The Bet


Ash was moving faster now, feeling his climax coming, preparing to spend himself deep in this woman's flesh. Thrusting ever more urgently, desperate for release, feeling his climax and letting go with a cry. Hearing the answering cry as Caroline climaxed, clung to him, legs wrapped around him, holding him to and in her, not wanting to let go.

Eventually they separated, both lying quietly. "What now," came the query from Caroline.

"Now," said Ash, "I want you to look around the house with me. See what you think of it and see if you have any ideas for those renovations I was talking about." He helped her to her feet, steering her towards the hall.

"That's not what I meant," protested Caroline, "and you know it. What do I do about Brad, and where's that wrap-around you offered?"

"Brad is now my problem, not yours," replied Ash. "I cleared a very nasty virus from Hymie's computer system and gave him a memory stick with the cleaning program on it for him to pass to his bosses, as they were also contaminated. He got a lot of kudos for that from his bosses and feels that he can trust me and that he owes me one.

I'll quietly let him know that Brad has lost his bet. He'll take my word for it. No photos needed. When his boys gently suggest to Brad that they want a payment plan worked out, I'll get Hymie to warn him that you're off limits now."

"What will Hymie and his boys do to Brad. I don't want him injured, even if he has turned out to be a creep."

"I'll ask Hymie to go easy on the initial request. No broken bones. I'll point out that he can sell his car for enough to pay off Hymie and will if it's suggested in the right way. Hymie's boys know how to suggest these things, so Brad will be OK. Pissed off at having to walk, maybe, but still able to."

"Thank you. Your kitchen is rather old fashioned, isn't it. And the wrap you were going to get is where?"

Ash considered. "I think that I'd just as soon have you continue the house tour as you are. It's warm enough not to need the wrap, and watching you walk is helping me charge my batteries for round two."

Caroline blinked. "Round two? Meaning what?" she wondered. Caroline glanced around at him, and then down. Her eyes widened as she saw that his batteries were recharging very rapidly if that was any indication. She looked forward again. "Renovations. He wants ideas for renovations. He wants my opinion. How can I think of renovations knowing that thing is waving at me. He wants to fuck me again, right now, and still expects me to think of renovations?"

Caroline stood there dithering, no idea of what she was doing. She turned to look at Ash, looked down at his restored erection and then lifted her eyes back to his face, just standing there helplessly, fascinated by the look in his eye and the smile of intention on his face.

She didn't say a word as he lifted her up and sat her on the table, moving her legs apart and standing between them. She could feel the heat pooling deep within her as she sat waiting. Didn't look down when she felt his hands move her lips apart again. Didn't look down as she felt his cock making a bold entry into her, at home now and knowing where to go. She just stared at Ash, letting it happen, happy to feel small and helpless before him, enjoying the mastery and the re-conquest of her body.

Ash plunged deeply, slower than the first time, and felt her legs rising to lock onto him. Ash took his time, letting his batteries fully recharge as he cruised effortlessly in and out of Caroline's receptive pussy, feeling her eager response, letting him make the running but both willing and able to keep up with him. He heard her gasp and felt the convulsions deep within her as she climaxed rapidly, but continued thrusting, waiting for his own climax to eventuate.

Caroline gasped as she felt her climax racing through her, a lot faster than the first time round she thought. She felt herself starting to settle down as the climax slowly ended, but the realised that Ash was still busy within her, thrusting hard into her with no letup. She found his cock had caught the tail-end of her climax and was dragging it back to the heights she's just left, taking her on to another climax before the first had properly finished. She gasped, then screamed as another climax tore into her, ravaging through her, killing her slowly then dragging her back to life, panting. She could feel the seed Ash had spilt within her, warm with life, and knew that he had also climaxed while she was riding her orgasm.

Sitting on the table, head resting against him with his arms enfolding her she gasped out a question. "Why twice, the second time round?"

"Climaxes?" he chuckled. "I understand that women can have multiple climaxes. They just come faster and closer together the longer you make love. Men on the other hand are slow to rejuvenate, which is why I able to take you long enough for you fire off a couple of times."

"Oh." Caroline looked at Ash thoughtfully. "Then if you were to do it a third time..." Her voice fell away.

Ash looked startled. "Ah, today I think it'd probably kill me. But we will have to see what we can do some night when we can spend the full night together. I suggest we'd better get dressed now, and I'll also ring Hymie and have him put a leash on Brad.

I think you better stay with me for the rest of the day until we know Brad has been spoken to, or would you rather go home?"

"I'll stay if I'm allowed," Caroline said with a smile. "I'll just SMS my Mum to let her know I'll be out for a while yet. We can look over your house and see what renovations are really needed."

"and we'll see about a third time when we look over the bedrooms," came the unspoken thought.

As they moved off to dress Caroline commented, "While I'm pleased with the outcome of Brad's holiday bet, isn't he likely to come after you. He is a bit of a bruiser, you know, and looking back at this behaviour I suspect he's a bit of a bully."

"He may be a bully, but he won't bother me," said Ash. "I study martial arts as a hobby and he knows it. He found out the hard way. I'll teach you some self defence moves in case some other boy gets the wrong idea about you."

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