom. I simply flopped on the settee and pulled my dress up.

I had my briefcase with me and slipped it open and brought out my favourite naughty book which had pictures of young men.

In a matter of moments I was stroking myself and I knew my knickers were getting quite wet. I also knew that with my dress right up over my waist and my wide open legs, it didn't leave much to the imagination.

I wasn't really worried as I knew that John would be in work for several more hours and Matte had some extra lessons this afternoon so I was in a totally empty house. As I stroked myself I was in absolute heaven.

I had always enjoyed making a noise when I masturbated so as I was in my own secret heaven I was letting out little squeaks and groans and short sentences like "Pushy it right up, there's a good boy." and "That's lovely Donald, you have such a lovely big cock."

There was no doubt about the subject of my masturbation. I didn't care. It was all so secret. Then it happened. Total catastrophe. The lounge door opened and before either of us realised what was happening Donald was standing directly in front of me blushing like mad and stuttering his apologies.

I managed to understand some of his gibberish "I am sorry Mrs Clarke. Matte asked me to drop these books off for him as he is still at college."

For all his apologies Donald just stood there almost drinking me in. He was mesmerized.

Just then his phone rang. It was Matte. I could hear the conversation "Hi Donald, its Matte, where are you?"

"I just got into your house Matte. I will leave the books on the table."

"OK. I will see you in the club tonight."

Then Matte asked "Is my mother home yet?"

All the time the conversation went on Donald was staring straight between my legs. I was hastily sitting up straighter and pulling my clothes down.

The conversation mixed up with all the other event was embarrassing both Donald and myself. He quickly terminated the conversation with "Yes, she is home Matte. I am with her now. I will see you tonight."

With that he put the phone down. I was more or less respectable now and Donald was still apologising . He looked thunderstruck.

I asked him quietly "Were you watching me for long Donald?"

"No honestly Mrs Clarke. I just rushed in to drop these books off. I am sorry about it. I should have knocked."

I was recovering now and murmured "I'm sorry myself Donald. It must have been horrible for you to catch me like that."

He could hardly get his words out fast enough "Oh God no, Mrs Clarke. It was so exciting but I am ashamed of myself."

His words gave me some confidence. I had made a mistake in letting a young man catch me masturbating and the main thought was that I didn't want anyone else to know especially my son. I certainly didn't want my son to know of my secret habits.

I looked at him and in a sort of hushed whisper said "I would prefer you not to speak about this to Matte. Lets keep it our secret between just us."

He spoke so sincerely "Please believe my Mrs Clarke. I would never dream of doing that to him or to you."

He was so genuine that it put my mind at ease and I said "Thank you Donald. It is great relief." I genuinely believed I could trust this young man with my secret.

He nodded. I could see he was curious. He was naturally polite but he asked "Do you masturbate often, Mrs Clarke?"

It was a strange conversation but there again it was a strange situation. I just told him "Yes I do it about 3 times a week Donald. Do you?"

He nodded "Yes I do Mrs Clark. Every day usually especially when I come to see Matte and see you."

The conversation was getting deeper and deeper. I was as curious as he was.

"Were you watching me this morning Donald?"

"Yes Mrs Clarke. I felt ashamed but I was excited."

"Excited, Donald. How do you mean?"

It was a silly question but it just came out. He answered it so honestly.

"I had a horn on for you Mrs Clarke. My cock was throbbing just looking up your skirt."

"Could you see much?"

"I could see your white panties. They were nice and tight. They made me throb."

I laughed "But you could only see my knickers for a split second."

He nodded. "I tried to take a phone picture but I was too slow."

It was interesting "You wanted a picture up my skirt showing my knickers?"

He nodded. "But it failed. When I checked my camera later on it was all blurry. I was so disappointed."

I giggled. It was funny and I said quietly "Do you want to take a picture now Donald?"

He sounded flustered "Up your dress Mrs Clarke. Do you mean it?"

I was enjoying myself now and smiled as I drew my dress up and leaned back. I opened my legs in a similar fashion to when I had masturbated earlier.

He drew out his phone and snapped away several times. I enjoyed it and he was getting braver.

He asked "Mrs Clarke?"

"Yes Donald?"

Could I take a picture of you like that without your knickers on?"

I thought for a moment and told him a little defensively "Its very hairy Donald."

His answer thrilled me "God that's wonderful, Mrs Clarke."

I stood up and slipped my panties off and then resumed my position with my dress up and my legs open. I picked up one of my books and pretended to read.

