tagFirst TimeThe Big Tease

The Big Tease

byTx Tall Tales©


There's teasing, and then there's TEASING!


I felt a little odd about entering the co-ed bathroom area. The wet room where you could rinse off the worst of your grime, the sauna and the plunge pool were all co-ed, with doors leading off to the separate men's and ladies shower areas. A big sign overhead read "NO NUDITY", and appeared to be adhered to, for the most part.

Which was pretty good for a bunch of 18-22 year olds who were on their own for the first time.

The wetroom was entered through a common entry, with a student guard tasked with checking ID's. The pool and the field-house both fed into the check-through point, which could also be accessed from outdoors.

I'd completed my 10k run, but the unexpected downpour muddied the trails badly, and I was splattered up to my waist in grime. In spite of the condition, I was feeling good. It was the first really easy run I'd had in a while, and the miles seemed to strip away the stress and pain of the last few months, leaving me refreshed, and cautiously optimistic. The rain helped to cleanse my soul, and slough off some of the resentment I'd been harboring.

I'd stayed on the plastic runner through the commons, stepping under one of the open showers fully dressed, sluicing off the worst of the mess. I didn't even bother closing the curtain.

The wetroom was only about half-full, but I knew that would be short lived. The level of noise spilling out of the lady's locker area indicated a full house, and I'd seen an army of grubby, rain splattered men headed this way from the outside field. I'd just beat the crowd. Glancing around I saw a few co-eds rinsing off, a couple in swimsuits, and one in running gear. I'll say one thing: the girls in this place were a giant step up in the looks department.

New to the campus, and having been without female company for several weeks, I was horny and frustrated. I tore my gaze away, not wanting to drive myself any crazier. And I didn't need to be sporting a hard-on in the open area.

Stepping out of the shower, I quickly stripped off my outer clothing, until I stood in just my jockey's, wringing out my running gear. The new arrivals were pouring in, and I managed to slip back into my shower stall, one of only six on that side of the room, just ahead of a truly stunningly filthy guy.

"Hey! That's my shower," the mud-creature announced loudly.

"Just a sec, Ok? I was here first and I'm almost done," I answered reasonably.

"Fuck, I need it worse," he growled. "You're clean already."

I guess I could have been accommodating, but I didn't feel the need. "Almost done. Take it easy."

The lines were forming at each shower, almost 3 deep now, and the mysterious mud-man turned and stomped off, cursing. I kept an eye open for trouble, never trusting strange males in packs, and watched the filthy fellow saying something to one of the girls across the way. She seemed to argue with him for a second before acknowledging his pointing me out. As she sauntered my way, I saw the Mr. McFilthy approach the lady's locker entrance and call out to another hottie.

The young lady approached my shower, without comment, stepped into the entrance and lifted up a bottle of shampoo, with the apparent intent of squirting me with it. As fun as it sounded, I wasn't playing along. I grabbed her wrist as she held it up, and turned the bottle around.

"You wouldn't!" the girl said, surprised.

I raised my eyebrows, and squirted her fabulous bikini clad body thoroughly, getting a chuckling response from those standing nearby. I soaked her thoroughly from head to toe while she struggled against my hand, thrashing about. She'd be rinsing off for a while.

Just then a smoking hot blonde wearing only a towel appeared beside me. She was wielding a lipstick container, and painting her lips bright red. "Is that any way to treat a lady?" She asked pouting, nodding toward her friend. "We only wanted to help."

She reached up with that lipstick in her hand. I wasn't sure of her intent, but 'help' didn't seem likely. Still holding the first girl's wrist, I grabbed the new beauty by the makeup wielding hand twisted it and turned, dragging the first girl under the shower and the new girl into the back of the small cramped space. The water sprayed on her towel, and the added water weight dragged the cloth to the ground, leaving her standing in her panties. She had absolutely perfect breasts.

"Hey! Careful, I just dried my hair!" She griped, backing up and swinging at me with her free hand. She hit like a girl. The brunette was trying to wash off the majority of the shampoo, while she was under the running water.

"Damn, ladies. What's the deal? All this because I beat some guy to the shower?" I asked.

The blonde stopped struggling, looking at me hard. "You did what?"

"I got to the shower first. It's the way of the world, right? First come first served. Second is the first loser and all." The brunette tugged her hand away hard, and used both hands to continue rinsing herself. "Fuck Alan. I should have known."

