tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Black Angel Pt. 03

The Black Angel Pt. 03


It was darkness, the only noises in the darkness were the moans and groans Alexandra emitted from her lips around what remained of her black, silk panties in her mouth. She couldn't see anything, because a pair of her black pantyhose were tied over her eyes, acting as a blindfold. She tugged at her wrists, but they were stiff and bound by what she knew to be another pair of her black pantyhose. She was helpless, bound and captive to an unseen man. He may have been unseen but Alexandra was blatantly aware of his presence, as her big, firm ebony ass cheeks were spread open and she had the biggest cock in her life shoved inside her pussy, and it was being rammed in and out so fast she felt dizzy.

The big white cock was stretching her pussy wide open, so much so that she felt she was being impaled on a baseball bat. How was she in this position? In the woman's toilets of her College Campus, here she was bound and being violated by a brute.
The brute's hands roamed her chest from behind her, cupping and grasping her big breasts through her flimsy, black, cotton vest.
Alexandra only stood at 5'5 in height or just over, but she knew the brute violating her was well over 5'10 in height and of big, stocky build.
How did he know, where she would be?
How did he know, she would be carrying spare pairs of pantyhose in her bag, and a pair of black panties that were now shoved in her mouth becoming moist from her saliva.

How did he know she would be going to check her make-up in the Campus's toilets, and how did he manage to fit the cock-tool he possessed inside her tight pussy?
It didn't matter, how any of this transpired. It was so quick that Alexandra couldn't have reacted in any other way, other than in surprise.
He didn't even try to get a blowjob from her at first, he went straight to tying her up and gagging her with the spare panties before ripping the pantyhose she was wearing beneath her short, pleated plaid skirt, and rammed his man tool up her pussy so hard she bit down on her underwear.

Had she brought this on herself, by wearing such a short skirt? So short that it showed off her ass, encased in her black pantyhose.
Was it an offer to any man, who wanted to take her?
Who was she kidding?
Alexandra knew who was fucking her, she always knew. She knew he was watching her, all morning on the Campus. She couldn't help but smile, even with her panties in her mouth.
The big, white, thick cock belonged to James. Her older, strong lover in his thirties as she was almost nineteen in years.
Their whirlwind romance had begun only a month ago, when James had first took her when he brought her home from the shops. No longer denying how they felt, they threw caution in the fire and made love.

James had taken Alex's virginity that night, a perfect night it should have been up to that point until her mother walked in on them both as they cradled each other on the carpet together.
They could have pretended nothing happened, had it not been for Alex's mother seeing James's cum leaking out of her daughter's pussy onto the carpet, as well as James's cock still being erect as she walked in on them.
They couldn't deny it when she saw them both, it would have been stupid to deny it.
Alexandra immediately pleaded to her mother, explaining she was an adult now at eighteen years old and that all she wanted was to be with James.

Alex's mother immediately reacted the only way they both knew she would, and that was to berate James and call him a pervert and a disgusting man. Alex jumped to his defense with her mother, she explained this was all she had wanted in her life since becoming old enough to have it with James. When April, Alex's mother couldn't win her argument using the age gap between them both, she reacted by attacking their future. She shouted at them both. "What about college! Is that no longer important to you, Alex!" She screamed. I did worry the neighbors would hear us.

"Wait, I will make sure her studies don't falter. I'll take her to the College every morning, make sure she never misses a class or lets her grades slip April." I tried to negotiate. As I said this, Alexandra took the chance to put her golden panties back on and cover herself up with my coat.

"Is this all this is between you both, you going to just fuck like rabbits?" April asked me angrily.

"No, look I love Alex. I love her, I have loved her for a long time. I see a future with her, a future we can both make come true. Until her studies are finished, I won't demand or push marriage if that makes you feel better April." I conceded.
April gasped out aloud, and sat down in the comfy recliner chair directly in front of the television, pressing her head into her hands.

"This is just all too much." April sighed.
James took the chance to continue to talk to April, allowing Alexandra to dress and then they swapped roles so James could dress. They both knew being butt naked in front of April would make selling their idea quite hard.
They talked for the next three hours, and eventually they sold the idea to April depending on promises James agreed to make.
To make sure Alex's grades and studies would not falter, or fall and make sure she attended all her classes.

That was how she found herself bound, gagged and blindfolded in her College toilets with James's big, fat white cock shoved inside her.
James had promised April to allow Alexandra to study, but he never promised to not take every chance to have when she wasn't in class, or revising for her studies. It made College quite interesting for Alexandra, dating a former British Army soldier did make for some quite interesting surprises. James was somehow able to infiltrate the College, watch her every move and when she was alone strike. It wasn't difficult, as he knew her class schedule, and saw her every morning as they were practically living together. He knew what she had on her, what she took into College with her in her handbag. It's how he planned his surprises.

