tagErotic CouplingsThe Best Man Ch. 02

The Best Man Ch. 02


I awoke still entangled with Juan, all movements if any during the night had been mirrored by the other. Juan's cock was hard against my body, which in turn, made my pussy begin to moisten against his leg. I wanted him but knew I could not fuck him, I was a bit sore my butt was still in need of recovery from the spanking. Juan began to stir my movements had awakened him.

"Good Morning, baby." I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

"Good Morning beautiful."

He rolled over on top of me. His cock was on my tummy as I said, "I can't I am a little bit sore, I will be OK tonight."

The look of disappointment was like a kid being told no in a candy store, until I said, "Take a shower with me, I will make your woody disappear."

The water trickling down my butt and legs felt soothing as we kissed, my nails were wandering down his back and butt cheeks. With my nails slightly pressing into Juan's butt, I began to kiss down his chest and tummy. Sucking his nipples and kissing every inch of his beautiful six pack abs. His beautiful cock was fully engorged in anticipation of my tongue and lips. I slipped my hands to each side of his cock with my nails gently placed on each side I held his cock pointing straight up. Our eyes met as I licked up the belly of his cock from his balls to the head again and again. Licking up his cock like a lollipop brought moans of passion from his body. I turned my head to let my lips and tongue slide up and down the belly of his Cock. I was playing his finely tuned cock like a Harmonica, bringing the music of his moans to my ears. Our eyes met as i rolled his cock between my hands as I would play dough. I smiled up at him with a playful smile of mischievous control, then began to stroke the entire length of his cock while tickling the pee hole with the tip of my tongue. When I slipped his cock deep into my mouth and throat, he let out deep growls of approval.

"Oh My Fucking God Vikki." He growled.

I slipped his cock over my lips tickling the pee hole with my tongue. Stroking his cock while teasing the head with my tongue made him quiver. I ran my nails up the back of his thighs as the hot water was running down his legs. I slipped his cock deep into my mouth while digging my nails into his cheeks, forcing his cock even deeper into my throat. My hands now on his cheeks guiding the movements of his cock in and out of my throat.

His primal growls of "Oh Fuck Vikki, Oh Fuck Vikki, Oh Fuck Vikki," became aggressive in nature.

He put his hands on the back of my head as he began force his cock down my throat. He guided his cock deep into my throat over and over. Pulling his cock out of my throat letting me breath then slamming it back into my throat. He then began fucking my face fast strokes of his cock into my mouth. Spastic movements began as Juan's cock released his hot cream into my mouth.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." Juan blurted. With every fuck and thrust of his cock, his cream spewed into my mouth and down my throat. I looked up at him as he pulled me up to share a kiss. We stood sharing kisses and hugs until the water cooled.

I was laying on top of him on the bed the covers entirely over our heads as he said, "I want us to spend the night at my place tonight."


"I want you in my bed, I want to wake up with you in my bed."

"I could go with that on one condition."

"What is the condition?" Juan asked.

"Answer one question 1 million per cent truthfully." I blurted.

"Depends on the question."

"OK, I will be here tonight." I blurted again.

"OK, I will answer the question, but if I do, I get total control tonight."

I whispered, "That's a deal. Did you fuck Nicole before or after she got engaged?.

"Did she tell you?"

"No, I knew you fucked her when she asked me about details on how you fucked me, I could tell she wanted to compare what you did to her and me." Then added, "So answer the question."

He whispered, " Twice before they met and once after they started dating, but before they got engaged."

"Does Roger know?"

"NO!" He Blurted.

Getting out of the bed, I said, "I am going to get dressed then take Nicole's car back over to her, you are going to get out of my bed and go home. I will see you at the rehearsal dinner. I will live up to my agreement by spending the night with you, mainly cause I want to fuck you to death tonight."

I poured myself all over him in the elevator, smiling at him telling him, "Elevators do that to me." We kissed and parted.

Rehearsal was a long, laborious ordeal. I had no idea it would be almost an hour to rehearse the actual wedding might take all day. Everybody seemed to have ADD and two left feet. The Priest was not a jovial type person. He was an older extremely conservative down to business man, not the type to mess with he knew how it was supposed to happen, and he wanted it to be that way. The dinner, on the other hand, was a very gala type event, a lot of people and a lot of yummy food. Nicole and Roger seem to be pleased at how both events had turned out, everyone had a great time.

