tagGroup SexThe Best Gift Ever!!

The Best Gift Ever!!


Terry Black ran a hand along the crease of his wife's spine to the crack of her ass. His index finger slid between her cheeks and then delved deep into her ass hole. Persia Black squirmed away from him and swatted his hand away. "Not on your fucking life," She said with her teeth clamped together. "It's Christmas Eve, and I was very clear about the rules for your gift." Persia rolled over onto her back, her perky brown breasts met Terry full on, the nipples erect despite her harsh tone. "No back door action until Christmas day!"

"Okay, fine." Terry placed his pale hand on the velvety brown expanse of her stomach, while his other hand took hold of his cock which was quickly hardening at his touch. "But the normal shit, that's fair game, right?" Terry began stroking his cock, the tip turning bright red as his pulse increased. Persia watched the motion intently as her her hand slid down into the narrow strip of curls that led to her pussy. "Ah, no touching," he said stopping her fingers from delving into her already wet entrance. Terry climbed on top of her, his cock sandwiched between them and pressed into her stomach. He began to move up and down, grinding his dick into the soft flesh of her stomach. She writhed beneath him, her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes," he said slapping her cheek lightly. She did as she was told, and he continued rubbing his dick between them as his pulse quickened. With a swift movement he slid inside of her and she arched her back, raked her nails down his back. "Don't make a fucking sound," he growled into her ear. With strong, hard thrusts he rammed into her, the only sound was that of their flesh meeting with violent slaps.

He slid out of her and moved so that his cock hit her mouth. Her tongue darted out and ran along the network of veins that laced his cock and he grabbed her face in his hand, squeezing it between his thumb and his index and middle fingers. "Did I give you permission to taste it?"

"No," she said breathlessly, her eyes clinched shut as Terry began slapping her face with his cock. He ran the tip along the outline of her lips before he shoved it into the warm cavern of her mouth. She sucked eagerly, her big brown eyes stared up at him as his hips pivoted his member deeper down her throat. He removed his cock from her mouth and maneuvered her onto her hands and knees.

"You want me to eat it?" He asked her, his voice husky as he stared at the glistening pink and brown flesh of her pussy, the chocolate pucker of her ass hole.

"Yes please," she said, her voice breathless.

"Beg me," Terry said, slapping her ass.

"Terry baby, please eat my ass. Please eat my pussy." Persia's voice alone made his cock harder if that were at all possible. He began stroking his length again with his left hand while the middle finger of his right hand tunneled inside her pussy. As he stroked in and out of her with his middle digit, Persia gripped the pillows that surrounded them.

"I'll eat you baby, as soon as you tell me again what you gonna get me for Christmas." Terry touched her clit lightly now, flicked it with the tip of his finger.

"You get to stick that big white dick in my black ass," She said, her face pressed against the Mahogany head board.

"And what else?"

"You get to stick that big white dick in Kayla's perfect white ass. And her pussy, and her--" Persia's voice tapered off as Terry stuck his rigid tongue into her pussy. The juices ran over his tongue and down his chin as his finger joined the ministrations of his tongue. The tip of his index finger pressed in an unforgiving rhythm on the spongy button of her G-spot, and her cum poured into his palm, down his wrist.

Orgasm after orgasm racked tore through Persia until she collapsed on the bed spent, her ass in the air still at the ready. Terry climbed on top of her and shoved his cock into her warm sopping wet pussy and pumped as hard as he could in time with Persia's intakes of breath. Terry came in sync with her as her final orgasm of the night ripped through her, her walls constricted and pulsed around his cock as his seed spilled into her and overflowed out of her. It was official. The holiday season was upon them.


Kayla was a Godsend-if God was in the business of providing horny couples with beautiful neighbors. She hadn't sealed the deal with her, yet, but Persia was confident that it would be a piece of cake. Outside it was cold but the sun was out and its rays cast a brilliant light on the snow that blanketed every inch of their cul-de-sac. Persia was outside under the guise of shoveling her front walk way. However, she was less interested in the shovel than she was in Kayla as she made her way out of the house to pluck her paper from her snow covered steps.

"Hey Kayla!" Persia called out, waving. It was Christmas morning Kayla had no family in the area and had told Persia a few days ago that she'd be spending the holiday alone with a bowl of popcorn and her favorite movies. Persia had told her that she and Terry weren't doing much either and that she could stop by if she wanted. But Persia wasn't the type to leave anything to chance. She promised Terry that he would get to fuck Kayla, and she wasn't in the business of breaking promises.

