tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Big Payback

The Big Payback


Tall dark and stunning Tisha was the epitome of today's young black woman. Her skin was chocolate brown. 18 years old, her features were crisp and alluring. Soulful brown eyes, full soft lips contoured her face. She wore her hair in silky braids. Her body was typical of girls her age and her heritage. Her bouncy 38D breasts and were firm and true. She flaunted a flat stomach and her hips sashayed left to right swinging the absolute hottest black teen ass ever known to man. Watching her walk was virtually obscene. It didn't take much imagination to envision her round thick ass when she wore low riders or tight dresses as she hypnotically swayed her sweet backside. It was only natural for any man to instantly imagine Tisha on her hands and knees while your cock disappears between her cheeks on every stroke. Tisha was undoubtedly a walking wet dream.

Unfortunately she was also something else. Tisha was a bitch. Tisha was hot and she knew it. Tisha was a dime and she had no problem letting you know it too. She was argumentative and prone to making a scene if slightly provoked. She had a black girl's attitude. She laughed at the advances of the neighborhood boys and hissed at the ogling "old fiends" as she liked to call guys like me. She was sometimes downright disrespectful. Somehow to me it was also a quite a turn on. The idea of taming this young black bitch was intoxicating. I often thought of how I would like to shut her up by shoving my dick deep in her throat and fucking her face and making her gag. I'd love to teach her a lesson.

I was employed as a landscaper in Tisha private housing complex. Her mother was president of the town bank and a trusted community leader. Tisha took full advantage of her status and frowned on everyone around her. Her favorite quote was "Can't touch this". My partner Anthony and I worked Tishas sector and encountered her spoiled brat routine many times. The most recent incident was the one that changed everything.

Tony was hosing a bed of flowers near the entrance of Tishas house when the door suddenly was flung open and Tisha started to exit. She wasn't paying attention as she gabbed on her cellphone as Tony swung the hose in her direction and he splashed her. Tisha was wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts and the water caught her right across her brown jugs. She was livid.

"You dumb motherfucker. What are you doing? You didn't se me coming? I can't fucking believe you."

Tony was shocked. It was after all an accident and there was no need for her to speak to him this way.

"I'm sorry Ms.Taylor but it wasn't intentional. I apologize but I'd appreciate it if you didn't use that language."

"Fuck you, you fucking asshole. I'll saying anything I damn well please. Look what you did to me. Now I have to go upstairs and change. I'm going to be late for my appointment because your remedial reading ass can't handle a garden hose!" I looked at Tony and could see he was turning red and about to explode. If I wasn't also looking at her big tits I would've stopped him but it was too late.

"Suck my dick you prissy bitch."

"What did you say to me? Suck your dick? I'm quite sure your pencil dick whites ass didn't say that shit to me. You wouldn't know what to do with this pussy you old pale faced punk. As a matter of fact you can go clean out your stinking ass locker cause neither one of you fucking idiots will be employed here by the end of the day. Looking at me she said,"Have a nice day, brother!" With that said she whirled and stormed back into her house. Tony and I were both numb. I couldn't believe that small gaffe had turned into this. We both knew that we would be out of a job by the end of the day. We had seen it happen too many times before with Tisha.

"What's that cunts problem Bobby? I can't afford to lose this job man I've got bills to pay. I can't believe this is happening."

"I know what you mean man. I need this gig too. She's gonna fuck over the wrong guy one day, you'll see." At five o'clock Tony and I received our walking papers. She said she'd do it and she sure did. Just as we were walking out of the office Tisha comes zooming by in her convertible Mecredes Benz and as she screeches off she salutes us both with the finger.

"Fucking bitch", Tony whispers.

As we left the complex Tony and I agreed we should get together later that night and blow off some steam. Tony was big on strip clubs and said he heard about a new underground spot that recently opened two towns away was the place to be. He said there were all kinds of ladies and you could even pay for "personal one on one services" to be performed at a nearby hotel. We were going to meet at about 9pm and take the two hour drive to the club.

I was looking forward to hanging out tonight and getting my mind off of my troubles. Tony was sure to liven up the evening because he loved the ladies and he loved seeing them shake their naked asses even more. I was definitely ready for a night full of lap dances and handfuls of tittys. Hey maybe losing my job would turn out to be a good thing.

