tagGay MaleThe Best Man

The Best Man


- Boy, it's hot.

He's coming through the garden towards me where I'm sitting on a bench. He sits beside me, too close, and for a moment his thigh is pressed against mine. I can feel the heat of him, the hard muscles of his thigh, then he shifts away a little.

- Oops. Don't mind if I join you?

I've been watching him inside, and now he's beside me, in the darkness sitting too close. I wonder how much he's had to drink - he looks pretty steady. He's removed his jacket. A big man, his powerful shoulders obvious through his shirt. I feel small beside him. It's rained a little at some point, so it's humid, but the night air is soothing. There's a delicate sound of dripping from all around, and the wet leaves pick up highlights in the dimness.

- Nicer out here.

I'm too aware of him, his closeness.

- Yeah, I'm kind of sweaty.

I'm nervous - shouldn't have said that. He leans in close, his face near my neck, breathing me in.

- Don't worry about that. How about me?

His voice so close to my ear, low, quiet, resonant. I realise I can smell him, a warm, smooth masculine scent, infinitely familiar, infintiely exotic. There's his deoderant or after shave, and there's his own male smell, with a sharp animal edge. It's intoxicating.

- You smell...fine

He chuckles, low in his throat and pats me on the thigh. Just a friendly gesture. But his hand lingers.

- I'm not surprised you've worked up a bit of a sweat...I was watching you dance.

I don't know what to say to this. His powerful hand is still on my thigh, making gentle stroking motions. No mistake, then - this is over the line. I'm obscurely pleased that he enjoyed watching me. I realise I'm hard and wonder if he's aware of the swelling in my pants so close to his hand.

- Do you cycle?

- Yes, I run too.

- Mmm, feels like it. And you dance.

- I do a lot of things.

He laughs again.

- I gotta pee.

As he stands up, I become aware of the bulge in his own pants. It would be impossible to miss, even if it wasn't right at my eye level - it puts mine to shame. He starts to unzip, right there before my eyes, and starts to haul it out. It's got to be completely hard, surely? It couldn't get any bigger than that? And he's just standing there as it stretches clear of his fly, holding it in one hand as if he's going to pee. But I know he wants to show it to me, give me an opportunity to admire it, to desire it. And I do. So we're there, still, for a moment, contemplating his awesome manhood. And instead of piss, a bead of precum slowly starts to work its way free of the slit.

- Ah. I can't do it now. I think I'm going to get out of here. I think the formalities are over. Want to come?

- Sure. Whatever you say.

I'm looking at his heavy cock, aching to take hold of it it, but apprehensive.

- Really? Whatever I say?

His cock twitches, and the drop of pre-cum swells, catching a stray glint of light.

- Whatever you say.

And at that moment, I really believe it. I'm transfixed by his dark, powerful masculinity, his assurance.

- Good boy. I'll hold you to that.

I reach out tentatively, and carefully scoop up the drop of fluid on my fingertip. I raise it towards my mouth. From above, his eyes are locked on mine. He grips my wrist, hard.

- No. Not yet.

He takes my finger in his own mouth and sucks it clean.


He slides the key into the hotel room door and pushes it open for me. We've ridden in silence in the cab, my hand held in his strong hand.

He seems relaxed yet alert. I am a nervous wreck, all fear and excitement, my stomach churning, my balls tingling at the thought of his cock curled up in his pants, ready to spring out again.

He sits me on the couch, puts on some music, gets me a drink. When he hands me the glass, I have his crotch near my face again, and my mouth begins to actually water. We talk for a while. I don't even know what I'm saying. I just want to hear his voice, smell him, taste him.

- Why don't you get up and strip off? I want to look at you.

I feel awkward but I do get up and start peeling my clothes off. I know my body is good, and I know he's into me; no competition with his impressive muscularity, but I'm not trying to compete. He's watching me, drink in hand, slowly stroking himself through his pants. I want to see that cock again. I'm down to my underpants, and as I start to ease them down, I turn slowly, to give him a view of the curve of my ass. From behind me, I hear an admiring groawl, and then the sound of his zipper opening. Suddenly his hands are on my shoulders and I feel his hot breath on my neck again

- I need to piss now baby. I want you to help me with that.

- I don't really get into that.

- That's okay, I'll take care of you. Go into the bathroom and kneel down.