"Hey Persia! How are you! Merry Christmas!" She called out, pulling her robe tight about herself, but not before Persia caught a peek of the side of one of her smooth pale breasts. Persia dropped her shovel and walked toward the fence that separated Kayla's yard from she and Terry's own.

"Merry Christmas to you too. I hope you still plan on stopping by later," Persia said.

"Yeah, definitely, if I'm still welcome."

"Of course you are!" Persia said. "Come over any time after six. We'll be waiting."


Kayla Green was new in town and more lonely than she admitted to her parents on their nightly check-up calls. She'd made the mistake of relocating to Toledo, Ohio from Reno, Nevada right before the holiday season. She'd spent Thanksgiving alone and she didn't think she'd be able to handle spending Christmas the same way. Luckily, she had two nice and very hot neighbors who had taken a liking to her. Kayla applied her lipstick as the final touch to her subtle makeup, and grabbed her coat. The clock in the living room read 6:00 on the dot as she passed. She hoped she wasn't too punctual.

She rang the Blacks' doorbell and waited, feeling only slightly nervous. A few seconds passed before the door opened, and there stood Terry Black. He was tall and his well muscled chest stressed the fabric of his simple white t-shirt. His blond hair was shaved close, and his neck was tattooed with Persia's name. "Hey honey, she came," Terry called over his shoulder as he stepped aside and allowed Kayla to enter. Kayla stepped into the dim living room. Candles were sitting in various places about the room. Kayla didn't see a light on anywhere.

Persia materialized from the darkness, her dark brown skin glowing beautifully in the flickering candle light. Her large soft-looking breasts were nearly bare, pushed together in a red velvet bra with fur trim. Her thong matched. A Santa's cap was pulled down over her long thick hair.

"Um, did I interrupt something?" Kayla asked, edging closer to the door.

"No, you're just in time honey." Persia said. From behind her back she revealed a pair of furry handcuffs which she swung around on her index finger. "Now, believe it or not, I promised you to my beautiful husband here as a Christmas present. I made that promise before knowing exactly how I was going to deliver. But then I realized, I always get what I want and what I can't get easily, I take. Ain't that right baby?" Persia asked Terry who nodded and grabbed her ass in a quick rough hold. "So you can either submit willingly to me or I'll take what I want," Persia said, moving up inches from Kayla's face.

"So, you're going to, rape me?" Kayla asked.

"Rape? I wouldn't be that dramatic. Rape is not enjoyable. Everything that's going to happen to day is going to feel better than you ever imagined," Persia said.

"I'm not interested," Kayla said with little conviction. She took a few quick steps for the door and was easily snatched up by Terry who wrangled her flailing body up the stairs and into their bedroom. Terry held her down while Persia went to work handcuffing her to the frame of their bed.

"Take off her clothes sweetie," Persia said standing back and admiring Kayla's body. Kayla had worn a simple red blouse and jeans, but Terry was unbuttoning her shirt now, revealing her breasts inch by inch.

"No bra huh? I like that." Persia said, helping Terry pull her jeans over her feet. Once Kayla was completely naked, Persia straddled Kayla's waist and lifted her ass into the air. "Now here's how this is going to work. You do what me and my sweetie say, and you'll enjoy yourself. Otherwise, things might become a little sketchy. Understand?" Kayla nodded, hating the way the heat gathered between her legs as she watched Terry pull his shirt over his head. He was handsome, and his body was absolutely amazing. Persia wasn't bad herself, not by any stretch. Her face was angelic, her skin tone dark and even, her body thin with curvy hips and large breasts. The two of them were almost too beautiful together to be real.

"Suck on my tits while my man fucks me, okay?" Persia said, sliding out of her bra and letting her breasts fall free. She leaned over so that her breasts were right in reach of Kayla's mouth. Kayla's tongue darted out and tasted Persia's nipple. She closed her eyes and suckled the left one, and then the right, her stomach in knots. She didn't know what they would do to her if she refused to participate in their little sex game, but she hadn't had sex in months and her body was giving in to the act even if her mind wasn't.

Persia's breasts began to vibrate against her face as Terry rammed into Persia from behind. Kayla could see him in the mirror that spanned the wall beside their bed. His expression was serious, a vein played in his temple. He leaned over and spoke things into Persia's ear that Kayla couldn't hear while Persia moaned and shuddered against Kayla's mouth.

