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The Big "3-0"


The year I turned 28 my husband turned the big "3-0". When I asked what he wanted for his birthday he told me that he didn't really need anything. This was a problem as I had no idea whatsoever what I would do for this momentous occasion. I considered a surprise party but didn't know how he would take it and also thought about organizing a thing with his closest friends where they could all go out for a golfing weekend or something.

The problem was that I guiltily wanted to actually be involved instead of waiting at home to hear all the fun he had while away. Then the idea struck me so fast and hard I was shocked I hadn't thought of it already. I was going to plan a threesome for my husband.

He had told me this was his greatest fantasy back when we first met and started to share such intimate details with each other. I had already told him of my interest in being with another woman and I was pretty sure he was more than fine with the idea of watching me do explorations of my own.

When he told me his deepest desire was to share pleasure with two women I was a little put off at first mainly due to my mind immediately jumping to the conclusion that he was imagining two supermodels and himself and me nowhere in the picture. When he explained more of his fantasy and I found out that he was actually picturing me and someone else he had dated who had once admitted her enjoyment of occasional forays with bi-sexuality, I actually started to be a little turned onto the idea of threeway play myself.

I decided to have a look at some websites. Perhaps not everyone on them had gonorrhea or some other form of STD? I found that at least a dozen couples were seeking a woman for a threesome. The couples all claimed to be gorgeous and under 30. I decided since I would be the one to do the choosing that I would distinguish myself by sounding a little desperate yet quite literate: "I'd like to give my partner his best birthday present ever: an experience with me and another woman. Will you help me?"

To my complete surprise, I received a reply 15 minutes later from a woman claiming to be named "Kara" although of course I suspected that was not her real name. Her reply was both well worded and nice.

"Hi, I also have a boyfriend with the same fantasy (not very original, I know, but boys will be boys!!). Maybe we could end up doing a deal (though not necessarily). If we like each other, I'd be happy to help out. What kind of scenario did you have in mind?"

It may seem imprudent to have pledged loyalty to an anonymous, bisexual woman who trolls "no-strings" websites, but I decided on the spot that I won't respond to anyone else's replies to my ad. I liked her sisterly tone and her perfect spelling. I was not sure about the exchange deal, but that didn't seem to be mission-critical for her and since I was planning on opening this sexual door for my husband, perhaps he would allow me to explore a little outside of our relationship also?

We exchanged several e-mails. It turned out she was a mostly straight but somewhat bi-curious, divorced, disease-free mom in her 30s who claimed she was motivated to answer my ad by a kind of sexual altruism. From her photos I could tell that she was quite pretty and also much more curvaceous than me. I knew my husband would love that about her.

I also found out that even from her fully clothed shots that she was not afraid to bare some of her more feminine assets. From the size of her ample cleavage I simply knew that he was definitely going to like her! At one point she quoted the expression, "One need not die an idiot." I agreed completely with her statement and we decided to meet for coffee the next day.

As I got ready to go meet her, I was suddenly struck by the strangeness of what I was about to do. It was real, and I was feeling very nervous. How would I convince a woman through this simple conversation that she would want to take off her clothes and have sex us? Similar to selecting attire for a job at an office, I decided that I should probably dress for the position I wanted, or the attitude I wanted to portray in this particular case.

I ditched my bra and pulled on a v-neck sweater-dress and some nice pearls. With my most favorite strappy sandals I walked to the nearby cafe and waiting. I hoped my look would exude a certain "simple, sexy, casual" attitude that I was going for.

I was already sitting down when Kara walked into the café. She was just as pretty as the woman in her pictures, thank god, and I noticed most of all her very friendly face. Although she was dressed fairly conservatively in a sweater and jeans, I noticed that her makeup was fresh. She must have been eager to make a good impression, too. As we talked I became completely certain that my husband would approve of her.

I pretended to seem riveted as she described her boyfriend woes, her life as a single mom, and the health issues of her elderly father. Despite the peculiar circumstances of this particular conversation, she was clinging to the conventions of female bonding. To be fair to her, this would normally be what I would do with somebody like her in this setting. Of course, this was not a normal situation. I was meeting her here to arrange for something much more intimate than issues she could share with her co-workers or close friends, so I tried to delicately steer the conversation toward sex.

She told me that she had never been with another woman before and while she admitted her ongoing curiosity about exploring with another woman, she just wasn't sure how she would feel about it during the action and most importantly after it was over. I noticed that she did not mention the possible swap that she had proposed much earlier via e-mail. We parted warmly with a quick hug of all things as if we had been friends for a long time instead of the woman I had met through a sex ad I had posted the night before.

I waited two days before sending her a note via e-mail. I told her that she has been in my thoughts and that I had found her charming "in every way." She replied immediately, saying that she was very game for our adventure, but that she would like to discuss it in more detail. She asked if we could meet again, to which I told her let's plan the next day at the same cafe if it was convenient for her.

I was not sure what kind of plans she wanted to make. We would each suck one of his toes? I would read him poetry in the nude while she stripped off her clothes for him? The course of things on the day itself seemed hard to predict and I didn't know what she could possibly want to plan out in any detail. At that point though, I was convinced she would be the "one" and I was goal-oriented to have her join us in our bed.