Since their first time together, and getting caught a month ago there had been dozens of surprises hatched on her as she went about the College grounds.
One evening as she was stuck in a late evening class, she was making her way out of the grounds and she was grabbed. That day she wore a tight top that showed her big breasts off, and a pair of black leggings with a belt around the waist. She knew it was James, but she was always surprised at the lengths he would go to in order to have her. He just couldn't wait for her, to get home.

The moment she was grabbed, she was bound and gagged with a pair of her panties, and tights on her wrists and ankles. He would carry her around, to a designated spot her scoped out hours before.
Most of the time, it was an disused broom closet or the ground's toilets.
It was a fantasy she had, being grabbed and used by a man.
So James took the chance to do it for her, and it did surprise her.
That day he carried her into the broom closet, and gently put her on her knees so she was kneeling..

From that moment on, it was far from gentle.
He would pull out his big, thick cock and gently yet firmly slap her cheeks with his cock.
He would call her a few names, tell her she deserved this as she teased men with her body.
He would then shove his thick cock roughly into Alex's mouth, and make her gag and choke on his cock. Working it in and out of her mouth, he would pull down her top, letting out her big tits, and if they were in a bra he would cut it off to allow them out.

Every time this happened, it would end with a healthy prolonged fuck as he rammed his cock in and out of her wet snatch, every time allowing her to get used to his size. He would finish it always by purposefully cumming inside her pussy, and then pull out to cover her breasts and face in thick, bubbly cum.
Now, after dating they both agreed to go away for a weekend to the Coast as the weather was warm, and sunny.

Beach on The Southern Coast of England, Mid-Afternoon

We had agreed to go away for a weekend, to the South Coast of the country for our first holiday together. Alexandra loved the idea of going on holiday with me, and we booked a cheap hotel room for the weekend together. Big double bed, and privacy.
I was looking forward to having Alexandra to myself, far away from April and her studies. We had gone together to buy swimming wear for Alexandra to wear for the weekend at the beach, and I knew what she was going to be wearing for the beach but I still looked forward to it. As I sat on the sandy beach, with my sunglasses protecting my eyes, and a large umbrella casting shadows over me I waited.

Alexandra had gone to a changing hut, on the beach where she could change into her swimming wear. I waited knowing most of the men on this beach would be looking at her, but I just smiled looking forward to it. The beach was quite busy today, mostly families but a few men about. I looked up, and about to divert my gaze to the hut when walking from it towards me I saw her outfit.
Every man on the beach was watching my girlfriend, as Alexandra walked to our spot wearing a black Lycra swimming top, and matching swimming bottoms.

However Alex's swimming bottoms, being shiny, black Lycra bottoms were tightly pulled her up her ass cheeks and up her mound at the front. They looked like booty panties, designed to frame her ass. She was wearing brown sunglasses, and her hair was in dreads today swinging as she walked towards our towel.
I counted at least several men watching her, one even wolf whistled as she bent down to get under our shade. I smiled as she laid next to me, and spoke. "You are so fucking hot right now, I need to fuck you." I said leaning in to kiss her.

Alexandra laughed gently kissing me, but pushing me back and spoke. "Later, we spend every moment fucking I'll never get to enjoy the beach with you." She said grinning.

I smiled and settled down, enjoying the sun for some time. After about fifteen minutes, I looked over and saw that Alexandra was sleeping gently.
I looked around, most beach goers around us were busy sleeping themselves, or resting too relaxed to be looking in our direction. I looked back at Alexandra as she gently slept, I slowly turned the knob on the umbrella above us as it blocked more light out, and hid us away from the main beach goers nearby.

Shuffling closer to Alexandra as she slept, I lifted her caramel brown thighs up so the soles of her feet lay on the towel, and her legs were locked in triangles.
I moved closer and saw how tight her swimming bottoms were, they were digging into her mound and I could make out her wet slit through them. The way the bottoms hugged her thighs and the sides of her ass cheeks gave my cock a lurch. I slid around her sleeping form, so my knees were pointing to her sides. I continued to shuffle until my crotch was level with her head.
I began to pull down my loose swimming boxers, and fished out my thick, hard cock.
Leaning over her form, I pressed my cock head against her pursed lips.

"Open wide you sexy slut." I said pushing, as my cock head entered her warm mouth. Her lips were still slack, seeing as she was asleep so there was no suction around my cock but I was still filling her mouth well.
"In we go." I moaned rocking her head gently, allowing me to push more of my cock inside her mouth.
She was moaning in response, but nothing more as I worked my cock into her mouth.