On the drive to the club all Tony would talk about was making Tisha pay. "That little cunt has got to pay man. I can't let her get away with this."

"Don't even sweat it dude. What goes around comes around. She'll get hers. I don't even care anymore. People like her always get away with that shit. Sooner or later it'll catch up to her. I still would love to fuck the hell out her. Job or no job I want fuck that piece of ass." We both laughed at that thought as we made our way to the club. When we finally arrived I was itching to get inside.

We stepped inside and the music was thumping shaking the walls and it was heaven. Everywhere you looked there were naked young ladies of all colors shapes and sizes. Smiling faces and jiggly asses. This was my kind of place for sure. Tony was all teeth as he fawned over a gigantic titted blonde in a pink thong. Tony peeled a couple of bills off of his stack handed it to blondie and buried his head between her melons twisting his head back and forth sucking on her nipples and kneading her breast flesh. I had to hit the head so I set slid off in search of the mens room. As I squeezed my way through the crowd I scanned the ladies looking for the one I might try to get "a little extra" from before the night was over.

There were several viable candidates including a petite Asian woman who I would love see ride my black pony and a luscious Latina mami who had the sexiest legs I'd seen in a long time. As I stood on line to get into the bathroom I could see on the far stage a lovely sister with her back turned to me grinding away on stage. Her body was sensual and seductive. She definitely knew how to work it. This sweet bodied sister had chocolate flavored skin with an ass to die for. It was round and thick. Full and firm. I couldn't believe how good her ass looked. Damn I haven't seen an ass like that since… Wait a minute. Naaaaah. Couldn't be. Could it? No fucking way. But what if? I gotta see for myself.

I got out of the line and headed in the direction of the nubian seductress. The crowd was thick and tight as I elbowed and weaved my way through. It seemed as though she was getting farther away from me the closer I got. I kept making my way there never taking my eyes off of her as her body was a slave to the rhythmic haze on stage. Now I was getting there and her ass was familiar. I had seen that perfectly shaped ass somewhere before. She turned slightly sideways and I could see he outline of her face as well as a set of big firm black tits. No it couldn't be! Oh my God I think it's…. Just then she turned fully in my direction and there she stood 30 feet away on stage.

"Tisha Taylor was a fucking stripper! This was going to be a helluva night. Tony! Where the hell is my boy!" I quickly turned so she wouldn't see me and pushed my way back to where Tony and I had been standing earlier.

"Tony you gotta see this. You'll never believe it in a million years. Guess who's here on stage!"

"Take it easy Tiger. I have some news for you too. I was talking to the bartender and he told me how it works. If you're interested in purchasing some one on one loving just write down the stage number or the girls name bring it to him with 5 bills and he hands you keys to a room and she's yours. I'm gonna ride blondie all night."

"I got something better for you buddy. Something a whole lot better. Just follow me." Tony looked at me quizzically and followed my lead as I led him to the big surprise. I was officially a man on a mission. Tony and I pushed our way through the revelers making our way to Tishas stage. When we arrived at a distance safe enough not be recognized we stopped and looked at our chocolate candy girl.

"There she is dude. I can't fucking believe it. This is just too good to be true. Prissy Tisha a common stripper whore. I bet she thought working two hours away from home would keep her safe."

"That's where she's wrong Bobby boy. This is it. She really fucked up now. I'm gonna pound the shit out of her black ass. Somebody up there still likes me. Let's see this stage number five right? Let's go talk to the barkeep."

Tony damn near ran back to the bartender he was so excited. He wasn't the only one as I could feel my cock stirring around in my jeans in anticipation. Tony started talking to the bartender setting things up. Apparently there was a slight problem. Tisha was in high demand and we had to do something drastic to make it happen. Tony ran out to the ATM and cme back in with another wad of cash.

"Bob what kinda cash you got on you?"

"I've got about $400"

"Ok that will work. Let me have it and we'll be ok." Tony walked over to the barkeep and handed him $3,000. The bartender smiled and said "Sold to the highest bidder at three big ones. She's yours for the night buddy."

"Beautiful." The bartender handed Tony a card key for the Holiday Inn a couple of miles away. We jumped in the car and took off. Tisha was to meet us there in an hour.

"This is it buddy boy. We're finally going to get in that ass Tony. I can'' fucking wait. I'm about to bust one in my jeans right now."

