tagGroup SexThe Best Man Ch. 05

The Best Man Ch. 05


Jaime screamed with ecstasy, and her whole body shook, muscles tightening, especially her pussy which clenched at Sam beyond control, squeezing his cock and holding him inside her. Her hot orgasmic juices spilled down Sam's shaft; she felt his shaft harden in a final pulse, and him thrust deeply into her with a gasp. Her spasming muscles had pulled him over with her, and her orgasm went on with the feeling of his hot cum shooting into her and mixing with her own orgasm. Jaime relished the sensation, savouring the slow let-down of their mutual climax. Her tight cunt eased out its tension; Sam drew himself out of her. She let out one last loud groan as she fell to Sam's side, nuzzling against him happily -- and realised there was a third voice slowly softening in the room.

Jaime's eyes widened, and she clung to Sam, looking to him for advice. His strong arms hugged her protectively, before he pulled a bedsheet over her and moved slowly towards the curtains that hid the source of the noise. Jaime pulled the bedsheets around herself, blushing from nervous, embarrassed fear -- Sam's head went out through the curtains, seemed to look down and -- freeze.

"Sam," whispered Jaime anxiously, "what is it?"

Sam remained silent, but between his slightly parted kneeling legs Jaime saw his soft cock begin to rise, heard his breathing quicken -- he was completely hard again now, still looking out through the curtains. Confused, Jaime crawled over to him, pulling the sheets with her -- she pressed herself against his back to peer over his shoulder.

Her eyes widened at a pair of pale, feminine feet under a translucent black cloth -- following the fine legs upwards, Jaime took in the entire scene.

Charlotte's eyes were screwed shut, her mouth wide open and moaning, gasping for breath through her thin black covering between husky groans. Her heavy breasts heaved with each breath, her hand still cupping one and pinching the nipple, fingers squeezing tight from the shock of orgasm. As Jaime watched, four fingers slowly slid out of Charlotte's pussy, still rubbing to savour the final moments as her cum flowed across them. Her pussy and thighs, the carpet, and the black wrap were all soaked with her wetness around her lips, while the wrap clung to her mouth and around her nipples, still wet from simulated licking. Her entire body was wet, with sweat, saliva, and orgasm, and she wore the damp wrap like a shadow of love-making, where an unseen lover lay on top of her.

Charlotte's eyes flickered open, gazing straight at the wide eyes and open mouths of Sam and Jaime. When their eyes met, both women blushed red all over, ashamed but somehow, shockingly... surely not? Jaime threw herself back across the bed with a small cry, dropping the sheets before lying stunned in the warm indent of her and Sam's loving, her hands across her face to hide her blushes and the glint in her eyes.

Her body had gone mad, flushing hot, nipples hard, at the sight of Charlotte like that. Had Jaime done that to her? Had listening to her and Sam excited Charlotte so much she had to (Jaime quivered to think the word) masturbate, right there on the floor next to them? Something about being listened to, being watched -- knowing she could excite like that excited Jaime right back. Jaime could cause lust, she realised. In Charlotte... No! How could she think that way about her mo...no, step-m...about Charlotte? Sure, she was beautiful but... But she was Charlotte! And Jaime wasn't attracted to girls -- she'd thought about it, even looked at a few pictures, but it hadn't done anything for her. But when she'd seen Charlotte like that, a part of her came alive, and she felt a craving deep inside her... She blushed again when she realised where the craving was.

Jaime moaned as she felt a hand brush across her hard nipple, and, feeling the heat of Sam's body, dropped her hands to let him kiss her again. Sam was pushing hungrily against her, stoking her thighs and pulling her to him. Remembering Charlotte lying on the floor -- Jaime kissed back. She pulled Sam into the kiss, pressing her tongue deeply into her mouth, partly trying to forget about Charlotte's behaviour -- and partly inspired by it.

A soft, low moan behind Sam broke their kiss, and they turned to the sound.

Charlotte had stood, the wrap peeling away from her, revealing her like a gift. She made no attempt to hide her heaving breasts or wet pussy now. Instead, she leaned forward, arms on the bed, legs slightly parted -- emphasising her sexuality, with her heavy breasts hanging a little, her cunt exposed. She stared at Sam and Jaime, and smiled. Her knees were on the bed next, and she crawled towards the lovers, all feline grace and lust.

Turning his back, Sam pressed his lips against Jaime's, and his body against hers. She felt his knees pushing hers apart; closing her eyes, she let them, and Sam held the kiss as he laid himself over her. She felt him poise himself, and could only moan into his mouth when he thrust. She was even wetter now, and so soon after her orgasm her pussy was less tight; with the first slow thrust he was entirely inside her. When he began, slowly at first, to saw his hips back and forth, Jaime opened her eyes again, and stared at Charlotte. She was very close to them now, wide eyes watching them the whole time.