He groaned "Could I see some Tit as well,Mrs Clarke?"

We had gone too far now for me to quibble about details so I eased my right breast out so that it would show up on his picture. I didn't want any more detail so I told him "OK Donald, but just the one Tit and one Nipple and then we must stop."

He nodded and said politely "Yes of course Mrs Clarke and thank you very much."

I was curious about his masturbating. I knew with all the things I was doing for him he would tell me anything.

I asked him "When you masturbate Donald does your penis sort of dribble before you actually cum?"

He nodded "It dribbles all the time when I think about you Mrs Clarke."

I liked his answer and my pleasure must have showed as he asked much the same query "Do you get very wet when you do it to yourself?"

He had answered my question so it was only right I answered his. "Yes Donald. It gets very wet, especially towards the end and quite sticky."

"Sticky. How do you mean Mrs Clarke?"

I had to go into some detail "Well you can see how hairy I am Donald. When it all gets wet between my legs it mixes with all my hairs and gets quite mushy."

He laughed "A sticky mushy slit Mrs Clarke?"

I giggled "Yes that right Donald. But it does soil my panties."

I found it funny but I heard him groan and squeeze between his legs. I was fascinated.

"Do my soiled panties excite you Donald?"

"Oh God yes Mrs Clarke. I think they must have a wonderful aroma."

This conversation was so ridiculous I wanted to giggle again.

The panties I had taken off were lying on the carpet. I picked them up and daintily brought them to my nose and made a face saying "They are a bit mucky, Donald."

He groaned but made the reply I anticipated "Can I smell them Mrs Clarke?"

I was deliberately difficult and queried "Smell what Donald?"

"Your panties Mrs Clarke."

"You want to smell my dirty knickers Donald?"

"Oh God, yes Mrs Clarke."

He was so helpless and I was enjoying the situation and the conversation so much I didn't want to let it go.

"My panties have been right up me Donald and there are a lot of dirty stains where I have been masturbating."

He could hardly speak and I felt sorry for him.

I handed him my panties and he immediately brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply.

Any worries I had about my soiled underwear were unnecessary. He was almost searching for the marks.

I watched as he opened them out so that the inside of my panty gusset was out in the open.

I could see their were a few black hairs partly stuck to the material.

He put out his tongue and I watched as it traced a line across my gusset.

I was fascinated as I could see he was entranced. As he licked the hairs I said "I told you they got sticky didn't I Donald?"

He murmured "Yes Mrs Clark."

I knew my husband would be home shortly and told him "We have to stop now Donald. Mr Clark will be home shortly."

He nodded. "Of course Mrs Clark, and I want to tell you how grateful I am and I wont breathe a word of this to anyone." I smiled. I felt totally reassured by this pleasant and very polite young man.

"Thank you Donald. It has been unusual this afternoon but I have to tell you that I have enjoyed it very much."

I could see he was making no effort to return my underwear. I didn't mind as I had plenty of panties and I can easily buy some more pairs from M&S.

He turned to the door, but just before he left he spoke hesitantly "Mrs Clark?"

"Yes, Donald?"

He was having difficulty speaking but managed "You did say you did it about 3 times a week?"

I knew what he was talking about and I didn't want to delay as John would be in shortly "Yes I did, Donald."

"Could I watch the next time Mrs Clarke?"

It was an enormous question and it took my breath away.

I murdered a little in a daze "You want to watch me masturbate, Donald. I am old enough to be your mother."

He nodded. He had regained some of his confidence now "I know that Mrs Clark, but you are unbelievably attractive and it would excite me so much and I wouldn't tell a soul."

His request was so outrageous and so shocking but so genuine.

I looked forward to my secret times every week. It was so private and erotic with my son and husband out of the house and being alone with my fantasies. Donald's suggestion put a new intensity on the event. My sons best friend would be watching my play with myself.

It was mind blowing. I did what most women of my age would do when faced with this situation. I breathed heavily "I will be alone in the house on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm Donald."

He nodded "I will be here Mrs Clarke."

I thought for a moment and told him "I want you to do it as well Donald so that I can see you."

"Yes Mrs Clarke. I will do it so that you can watch me as well."

John was due any minute now so I kissed him on the forehead and said "I will see you on Thursday afternoon then Donald."

As he turned to the door he asked "Can I keep your panties Mrs Clarke?"

I smiled "Of course Donald and I will give you another pair on Thursday."

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