tagFetishThe Best of Friends

The Best of Friends

bySensuous Storyteller©

Standing in the doorway of the dimly lit room, Lisa's blue eyes scan every table in the restaurant looking for him. They have been good friends for a long time so why did she have these butterflies flying around in her tummy just because she was meeting Greg for lunch; today of all days? It was probably for the same reason that she took extra care with her make up and clothes; today of all days! There has always been a sexual attraction between the two friends and each time they got together, she always wondered if today would be the day that they would act on it.

It was about 93 degrees Fahrenheit so wisely Lisa wore a little silk tank top that was full of vibrant colours, not to mention her pert, supple breasts; and a plain short black skirt. In deference to the humidity, she decided to forgo wearing hose so it was with bare feet that she slipped into her delicate sandals. Beneath her blouse and skirt, she wore sexy black panties and a matching lace bra. She loves sexy lingerie so even if Greg never sees it, she knows she has it on and it makes her feel sexy and sexy is how she looks as she walks over to the booth where Greg is sitting.

Standing at the side of the table, Lisa smiles down at him, "Hello, Greg."

Greg raises his eyes from the menu in front of him and looks up at Lisa.

"Wow, you look terrific! Here, have a seat."

Sliding gracefully into the booth, Lisa is fully aware that the man sitting at the next table is staring at the expanse of her lovely tanned thigh. Her skirt rode high as she sat down giving him this delectable view. She turns her head and gives him a brilliant smile just as the man looks up at her pretty face. Flustered at being caught staring so blatantly, he smiles and nods before returning his attention back to his own dinner companion.

"You do have a way of stealing all the attention when you walk into a room, Lisa." Greg says grinning.

Dismissing his comment with a smile of her own, Lisa picks up the menu and asks, "What have you decided to eat?"

"You." Greg whispers.

Lisa looks up at Greg and smirks, " Greg you have been saying that for years now. You know damn well that you will never cheat on Kathy, otherwise we would have been in bed together long before now."

"I know, Lisa, it's true. I can't seem to go through with it, making love.. Although, you know as well as I do that I have cheated on Kathy a million times in my mind with you. We have made love so many times and in so many ways-but only in my dreams."

Lisa knew this to be true and she felt the same way. She wanted Greg so much but she understood his feelings for his wife; hell, Lisa didn't want to hurt anyone either and certainly not her dear friend's wife, Kathy.

"So, back to the question, Greg, what are you having?"

Lisa buried her head into the menu and when Greg didn't answer her, she looked up to see that Greg had slipped a hotel room key from his pocket and onto the table. Silently, he questions her with his eyes.

Wrinkling her brow, Lisa looked down at the key, her soft sensuous lips opened as her breath whistled through them exhaling deeply. Her tanned hand slid slowly across the table. Picking up the key without a word, she looked into his eyes and abruptly nods her consent.

Both of them are feeling a little shaky, they stand up at the same time. Greg takes Lisa's arm and leads her from the restaurant.

This restaurant, where they were now not going to have lunch, was in the same building as the hotel, all they had to do was walk over to the bank of elevators. Greg had secretly planned this for a long time so when he suggested that they meet for lunch he purposely picked this restaurant.

Ding! The elevator doors whooshed open and Greg followed Lisa inside. Pressing the button for the right floor, the doors closed and the elevator started to ascend.

Lisa looked questioningly at Greg and asked, "Why now, Greg? Why, after all these years?"

Greg answered, "Shhh, We will talk about it in the room."

Ding! The doors whooshed open again and they stepped out into the air-conditioned hallway, their feet sinking into the lush carpeting. Lisa handed Greg the key, he opened the door and they stepped into the dark room. Feeling a little nervous, it was obvious that they were avoiding looking at each other.

Greg turned on a lamp to chase away the dimness as Lisa surveyed the room. She saw an ice bucket with a bottle of wine on the table next to the bed. She watched Greg as he went over to it, opened the bottle and poured white wine into two glasses. He handed her one. With a shaking hand she accepted it and took a big fortifying gulp right away. Their behaviour would have been comical to even them had they not been too nervous to notice it.

