tagLoving WivesThe Birthday Present

The Birthday Present

bySensuous Storyteller©

The two beautiful women sat at the table in Irene's kitchen sipping coffee and talking. Irene, an elegant tall blonde was an attractive contrast to her vivacious and petite brunette friend, Denise.

Denise had just taken a sip of her creamy coffee and was savouring the warm flavorful taste on her tongue when Denise started choking on her carelessly swallowed mouthful.

Laughing, Irene quickly jumped up to pat her friend on the back. With her eyes still watering and gasping for a breath between coughs, Denise turned to Irene and said, "WHAT'd you say?" Grinning at her very dear friend, Irene repeated her request. "Come on Denise, you heard me. It is Tom's birthday on Saturday and I want you to be his very special birthday present."

Denise could not believe her ears as she shook her head at Irene's shocking request, and whispered, "Why?" Irene patiently explained to Denise in a tone that she would normally use for the very young or the mentally inept.

"You're 24 years old and beautiful; you're sexy and as crazy as I am and you're exactly what any 35 year old man would love for his birthday but the most important part is you are my best friend and you know how much I love Tom. I trust you to be his gift and nothing more." "Oh Irene, I don't know? Are you sure?" Denise frowned at the crazy, grinning blond sitting across the table from her.

When Irene realized that her friend was going to do it, she got up and came around the table to hug her. She knew her best friend would not let her down, "I'm sure." She answered.

As if planned that way, Tom's birthday fell on a Saturday. Denise arrived early to what she now referred to her as her 'nutty friend's apartment', to prepare herself to be his gift. If stripping down to nothing and wearing a big red bow around her neck was considered getting ready. For the tenth time since Irene suggested this, she thought to herself that she must be nuts for doing it.

Denise had bathed, shaved, creamed and perfumed herself at home. She had also applied her make up to her already beautiful face and expertly swept her hair up into an untidy knot, for that soft messy seductive look, men always seemed to love. Unbeknownst to Tom, his birthday present was ready and waiting and nervously standing in his living room waiting for him to return from the office.

Irene sent Tom on a wild goose chase to give them time to prepare. She told him that his boss had called earlier and said he was stopping by for that report she knew Tom had left on his desk at the office. Luckily, Tom had told her the night before that his boss had a big meeting in Seattle, so pretending his boss had called for it sounded completely feasible.

Tom left the apartment in a lousy mood, not pleased at all to have to go to the office on his day off and not just any day off but his birthday. Knowing he had no choice Tom left to get the errand done and over with. Pleased with herself, Irene watched her grown husband leave for the office like a little boy having to go cut the lawn instead of going off to play with his friends.

Irene got herself ready by slipping on her long sheer baby blue nightgown, knowing it was one of Tom's favourites. Looking at herself in the mirror, she could see that she looked nothing short of spectacular. With a naughty smile, Irene whispered, 'This is going to be some birthday, Tom.'

A short time later, Irene heard the familiar footfalls just outside the apartment door. With her heart pounding loudly and the blood rushing through her veins, she hurried to open it for him. Surprised that the door had opened before his hand had even reached the knob, Tom stepped into the apartment. With a big smile he looked at his sexy wife dressed in his favourite attire and planted a big sloppy kiss on her lovely soft lips. Pulling away, Irene took a moment to smile into her husband's blue eyes before turning his body to face the living room so he could clearly see his birthday present.

Tom's eyes widen as he saw his wife's lovely friend Denise standing naked but for a big red bow around her slim neck. Slowly Tom realized that this lovely creature was to be his birthday present. Irene grinned at the big smile plastered on her husband's face as the realization set in.

Tom had mentioned several times to his wife, that that he would love to make love to two women at the same time, but he had never really expected that his fantasy would ever come true. In total awe Tom turned his eyes back to the fidgety but exceptionally beautiful Denise. Taking his big hand in hers, Irene led Tom into the living room. Stopping in front of his 'birthday present', Irene stepped aside.

Denise , totally unsure of what to do next decided that the best move was to get the show on the road, so she stepped forward and on tip-toes she leaned in to kiss his lips and whisper, 'Happy Birthday, Tom.' Her naked breasts crushed to his chest as he pulled her close to kiss her back.

As their lips parted, Denise slid her hands down his warm strong chest and slid her slender fingers beneath the buttons of his shirt and undid them, one by one. As Denise began to undress him, Tom glanced over at his sexy wife noting that she had stepped away when her best friend came to wish him a Happy Birthday. He frowned as he noticed that she was standing with her arms crossed over her luscious breasts just watching the scene as it unfolded. Her body language was talking loud and clear but because this was her idea, Tom just turned back to Denise thinking he'd just give her a little time and they'd see where this goes.