I do as he says, and wait, hearing him slowly undressing in the next room. When he comes in, I'm in position so his cock is around the height of my eyes. This is the cock that will master me. I have a perfect view of it bobbing thickly around as he walks. It's the first time I've seen his whole body, tall, broad, tightly muscled, beautiful dark skin. He sits down on the edge of the bath.

- You ever see a how a dominant dog goes around pissing on his territory, on his property?

He's brought me round to face him, looking down into my eyes.

- Sometimes he'll even do it on other dogs to just to show that he's 'top dog'.

That throaty chuckle again. He's holding his cock with one hand, the other gripping the back of my neck, smoothly kneading the muscles there.

- I'm that dog.

Suddenly a stream of piss batters against my crotch, soaking my dick, running off my balls.

The stream moves up my torso, hot on my belly, my chest.

As it starts tickling the underside of my chin, his hand guides my head downward.

My lips part, my mouth washed with piss.

Without thinking, I'm swallowing and hear myself let out a strangled groan.

The last squirts shoot up over my face and run back down over my body.

Then his hungry mouth is on mine, smothering my lips with his own.

He must be tasting his own juice on my tongue; he sucks so hard, it almost hurts.

- You're doing real good, baby. Did you swallow some? I thought you would. There might be some more later on, and I want you to swallow every drop. But right now, you rinse off.

He walks out into the bedroom and throws himself down on the couch, one leg thrown up beside him so I can admire the shape of his muscular thighs, and of course that towering cock. I know it will be inside me later, know that somehow my ass will open up for it, that he intends to use me, pleasure himself, take possession.

I pretend not to be aware from him as I stand in the shower, but I find myself showing off for him, running my hands over my body, acccentuating the curves of my pecs, my buttocks, flexing my abs and back as I twist under the spray, knowing he's watching and trying to inflame his lust. I'm half afraid, so I prolong this moment of anticipation.

When I step out of the shower stall, he is watching me alright, hungrily, stroking his mighty cock slowly, sliding the loose skin over the core of bone.

I'm drying myself, and I put one foot on the edge of the bath to teasingly dry my ass crack.

- Spread it for me.

I lean forward, pointing my pale, rounded ass towards him, letting the cheeks open up to expose my hole.

- More

His tone is husky, urgent. I reach back with both hands and very slowly ease my cheeks further apart. He must be able to see my naked pink hole now.

- More, Godammit! Little pricktease whore!

In one leap, it seems, he is behind me, forcing my head down with one hand, gripping my ass cruelly with the other. I cry out in pain and shock. Then he is spanking me across the ass, hard, stroke after stroke, each one making me gasp with pain. All the smoothness is gone from him now, and I feel really afraid of his ferocity, his strength, his irresistible power. Eventually the storm abates, and I am sobbing. The gentle smooth voice has returned, but with an undertone of menace.

- I'm sorry baby, but you had that coming, wiggling your ass at me like that, didn't you?

I nod, tearily.

- Poor baby. You ass is all red. Is it sore?

He has sat down on the edge of the bath and, to my surprise, he begins gently licking my burning cheecks, moving back and forth from one to the other, first light, tentative laps with the tip of his tongue, then long, luxurious strokes, from the tops of my thighs up to my lower back, moving little by little inward toward my hole until my ass is bathed in his spit. His tongue feels so hot on my tender ass, soothing yet aggravating the burning flesh.

- Spread it again for me baby.

This time, he sinks his face into my opened ass crack, his lips and tongue making contact with my twitching hole, sending a bolt of pleasure through my whole body to the roots of my hair. His mouth on my ass is gentle but insistent and my hole opens to his probing. He is grunting quietly as he goes about his task, and I feel his voice vibrate through my ass as I swim in the pleasure of his attentions. I am bent almost double and can look back between my own legs to where he sits on the bath, his own muscular legs splayed apart, his powerful torso, his cock rising proudly, swaying back and forth with his movements, and once more sporting a glistening pearl of pre-cum at the tip. My mouth waters, and as if reading my mind,

- Time to suck, baby.