"Ok, Greg, we have talked about this for years. We both know we love each other as friends, admittedly good friends. But even though we agree that we have this sexual attraction to each other; we had always decided not to go through with it because of Kathy."

"That is true, Lisa but I am not going to make love to you. Remember when we talked and joked about what is cheating and what isn't? We both know that even being here is cheating. Hell, thinking about it is cheating in the real sense, but I am here and want to go to the limits of what I feel I can handle. I want to play that game we discussed. The one where I can watch you and you can tempt me all you want but we will not consummate this. Will you play with me?"

Smiling at him she answered, "Gee Greg, I thought you would never ask. Yes, I'll play."

Greg takes off his shoes and climbs onto the bed, fluffing the pillows behind his head to get comfortable. Lisa grins knowing exactly what she is going to do next, they had talked about this fantasy many times. She turns on the little radio to a station that is playing some soft music, then picks up her glass and finishes off the remains of her wine before handing it back to Greg for a refill. Sitting up to fill her glass, he looks up to hand it back to her when he sees Lisa's lovely hips swaying back and forth to the music.

Her back is to him and he sees the taut black material of her skirt is emphasizing her firm tight ass. She weaves her hips back and forth as her bare arms lift and rise up to her hair. Slowly, she starts to remove the pins that hold it from her soft shoulders. A tiny little ping resounds in the room as she places the pins on the dresser and reaches back up to slip her fingers through her long blond tresses, combing the soft shiny curls into a very sexy disheveled look. Turning around to face Greg again, Lisa balances herself and bends from her side to slip off her sandals before she slowly and seductively dances closer to the bed and takes the wineglass that is forgotten in Greg's hand. Sipping carefully, she dances away giggling just as he reaches up to touch her. Mesmerized with the lovely vision before him, he listens to her soft giggles and the music as she returns to her dance.

One last sip for courage, Lisa put down the glass and turns her back to him again. Swiftly, delicate hands lift the tank top from her body and she tosses it aside. With her back still to him, she turns her head, placing her chin on her bra strapped shoulder to look mistily into his eyes. She gazes at him from over her shoulder, her hips still gyrating to the music. Lowering her head, chin to her chest, she unhooks the front closing bra. Stretching out her arms, she drops the silky garment onto the carpet. Placing each one of her hands over her breasts she turns to face Greg. Walking saucily towards him once again, she swings her hips and her long silky curls bounce as she travels. When she reaches him, she removes her hands from her lovely breasts and bends to kiss his lips softly. Her right breast slips into his wineglass splashing a little wine over the edge. Rising from the kiss the wine begins to trickle down her puckered nipple to the underside of her breast. Greg just stares.

Lisa leans forward with her hands on the headboard and places her wet puckered nipple against his lips. Greg obediently opens his mouth sucking the wine from her tasty bud, moaning as he does so. Lisa lifts herself up tugging her nipple from his sucking lips with a pop, and sticks her finger into his wineglass to dribble some wine on her neglected nipple. Once it was moistened nicely, she again bends so he can taste the wine and her other succulent nipple at the same time. And suck he did, hard. This time it was Lisa that moans as she pops her nipple from the suction of his mouth.

Again, she stands up and dances away from him. Greg is fidgeting on the bed, his hands ironing his pants down his thighs; raising his bottom from the bed to better adjust himself as his swollen cock is uncomfortable in its confinement. The wonderful bulge in the crotch of his pants did not go unnoticed by Lisa.

Slim but sexy hips sway back and forth again and again, as she spins her body to offer him her back again. Her hands reach behind her to undo the button and zipper of her skirt. As her hips sway one way, the skirt drops; and then drops again as they swayed in the other direction. Deliberately, Lisa bends deeply from her waist to step out of the skirt taking a great deal of time untangling it from her bare feet. She knows full well that the little black strip of her thong panties is buried deep in the cleft of her ass. Bending forward even more with her legs spread wide, she is sure he can see the puffy swell of her cunt and maybe even a hint of the moisture that is seeping onto the silky gusset of her panties.

