tagMatureThe Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 03

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 03


Chapter three picks up right where number two left off. Hope you all liked the story so far and will enjoy this installment as well.


Watching Jessica disappear inside without me I stared at the front door for a long time. My mind was telling me to go inside and talk to Ellen, but my legs wouldn't cooperate. Knowing I had to tell her the truth and actually doing it were completely different things. The only way I managed to start moving was to tell myself I had two choices, either confess everything to Ellen or never see her again. After that it was easy to go inside, I couldn't imagine anything worse than never seeing her again.

"There you are Dan," Jessica said when I found them drinking iced tea out on the first floor terrace. "I was just telling mom about our ride."

"Sounds like you kids had fun," Ellen said with a smile that faded slightly when she read the anguish on my face.

"It was ok I guess," I said.

"Well Jessica says she can't wait to go again. Maybe when she gets back from visiting her father," Ellen said.

"We'll see. Listen I should get back to work to make up for the afternoon off," I said. I still planned to tell Ellen, but needed to wait until we were alone obviously.

"The garden will be fine Dan," Ellen said. "It's past four already so you might as well go on home and start fresh again tomorrow."

"Well ok. I'll see you later then," I said, knowing Ellen would pick up on the invitation to visit me tonight.

Soon as I got home I took a shower to wash the taste and smell of another woman from my body. I was sure Ellen would find a way to come see me tonight. Sitting in our living room, too nervous to even eat, I watched the clock while trying to compose my thoughts. The best approach would be to tell her the moment she arrived and spend the rest of the evening begging for another chance if that's what it took. Anticipating the doorbell ringing any moment now I heard the front door open and close.

"Ellie... wow!" I said when she came into the living room.

"You like it hon?" she asked turning from side to side in her tiny schoolgirl outfit. She wore a short plaid skirt, knee high socks and a white blouse that was left unbuttoned at the neck to show off her cleavage.

"You look amazing," I said wide eyed.

"It's Jessica's I took it from her closet when you were out today. I had so much fun dressing up the other day I wanted to do it again," she said with a girlish laugh.

"Come here young lady I've got a treat for you," I said patting my leg. "But first I have something to tell you."

"How many times have I told you I don't want to talk about that?" she said thinking I wanted to profess my feelings for her again.

"No it's not that..." I started to explain.

"Oh fuck me Danny," she squealed hopping onto my lap and kissing me.

"What did you just call me?" I said. Jessica called me Danny, but I couldn't remember Ellen ever using it before.

"Danny? Is that what your mommy calls you?" she teased kissing me again. "I'll stop if you don't like it."

'No not my mother, your daughter,' I thought but I couldn't bring myself to tell her.

Filled with guilt I kissed her back and held my tongue for now. I was so eager to have her and show her how much she meant to me that I took her right there on the sofa. She pulled her plain white panties off and opened a few more buttons on her blouse. Unfastening my pants, I pulled my cock out and lifted her up onto it. Ellen rode me with rare urgency, even for her, as if something had made her extra horny today. Even that wasn't enough for her so she soon got off me and bent over on the sofa imploring me to take her from behind.

With the high socks and pleated skirt she looked incredibly sexy from behind. Before screwing her again I knelt low and licked all around her ass and pussy. Ellen was busy completely removing her blouse and slipping off her bra as I tongued her crack. When she had that off she didn't bother with the skirt, knowing I'd want it to stay right where it was. As hard as it was to stop licking her delicious cunt, we both wanted my cock inside her far too much for the warm up to go on any longer.

Welcoming me inside her with a deep moan, Ellen met my first few thrusts halfway. It didn't take me long to reach top speed and she was left to brace herself against my assault. Within moments I was fucking her hard as I could and grunting loudly with each ass rippling thrust. Despite cumming several times earlier in the day, I soon felt my cock tingling with an approaching climax. The great thing about sex with Ellen was that she knew she'd get her share of orgasms and didn't care if I came within seconds or held out for thirty minutes. She knew I'd even lick her cum filled pussy if she wanted me to. There was never any pressure to perform or impress when we were together. By now we both knew how good it was and had developed complete confidence in each other's sexual prowess.