"Known what?" I asked, glancing back and forth between the two beauties, my eyes straying longer then necessary on the blonde's bodacious ta-tas. I finally released her weapon hand, but she seemed oblivious to it.

"BT. The Big Tease. It's a little sister thing. But it's only supposed to be for big stuff, you know? Dogging some guy's chick, stuff like that." The brunette looked truly irritated.

"He is such an ass, Linda. I can't believe we went along," the blonde griped, snatching the shower curtain closed, ruining the show for those outside.

Things were looking up. Two half-naked women in the shower with me behind a closed curtain. I really didn't care how they got there.

"And the Big Tease?" I asked.

The brunette turned down the shower level. "You know, tease some guy, get him all worked up, then hammer him down. You tell him, Eve."

"Like I give you a big hug, but I'm really writing something on your back, like 'GAY', or 'ASSHOLE'."

"And that's if we're taking it easy. We might take you back to our place, get you undressed, and then run you out of there to march home naked for the whole quad," Linda explained.

"Wanna get him back?" I asked.

"Fuck yeah, he's such a loser. I can't believe they even let him join," Eve growled.

"Le-gacy," Linda answered sing-song.

I turned off the shower completely, took the lipstick from Eve, and painted up her lips, and then Linda's. I then leaned my cheek over for a kiss, and she got the idea. After just a few seconds I had kiss marks all over my face, neck and chest. I took the lipstick, and feeling daring, I leaned down and painted a pair of lips on Eve's left tit about an inch above her nipple.

"That looks so fake," Linda said. She took the lipstick from me, and redid her lips, then she planted half a dozen lipstick marks on Eve's chest, the last one's carefully surrounding each hard nipple. "That's better," she announced with a grin.

Jesus, this was getting better by the minute.

"Better but not complete," Eve answered, retrieving her lipstick. She painted her mouth again, leaned in and slid Linda's bikini top down and off of her chest. She then placed a number of kiss marks on the brunette's quite substantial assets. Once more the nipples were not ignored.

"You girls are bad," I laughed softly. Two girls. Four bare breasts. Could it get any better?

"You started it," Linda reminded me. Then she leaned over at the waist, pulled the top of my underwear down and inch, and planted a few last kisses right at the waistline. Not to be outdone, Eve dropped down to her knees and very carefully left three very clear lip impressions on my white Jockey's, two of them clearly on my aching erection.

She stood, wrapped her soaked towel around her waist, and threw open the shower curtain. We must have had an audience of a dozen or more. The girls threw their hair back and marched proudly off to their locker room. At the last second Linda turned around. "Hey, what's your name?"

"Dirk," I answered.

"See you later Dirk, and thanks, that was fun," she said turning and putting her arm around Eve's waist, before strolling away.

There was an explosion of noise following their leaving, and I was definitely at the center of it. I was worried I might get my ass kicked, but it turned out for the best. Everyone was pretty cleaned up except for the original instigator who was being berated by some of his bros, for abusing the system. Other guys were just talking about the amazing sight they'd seen, while a few were actually talking to me, trying to get the scoop.

I played dumb. "Fuck if I know what's going on, one minute I'm cleaning up, and the next I'm in the middle of a lezbo-porno movie scene. God is good."

* * *

If I thought that was the end of it, I was sorely mistaken. When I stepped out of the locker rooms, most of the dirt and lipstick removed, I headed for the cafeteria. A tall, leggy blonde walked over to me. "Dirk? I'm Katy, can you wait with me here a second? I'm here for Eve."

I was willing enough to hang out with the attractive girl, who was curious about the whole scene which had just played out. I gave her my part of it, and she was laughing, especially when I told her the whole end of it, after the girls had left.

Linda and Eve came jogging up to me, with several followers in tow. Each took an arm and started pulling me along. "C'mon, hurry. We can't get caught."

"Caught at what?" I asked, going along willingly. Damn, these girls were good looking!

"Part two of the payback." We were turning into the frat quad, and a couple of guys met us at the entrance to the biggest building there. "Dirk, this is Frank and Ulysses, they're going to help."

Frank laughed, "God, Alan's stirred up a hornet's nest this time. What a weenie."

Ulysses held out his hand which I shook. "He's good for laughing though," he said, his accent sounding Spanish or Italian.

