tagLoving WivesThe Birthmark Ch. 05

The Birthmark Ch. 05


Mary cried and cried until she just couldn't cry any more. Her face was red and marked with the water from those tears. She tried to tell her husband that she hadn't done anything wrong but as she sat at the kitchen table drinking her hot tea, she looked back at what had happened and she realized how bad it looked.

Even if it were true that she hadn't had sex with Jack, or anyone else for that matter it sure didn't look that way. The fact that she had lied to Bud telling him she was having brunch with her best friend Ann when she wasn't and then Phil Ann's husband had seen her at the mall going into the movies didn't help. Bud would want to know why she had to lie to go to the movies? She must have been doing something else too. But the true was she was supposed to be with Ann but instead she was at the mall just covering for Ann. She knew Bud would wonder where else that she was that day, that maybe she was with Jack.

And then Bud and Phil catching both her and Ann in the hotel room with Jack. And Jack and Ann were both nude! GOD! What would she think if the shoe were on the other foot? She knew! The same thing Bud was thinking now. Someone had cheated.

She remembered how Jack looked smiling standing there completely nude with his big wet cum covered cock pointing at her just after he had fucked and filled Ann's pussy with his cum. She remembered how her husband Bud looked when he stood in the doorway looking from her to Jack and then to Ann. God what did he think?

She remembered how Phil had looked when he too busted into the room and saw his wife lay there, her legs wide open with Jack's cum flowing out of her pussy on to the floor as it dripped between her legs and landed between Ann's feet.

And Mary remembered how Bud must have felt seeing her there, only a few feet away from her best friend and that SOB Jack. She knew Bud didn't realize that she was there only for Ann and was she was just about to leave. "Oh sure Mary. Sure", Bud would say when she told him that!

She knew Bud didn't realize that she was the one who had opened the door just before Bud was about to hit it with his fist. And that Bud didn't know she was about to leave. Even if she was the only one in the room that was still fully clothed and she was the only one who didn't cheat on her husband, it didn't look that way, no, not at all. All Bud saw was that she was there and so was Jack and Jack was nude.

It sure looked bad and like maybe he had done her first or was about to do her next. That she was just caught before she could take her clothes off. She was sure Bud would think exactly that and want to divorce her.

Then when Jack antagonized Bud, she knew he was doing it just to goat him into thinking he had fucked her as well as Ann. She was sure Jack was going to beat Bud when he jumped him. She never realized how hard and tough Bud really was under that even going look he almost always generated.

All she knew now was that Bud wasn't home and she wanted him to be there. She wanted to tell him what happened and more importantly what didn't happen and beg for him to forgive her. She only hoped it wasn't too late. Bud had never called her. He never even tried to get in touch with her, and never answered or returned any of her messages. He was released on bail that Phil had posted and Bud moved in with Phil until the trial. Ann hadn't come home and no one had seen her except the hospital staff when she came to visit Jack.

Phil filed for the divorce knowing he could never take Ann back. Ann realized it too and didn't try to go home. She was living in Jack's place while jack was recovering from being bat up.

Jack had spent three days in the hospital from the beating Bud gave him. Then two days before the trial he was released. Ann took him home to his place where they lived together until the trial started.


Everyone involved in the confrontation was called to testify at the trail by either the defense or the prosecution.

The prosecution called Phil to the stand. He testified that it had all started when he had seen Mary at the mall and then going into the movies alone. She and his wife Ann were supposed to be together at a brunch up north on Coastal highway. That got him wondering where his wife was while Mary was at the mall. He told the court that he waited until the movie was over and when Mary came out she was in fact alone. His wife wasn't with her.