At our second meeting, her insecurities surfaced. Did I think this counted as cheating on her boyfriend? What kind of women did my husband like? I answered her questions carefully and with assurance. First I told her that my husband would definitely be very much into her as she seemed to be a wonderful and sexy woman with a very beautiful body.

In reply to her question about cheating I told her that in my opinion this was in no way a form of cheating on her boyfriend, especially if we ever decided to try out some sort of swap option involving me. This encounter was about making a fantasy come true and about sharing a mutually satisfying once-in-a lifetime sexual experience between three people that would otherwise have probably never crossed paths in such circumstances.

Kara was not choosing us instead of her boyfriend; she was trying something out and helping us to explore something that we would have a hard time realizing any other way. She seemed quite satisfied with my responses and also seemed to visibly relax after a while.

We then laid down some ground rules for the threesome. To avoid making either of us ladies uncomfortable, we decided that the two of us would be in charge. My husband would not be allowed to make a move unless we allowed it. She and I would meet at a nearby hotel suite, share a fun drink or two to set the mood, and he would join us there once he was out of work. After about an hour, she took out her calendar, and we scheduled the threesome for a week later, the 20th, after work.

The week passed by fairly quickly and the big night hit sooner than I was mentally prepared for. I got home early from work in order to change before heading off to check into the pre-arranged hotel suite before my husband would join me there. He of course had no clue that I would actually be meeting Kara there first. I decided to dress at home rather than bring everything and get changed at the room. I wanted to be in the right frame of mind and in the right outfit as soon as possible once getting settled into the suite.

I kept boasting to myself about how I was going to have a threesome in a little more than an hour. I knew that I was not going to die an idiot. Before slipping on my black thigh highs and my most sexy sheer and lace black thong with matching camisole, I gave myself a quick spray of my favorite perfume. I checked myself in the mirror before putting on the dress that would conceal my secrete intentions from the real world. I looked ready and was starting to feel ready too.

I drove to the hotel feeling more confident than nervous which made me very satisfied. I knew that I would be in control tonight and if things weren't going well, that Kara and I could probably have a good laugh about it afterwards. I hoped that Kara wasn't feeling too nervous and I wondered what she had planned on wearing for our intimate time together.

I realized that we hadn't really discussed the proper attire for our soiree. I then realized that we hadn't really discussed any physical or sexual rules at all about what we would feel comfortable with. I realized that planning a threesome properly took more effort and attention to detail than I think I was ready for.

I checked into the hotel, and found the room without any difficulty. I will admit that the nerves were starting to get to me now in full force. I put the TV on as a distraction and waited for my 'date' to arrive. As we had never exchanged phone numbers, I sent Kara an e-mail with my phone telling her that I was at the hotel and it was a lovely suite. She replied very quickly saying she was in her car waiting and that she would be right up.

Within about five minutes, there was a knock on the door and I checked the peep hole to make sure it was Kara and was completely blown away by what she was wearing. The deep v-neck of her royal blue dress did its best not to hide very much of her very impressive cleavage and clung to her curves just the way a dress should when one does not expect to wear it all night.

I let her into the room and offered her a glass of the wine I had brought from home as I poured myself my second serving. We sipped our wine and chatted seemingly oblivious to the fact that we would be getting naked and then having sex together with my husband in about thirty minutes.

The only hint of any sort of sexual involvement between us happened when Kara remarked how she liked the pattern on my stockings. I thanked her as I carefully lifted the hem of my dress to reveal a little more of it to her but without showing too much of my leg.

Looking back that was both a perfectly natural thing to do and also completely ridiculous. This woman that I'd known for fewer than two weeks was about to see me completely naked anyway so in retrospect I might as well have taken off the dress right then and there! Kara reached out and stroked my stocking covered leg supposedly to explore the texture but I think it was more likely she was trying to initiate some level of physical intimacy with me.

It worked. As her hand traveled up and down my leg a mere two times I could feel a tingle in between my legs that completely caught me off guard. I told her they were thigh highs and that my husband loved women in thigh highs. She laughed and said she wished she'd known about his taste in lingerie as she had some things she could have worn but instead decided to keep things simple tonight for my sake.

I immediately apologized to her for not having more clearly set what I expected and she thanked me but told me she realized she would just follow my lead and that way I would stay comfortable and that would in turn make her more comfortable.

My phone suddenly buzzed with the receipt of a text from my husband. He had just parked the car and wanted to know which room I was in. I told him the suite number and then let Kara know that he was up on his way. The butterflies started up quite strongly again with me now. I was more nervous with anticipation at his reaction than about the events that were going to unfold. I suggested that maybe we should take off our dresses now and that way he would know what tonight was going to be all about without any verbal explanation from us.

Kara seemed to pause at this suggestion and I immediately felt badly for putting a foot wrong on this first important step of our shared sexual adventure. Perhaps she was not comfortable removing clothes at my request until my husband was there?