Nicole asked, "When are your parents coming?"

"They will be here later tonight, probably about eight."

"What are you guys going to do tonight?"

"Juan asked me out, so I will probably go out with him." Then added, "Mom and dad will be tired probably watch TV at the hotel."

She whispered. "Are you going to fuck him again?"

I whispered back, "Yes, and I need to tell him our date will be a late date instead of an early one."

I did not want to chat with her about Juan. I went in search of Juan to let him know the plans have to change a bit. I found him talking with Samantha and Christy, they were still goo going over his every word. After exchanging pleasantries, I was able to get him alone.

"My parents are coming in about eight, I will not be able to go out till around nine thirty." I said.

"OK, I will come by to pick you up at nine thirty.' Juan said.

"Do I need to dress or are we going out or just in?"

"Would you like to go out?"

'Yes, I would dress so sexy if you would take me dancing?"

"That sounds interesting, OK see you at nine thirty." Then quickly added, "Wear your hair up like you had it Thursday night."

I managed to squeak away from my parents room with just enough time to get dressed for my date. The anticipation of what I was in store for tonight had my senses on alert. I pinned my hair up as requested, slipped a pair of sexy white panties on, then slipped my new pink shirt dress onto my body. The dress fit me like a glove, a perfect mid high thigh length, snug around my butt, my waist defined by the belt between the 4 buttons below and 4 buttons above. I had never worn this dress I had a feeling it was going to be fun. I unbuttoned one on the top and one on the bottom then slipped on 5 inch heels when Juan texted he was on his way up. When he walked in the room, his look was priceless.

"God Vikki, you are so fucking hot!" He blurted.

I poured myself all over him in the elevator our kiss lasted the whole ride down. While driving to the club, his hand wandered to my thigh and above as he unbuttoned two buttons on my dress. His hand coming to rest pressing against my now moistening pussy. The parking lot was large and packed with cars we went up and down the rows of cars until Juan found a place he liked.

Opening my door for me like a gentleman Juan noticed my panties as I stepped out of the car, he said, "I love white panties."

I smiled at him as I said, "Tomorrow morning I will trade them for your polo."

"OK, that's a deal sexy girl."

We were standing beside his car when he kissed me a hot desired filled kiss, his hands on my butt while he pulled my center close to his growing excitement. I could feel his excitement grow. The kiss lingered as slipped my hand inside the front of his jeans. Looking into his eyes as my hand felt his cock begin to grow hard, I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and brought his cock out. I began to stroke his cock as we kissed again then I slipped down on him. I took the head of his cock into my mouth sucking on it while I stroked the shaft of his cock. I stroked him furiously making sure he became so excited quickly that he would gush his cream quickly. My tongue teasing the head of his cock and my hand stroking him to orgasm. He began to let out quiet moans of desire when my mouth devoured his entire cock deep into my throat. I was taking him in all the way and slipping my lips over the entire length of his shaft. I cupped his balls in my hand causing Juan to become louder with his moans.

"Oh fuck I am going to cum."

He moaned the second before I tasted his hot cream spew from his cock into my mouth. I was milking his cock slowly by stroking and sucking on it. He pointed out a lil of his cream was on my chin. I slipped my finger to my chin carefully picked the cream from my face to my finger then applied it to my lips.

"Don't you love the way my lips glisten with this new protein filled lip gloss I am wearing?" I asked as we walked into the club.

"Yes, I love the way you get it too."

The club packed and extremely loud. I could not wait to get on the dance floor. Juan seemed to know a lot of people in the club, introducing me to a lot of guys and couple girls as we walked. There were no tables empty, but Juan managed to get us invited to join a few of his friends all gathered around a bar top table. Juan and I were sharing a bar top chair Juan sitting and me leaning on him with my butt nestled between his thighs. Juan introduced me to all at the table, four devilishly scrumptious looking guys and two girls they were trying to hit. The conversation was lively, they all wanted to know why in the world a University of Texas girl was in Texas Tech area, and how did I know Juan. We all laughed and kidded each other about our schools. Juan and I stayed on the dance floor for long periods of time. I was having a terrific time. The table had become less crowded two of the guys moved on, it was obvious the two guys would be taking the girls somewhere after closing time, lips began to meet and hands were roaming. I got all of them drinking Patron'. As the guys at the table became more aggressive with the other girls so did Juan with me.