Jaime broke pulled her lips away from Sam, and pressed his face away from Charlotte. His hot breath tickled her neck while his talented tongue caressed her delicate ear -- ooo, thought Jaime, the way he found sweet-spots...

Charlotte was so close now, only just avoiding touching Sam and Jaime. Staring into Charlotte's eyes, Jaime began to grunt softly and thrust her hips up against Sam's cock enthusiastically. Charlotte was sighing wantonly from her crawling position, filling Jaime's eyes. Jaime's delicate hands pulled at Sam's body, the same way his much bigger hands stroked at hers. She relished the cupping under her ass, the cradling lifting the small of her back into a better pose for penetration, the delicate swirling of fingertips around her nipple...

Jaime realised that wasn't Sam's hand just when Charlotte kissed her. Their pink lips locked together, tongues wrestling inside greedy wet mouths, each woman's moans meeting in the middle. Charlotte pressed forward against the teenager's body, forcing Sam back so that she could press her hard nipples on Jaime's shuddering body, using it to tease her sensitive spots. With Jaime's hands now wrapped around her, Charlotte swung her leg to straddle Jaime's stomach, tickling both exposed breasts pointing up at her.

Jaime squeezed her eyes shut, unable to handle all the sensations. Sam was cupping and squeezing her ass as well as noisily fucking her sopping pussy, and Charlotte knew just how to touch her for maximum effect. She sucked and bit with greed at the tongue still stuck in her mouth. Something new started now, hot and wet and pressing against her stomach... Charlotte was grinding her own wet cunt with Jaime in an effort to cum again. Knowing what would please herself, she broke the kiss and lifted her cleavage towards Jaime's mouth.

Jaime gasped when she felt the heaving bust press against her chin. Charlotte's fingers in her tangled red hair pulled her into the snow-white valley, begging her by touch to help her... Tracing her fingers down Charlotte's sides, Jaime pink little tongue slowly slipped out and rolled along the pale slope of skin.

In response, Charlotte shuddered, unthinkingly shaking her breasts in Jaime's face. Daring, Jaime opened her mouth and bit lightly at one nipple, listening to Charlotte's short and gasping screams as she swirled the end of her tongue against the pink tip between her teeth. She sucked it further in, licking at the areola; she began to cup and squeeze the other breast with one hand, marvelling at the weight and fullness, so different from her own. But the sensitive nipples were just the same -- if a little bigger, maybe a darker pink... Jaime liked the way they tasted too, delicious flavour with the salty tang of sweat. Both the teenager and the older woman were wet from exertion as well as excitement. Jaime switched her mouth to the other nipple, rolling her fingers round the saliva-coated areola of the exposed one to keep Charlotte moaning (which she did, loudly and happily). Beads of juice were pouring onto the teen's stomach from Charlotte. Realising something inside, Jaime tipped her head back and looked up at Charlotte -- who looked down, eyes begging.

"Please Jaime," whispered Charlotte, quiet from breathlessness, "don't stop..." Jaime answered:

"I'm rea- Uh!" Sam was starting to fuck harder, and loud grunts began to break Jaime's quavering voice. "I'm -- Uh! -- ready to go...to go... to -- Uh! -- go to the next stahhhh! Uh! To the next stage!"

"Are you sure?" murmured Charlotte, voice tender but full of longing. Jaime could only bite her lip and nod wordlessly -- until she put her hands under the milky globes of Charlotte's buttocks and pushed her up. Charlotte quickly took the hint, pausing only for the soft squeezing of Jaime's hands, and scrambled up the body. In a moment, she was pushing her lily white feet under Jaime's lily white shoulders, hooking her legs around to poise herself just by Jaime's mouth. Feeling hot breath stroking her, she held herself ready, gripping the bed-head for balance, and waited.

Jaime's body shook rhythmically with Sam's pumping, and she barely felt Charlotte getting herself in position, thoughtlessly following the full arse with her hands. Her eyes were squeezed shut; she smelt Charlotte's cunt before she realised it was there. She sucked in the scent with greed, recognising it but not knowing where from... Delicious though... A firm pressing of fingers wrapping into her hair reminded her that Charlotte was waiting, looking down through her own cleavage to Jaime's gasping face. Jaime smiled up, drooping her eyelids; any innocence was replaced by hungry lust.