"Come ON!" Eve barked, pulling me into the house. Lunch was on, and had already started. The table was half full. I was seated at the last seat on one side, with Frank at the end, and Ulysses beside me. The girls disappeared; I guess there was some kind of weird thing with guests going on.

Lunch was served at the table, nothing fancy, just sandwiches and fries, but it was good. The guys seemed amiable enough, and I was telling them a little of my recent history, and what had brought me to their campus, several weeks into the semester.

Three more brothers showed up in the dining room, and our mark Alan was among them. I saw him headed my way. He took one look at me, staggered to a halt, and almost shouted, "What the Fuck?"

Frank took the lead. "Hey Alan, didn't think you'd make it. Have you met Dirk here? He's a transfer and a legacy. We're just trying to figure out if we have space for him in the house."

"He's a transfer?" Alan asked, clearly stunned. "Shit. From where?"

"Penn." Frank told him, "By the way Alan, the TriDelts called and they're not too happy with you at the moment. What did they say, Ulysses?"

"Abused the BT, almost got a couple of the sisters in trouble. Got Eve involved in it," Ulysses told him around a bite from his sandwich.

"Shit, it's no big deal, right Dirk?" Alan looked nervous.

"Hell, I ain't complaining. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, but inviting two foxes into my shower more than makes up for it," I said.

One of the guys who'd just entered had sat down opposite me. He was laughing, "Y'all missed out. He had both Linda and Eve in there with him, and Eve dropped her top. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The girls closed the curtain, and when they came out, Linda had lost her top too. There was lipstick everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Shit! Wet dream in the making. Those tits were absolutely unbelievable. Don't know much about Dirk, there, but I gotta say, the guy's got game."

Frank leaned back. "Well, let's just hope they don't make the complaint formal. That's one shit list we can't afford to be on. Especially Linda - damn, she's vicious. What were you thinking, getting her involved?"

Alan just stood there, leaning from one foot to the other, waiting to hear just how much heat was on. I almost felt sorry for him. I mean, seriously, how bad could it be?

Alan finally started working his way around the table, looking for a seat. Frank stopped him. "Bud, until word comes down, I think we gotta put you on probation. Hate to do it."

"Aw, c'mon Frank, nothing happened! I just exaggerated the facts a bit, they'll get over it."

Bad timing. Or maybe perfect timing. Eve and Linda waltzed in, headed toward me. They paused in mid stride. "Get over it? I'm tempted to break ties, unless I can get some assurances that this shit won't happen again. We only do a few BT's a year. You guys should know better." Linda looked furious, standing there with her arms crossed, looking over the entire group.

God, she was a looker. She'd been a sight in the shower, but dressed up, wow! I only now realized I was seated before campus royalty.

Eve came around the table, and gave me a hug. "On a brother, too! What were you thinking, dip-shit?"

"I didn't know. I swear. I'm sorry, really I am, I was just tired, and dirty, and grouchy, and I fucked up, Ok? I blew it."

"Dirk says we should let it ride. No harm no foul. I guess you've got that going for you. We'll talk about it tonight. Is the mixer still on?" Eve asked Frank.

"Absolutely. We'll take care of Alan, Ok? No need to take this any further, is there?"

Linda was standing beside me. "What do you think, Dirk?"

"Let it go, for me, please. I don't want to be causing trouble for my brothers when I'm just getting to know them. I'm sure we can deal with it internally."

Eve was tugging me out of my chair, "Let's go. We promised you the tour, least we could do after this fuck up." She glared at Alan who was definitely sweating.

By the time we got outside, the girls were almost laughing hysterically. "This is going to be epic! I mean, everybody's in on it. I can barely wait until tonight."

We were headed toward the center of campus, and I was still confused, just going along for the ride. "Want to fill me in?"

Linda, the same Linda the guys called vicious, put her arm around me and gave me a squeeze. "You've been great, Dirk, really."

"You can make the mixer tonight, right? If you don't it'll spoil everything," Eve added.

"So it's not over yet?" I asked.

"Hell no!" Linda told me, her arm warm around my waist. "This is going to be the Ultimate Tease! This is so classic."

"You got that pledge lined up for Alan?" Eve asked.

"Marie? In the bag. She's so desperate to join I think she'd do almost anything," Linda said.

"Almost anything? I guess that might even include Alan Richards."

They giggled wickedly, and I was happy I wasn't in his shoes.

They left me outside the Math building. "Class calls. But don't you dare be late!" Linda told me, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Trust me, it'll be worth it," Eve giggled, giving me a hug and a kiss.