"Oh shit," Terry grunted before he collapsed on Persia's back.

"Well, now that part's done baby, how about you fuck our little Kayla here into oblivion?" Persia laughed and slid down Kayla's body so that her mouth hovered over Kayla's bare pussy. "But I'm gonna warm you up for him, okay?" Persia's tongue passed over Kayla's clit and Kayla cried out, her mind racing as she nearly came from the mere touch of Persia's tongue.

"She likes it baby," Terry said, stroking his dick as he looked down at Kayla. Kayla squirmed against her restraints as Persia continued, flicking just the tip of her tongue of Kayla's clit which was hard and warm now. Kayla moaned and watched Persia's head dip and move as her tongue suddenly slid inside of Kayla's tight snatch.

"Oh my God!" Kayla called out, her pelvis jerked as she came, hard, and Persia didn't miss a beat. She stuck her middle finger inside of Kayla, twirled it around while her eyes were locked on Kayla's.

"Baby, she's more than ready. What do you want first, her pussy or her ass. Or...her mouth?"

"Her pussy," Terry said.

"Wait!" Kayla cried out, still feeling week from the orgasm.

"What? We're not letting you go if that's what this is about," Persia said.

"Well, that's not what I want. Not really. I just, can you guys let me out of the cuffs? I won't run, I promise," Kayla pleaded. She felt like she'd stuck her tongue in an electrical socket. Her whole body was warm and she wanted more. Persia and Terry looked good. Persia had brought her to an orgasm stronger than any man had ever managed, and Terry's cock was bigger than anything she'd ever seen outside of a porno. If she were going to be forced into sex with these two, she might as well be able to enjoy it.

"Let her out Persia," Terry said, "you just blew her mind with that head game. She ain't going nowhere."

"Whatever you say baby," Persia said getting up and releasing Kayla's wrists and ankles from the cuffs. Kayla laid still as both of them watched her, as if waiting for her to make a run for it. She didn't.

"Well baby, here's your present, mind if I watch?" Persia said, taking a seat in the easy chair in the corner of the room.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Terry said, climbing on top of Kayla.


Persia couldn't keep her hands off of herself. She watched the muscles in Terry's ass flex and relax as he plowed deep into Kayla's pussy. Terry laced his fingers through Kayla's golden blonde hair and pulled at it as he fucked her from the back, his balls smacking against her pussy. Kayla's breasts quivered and shook with each thrust, and only the whites of Kayla's eyes were showing. Persia laughed to herself. That was the effects of Terry's dick. Persia plunged her middle finger into her pussy as Terry shoved his cock into Kayla's open and waiting mouth.

"Yeah, spit all over it," Terry said softly as Kayla lapped and sucked at his cock. "Get it nice and wet and ready. Have you ever been fucked in your ass?" He asked her. Unable to speak because of her full mouth, she shook her head no.

"We need music for this, to celebrate this joyous event!" Persia said rising from her seat and pressing play on the cd player. Festive holiday tunes blasted from the speakers as Kayla got on her hands and knees. She shrieked as Terry pushed himself into her asshole.

"Oh shit baby, I don't know if I can hold off it's tight as fuck!" Terry said to Persia.

"Pace yourself baby. How does it feel Kayla?" Persia asked.

"It hurts a little, but it feels good at the same time," Kayla said breathlessly.

"Relax, Terry's big boy, it'll take a little bit for him to get acclimated. Breathe, and I'll take care of that tight little snatch of yours." Persia slid beneath Kayla and pressed her mouth to Kayla's pussy. Persia stiffened as she felt Kayla's mouth on her clit as well, licking and flicking over her clit rhythmically as Persia returned to favor.

Terry's balls slapped against the top of Persia's head as he fucked Kayla's ass hole with increased intensity. The music cascaded over them as a soundtrack to their feverish fucking. Persia came hard as Kayla moaned, her knees buckling. Persia caught her just as Terry cursed and yelled, his cum filling Kayla's hole and splattering against the sheets.

"Merry Christmas you guys." Kayla said as they all lay tangled in the sheets in post coital bliss.

"Merry Christmas Persia, Kayla," Terry said his eyes heavy.

"And to all a good fucking night!" Persia said before drifting off to sleep.

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