He gives my ass a light slap, which still smarts from its earlier punishment. I straighten up, a little unsteadily, and look down into his beautiful brown eyes. I long to kiss him again - can I kiss him? Then I'm kneeling before him, our foreheads together, our lips together for one slow, lingering contact, and I'm sinking lower, my face grazing his deep, muscular chest, his lean belly. The cock bucks against my chin and then the head is inside my mouth, irresistible. The head is big, yet my mouth moulds around it, relishing its silky smoothness, its yielding hardness. I'm on my hands and knees on the cold tiles before him, the head of his cock hot in my mouth, and there's the delicate salt of his precum washing over my tongue, down my throat. I love this flavour, I love the feel of him inside my mouth. I love that I'm almost choking just on the head when there is inch after inch of the shaft beyond ready to drive into me. But for now, he lets me play on the head, making love to it with my mouth. I am an inspired cocksucker, paying homage with my lips and tongue. I start trying to ease my way along the length, imagining how it could press down into my belly if I could make my throat a straight chute to accommodate it. I realise my eyes are squeezed tight. I open them, drinking in the sight of him towering over me. He is looking down at me, ginning, amused at my efforts to accept his manhood.

- Oh babe, trying so hard!

I guess I have my lips about half way down it. If I can get the shape of my throat right, it might just be able to squeeze in. I push forward, my nose heading for his tight crop of pubic hair over his cock. My eyes water. Suddnely, I'm there. We both let out a surprised moan, mine completely muffled of course; the full length is inside me, my nose pressed into his pubic bone, my chin grazing his ball sack. My throat embraces his organ, loving the feeling of accommodating him. I'm a sleeve for his cock, an accessory. I imagine him standing up right now and carrying me around on his cock. Of course, I have to let it go so I can breathe, though I hold it as long as I can. When I come loose, I'm panting and coughing, my eyes streaming, but joyfully drunk on the flavour and heat of his cock. I sink back on my haunches before him, and he's still smiling down on me. He takes my chin in one hand and, his lips parting, lets a big gob of spit drop down toward me. I open my mouth to receive it, savouring it on my tongue before swallowing it down.

- Good boy.

His voice is sweet now, almost playful.

- I think it's time for you to get fucked now.

The chill of apprehension returns. My cock is hard, has been the whole time, but my balls churn and pull up tight. I want to protest, want to beg for more time worshipping his cock, playing with his balls, licking his thighs, his chest, even his ass if he'll let me; I could never get enough of him. There's no refusing him, though. There's no refusing the chance to receiving that awesome cock, but I'm really afraid it will just be impossible. I comfort myself with the thought that I would never have believed I could take it all in my mouth like I just did. I feel strangely proud; like I've impresssed him with my dedication to satisfying him. And I hope he will reward me in the way he uses my ass. I remember the battering he gave my ass cheeks and tremble at what he could do to me with his cock.

- Don't be scared. I'm going to take good care of you and your sweet little ass.

He positions me kneeling on the couch, leaning forward onto the back, so that my ass is pushed out towards him. He begins gently stroking my ass, just gently grazing it with the fingertips, so that my skin tingles.

- When I saw this ass...when I saw this sweet little thing wiggling on the dancefloor, I said to myself, that ass needs to have my cock in it. And look, baby; here we are. Aren't you a lucky boy?

- Yes. Very lucky.

_ I want to make this an experience you will never forget.

He's been lubing up his cock as he talks, and I can hear him ripping open a wrapper as he sinks to his knees. Then, his mouth is on my ass again, right on the hole this time, lapping, probing, bathing it with saliva. I sigh with pleasure, and he murmurs in agreement. When he apreads my cheeks with his hands, I realise his cock must be ready to take me. I can just glimpse it swaying between his legs. Too soon, he's on his feet again, and I feel him position the head at the entrance to my ass. It seems almost to lock in there, but the blunt girth of it makes it seem impossible that it will actually enter. He begins stroking my back and ass cheeks while the cockhead presses against my hole. I realise he is slowly, slowly increasing the pressure and that my ass is starting to accept it.

- Come on baby - he starts to murmer - Come on.