"Yeah I know what you mean Bob. I still can't believe that whole high and mighty role she plays and meanwhile here she is shaking her ass for a couple of bucks. I'm going to make sure I go all out tonight. I'm gonna fuck her for every man she's ever disrespected in her life."

When we got to the room Tony and I checked it out and then went down to the lounge. We wanted to get nice and liquored up for the festivities. "Bobby imagine the look on her face when she sees it us. She might drop dead right there."

"Don't make me any difference I'll still fuck her." It was about 15 minutes before she was to show up and we headed upstairs.

We watched a little of the porn channel to get in the mood when there was a knock at the door. I got up and went into the bathroom and Tony opened the door.

"Hello big spen…Oh no fucking way!"

"Yes way slut. Get the fuck in here!" Tony grabbed her by the arm and snatched her into the room.

"You must be fucking crazy if you think you're gonna even touch me you fucking loser." Tony reached back and slapped Tisha right in the mouth.

"Shut the fuck up. Not only are we gonna touch you. We're gonna fuck you silly." She looked up up holding her stinging jaw and realized I was now also in the room. Still dazed from being smacked Tony threw her onto the bed as she struggled to regain her senses.

"We paid $3,000 of our hard earned money for this night and we're gonna get every cent worth." Tisha tried to get up but Tony was quick and pounced on her. She started to scream and I covered her mouth. Tony sat on her stomach and pushed her arms above her head. She was wearing a brown trench coat and Tony popped it open to reveal she was wearing a hot pink belly shirt with no bra as her tits stood to attention. I took my free hand while she struggled to move and scream and started to maul her luscious rack. My god her tits were so big and juicy I could just squeeze and knead them forever. Watching her squirm was half the fun. Tony snatched the belt off of her coat and proceeded to tie her hands above her head to the headboard. As she kicked at him he opened her coat to reveal a matching hot pink mini skirt. He reached under dress and ripped off her pink thong and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Ok bitch this is how it's gonna go down. Me and my boy here are pretty pissed off at your black ass. You see we don't have a job anymore thanks to your bullshit. So we figured that you should be our severance pay. We're gonna fuck you one way or another. Either you cooperate or I'll turn you over and fuck that black ass of yours until you pass out. Doesn't make us any difference at all. Either way you're ours tonight.

Tisha pulled at her restraints and thrashed her head form side to side still showing resistance. "That's the way you want it? Okay. Bob I'll be right back." Tony walked out leaving me alone with this supreme piece of ass. I walked over to her as she recoiled and yelled into her panties and reached under her dress and began to finger her hairless snatch. I rubbed around her clit and slid my fingers in and out. She tried moving but I would pinch her nipple hard every time she tried to get away. My dick was harder than it had ever been in my life. I began to speed up my finger action while she twisted and I squeezed her tits like an angry brute.

The door opened and it was Tony carrying a briefcase. He laid it on the bed and popped it open. It was filled with sex toys of all kinds. Dildos, anal beads, vibrators, rubbers, edible panties and such. Tony pulled out a wooden paddle.

"This will do the trick. Bobby loosen up her hands so we can turn this bitch over." I untied her briefly and she tried to get up. I slammed her down onto the bed face first and retied her hands. Tony hiked up her mini and there it was in all it's glory. Tisha Taylors sweet round and brown ass. My god what a perfect ass. Tony picked up the paddle and let loose with a vicious blow to her bulbous butt cheeks. Tisha threw her head back and howled in obvious pain. I followed Tonys whack with one of my own with my bare hand. I hit her in the same spot as Tony and again she howled biting down on the thongs stuffed in her mouth.

"That's what I'm talking about. You've been a bad girl Tisha and you need a spanking. How does it feel?" Tony was taking great pleasure in her discomfort.

"Want some more slut?" Tisha shook her head furiously as Tony wound up.

Whack. Whack Whack. Three brutal swings bouncing off her fat brown orbs. Tisha screamed over her thongs and tears began to well up in her eyes. I reached under her and began fingering her snatch again and Tony grabbed both of he ass cheek and squeezed them. Tisha quietly sobbed as we violated her. It was an intoxicating feeling of ultimate power. We had this black teenager tied to a bedpost and were humiliating her. But she deserved it. We were determined to tame this young filly by any means necessary.