Charlotte shrieked as Jaime's soft mouth covered her pussy. Her knees buckled, dropping her onto the face below, and pressing Jaime's head hard into the mattress -- Jaime didn't seem to mind having the cunt forced down onto her though, lapping eagerly at it and kissing the pink pussy lips with her own pink mouth. The first taste of Charlotte had sent her wild, and she frantically licked up as much of her fluid as she could. Her hands gripped the full white peach of ass just above her tightly and pulled down, responding to both of Charlotte's hands running into her fiery hair and pulling her up. The shrill short sounds of pleasure filled Jaime's ears just like the sexual musk filled her nose, which rubbed roughly against the bare pubis and drank in Charlotte's flavour as desperately as her mouth.

Feeling the clit brush against her teeth, Jaime wrapped her tongue round it, stroking it with her top lip too -- wanting to taste the orgasm, she kept her mouth open, drinking the steadily flowing juices. She reached a hand up to tweak the nipple of one heavy heaving breast, knowing that with nipples as sensitive as they both had, this would help bring Charlotte over the edge. She was right, as the combined nipple teasing and clit-sucking overpowered Charlotte, who thrust hard down onto Jaime's outstretched tongue. The tongue slid deeply into Charlotte's pussy, letting Jaime taste all of her, while her open mouth drank everything that escaped. Jaime lapped quickly at the flow, not wanting to waste a drop of precious orgasm.

Sam held still and watched while Charlotte pulled her feet out from under Jaime's shoulders, shuffled down and collapsed next to her, exhausted. Their heads lay together, red hairs mingling... and their mouths began to move together again. Sam quickly leant forward and shoved his tongue into Jaime's mouth, kissing her deeply and tasting the cunt on her tongue. His kiss explained everything to Jaime -- she knew where she recognised the sweet smell and taste of Charlotte's wet pussy from now. She pushed at Sam's shoulders with her small hands and broke the kiss, gasping:

"When I came in, you -- you weren't wanking, were you?" with a significant glance at Charlotte. Sam shook his head, despairing of losing Jaime, and Charlotte answered for him.

"I needed him darling, just like you needed him when you came in." She moved her mouth very close to Jaime's to whisper "and like I need You now" -- and kissed her again. Her own flavour on Jaime's lips aroused her, and she swirled her tongue in to mix the taste with that of Jaime's mouth. Jaime rolled her own tongue in a mute acceptance, knowing that Charlotte was right, and that she needed Charlotte and Sam more than anything now. One hand wrapped into Charlotte's hair, the other into Sam's, and she pulled both their tongues into her mouth in a loving kiss. All three mouths were coated with Charlotte's cunt juices now, all in ecstasy from it. Charlotte broke the kiss first.

"Darling," she murmured to Jaime, "I want my turn." With that she pushed Sam aside again and re-straddled Jaime's soft young body. Her tongue plunged into a shocked mouth before being drawn out, across the chin, neck and collarbone; the chest; lips wrapped around the tip of one tit, sucking eagerly, then switching to the other with equal enthusiasm. Jaime's mouth tightened into a small 'o' and whined with pleasure. The mouth began to kiss down Jaime's cleavage now (her retreating ass pushing Sam backwards too, forcing him out of Jaime's pussy -- Sam groaned, but Jaime was too occupied to notice), onto her stomach, tongue swirling around her belly-button to happy little gasps. Charlotte looked at the waiting navel, with its heart-shaped patch of red hair and its single tattoo -- the diving swallow. Guessing at its true significance -- and aroused at her step-daughter's secret tattoo, something Charlotte had never dared to have, especially not in such an ... intimate place -- she kissed the bird's body, directly between the outstretched wings, kissing hard, pushing with her tongue. Jaime gave a long gasping moan and her body shook. Charlotte had been right, Jaime had labelled an erogenous zone with the tattoo, and a kiss or a stroke was all it took to set the nerves firing. She twirled her fingers across it as she moved her mouth down further.

Charlotte covered the careful patch of cunt-hair next, kissing and nipping with her teeth, teasingly pulling at the orange curls. Jaime was shaking all over with excitement, not realising she was playing with her own breasts while Charlotte prepared to satisfy her; but Charlotte didn't wait long to really begin. Her tongue licked down across the Jaime's heated lips and then pushed gently inside. Jaime was sopping wet, from her own juices and Sam's earlier orgasm; Charlotte felt sticky fluid on Jaime's thighs when they closed around her cheeks, and felt the wet bedclothes under her chin. She smelt the heady musk of fucking filling her nose while she licked, and opened her mouth to drink it into a sucking kiss. Jaime had a delicious sweet taste, a little like what she'd tasted when she kissed her own cunt from Jaime's lips, but also different. Even better, Charlotte though. And mixed in there, the salty tang of cum, which Charlotte hadn't tasted in a long time...