Denise tugged the shirttail from his buttoned pants and swiftly slipped the shirt down his back before tossing it aside. Coming even closer, she caressed his chest enjoying the feel of her fingers as they ran through the soft hair covering his pecs. As her fingers traced the line of hair from his chest to his belly, she felt the fine soft hair turn dense and coarse. Nimble fingers expertly tucked into the waistband of his pants as she quickly buttoned them. Tom sucked in his breath as her busy little fingers accidentally grazed the moistened tip of his already hard cock. The sound of his zipper being lowered by Denise's pink tipped fingers clamored loudly in the tense room.

Denise knelt down before him and helped Tom slip navy Dockers down his long lean legs. Soft fingers slipped into the waistband of his shorts and with a tug they followed his pants to the floor. Her hot breath was just inches away from his engorged penis and Tom thought he would explode right then and there. Reaching to his sides, he quickly disposed of his socks himself. Now Tom was as naked as Denise.

Irene tried to stifle a gasp as she watched her friend grip her husband's hard cock, but it was too late; they both heard it and Tom was the first to turn his head to see if his pretty wife was ok. Tom could see the struggle in his wife's eyes as she tried desperately to cope with the situation that she herself had created.

Just as Denise was about to take Tom's throbbing cock inside her mouth, he felt her moist breath and he ached. His eyes looked back to his wife and seeing her still struggling he knew he had to do something. With Herculean strength he pulled his cock from Denise's inviting mouth. Tom turned and asked Irene to slip off her gown so she could join in the naked party.

Without hesitation she did as he had asked. The soft pretty blue gossamer gown flew across to land on a chair nearby as Irene pulled it up from the hem and let it fly. Her long silky blond hair bounced back to her soft shoulders and Tom let his eyes take in her beautiful body but he still noticed the sadness glistening in her eyes. Without losing eye contact with those of his wife, Tom sat down naked on their couch as he gripped his own hot, pulsating cock.

A little startled and unsure of where to go from here, Denise looked over at Irene to see what was going on. She was just in time to see the grateful smile her friend gave her husband, silently thanking him for understanding. Tom smiled back at her and with that smile he told Irene that everything would be just fine from now on.

Tom leaned back on the sofa and opened his legs. He took his cock in hand and began to slowly stroke himself as he stared at the two lovely naked beauties before him. Deciding that this night could still be very exciting he decided to take control of the rest of the evening.

In a warm husky voice, Tom asked Irene, "Go to Denise and 'open' my birthday present for me?"

Smiling gratefully at her husband for his surprisingly intuitive insight during this startling dilemma, Irene happily went over to Denise to slowly untie the big, red bow from her neck. Raising her arm in the air with the ribbon dangling from her fingers, she dropped it to the floor in a warm thick pile.

Shaking his head from side to side, Tom thanked his wife but said, "That's not what I meant honey, but its ok for now."

Tom laughed when he saw the lines of confusion crease both their foreheads in wonder at what he did mean. Not wanting to waste any more time, Tom said, "Kiss her, Irene. I want to watch you kiss her."

Although, they had been good friends for a very long time, Denise and Irene had never considered experimenting with anything even remotely bi-sexual. But Irene wanted so much to make up for her unsettled jealousy that she found herself actually thankful to Tom for giving her a way out of her self-inflicted predicament. Irene looked to her friend for her approval with this new change of events. Denise caught on quickly and eagerly nodded her consent. Taking the lead, the taller Irene bent to the shorter Denise and placed her soft red lips on her paler pink ones. Simultaneously, the women opened their eyes in mutual shock at how erotic the kiss was. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect such a gentle, tender kiss to be so hot.

Tentatively, the tip of Irene's moist tongue slipped out and it was quickly invited in as Denise opened her mouth wider. Denise didn't waste anytime either as she allowed her tongue to dance with Irene's. The moment was frozen in time and they both felt the passion of the kiss and that was all that mattered. They forgot that Tom was watching them and that they had only intended for it to be a 'show'. Moving closer into each other's naked arms, they wrapped themselves in the warmth and softness of each other's body. They were totally unaware of the erotic scene they created for Tom. They looked so beautiful.