Whispering in my ear, "Remember I am in control," as he slipped his hands up to unbutton the top buttons of my dress.

I could hardly sit down without showing my panties, and now could hardly move without showing my breast. He knew the whispering in my ear, and the unbuttoning of my dress would turn me on, and it did. The girls and I were taking shots while the guys were drinking slowly. When we went to the bathroom they were full of questions wanting to know if I had fucked Juan, and if he were as talented as he looked. I told them the truth hell yes. I turned the tables on them and asked if they were going home with the guys, they both said probably. When we returned to the table, I took my place between Juan's legs as his hand went around me slipping up my thigh under my dress. Juan's fingers were close enough to my center to tickle it every so often. Juan whispering nasty thoughts into my ear, while playing with my pussy as all at the table were talking, laughing, drinking, and able to see what he was doing made me soaking wet to fuck him. I also noticed Juan was not the only one playing both girls had let the guys move on them. While the others were on the dance floor, I turned around began kissing Juan as his hands wandered to the back of my thighs then up under my dress.

When the kisses broke I said, "Take me home and fuck me."

When we got into the car Juan, demanded, "Take your panties off, they are mine right now!"

I slithered out of my panties handed them to him then said, "Give me your polo it is mine now."

Juan draped my panties on the rear view mirror then took his polo off, handing over he said, "I am the boss, put it on right now!"

I wiggled out of my dress then slipped on my newly acquired polo. Juan got out of the car came to my side opened the door guided me out of the car then sat down in the seat pulling me on top of him. We were in a frazzled frenzy to fuck each other. We had pushed the others buttons so far we had to release. I straddled him fighting his jeans to get his cock out and into my soaking wet hot center. Finally, I felt the plunge of his cock into my pussy, and the release of my immediate orgasm.

"OH FUCK ME!" I screamed.

I came all over his cock as I started to rock my hips fucking Juan's cock as hard and fast as I could. A frenzied fuck in a frenzied state of mind, it seemed as I was fucking his cock, not him. It was burning hot in that confined space the windows totally fogged sweat dripping from every pore of our bodies as we fucked. Juan pulled the polo over my head onto the seat next to us. He began to suck my nipple as he tweaked the other with his thumb and fingers. He went from one to the other with his hand and mouth, tweaking and sucking harder and harder, eventually causing me feel the white pain flow through me. The white pain rushing through my body like lightening trying to escape forced me into the realm of orgasmic bliss again.

"OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD I am coming again." I screamed as my juices poured onto Juan's cock.

I wanted him to come in me. I wanted him to cum right then, I fucked him harder I fucked him longer, and I fucked him with furious movements that were causing his moans to become well defined. I knew he was on the edge of release. I wanted his cum, and he wanted to give it, and he did in a stream of warm spews into my center he filled me with his juices.

"Oh my God that was fun." he moaned as he kissed me.

We were tongue to tongue, lips to lips, chest to chest, tummy to tummy, in a crumpled heap of orgasmic juices that had mixed within me. The juices trickling out of me mixing with our sweat then dripping onto his soft cock. The sweat was still pouring out of our every pore as Juan opened the door, the sudden chill of fresh air made me gasp. I grabbed the polo struggled to put it on my wet with sweat body then slipped from on top of Juan. Standing next to the car with our juices oozing from my center it became apparent this night had been unique, I needed all of it. Juan and I stood outside of the car kissing and enjoying the moon while the windows defogged, and our bodies cooled.

On the way to Juan's apartment he said, "That was so fucking hot fun."

"I loved it too, guess what. I am leaking all over your seat." I laughingly said.

Juan opened the car door for me helping me out into his arms. Our eyes met as our lips met in a desired filled long kiss. He led me through the court yard of his apartments to the pool.

I said, "We can't some one will come out and see."

Juan while taking his jeans off said, "Mostly students here they will watch but say nothing, It happens a lot."