Tony leaned over and whispered in her ear "This is what prissy little bitches like you get. You think you can get away with anything but tonight we prove you wrong. Then he hauled off and paddled her ass again. Tisha closed her eyes and gritted her teeth in agony.

"Are you gonna behave now bitch? Or do I have to discipline you again?" Tony pulled the panties form her mouth and she said softly spoke.

"Yes. Please I'm sorry. Pl...please don't hit me anymore. Please." My dick grew another 3 inches seeing her reduced to a begging whore. Tony was very pleased. There was a twinkle in his eye. "That's a good little slut. Just what I wanted to hear."

Tony kneeled down behind her and propped her up on her knees while I fingered her. He took off all of his clothes and started to squeeze and knead her pillowy ass. I was working three fingers in and out her when I noticed something. She was getting very wet.

"Tony check it out man she's getting into it. The bitch is getting off."

"Is that so? Well lets see if she like this. Tony bent over and started to eat her pussy from behind. Tony moaned and hissed as her ate her. I spanked and squeezed her ass and reached under her to get a handful of titty while he worked on her wet hole. She was trying to fight it but it was obvious she was getting more and more turned on.

"Please stop. Don't do this to me. I..I..I'll do anything."

"You got that right sugar. You're gonna do any and everything tonight." I stood up and dropped my jeans. I couldn't wait any longer and I slid to the top of the bed and under Tisha. My nice inch snake was inches from her mouth.

"Open wide sugar and suck it all in." She closed her mouth and shook her head. I reached down and pinched her nipples and Tony grabbed the paddle and pounded her ass again. "Suck it right now slut." She opened her mouth and took in about 4 inches. That's not what I came here for. There wasn't going to be any tame cocksucking tonight. I grabbed her head in both hands and shoved her further down on my engorged weapon. It was heaven hearing her gag on my thick cock.

"Suck it slut. Suck it right or I'll shove it into your stomach." I kept a hold of her head as I felt her start to bob up and down. She was still going too slow and wasn't getting enough of me in her mouth. I pushed her down farther until I could feel myself getting to her throat. She tried pushing her head up off of my cock but her effort was useless and I pushed the head into her throat. I wrapped my hands in her braids and started to drive her head up and down raping her mouth and throat. I thrust my hips up and slammed her head down repeatedly. I was fucking the black princesses' face and loving every second of it. The room was filled with the sound of her choking and the wet sloppy facefucking I was giving her. Ever so often I would snatch her head up off my cock completely and watch her gasp for air as her saliva drooled all over my raging cock. I can't begin to tell you how erotic the sight of this black beauty out of breath and drooling on my pole was.

Tony stood up and stroked himself a few times and lined himself up with her juicy hole. He placed both hands on her ass and dug his fingers in as he thrust forward. Her comfort was of no concern as he buried all 9 inches of himself into her in one stroke. She obviously wasn't ready for this big dick invasion and she instinctively tried to lift her head while wailing over my black pole in her mouth. This just turned me on even more and I gripped her braids tighter and slammed her face down on my cock to the hilt. Tony was driven by revenge as he started to pound her.

"I've waited a long time for this you little whore. Watching you walk around shaking your fat ass teasing every man that comes along, disrespecting anyone with the balls to approach you. This is what a prissy cunt like you needs. A good hard fucking to put you in your place." Tonys hands were dug into Tishas ass using her ample butt cheeks for leverage as he began his assault on her cunt. He fucked her with long immensely hard strokes. He'd pull his cock out until just the tip remained inside and them slammed his self home. Tisha was moaning over my cock as I tried to impale her face. Tony picked up the paddle and whacked her ass as he fucked her. I let go of her braids and her head popped up.

"Aaaarrrgh. Y..yyyour d..d..d.dick i..i..is sooo b..b..big.!" I broke into a sinister laugh and grabbed her braids again. But instead of pushing my dick into her mouth I just started slapping her mouth and face with my meat while she screamed in agony. Tony spanked her some more and released the paddle. Then he clutched her hips and began to work her pussy in earnest. I was mesmerized as he picked up his pace and began to power drill her tight black pussy. Her mouth hung open but she could speak no words as Tony fucked her with all his might. I slapped her face silly with my big cock while she tried to brace herself for the forceful penetration.

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