"Mmmm... that was great hon," she said turning to blow me a kiss from her knees.

"We're not done yet," I said.

"I know that," she said gazing at the shrinking cock that was the source of so much joy for her. "Let's go up to your bedroom. I don't think your parents would be happy if we got cum all over their sofa," she said with an endearing laugh.

"You first," I said stepping aside when we got to the foot of the stairs hand in hand. "Go slower," I said holding her hand. "You look fantastic in that skirt and those socks."

"Like this?" she asked taking a step up and leaning over to push her ass out. "And this?" she said taking another few steps and shaking her hips until she was near the top.

"Forget it just get in my bed," I said starting to grow a fresh erection again already thanks to her little show.

I was more than ready to fuck her again, but Ellen took control and made me lie on the bed. Standing over me she danced around groping her tits until the nipples were as hard as they would get. Lifting her short plaid skirt she flashed me her pussy and ass as she danced to the music in her head. It was amazing how much her dancing turned me on considering I knew every inch of her body by now. I found my self anxiously anticipating a glimpse of her moist pussy or perfectly tanned ass. When she stood back on to me and planted her feet wide while bending over at the waist to suck my cock I wanted her even more.

Touching my cock she must have felt how excited I was. She stopped teasing me and spun around lifting the skirt once more to show me her marvelous cunt as she lowered herself towards my waiting prick. Steadying my cock with one hand, I rubbed her silky smooth leg with the other. Her smile widened as she engulfed my cock with her cunt that felt as though it was molded to my fit after our summer of constant fucking. With my cock fully inside her now she sat still leaning in to kiss me. When she did start to ride me, she went so slow I was squeezing my hands into fists of frustration.

Ellen knew I could have fucked her hard as I wanted at any time, but my willingness to play along with whatever she wanted to do in bed was another small part that made the sex between us electric. Taking only half of my cock inside her at a time, Ellen rode me with short motions on her lower body that drove me wild with desire. At first I was sure she'd give in and start riding me hard, but on and on it went and I soon realized she was turning it into another of her sex games.

Stretching my arms before folding them behind my head I looked up at her and forced myself to remain still for now. Ellen tried to entice me into making the first big move by squeezing my cock with her cunt. When that failed she lowered herself all the way down onto my cock a few times with extra slow movement. Finally she rose up until just the tip if my cock remained inside her and looked down on me waiting. Certain I could last longer I smiled up at her full of misguided confidence. Ellen knew exactly what she was doing and began twisting her hips back and forth as if my cock were a pool cue and her pussy was chalking it.

It wasn't until she started to lick her lips and moaned telling me how much she wanted me to fuck her with my big cock that I had to look away. She bent and licked from the base of my neck up to my forehead, then nibbled my earlobe. I wanted her too much to wait a moment longer and brought my lips to hers for a kiss as I pushed up with my cock. Ellen let me get about halfway inside her again before she started to rise with me matching my speed. When I lowered myself so did she and while she couldn't match my movements exactly she kept me from getting the full penetration I wanted. On and on it went with her anticipating my moves and countering them each time.

Grabbing her hips I shot my cock all the way inside her with a series of rapid strokes. Then I threw her to the inner half of my single bed. With her lying on her side and her back pinned against the wall I fucked her as hard as I could. Her back and ass were crashing against the wall but I kept going only slowing a moment to put my pillow behind her head so it wouldn't bump against the wall any more. Loud bangs and booms filled the room and I screwed her with one jarring stroke after another. Trapped against the wall I wouldn't give her a chance to move or rest. It didn't seem to bother her at all with the way she screamed in ecstasy. Soon as I started thinking maybe she'd had enough she held her top leg up to spread her cunt wider for me.

Filled with an undeniable lust for Ellen, I kept fucking her hard against the wall. Within minutes I could feel her stiffen with an orgasm that wracked her body. She started to half-heartedly push me away with a hand on my chest and tried to close her legs, but I was between them and wasn't going anywhere. Far from cumming again yet, I settled into a steady pace as I attempted to fuck her right through the wall. It had been a humid day and was really warm in my room that night. Both of us were covered in a sheen of sweat as we fucked like a pair of horny newlyweds. With her body trebling nonstop I knew Ellen would soon be seeking a rest but I was determined to push her far over the edge tonight.

