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The Big Suck


From some point in my young adult life, and even before I was married, the idea of a happily married wife enjoying sex with other men has been a huge turn on for me. I know when and how this fantasy began for me but I am still at a loss (intellectually) of how to reconcile this fascination with all that we are taught as being normal.

As a young college student my then girlfriend and I lived next door to an middle-aged couple who were very lower middle class (what can I say? I was a college student) and not at all attractive. But one day the wife stopped by and asked if I wanted any of the huge stack of adult magazines which they were going to otherwise throw out. Now, being a very sexually active and inquisitive young male, how could I let a treasure trove of this magnitude go to waste? So, with my girlfriend's blessing we took in these homeless skin mags and tried to give them a good home.

I was working my way through them, setting aside those of interest and having articles or models which I found particularly stimulating, when I read one article in an old "Hustler". The article was entitled "The Big Suck" and was about a housewife who ended up having sex with a neighbor she encountered in the laundry room of their building. Now this was not shocking, in and of itself, but the fact that she told her husband, who LOVED it and then they arranged for her to fuck him so he could watch was something else entirely!! I was instantly and thoroughly hooked!! The article and the description of his wife sucking and fucking that big dick was an incredible revelation to me!!

I must have read that article five times a day for weeks. I am sure I came more in the next few days than I had up to that point in my life!! When I wasn't jacking off, thinking about it, I was thinking about jacking off, thinking about it. I showed the article to my girlfriend and had her read it. I began sharing this fantasy with her and having her share the fantasy with me. I would have her tell me about the other guys she fucked and how much she liked it; about their cocks and balls and how many times she would cum. We even began to role play where she would either tell me about having sex with some (fantasy) lover or even call me by another name while we made love.

Now, flash forward to my married life. No surprise that this scenario remains one of my most intense and enduring fantasies. My wife and I have often done this role playing and fantasizing. It was not until a couple of years ago that I found out and realized that "my" fantasy is not all that unique or unheard of. I found and frequented websites that are dedicated to the idea of playing, loving wives. At first I was able to keep this all a game and fantasy but the desire to live the dream became too much and I began thinking of ways that I could make it happen.

Naturally, the first thing was to determine if my wife would even consider it. Then I thought, I have a great, honest relationship with my wife where nothing sexual is hidden or "off limits". We openly discuss anything and everything. I am pretty sure if she asked if another woman could join us, or if she told me she had, or wanted to have sex with another woman, I'd be OK with it!! So, I began bringing it up during sex and while we were watching adult movies; "Honey, how do you like him?" or, "I'll bet that would feel good in you, huh?". It didn't take long before she was more than comfortable sharing this fantasy and elaborating on it.

One day I came home and she informed me that "Eric" the cable guy had been there that day! She even went so far as to tell me how cute he was. How she had offered him a glass of wine as it was his last call of the day. How she followed him around the house, showing him where things were and answering his questions. At one point he indicated that he might not have the right equipment to complete the job and might have to come back the next day. My wife made some remark to him that she though he had all the equipment necessary but that he could come back any time he wanted. There was an awkward pause but nothing happened.

When I got home that night my wife related the story to me and went so far as to tell me she had not been wearing panties the whole time he was there!! Just as soon as we got the kids to bed she literally jumped on me and could not wait to get my pants down! Knowing full well what had (almost) gotten into her, I immediately began encouraging her:

"Ah, yes," I said as she began to fondle my exposed cock and balls, "Eric got you worked up today, didn't he?"

"Yes," she said, "and it was all I could do to keep from fucking him like I am going to fuck you now," she exclaimed.

As she began to suck my swelling dick, I praised her for her for nasty thoughts and her efforts to seduce him. I told her how much I appreciated her slutty intentions and how unfortunate it was that he had not taken her up on it. She now mumbled her understanding as she bobbed on my hardening cock and fondled my hanging balls. I told her what a great cock-sucker she was and how much I looked forward to her having the opportunity to "practice" on Eric or any other hung stud she might take a shine to. I thanked her for her willingness to fulfill my fantasy through her wanton behavior and her desire to tell me every detail. meanwhile she continued to stroke my cock into her eager mouth. her efforts redoubled each time I mentioned Eric's name or praised her. Now she was attempting to deep-throat me, something which she almost never did, as if the notion of sucking Eric's cock spurred her to behave in such a manner as might be reserved for some first-time encounter, to prove her skill and disregard for subtlety. She let go of my cock, reaching around and grabbing my ass with both hands while steadily impaling her face with my rock-hard dick. She rocked back and forth, stuffing her face with cock meat, imagining the pleasure she was giving to both her husband and her imaginary lover from that day.

"Oh yes, suck Eric's big dick honey! Take his boner in your mouth and make him cum in your throat. Fuck your face with his pole and take his cum, knowing your husband would love to see you being such a slut!"

She let go of my ass with her right hand and began to squeeze my hanging balls just before they started to pull up into my body. She tugged at them roughly and slid my entire dick back into her throat, looking up at me with an _expression I know was intended for Eric as I began to spurt my cum into her mouth and throat. She gagged slightly but to my utter surprise and shock kept as much length of my shooting dick in her face as possible and began to jack me off into her sucking mouth! She swallowed my load in its entirety and greedily sucked until I was spent and she had taken my full load.

Slowly, as I began to soften, she looked up at me and rose to my waiting kiss. She shared with me the lingering taste and texture of my own sperm and pulled back, saying, "Next time it will be someone else's... " By the look in her eyes, I knew she meant it!

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