And to my surprise, the cock is slowly sliding in, further and further. It's painful, sure, the sensation of it stretching me open, but my ass can't repel this monster. It's pointless for my ass to resist. So it opens up, receiving inch after inch of cock. Thank Christ he's going slowly. And every now and then he slides out a little before starting pressing back in. So when the thrusting starts, it's just an extension of this, and when the intensity increases I realise just how far inside me he is. He's stirring my insides, stroking me, and alongside the sense of outrageous intrusion, the pleasure is intense,. Soon enough I'm riding back and forth, with him, against him, loving the feeling of it sliding out past my stretchd ring, craving the moment it slides back home, sending a wave of pleasure through me. Sometimes he is gripping the base of it with his own big hand. This way, it can't go all the way in, which would still too much for me, but he can lean into me a lttle harder. All this time I'm gripping the back of the sofa, grunting and moaning with every movement, every stroke, gripping helplessly for support, my own hard cock almost forgotten, swinging sround, drooling precum.

He sinks into me, more forcefully than before, my head swims, and somehow he's supporting my weight around my waist and chest as my legs give way He hauls me into the air, catching me behind the knees with one powerful arm, and is sliding me up and down on his cock, our torsos hot with sweat gainst each other, his breath on my ear, nibbling my earlobe, muttering low about how he owns my ass and how good it feels to be using me this way. In this moment, I know I can never get away; that I belong to him completely; I'm his possession, a toy for his cock.

Eventually he swings me around so I am sprawled along the sofa face down, knees under me, ass pushed up in the air, chest against the cushions. He's behind me, one foot on the floor, one knee on the sofa. I can twist and look back over my shoulder, watching his muscles flex and work with each movement. His hands roam over my ass and back, gripping and stroking. I can reach back and feel his legs, his toned belly, the strong buttocks that are the engine of this powerful fucking machine. His breath comes a little heavily, and now and again he's muttering encouragement, telling me how he likes to see me like this, accepting his cock, pushing my ass up to receive it. I love hearing his deep voice coming down from above, his power over me obvious, my submission to him unqustioned. He begins easing me over onto my side, and then onto my back without ever breaking the easy rhythm of his thrusts or fully pulling out. There's an awkward moment when one of my legs gets caught as he's turning me. He chuckles , and I smile, but the smile is wiped from my face as he sinks full length into me, his torso meeting mine between my splayed legs, his mouth seeking my hungry mouth. He pulls away again, withdrawing all but the heavy head. he teases me, keeping it poised there, licking my face, then slowly, slowly driving it back home. The pleasure now is overwhelming, and he returns his mouth to mine, ploughing his tongue into me. We fuck like this, eye to eye, chest to chest, still in quite a slow, deliberate rhythm. I can reach around him, feel his back muscles flex and relax, wordhip his manly body. My dick, almost forgotten in the waves of sensation the fucking is bringing me, is mashing and grinding between our bellies, slick with its own precum. I barely realise my orgasm is approaching, each stroke bringing me minutely closer, even while it seems tantalisingly distant. I want to finish. I don't want this to end. I know my poor ass can't cope with this for ever; in spite of the intense pleasure, the overwhelming sensation of feeling him plunge into me, drive against me again and again, the tender tissues are protesting the continuesd assault. I know he knows what I'm hinking. He's been nibbling my ears, muttering fierce endearments, pulls away to look into my eyes, which are wet with emotion.

- You okay, baby? It's good, isn't it? This is right where you should be - he whispers, his breath hot on my ear.

- This is what you were made for.

One more powerful thrust is enough to send me over the edge. It seems impossible that I will come at first. My traumatised insides, still coping with the presence of the huge intruder, can't seem to respond. My dick is so hard, it feels like it might burst, so sensitive that the skin contact has become excruciating. It bucks and twitches, and finally begins to drool long strands of come, wave after wave pooling on my belly. In the same rhythm, my ass is gripping the cock. But it's gliding out of me now, slowly, so I can for the last time feel the full length of it travelling out of me till the head finally breaks free, leaving my ass to clutch at emptiness. He sits back on his haunches Then, with my broken asshole still spasming violently, he tears off the condom, gripping the base of the cock with both hands, and sends a hot rope of white arcing out over my belly, my chest, as far as my chin. He groans, his face contorted with pleasure, his eyes are locked on mine from above. My tongue is out in an instant, searchine for his cum, my head craning forward toward my chest, but I can't reach it. He keeps working his cock for a while and then takes hold of the back of my neck with one hand, gently, firmly. With the other he scoops up gob after gob of our mingled semen, feeding it to me tenderly, holding my gaze as I suckle on his fingertips. Too soon, it's all gone but I savour the traces on my tongue.

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