That made Phil begin to think she was having an affair. Phil continued by saying that when he found out about Ann's affair with Jack, he decide to ask Bud to assist him as a witness when they found Mary in the hotel room with Jack. They also found Mary, Bud's wife in the hotel room too. Phil explained what he saw. As he was asked questions he responded by telling everyone that Ann and Jack were nude and that it looked as if they had just finished having sex. He also was asked about Mary. He told the court that Mary was fully clothed but that's she was only a few feet away from Jack and Ann. He explained that Jack's cock was still hard and he was walking towards Mary. That when she opened the door, she didn't know her husband and he was standing there. He didn't know why she had opened the door but Bud and he were just about to rap on it when she did. When it opened he and Bud pushed past Mary and into the room and saw what he already told the court. Then he informed the court about the fight. That Jack was the aggressor and Bud defended himself before Jack hit him. He told the judge that Bud had to hit Jack first or he would have hit Bud.

Ann was called as the next witness. She told the story of how she had begged Mary to lie for her and to tell her husband about going to brunch every Sunday. Ann told everyone that it was she who was with Jack on those Sundays, not Mary. Mary hadn't only lied to help her cheat on her husband Phil.

It was at that point that Ann realized her marriage was over but she wanted to try and save Mary's. She told the court about Jack's and their plans to seduce Mary that day when she came to the hotel room. Ann explained that they were planing to have a three-way with Mary. I was actually Jack's idea, but she went along with him because she wanted to have sex with Mary too. But then she said that she also wanted Mary to have sex with Jack too. At first she tried to talk Jack out of it. But he kept telling her that they were very good friends and that deep down inside Ann wanted to have sex with Mary as much as he did. He said she would enjoy sex with Mary's body as much as he would. Ann told the court that now she saw what Jack's plan was and that she now knows he was kidding her and only wanted to destroy Mary's marriage. That was a game he loved to play. She was just as guilty as Jack for getting Mary into that hotel room. Mary was just being too good of a friend. Ann told the court if she could get Mary to join them she could meet Jack every Sunday without having Mary lie to her husband. Jack and Ann could have sex and then Mary and Jack or her, there were a lot of options. She covered her face as she cried telling Mary how sorry she was.

The court gave her a minute to get herself together and then she continued. She told the court she knows now that Mary would never cheat on her husband. She knows now that she did things to Mary that weren't what a friend would do. She also told Mary how very sorry she was. Then she asked Bud to forgive Mary she never had sex with anyone. Ann also apologized to her husband and told him she wouldn't contest the divorce.

Then it was Mary who was called to the stand. As she stood and walked to the chair to get sworn in, Jack was thinking that if old Bud was sent away he would have another chance with her. He smiled as Mary was asked questions. She explained that Ann had called her and asked her to come to her hotel room. She explained that they were very close friends and that's Ann had done a number of things for her over the years. Mary felt it was her duty to repay her and so even if she didn't want to go, she felt she owned Ann that much. She told the court she was going to do it once and then never again. She said, she had actually changed her mind as the time came for her to leave home. But she couldn't reach Ann s she drove to the hotel to tell her to her face she wasn't staying, nor would she have sex with Jack. She said she was only staying long enough for her to explain to Ann why she wasn't staying or going along with this game.

She sighed loudly and then told the court she now regrets even going to the hotel very much. As she was questioned she told how Jack was the aggressor and how he had hit on her and hit on her every time he saw her. She explained that she came to the room but didn't participate in any of the sex that took place. She explained that Ann was giving Jack oral sex. Then they had intercourse only a minute before she had turned and walked to the door. When she opened it she saw her husband and she realized how bad it looked. Her best friend lying on the bed with Jack' sperm dripping out of her body was bad. But then when Bud saw Jack standing the nude walking towards her, it looked like she was going to be next. But she didn't have any sex with anyone.

The questioning went on for sometime and Bud began to realize what Jack and Ann had tried to do to Mary.

The court heard from two other women who had their marriages destroyed by Jack. They each explained how Jack had seduced them and then their husbands had found out about it. They both said that after about 3 or 4 months of sex with Jack, that their husbands seem to know exactly where they were meeting Jack when they had sex with them. They both testified that they were sure Jack had told their husbands somehow. But they had no proof. They felt that Jack enjoyed destroying marriages by having sex with married women. They weren't the only ones. He had a trail of women in this town and others nearby.