Fascinated by sensation of their naked breasts touching each other, they melted into each others arms. A little breathless, their kiss finally ended. Shocked themselves by the responses from their own bodies, they soon realized that they both were barely holding in a flood of womanly juices deep inside themselves. Their naked breasts were flushed pink and heaved slightly as they tried to catch their breath. Four lovely nipples, all nicely puckered bumped against each other causing an electric current of arousal to shoot through them with each touch. Tom was in his glory! What a sight! Absently, Tom sat stroking himself a little harder and a little faster as he watched the women in their erotic moment. As he stroked he thought of the way he was going to ask them to push themselves deeper for their pleasure as well as his.

With an idea in mind, he reluctantly released his cock to move the long rectangle coffee table into just the right position. Carefully, he lined it up with his place on the sofa so he wouldn't miss a thing while the ladies played. Once he was satisfied with the layout, he took Denise by the hand and led her to the table. He encouraged her without the use of words to sit on the table and then lay back with each foot placed on either side.

Denise shivered as the cold smooth surface of the table hit her back but the real reason she shivered was because of the look on the faces of her two friends as they stared unabashedly at her wet, shaven sex that was in full view.

Tom took his eyes from Denise's prize to look at the pure lust on his wife's face as her eyes were glued to the feminine folds of her best friend. He only took a moment to silently reflect on how wonderful this birthday present was turning out to be.

Denise knew her nipples were bullet hard just as she knew that her smooth nether lips were glistening from the honey she felt flow like molten lava during one of the most erotic kisses she had experienced so far in her young life. As she looked up she saw that Tom had returned to the sofa and Irene was staring at her lustfully. She shivered when she heard Tom's voice again.

'Honey, open my present for me'

Looking back at Tom, Irene saw that her husband was stroking his erection slowly but with hard pressed restraint. Not quite sure what her husband was asking her, Irene looked into his face. She read his request there. His eyes told her what his mouth did not. With a tiny nod, Irene showed him she understood this time.

Kneeling down next to Denise, who looked as inviting as the willing sacrifice she was, she touched her. For the first time in her life, Irene's fingers spread open the smooth labia that were not her own. Not only did the scent of the aroused woman float softly in the air, the smacking sound of suction as her lips spread apart and the sight of her shiny juice dribbling down her slit sent Irene over the edge and Tom was not far behind.

Opening her lips wider, Irene and Tom enjoyed the sight of her pretty pink shell like skin, so smooth and inviting. Grimacing as he tried to slow his stroking and hold back his point of no return, Tom blurted out only two words, 'Kiss her'

Irene didn't even look up at her husband; she just got up from her knees to go kiss Denise again; the delicious erotic memory of the last kiss was still very vivid on her mind. Tom quickly saw that his wife was going to misinterpret his request barely squeaked out a 'wait'

Turning to Tom, Irene saw the sheen of sweat that covered his brow, his lip, his chest and she knew he was hanging on by a thread. The swollen head of his cock looked ripe and ready to burst at any moment. Irene looked into his eyes and could see that Tom couldn't even speak; he just shook his head no and looked down to the wet waiting cunt inviting someone, something, anything. Smiling her understanding, Irene knelt down to her friend again.

Irene's thumbs gently spread the swollen, silky labia wide, and then carefully pulled back the hood that protected her clit. Irene's tongue shyly slipped out and the tip slowly flicked across the bud. Denise screamed. Her hips rose and bucked right off of the table and met Irene's mouth with full force but quickly brought her hips back down away from her mouth as if the passion was too much. Irene didn't care, her mouth clamped over the soft pliable bud and sucked for all she was worth, not letting go and enjoying the scent and taste as much as Denise was enjoying being tasted.

Tom was in agony but an agony he did not want to be saved from. The sight of his wife's red manicured thumb holding back the hood of her friend's clit almost made him spew his seed across the room. His eyes glued to the scene as his wife released the bud only long enough to bury her tongue deep in the folds of her friend's cunt sucking greedily at the juices spilling out. The sounds of slurping and moans from both of the women enjoying their play heedless of his spying eyes pushed Tom to the brink.

Tom's moans joined with the women's as hot jets of white come shot from the head of his swollen cock. Spurt after spurt as if it would never end shot out across the room. One creamy blob landed on the table, the carpet and one last drip landed on the soft inside of Denise's milky thigh very close to her wet fragrant pussy. As Tom continued to stroke and milk every last drop from his body, his eyes slowly looked up just in time to see his wife slip her pink tongue out to lap up the come from her friend's thigh. Her tongue licked greedily just like a kitten would with a delicious bowl of cream.

All Tom could do was think, 'My God, what a great birthday present! How will she top this next year?'

© 2005, Misty's Erotic Stories (rewrite)

© 1998, Misty's Erotic Stories

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