When she started to fight me with her arms I pinned them against the wall. I was far stronger than Ellen and lying across one of her legs with my cock deep inside her so she knew it was useless to struggle. If she told me she absolutely needed a break she knew I would stop, but she was far too proud and stubborn for that. She ceased to fight against me so I let her arms go free to see what she would do, fucking her all along. Immediately she threw her arms around my neck, hugging me close as she hooked her one free leg around me too.

With Ellen clinging to me so tightly it was difficult to keep moving. I pushed even closer into her until her breasts were squished up against my chest. Our stomachs were touching, the sweat making them stick together and my cock was pressed into her as far as it could go. Fighting her surprisingly strong grip I was able to keep fucking her with shallow movements. Each stroke was a battle against her hold on me. I was sweating profusely, so much so that our bodies became slippery with moisture wherever they touched, and gasping for breath but kept going for as long as I could. Ellen immediately loosened her grip on me when I stopped moving and I knew that meant she wanted me to fuck her hard again.

Suddenly free of constraint I was able to fuck her with ease again and it filled me with renewed energy. Taking a deep breath I hammered her pussy with a series of almost vicious strokes until Ellen let out a high pitch squeal and I stayed deep inside her clenching cunt. When I started fucking her again moments later I was unsure if she didn't try to stop me because she wanted more or if she had simply run out of strength to fight me any longer. Instead of just pumping my hips I moved my whole body as I slammed into her from head to toe. Her tits bounced and jiggled against me as our torsos slapped together wetly. Ellen's ass, back, and shoulders thumped against the wall with each thrust.

Eventually she tried to hold me with her arms again, but I was close to cumming now and determined to see it though to the end. I grabbed her wrists and drove her arms into the wall so forcefully in my eagerness that I winced and slowed just a moment to see if I had hurt her. Ellen could see the concern on my face and gave me a loving kiss to put me at ease. Our lips locked in a sensuous kiss I finished with a flurry that had her grunting as I tried to keep kissing her. When I came at last we both leaned against the wall exhausted from the intense lovemaking.

"Mmmm... that was amazing hon," she said rolling to lie on top of me when I let her free at last. "The way I keep pushing you away I don't deserve to have you," she said her eyes looking moist.

"Ellie please don't say that," I said as guilt from what I had done earlier that day overwhelmed me. "I'm the one who doesn't deserve to have you. When I went riding with the girls earlier today we... we..." I couldn't bring myself to say it, paralyzed with fear over how she would react.

"Fucked," she said.

"You knew?" I asked in a shocked voice.

"I suspected it but I wasn't sure until now," she said. It was impossible to read her emotionless face, but she wasn't trying to leave yet and I took that as a positive sign.

"She calls me Danny when we're alone," I said to fill the silence.

"I don't care Daniel," she said stressing the form of my name she preferred. "It was just sex right?" she said with a smile that looked forced.

"It was at the start, but Jessica came here with me alone after. She's so much like you Ellie," I said touching her face as her smile faded. "I found myself wondering what if she and I had met first. That's when I stopped it."

"I... I..." she was stammering unsure of what to say.

"I know you must be angry but please don't leave me," I said fearing what she might do.

"I'm not mad hon," she said and looking into her eyes I knew she wasn't lying. "I'm more sad than anything. I'd prepared myself knowing you'd find another woman someday. I never thought it would come so soon or that it would be my own daughter. I won't stand in your way."

"What? No. Stop Ellie," I said holding her tight when she tried to get up. "You know you're the one I want. I'm so sorry. I'll never touch her again."

"No you can't she'll make me fire you if you don't give her what she wants now," Ellen said.

"So what? You can still come see me anyway," I said.

"No this might work out for the best," she said with a smile. "You can date Jess and fuck me every chance you get."

"And cheat on her behind her back?" I said perplexed by her reasoning.

"You didn't mind fucking her behind my back," she said with an angry look but there was something else in it that betrayed what she was really thinking.

"If we were dating it would give me an excuse to be around long after the gardening job was over. You've been thinking about this from the start haven't you?" I said.