Bud testified that he had hit Jack first after Jack had egged him on by saying things about his wife as they all stood in the hotel room. He talked about Phil being tested first and how Phil had attempted to get to Jack. Then after Jack had beaten him up Jack started on Bud. When Bud retaliated, that's when the fight started and Jack got hurt.

When Jack testified he talked about the whores that many wives actually were. He told the court he never did anything but ask these women. He never kidnapped them, or blackmailed them at first, or forced his way with them. IN fact, these women came to him. They were the aggressors and he just took them like most men would when offered sex with suck beautiful women! The women were all exceptionally lovely. He then said that Ann and he had been having sex for over two months each Sunday. They spent 3 or 4 hours together each time. During that time he worked on her to get her to invite Mary to their little party. He wanted Mary badly. He admitted it. But when her husband showed up she hadn't done anything, yet. But then he told the court it was just a matter of time before he had her in bed too. She was game and even if she wouldn't admit it she was very interested in having sex with him and his equipment.

He testified that Bud did in fact hit him first. But that it was a lucky punch that made him hit his head and made him dizzy. That's why Bud beat him. If it weren't for that Bud would have been the one in the hospital. He said it again that Bud hit him first. He was sure Bud would 3 months or some time from being the aggressor.

When the trial was over Bud got probation without verdict due to Jack and his womanizer ways. The judge made special exceptions about not putting Bud behind bars for only defending his and his wife's honor. He told Jack if he ever saw him back in his court he would put Jack behind bars where he would be the one "hit on."

They all left the court and Bud and Mary knew they had a lot of talking to do but they held hands and went home to do it.


Phil left the courthouse by himself without Ann. As Ann walked down the street Jack came by on his bike and stopped. He told her to get on and Ann did just as Phil was coming around the corner in his car. He was going to offer Ann a ride when he saw her straddle Jack bike. He called to her but Jack was already moving. He could see Ann look back and then talk to Jack. Phil was sure she was telling Jack to stop. He didn't

Jack didn't bother or cared what Ann wanted at that moment. He was going to take Ann to a hotel and fuck her all damn day and night before leaving her there to deal you what ever happened to her.

Ann was still yelling at Jack to stop to let her off. But Jack wouldn't listen. In fact he sped up. Phil was behind them as they both weave in and out of the light traffic of mid afternoon.

Jack went faster and faster with Ann on the back of his bike. She was holding on now for dear life! Phil was still behind him but loosing ground fast. Jack smiled as he looked in his rear mirror seeing Phil's car falling further and further behind. He laughed and said to Ann, "Your old man hasn't got a prey trying to keep up with me! This bike is the fastest they make baby. Now we're going to have some fun at the beach then spend the night fucking!"

Ann was telling him she didn't want to go to the beach she just wanted off the fucking bike. As he neared the intersection the light was green but then went from green to yellow. He didn't slow down. Ann began yelling and hitting his back telling him the light was red!

He smiled as it actually did go from yellow to red! Jack only kept going faster. He knew if he ran the light Phil would have no idea where they went. Then he would have Ann all to himself.

One second, two seconds had passed now since the light had turned red. But Jack was wide open as the bike with its two passengers on it crossed the intersection against light! Jack didn't see the buss coming from his right he was telling Ann what he planned to do to her with his big cock. As they crossed the intersection the bus was crossing from the right. Ann saw it first! She screamed! The scream made Jack turn his head to the right and look. There was nothing he could do but close his eyes as they slammed into the bus at around 70 MPH. Bud had not even slammed on the brakes. Mary was flying now as the bus stopped the bike immediately but not her body. She came over the front of the bike and hit the bus with her head. Death came to her in less than a second as her head and brain were crushed against the side of the bus just before her neck broke. Jack wasn't that lucky. He was sucked under the bus and saw the front wheels roll over his body. He was still alive when the back wheels did the same. He lived for a few minutes before death came to him too.