This was turning out to be one of the best days of my life.

"Wait! What's late? When should I be there?" I asked, realizing I was still in the dark.

"8 o'clock," Linda yelled down from the steps.

I checked my watch. 7 hours and 5 minutes until showtime.

* * *

I was sharing a beer with Frank and "Tank", another brother I'd just met. 7:45, not a chance I was going to be late. Once more I was giving out some 'details' of the shower action, including the whole lipstick bit. When I told them about Eve's application of lipstick marks to my underwear, maybe embellishing the tale just a bit, I was suddenly a hero, getting high-fives all around. "About time somebody got to her," Tank laughed.

"I can't say I 'got to her', but it was sweet. And those two sets of tits? Awesome," I admitted.

"I bet." Frank said. "Listen, you're not in some fraternity already are you?"

"Nope. No frats at the last school. What was with telling him I was from Penn?" I asked.

"They're a strong chapter, that's all. Good school too."

"What was your last school," Tank asked.

It was a subject I'd hoped to avoid. "Harvard."

Tank looked at me wide-eyed. "What the hell are you doing here? Fail out? Run out of cash?" He asked.

"No. It's a long story. Mom's not well, and I'm all the family she has, so I'm trying to stay nearby. Could be a semester, could be years. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants at the moment," I admitted.

Frank poured me another beer. "Sorry to hear it. Family's important. I'm surprised you didn't just take some time off."

"Light load this semester, three classes. I just want to see how it goes."

"Harvard's loss is our gain," Frank said. "And if you're looking for some campus family, we should talk. I think you'd be a great fit here."

"Thanks." I told him, toasting his beer. "I mean it. You guys are great, even if you're a little hard on Alan."

"Shit. Hard? He's lucky the Big Tease is all he's getting. He's on shaky ground as is. If the girls pressed it, we'd really have to do something. I'm glad they're going at it this way." Frank explained.

"No shit." Tank pitched in. "After that fuckup taking those books from the library, he needs to be on the best behaviour. I don't care who his old man is."

"Looks like it's show time," Frank said, with a nod toward the entrance.

A bevy of beauties was making their entrance, and turning the heads of most of the guys there. They split up at the entrance, and I watched in admiration as Eve, Linda, and another stacked blonde made their way to us.

The new girl went straight to Frank and collected a kiss. "If it isn't our favorite Sigs," she said, stealing his beer.

"And our newest favorite," Linda said walking up and giving me a big kiss. Surprised the hell out of me.

Eve slid in after her, and if possible, gave me an even better kiss, her tongue parting my lips and tangling with mine for a moment. She stayed by my side and I gave her my beer.

"Good thing you're here. You wouldn't want to be on our shit list. You could have blown everything," Linda said softly.

"Not a chance in hell. Wild horses couldn't have kept me away. Hell, if I'd known the kind of greeting I'd be getting, I would have been here an hour early and nailed my feet to the ground," I joked.

"That would be a shame. We couldn't dance with you then, and trust me, that's going to be a show you wouldn't want to miss," Linda giggled.

"Want to fill me in?" I asked.

"All you need to do is go along. For tonight, the two women everyone on campus wants are yours, as far as anyone here has to know. Everything's cool, Frank?" Eve asked.

"Everyone who needs to know is in. This will be legendary."

The new girl laughed. "I can't believe you two. This is absolutely wicked. I'm so jealous."

"You can still play, Sharon." Linda reminded her.

"No. Frank and I are a known thing. It's too complicated to try to play that off. No, I'm happy enough to be in the know."

"Hey, Marie's making her move. Over in the corner," Linda said. I saw where they were looking. Alan was by himself, sitting in a chair, and a cute little blonde was parked on the arm, sipping a beer. Were all these girls blonde? Linda was about the only brunette TriDelt I'd seen so far. That's a lot of peroxide.

"Time for our show, let's go," Eve said, tugging me by the hand.

There was music playing and a few couples were dancing in the middle of the room. Within seconds, I had two gorgeous girls dancing with me, up close and intimate. I was sandwiched between them, and they were grinding against me every chance they got. We were only about 10 feet away from Alan and company, and we certainly had his attention, as well as that of most of the house. Frank and Sharon were dancing nearby, and as the floor got more crowded, the three girls shared their attention between both Frank and I. I'm proud to say I got the lion's share of it.

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