tagNonHumanThe Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Ch. 04

The Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Ch. 04


The Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Connelly: Conclusion

Alice moved her arms through the thick jelly. She ran her hands across her rippling body. Her torso, boobs, belly, and pelvis bloated and morphed, as a balloon does when played with by a child. "What is it doing? It has complete control of me," she thought.

The Blob forced her to pump milk and cum; her tits and cunt erupted every few seconds, spewing fluids into the protoplasm. Alice's mildly tanned skin blushed a lusty pink. "Well, at least I got rid of all the tan lines," she remarked, "Oh God! What am I saying?!"

Her sexual haze was constant. Her orgasms so common as to blend into an ongoing high. Alice was intrigued to find she wasn't tired. She knew more than anyone that sexual marathons were exhausting. However fun the sex, the aching muscles and shortened breaths were reminders of her limits. This encounter was different, "It's like I'm cumming without the come down."

Alice's new stamina was the result of the creature's complete control of her body functions. Along with stamina, her nerves were fired to hypersensitivity. When Alice touched her boobs it caused a jolt of electricity, adding to the white heat between her legs.

Alice realized something else: "My God! This thing is outfucking Roy!" In fact, the creature surpassed all her previous boyfriends. "The best fuck I ever had and it's not even human," she thought, "What a way to die, fucked and eaten by jello."

The Blob was almost finished. It was pumping the creature's fluids into its essence. It had insinuated itself into every cell of Alice's body. All that remained was to absorb the creature and retreat to its lair, to await another unfortunate swimmer. There was one slight problem: the Blob didn't want to stop.

The creature was too interesting and too tasty. The fluids it produced were too delicious. If it ate her now, a similar opportunity might not occur for months, even years; few swimmers came to the lake, and of those, most were the uninteresting ones who produced a different fluid. Within the protoplasm a decision was made, yet another radical departure from Blobkind.

Alice was undergoing her latest climax when she felt a different kind of movement. "? What's happening?!" she thought. The edge of the raft was coming closer. The Blob was heading to the lake and taking her with it.

"Oh no!" she thought, "Not yet! I'm not ready!" Her experience was terrifying but amazingly pleasurable. The endless orgasms were better than any drug, but Alice wanted to delay the painful end. Survival instinct took over and Alice began to struggle.

She kicked and fought with the same futile results. She tried to grasp the wooden planks of the raft; the cushion of protoplasm made her attempt akin to trying to grasp teflon.

The beautiful young woman struggled, rippled, and came as she slid across the raft. The Blob still pumped and milked her as it edged toward the lake. "No! Let go!" she gurgled. Alice would weep in terror if possible. Her tears went the way of her milk and cum, absorbed into the protoplasm.

Alice was at the edge of the raft; a brief hesitation, a gurgling sob from Alice, and the Blob slid in. "No! No! Noooo!" Alice gurgled as she was dragged into the cool, dark waters of Blue Lake.

The Blob had no intention of eating Alice...at least not in the conventional sense. It dragged the struggling, gurgling woman into its deep, dark lair where it tasted her...and tasted her...and tasted her....



The mysterious disappearance of Alice Connelly was not discovered for several weeks, owing to a series of unfortunate events. Shortly after Alice was dragged into the lake, the old man out of Norman Rockwell had a fatal heart attack. In his dying struggles he accidently knocked over a kerosene lamp, a decorative prop that, unfortunately, still had fuel. The lamp shattered, spilling kerosene over an antiquated air conditioner. The air conditioner shorted and caught fire. The fire spread through the dry - as - a - tinderbox main cabin, destroying everything, including the guest book.

The old man was old fashioned and neglected to enter his guests on the computer, entrusting such duties to his younger assistant, who happened to be on vacation. The authorities had to check all the cabins for the guests and Alice's cabin, being in a relatively remote area, was somehow overlooked.

Whereas Alice was estranged from her family, ex-boyfriend, and ex-best friend (none of whom were inclined to inquire about her whereabouts), it was weeks before the local sheriff, hearing mention, at the local store, of a young woman who hadn't been seen since the fire, insisted on a second search.

The authorities came across Alice's cabin. Her possessions were intact, albeit dust-covered. A quick search led to the lake and the raft, where the deputies, after acquiring a rowboat, found Alice's battery-drained radio and discarded bikini.

The sheriff brought in professional divers. They found nothing but illegally dumped chemical waste drums (which got the property owner a huge fine, in spite of his attempts to blame the government). The divers never knew how lucky that they were uninteresting.

Eventually the search was called off. Alice was added to a long list of missing persons. As the last diver left the lake, a bubble of gas erupted from the water.

"Did you hear something?" he asked his companion.


"Nothing," the diver said, but he thought, "It sounded like someone having an orgasm."

The End (the story will continue in Alice Amoeba, cumming in the future)

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by PapaPalpatine09/15/17

I like how this intelligent blob decided to enjoy her (and in its own twisted way, pleasure her) rather than immediately digesting her like most blobs would have.

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