Phil came to a stop and picked up his cell phone to called 911 but he knew it was to late. Phil began to cry he knew his wife was dead. But he also knew he would never know for sure if Ann was trying to get off the bike or telling Jack to go faster to loose him in traffic. Phil sat there and watched as the police and the ambulance showed up at the scene. "I guess none of us will know," he said to himself. He hung his head down and pressed it against the steering wheel.

While this was all happening, Bud and Mary were talking about what she had done. When they got home Mary dropped to her knees and began to beg him to take her back. He pulled her up into his arms and told her that while he was upset with her lying he wasn't as mad or upset as he would have been if she had cheated. He told her he would have never taken her back if she had done that! Bud explained that he loved her very much and he now realized that Mary had done nothing but lied for her friend. While that was bad enough, Bud realized to himself that it could have been so much worst, much worst indeed.

So did Mary. She begged him again to forgive her and begged him to not leave her. She told him over and over again how much she loved him and how much she would make up for what she put him through these last few weeks. She never realized what it was like for him until she put all the pieces together and heard what had transpired at the trial. She was so upset for what she had done to him.

As Bud held her and they kissed for the first time since he had not come home. An emotional shock hit Mary and she began to cry again so hard she was moaning and sobbing and shook with fear and sorrow. She was trying to tell Bud she loved him so much but she couldn't get her breath! She gasped with each breath and held Bud so tight he wasn't sure she wasn't going to break one of his ribs. He let her hold him and hug him as he stroked her hair and face telling her it was OK now that everything was going to be good for them. But Mary just continued to shake and cried. They stood there for a long time with him holding her and letting her cry it out of her system.

Finally Mary got a hold of herself and kissed him. Then she told Bud she had to blow her nose. She went into the bedroom and he went into the kitchen and poured them both a glass of scotch. He figured she needed it more than he did.

As he carried the glasses into the bedroom his wife was coming out of the bathroom in her robe. She smiled as he handed her the glass and told her to take a drink. She took it and told him she was going to take a bath and that she wouldn't be long. As she went in to the room she closed the door about ¾ of the way by habit as she bent over and turned on the water. She put her favorite bath oils in and as Bud stood there he watched her he saw her drop her robe at her feet. "God she was so beautiful. So sexy without even trying to be", he said to himself!

Bud took a double take when Mary bent over again letting her butt stick towards the door. He was always stunned by Mary's beauty when he saw her nude after not seeing her that way for a while. She wasn't a model or a movie star but Mary had a body that any man would enjoy making love to. He knew why Jack had wanted Mary to join in his three-way. Mary was so lovely.

Bud stood there and just watched as she was still bending as she felt the water to make sure it wasn't to hot or to cool. She didn't know Bud was watching her and she forgot what her mother had always told her about bending like a lady. Mary was bending as if no one was around. She bent over at the stomach with her rear end facing the door. The way she bent showed the lovely roundness and very shapeliness of her rear end. Bud watched as her vagina lips peeked out from between her thighs began Bud could see the lips of her vagina protruding out from the puffy little mound. Bud's cock got hard as he looked between his wife's open legs as she reached to the end of the tub for more oil.

Bud now had a complete and beautiful view of her lower body and that little love-patch that sat between her legs. As she reached further he now had a view of Mary's other hole. Mary didn't have very much hair down there and what she did have she kept trimmed and short. Bud had seen her pussy a million times but now with her body bent like this with both of her holes showing and smiling at him he felt his cock harden even more.

As Mary stood up she was now profiled against the dark tiles. Her shapely breasts that turned up just slightly were silhouetted against the dark tile. Bud saw her red nipples sticking out and he guessed it was from the chill of the air-conditioning or the warmth of the water in the tub. And as he looked at her body he saw her rear end protruded so naturally off the top of her legs and she looked like the prefect female shape. With all of this showing, he knew he had to have her. Mad or not he had to fuck her tonight. He said, "What the hell. I might as well help wash her back and rub her feet."

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