"Of course not," she said but I could see the lie and she knew it. "Well so what if I did?"

"This is crazy. Why can't we just be a couple?" I said trying to figure out what went on inside Ellen's mind.

"We just can't ok," she said in anger. "Look forget about all of that for now. I can't believe I'm saying this but the thought of fucking you now that I know you were with my daughter has me hotter than ever before."

"So we're ok?" I asked.

"We're more than ok hon," she said kissing me. "I want you to hold me and fuck me all night."

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, I kissed my lover back pouring all my pent up emotions into it. The warm smile she gave told me everything was going to work out just fine between us. If I'd still been a little unsure up until now, then I knew in that moment that I loved Ellen. Even though she had wanted me to end up with her daughter in whatever strange way her mind had reached that conclusion, it was one thing for her to say it didn't bother her but her body language told me she meant it. Holding her in my arms I fought back tears, knowing how fortunate I was that this hadn't destroyed us. I promised myself I'd never take that chance again and if anything were to happen between Jessica and I in the future then Ellen would know all about it.

Long after her orgasm should have expired, Ellen's body was still trembling in my arms. I tried to imagine what she must be going through inside. Since her daughter had returned she'd been forced to ignore her lover while seeing me everyday still and then she had helped push us together. Perhaps she had known it was likely to happen either way and decided it would be less painful if she convinced herself she wanted it. Through it all she forced herself to mask her feelings for me at every turn, for some reason afraid to love me. It hurt to think about what this past week must have done to her emotionally.

It was difficult to maneuver on my narrow single bed, but I managed to squirm out from under Ellen and on top again as she laughed in that warm rich tone that drove me wild. I didn't say anything, but she could read my eyes well enough as I kissed her deeply on her soft lips. Surprisingly, she didn't turn away from me as I kissed her over and over. Instead she gazed back into my eyes and let me tell her how much she meant to me at last, the message clear despite the lack of words between us. When her trembling stopped and an excited smile crept across her face I was sure this was the break through I'd been hoping would come.

"I'm going to get a drink," I said noticing the heat with our bodies pressed together in the warm room. "Did you want anything?"

"Just a glass of water, with ice if you have any hon," she said looking up at me.

"Be right back," I said. "Keep my place warm for me," I added with a quick stroke of her pussy that sent a shiver through her over sexed body.

Downstairs in the kitchen I filled two tall glasses with filtered water from the fridge and ice from the freezer. I downed mine in one long gulp and poured a second. Eager to get back in bed with Ellen I rushed back up to my bedroom. I'd only been gone a couple of minutes, but Ellen had mounded the blankets and pillows up on the middle of my bed and stripped naked. I would have liked her to keep the skirt and socks on because she looked so sexy in them but could understand her needing to take them off in the stifling heat. She took her water from me with a kiss on the cheek and drank it all before setting the empty glass on my desk. Smiling at my puzzled look over the pile on the bed she lay down on top of it with her enticing ass and pussy held up at the perfect height for fucking.

"Hurry up and finish your drink hon," she said, "I want you to fuck me and don't stop until you're ready to collapse."

"You're incredible Ellie," I said as I drank my water in a rush.

"Fuck me," she said arching her back to show off her wonderful cunt. "No matter what I say or do I want you to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

I was just about to lay my glass on the table and give her what she wanted when it gave me ideas. Tilting the glass above her back I watched the condensation pool and grow into a drop. It seemed to take forever but it was only a moment before it dripped off and splashed against her back causing her gasp and suck in a sharp breath. Before she could say anything I fished one of the ice cubes from my glass and press it to her lips as she eagerly sucked the melted drops from my hand. The second one I ran down neck towards her chest where I swirled it around her nipples that grew hard with tiny bumps sprouting around them. When it was half melted I placed it high on her back between her shoulders and let it slide down her spine. With the last ice cube in hand now I put down my glass and tickled her feet with it. Moving quickly over her legs in a race against the rapidly melting toy I managed to get it to her ass and down between her cheeks amazed at how she thrashed when it touched her pussy. With an arm around her waist I kept it pressed against her lips until it melted away and she had melted against the pile of blankets and pillows.

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