We were both relieved when my husband arrived sparing me the anguish of having to apologize again so quickly into this evening. As my husband walked in, I introduced him to Kara. He seemed a bit confused although looking at her body in that dress I think his confusion was more in the form of "this can't actually be happening, can it?"

To this day I still don't know why I said this, but I told him that Kara was going to be our third wheel on our tricycle of pleasure tonight. I was really not sure if this had fully cleared his confusion so I scrambled and asked Kara if she would like to kiss my husband.

Based on the way she approached him with an impressively sultry look on her face, I could tell that she did indeed want to kiss him. She leaned in and just went for it with no words spoken, kissing my husband in plain view of me. When he was immediately very physical with her, it totally broke the ice.

The surge of emotion and excitement that went through me was probably ten times less than what Kara or my husband was feeling. With their brief yet quite passionate introduction out of the way, we had a sort of group hug, and then Kara and I agreed that he could take off both of our dresses.

My first surprise was that women are allowed to wear jewelry in bed. Kara even kept her large hoop earrings on. My second surprise was that Kara was only wearing a light pink push-up bra under that blue dress, with no slip, stockings, nor panties.

I completely understood why taking off the dresses earlier might not have been the right move for her. I suddenly felt quite overdressed with probably less than half of my body exposed whereas our new-found sex partner was nearly naked with the exception of the amazing uplifting pink bra she was wearing.

My third and largest surprise was that there was not a visible hair on Kara's body below her eyebrows. I had always thought that women who shaved or waxed smooth down there were doing it to fulfill some sick person who was into little girls, yet I will admit that her pussy looked incredibly pretty and not in a little girlish sort of way at all. Perhaps it was that clean look mixed with her luscious curves that helped me understand why women would do it at all. It was at that moment I decided if the opportunity arose that I would certainly want to explore her down there.

The funniest thing of the whole evening was how quickly we had broken the only real rule we had established beforehand in a short matter of minutes. Kara and I did not keep our full control of the situation at all, nor had we bothered to inform my husband of our wish to do so. With us both out of our dresses and my husband noting how much more I was wearing than our new playmate, he suggested to Kara that she should help me remove my stockings.

She didn't hesitate for even a moment. She knelt down on her knees in front of me smiling and reached her fingers down inside the band of my left stocking and carefully pulled it down my thigh. As it bunched down near the bottom of my leg, she carefully pulled it clear as I lifted my foot off the floor letting it pass. She repeated the same action on my right stocking.

It was amazing how naked I felt having this other woman touching me and checking me out in my finest lingerie. I still had on much more than did she of course. The air hitting my bare legs gave me the smallest of goose bumps. I was so glad to have shaved my legs earlier that morning as Kara's hand had already thoroughly explored them!

My husband's next suggestion echoed in my head for instant while I tried to comprehend what was happening. He told Kara that she should probably also help take off his wife's panties since I still had too many clothes on. Kara remained on her knees and looked up at me, still smiling. She really had a very pretty smile. It complimented the amazing cleavage I could easily see from my higher vantage point.

Her hands reached towards the waistline of my thong and just as they lightly touched the fabric of the lace at the band she leaned in close and breaking her eye contact with me, planted a kiss directly on the thin fabric covering my pussy. To say a wave of excitement shot through me at that moment does not adequately describe what I had felt.

The first kiss was followed by a very short second and third and then she went for number four which was a long and deliberate kiss. I knew without her saying a word that she had just as much intention as I did on exploring another woman's body and I was very happy that I was going to be her first as well.

I don't know if it was the pressure of her lips, the way she touched me with her hands, or just the fact that she was so tender in her actions, but my body knew this was not a man doing this to me. I also knew that Kara was starting to make me quite wet.

She kissed me between my legs a final time before finally starting to pull down the soft lace band off my hips with the sheer fabric down the front following suite, but in the back the fabric clung where it had been stretched into place by me less than an hour ago. Undaunted, Kara moved around to the back and carefully extracted the thin fabric from between my cheeks.

My brain barely had the chance to process the compliment that my ears had relayed its way as Kara told my husband that his wife had such a firm hot little ass when she surprised me completely by planting a new series of soft kisses all over my backside. This time it was her lips on my bare skin and my body took notice of that new form of pleasure.

I tensed up while she rubbed and squeezed each cheek while she kissed me repeatedly back there. I had never experienced anything like that before and I was definitely becoming very excited by it. By the time she had finally completed the successful removal of my panties, I had become very ready to take our play to the next stage.

I decided it was time for me to take a little control back of the situation. I helped Kara back up to her feet and told her that I thought it was time for the birthday boy to start losing some of his clothes. We worked together removing his shirt, undershirt, socks and finally his pants. He stood in front of us wearing only the sexy dark gray boxer briefs I had bought him for our last Valentine's Day and an erection that I could have spotted from across an exhibition hall.

I knelt down in front of him and reached inside his boxer briefs grasping his impressive bulge and then pulled his rapidly hardening cock free. I looked up to speak with Kara and was very surprised to see she was in the midst of sharing her second very passionate kiss with my husband. I could feel his cock throb while they kissed and marveled at the sounds of my husband kissing another woman.

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