Under Charlotte's greedy mouth, Jaime soon felt herself climaxing, and desperately grabbed the back of Charlotte's head to pull her in for the finish. Her thighs clenched around the older woman's face, one leg hooking over Charlotte's neck, the other under one arm and onto her back, toes tickling the spine. She shouted shrill shrieks of pleasure, and encouragement to Charlotte, begging her not to stop, shouting that she was cumming...

She orgasmed with a fresh rush of hot juices, which Charlotte eagerly lapped up. Fresh orgasm in her mouth, Charlotte's cunt began to burn; Charlotte hadn't realised that satisfying someone else would be so arousing, so that even so recently satisfied she already needed more. Remembering how she'd been interrupted before, she began to wiggle the soft globes of her arse at Sam, who'd kneeled mutely watching as Jaime had been eaten out to orgasm. Watching Jaime flushing red all over, her perky breasts quickly shaking with rapid gasping breaths, whole body damp with coital sweat, and all under the touch of another woman, Sam was harder than he could have imagined. A strand of pre-cum hung from his cock to the bed. He felt Charlotte's full round backside rubbing against his groin, pushing his cock from side to side in invitation. Sam's hands slapped onto Charlotte's pale hips to poise himself and he groaned loudly.

Jaime's eyes flickered open when she heard the groan, seeing Sam ready to fuck her step-mother in front of her. Her mind recoiled, not sure that she could do this, worried about being a slut, about everything, about -- about Charlotte being more beautiful than her. About Sam wanting Charlotte more than he wanted her. Was she just a quick fuck? Even just an interruption in fucking Charlotte? Had -- she quivered, tears bubbling into her eyes -- had Sam lied when he said he wanted her, to make love to her? Trembling, she looked into Sam's face and saw --

Query. Sam was asking her permission. He cared what she thought. He cared! Jaime's heart leapt; but something else made up her mind. Charlotte's teeth had scraped across her small clitoris, firing fresh need through her body, especially where Charlotte was kissing. Arching her back uncontrollably, Jaime just kept her eyes open long enough to look into Sam's and nod.

Sam saw the nod -- he'd wanted Jaime to allow this, feeling more than lust for her -- and did what he'd been waiting for, quickly thrusting into Charlotte's soaked pussy. Wet and velvet soft, the speed of his thrust slammed him completely into her, and jerked her forward, slamming her face deeper into Jaime's pussy. He began to fuck quickly back and forth, clawing tightly at the delicate flesh of Charlotte's arse to steer himself and shouting with each movement. Charlotte was trying to thrust back to meet him, but could hardly move with his hands squeezing her and Jaime pulling her into her cunt. She sucked at it and tongued it in a frenzy, repeatedly being shoved in to meet it by Sam's thrusts. Jaime's whole body thrashed wildly, only her tightly wound legs and the fingers tangled into Charlotte's hair keeping her anchored against the satisfying tongue.

Mouth full of Jaime's juices, Charlotte felt her orgasm rushing closer with each pound from behind. The rock-hard cock was sawing against her own clit, as well as pressing deeply, filling and satisfying her. She tried to hold herself back, not wanting to cum too soon when getting there felt so good, but the thighs around her head, the girl-cum flooding her mouth, fingers in her hair, thick scent of sex pouring off Jaime, brutally tight grip on her tender ass, and the rough fucking all turned her on too much to hold back. Climax hit her like a train, forcing her to tear her mouth off Jaime's needy cunt to breath and moan -- then to wrench herself free from Sam, suddenly too sore to take a moment's more fucking. Orgasmic fluid pouring out of her aching cunt, she collapsed to the side, cheek burning against Jaime's soft young thigh, which she used as a pillow, and her own legs curling to cover her pussy. She shook gently, sighing.

For a moment, Jaime moaned and pushed her cunt at Charlotte's face, needing her own orgasm badly, hyped-up teenage body not yet satisfied, and wanting Charlotte's skilled and enthusiastic mouth. Sam, meanwhile, groaned at the loss of Charlotte's glorious fuck-hole, feeling his own orgasm beginning to slip away in the cold draft. In shared disappointment their faces met -- then lit up.

Jaime slipped herself down the bed, flipping her legs off Charlotte and sliding on her own sweat and cum, feeling dirty but delicious with her own fucking greasing her. Lying next to Charlotte, faces close enough to touch, Jaime spread her legs for Sam, offering her cunt to him. He made her wait, slowly stroking his own shaft -- too slow to bring his orgasm -- and hinting.

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