When she feels that she has tantalized him enough, she stands up and kicks her skirt away. Picking up her wineglass, she empties it by tossing her head back. Greg admires her blond curls as they reach down her back almost to her ass. Feeling warm and fortified from the wine, Lisa turns to face him, slipping down her panties to her knees. She hops up onto the cold dresser and leans back against the wall, raising both her legs straight into the air to make a V just as a stripper would; her panties stretched from knee to knee making the combination look like an upside down A.

Lisa can feel the heat of his gaze on her very wet pussy. She slides one foot down her upraised leg bringing it to her knee. Curling her toes around the satiny material of her panties, she pulls them down to her ankles. Sitting up, she slips them from her feet, and undulates towards Greg who is reclining on the bed. Closer and closer she dances until her humid sex is level with his elbow. Taking her panties, she giggles as she carefully places them over his face making sure the moist center was over his nose and mouth. Startled, Lisa watches as the black satin was sucked into his nose and mouth as he inhales deeply of her scent. She feels another trickle of wetness flood her as she watches her most intimate apparel be devoured by this man. Looking down she sees his hardness bursting in his pants. Her small, warm hand cups him on the outside of his clothes. His hips lift from the bed to thrust his cock into her palm and she squeezes it lightly. Smiling she hears his muffled moan from beneath her panties.

Pulling her panties from his face, Lisa dances away again and sits in the cushioned chair that is facing the bed. Hooking both her naked thighs over the arms of the chair she opens her moist center to his eyes, wide. Placing her head with her neck resting on the back of the chair, her long blond hair flows freely. She runs her hands over her breasts and tugs on her nipples

Greg's eyes never leave this vision before him as he unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants to free his swollen member sighing as the cool air hits his hot skin. His large, firm hand grips his cock and he pumps it slowly up and down, watching Lisa the entire time.

Lisa runs her hands across her tummy and down to swirl her fingers though her moist blond curls. Lower they go to the engorged, puffy lips that were lightly haired. Perfect manicured fingernails open her labia so Greg can see the pretty pink insides of her. Soft, smooth and wet, he can smell her scent from across the room as he inhales deeply. Still stroking his erection, Greg watches as Lisa slips her first finger inside of herself, where he so wants to go. Her dainty thumb slides gently across her little bud.

He stares, not looking away for even a second as he stokes himself harder and faster listening to her sweet moans as she is bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Greg knows he was going to cum, he feels his seed boiling hotly in his sac.

He climbs from the bed to stand in front of Lisa just as she squeals out, " Ohhh yess! I am cumming"

Greg feels the first load of hot cum shoot up from his balls through the hardened shaft to land on her tits. His next shot hits her belly and then another and another. The final load lands in her soft little puff of blond curls. He looks down at it while he sways gently on his feet from the weakened state of post orgasm. He plops down at the end of the bed knowing he could no longer stand, his legs would not hold him.

He looks at Lisa and watches as she raises her head from the back of the chair to rub his white warm cum all over her body just as if it were an expensive lotion. She slides it smoothly across her nipples and down her tummy, rubbing in the load that had landed on her mons.

His eyes stare at the glistening trail all over her gorgeous body. Her fingers slip down to the wetness between her own legs, idly caressing herself. He watches as she sucks three sticky fingers noisily, tasting both of their juices coating her fingers. Greg closes his eyes and allows this lovely vision to stay in his mind long after she finished.

Ohhh, God, he made it. He did not know how, but he did not fuck another woman; the only other woman he had ever wanted since he married his lovely Kathy. He knew this was still cheating, he was not fooling himself, but this at least, he felt he could live with.

Lisa stood up on trembling legs and bent over his body to kiss him lightly on his closed eyelids. Naked and looking splendidly flush she walks over to the night table to get another glass of wine. With her blond hair tousled, Lisa looks incredible as she sips her wine.

Standing up, Greg tucks himself back into his pants before coming towards her and she hands him his glass of wine.

"Still Friends?" she queries as she holds up her glass.

" The Best!" he answers and clicks her glass with his, smiling.

© 1998, Misty's Erotic Stories

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