Juan stepped into the pool as I slipped from my polo to join him. The water magnificently refreshing and soothing to my senses and body. We swam a while and played in the soothing water until our lips met while standing in the waist deep water. I pushed him back swimming away to the deepest end, with my arms I was hanging onto the side of the pool floating looking to the stars. While looking to the stars, I noticed a few blinds opened in apartments where there were none opened before. Noticing the blinds opened knowing we were being watched turned a switch on inside me, a switch that made me wetter inside that outside. Juan joined me at the deep end to share watching the stars with me. I mentioned we were being watched.

He asked, "Does it bother you?"

"Nope, it makes me wanna slowly suck your cock and slowly fuck you right now."

Juan lifted himself out of the pool and then helped me out, we stood by the pool under the stars kissing his hard cock pressing against my tummy. My lips slipped to his neck and chest, kissing and nibbling on his nipples. I slid my tongue down his abs to the tip of his cock. Sucking his cock into my mouth made him let out a moan of delight. I stroked his cock as I twirled my tongue around the head, then sucking him into my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head holding his cock deep into my throat the releasing to enable me to breath. Juan began slowly fucking my face, slipping his cock in and out of my mouth. I dug my nails into his butt as he started face fucking me fast. I stopped him deep inside my mouth slowly slipped his cock out of my mouth, raising myself slowly slipping my body up his cock to share an intimate kiss.

As the kiss broke I loudly blurted, "Please fuck me now!"

He picked me up laid me on a lounger and slipped his cock deep into me. Juan began slowly fucking me, lingering deep inside me then slowly slipping almost all the way out of my pussy. The pace of his cock slipping and sliding into my pussy picked up as I began to squirm and moan while fucking him back. The moonlight mixed with the court yard lights were glistening off our now sweaty bodies. My orgasm was begging to burst out of my body as I stopped him by digging my nails into his back.

I whispered, "I want on top."


He winced when my nails dug deep into his back. His cock slipped from my center as we readjusted positions. I began to roll my hips as my pussy slipped up and down the belly of his cock. I raised myself with my hands on his chest arms fully extended looking straight at the multiple open blinds I sat on his cock. Lost in the feeling of being watched while giving myself to Juan. It made me feel Juan was sharing me with all watching, taking my orgasm to new heights of desire. Fucking Juan was not the only thing bringing my senses to a crescendo it was also the eyes searching my body. My mind forced my orgasm to attack my body with a vengeance of desire. I felt Juan thrust up into me with the force that signaled he was about to fill me with his cream. I quivered as my orgasm attacked my body. I felt as my soul was on fire the stars were within me shinning through my transparent smoldering skin for all to enjoy my sex.

I screamed, "OH MY GOD!" as I came.

I felt his cum spew into my center as I collapsed onto him devoid of energy covered in a mixture of our sweat and filled with desire. For moments, I lay crumpled on Juan not saying a word as his cock softened and slipped from my cunt releasing our mixture to trickle from me onto him.

I whimpered, "I am going swimming for a little while and then I am going to your bed to sleep, we have a wedding to be at tomorrow Ya know."

He said, "You mean later today."

I stood up then dove into the pool. He followed me into the pool. The pool reinvigorated me. I grabbed Juan's hand led him out of the pool to our clothes, picked them all up and he led me to his apartment. His apartment was not real neat but was clean. We lingered in the middle of the living room kissing. He led me to the bed room and onto his bed. I noticed the clock it was not as late as I thought only two thirty. I was laying on my tummy as he began to rub my back and butt. His felt warm on my back. I was having trouble staying awake until he began to talk about after the wedding.

"When are you going home?"

"My flight it at 7 tonight."

"Do you have to be home tonight or early tomorrow for work?"


"Change your flight till Monday, spend another night with me."

"I would but..."

"But what?"

"I will take you out tomorrow night someplace where we can have fun."

"OK, I will see about changing my flight."

"Right now I want to sleep." I murmured as my eyes closed.

I awoke with the need to pee in the worst way, I slipped quietly out of the bed to the bathroom to release all the Patron' I consumed. The clock read 5:30 and I was already wide awake. I slipped my new polo on while opening the ice box to see if there's anything to eat for breakfast. Beer, Beer, and more beer, some girls panties, and a box of Eggos, yea yea yea. I popped the only two egos left into the toaster then went in search of a plate that was clean. I settled to eat the Eggo as a finger food. Soon after I had devoured the first Eggo Juan came into the kitchen sporting his morning wood.

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