I was living every man's wet dream, fucking a beautiful Ebony teenage girl and doing everything I wanted to her body.
I slid my hand down her chest and and squeezed her breasts through her bikini top, and they were so firm, and warm to my touch.
I continued to push my cock in and out of her warm mouth as she slept, and I peeled the cups of her bikini top down to allow me to see her bare breasts in all their glory.
They were creamy, and beautiful caramel brown as I leaned down to lick her nipples.
I then saw someone curious as to what I was doing, a man in his fifties was watching from a few yards away on a sunbed, and he looked like he knew what I was doing.

He had been watching us since we arrived on the beach, and I knew he had taken an unhealthy interest in Alexandra.
He was staring at her ass, the moment she came out wearing her tight, Lycra bikini.
I continued to rub, and apply pressure gently to her black nipples as I wanted them erect, and hard for me.
I leaned down, and seeing the old man watching us like a pervert I took Alex's nipples into my mouth, sucking hard like I was still at my mother's own breast again.
God they were so sensitive, using my tongue and warm mouth to suckle on her nipples within seconds were were erect, in such an erotic way my cock twitched in her mouth.

My eyes saw him, he was rubbing his shorts as he watched undeterred as another man made love to his sleeping girlfriend.
I continued to suckle on her nipples as she slept, and pressed her breasts together tasting every inch of them with my lips, and tongue.
Alex began to murmur, and move as I assumed my sudden intrusions of her body were arousing her from her short nap.
"James..." She moaned with her eyes closed, she was clearly aroused as her legs gently crossed, rubbed and I saw her lift her ass a few inches from the towel beneath us.

I smiled, loving that my actions were arousing her body and I slid my cock deep into her mouth again, feeling her voluntarily seal her lips closed around my cock.
It was as if she knew it was my cock in her mouth, in her dream state and she began to lightly suck on my rod.
This was probably a preset to a porn film starting, the man arousing a woman from her sleep to entice her into fucking him.
I didn't have to entice Alexandra, she was my woman after all now, and I could fuck her when ever I wanted.

I decided time was right to fuck her, and I shifted around her body slipping my rock hard cock out of her mouth and I got between her legs.
"I'm going to fuck my woman now." I said to myself, lifting her beautiful, firm yet thick Ebony thighs into the air and spread them wide around my own hips
I wasted now time, since I guessed Alexandra was close to waking up to find me fucking her anyway so I roughly rolled down her bikini bottoms until they hung limply from her toes.
Alex's womanhood was swollen, wet and glistening. It was clear everything I had done aroused her sexual organs, and she had a healthy patch of hair above her snatch.

She had grown up well, and her body was still growing into a woman's body.
I pressed in, and brushed my hard, cock head against her wet slit.
She was a woman, but the maturity that glows in a woman was still many years from now and I was going to enjoy her younger years.
I wasted no more time, and thrust hard into Alexandra, forcing open her wet, glistening pussy and sliding inside her fully with ease.
"Ah uh, hmm fuck." Alexandra breathed in a low moan, as I began to fuck her in earnest still sensing the older man was watching us.

I smiled loving it, even in her dream state as I penetrated her she was still sleeping.
Slowly Alex's eyes blinked open, and she was looking up at me with glazed eyes.
"Bastard, can't you keep your hands off of me for even just an hour." She laughed gently, still with her beautiful eyes glazed.
I gently smiled, and leaned down kissing her on the lips as I continued to fuck her.
Alexandra now fully awake, lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and pulled me into her.
"You want it then, huh?" I asked sarcastically, even as I felt her wet, pussy slick and moist slide up and down my cock I wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes, I fucking love you now fuck me you big bastard." She smiled as she gently kissed me, now we were inches from each other, our breath felt on each others skin as we fucked.
I slid my hands down her back and placed one hand on her nice, big firm ass and the other I caressed her breasts.
Alexandra purred, as we fucked looking into my eyes she spoke.

"When are you gonna fuck me in my ass, I want to know how it feels with you in there." She asked me as I rammed deeper.

I slid my hand down between her buttocks, and pressed my index finger against her ass hole and slid in.
"Uh fuck." Alexandra gasped, her eye wide at the violation of her back door.

"Once we get home, I'm gonna take your ass baby. But we need to do it right, use lube and spend the night doing it." I smiled kissing her, now fingering her ass hole and fucking her pussy.
"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" Alexandra barked, as her voice broke.
She clenched her eyes closed, and moaned as I felt her juices explode around my cock, dampening the towel beneath us both.

Alex's moans subsided, and she smiled up at me as her cheeks and body glistened from me fucking her tight body.
I smiled and she kissed me deeply, as I continued fucking her willing myself to explode myself inside her.
Alexandra purred, her voice quaking and breaking as she spoke.
"Cum inside me, give me your children James." She gasped, and I began to slam into her even more now, motivated by her words.
I wanted Alexandra to be swimming in my cum, filled to the limit with my seed and ready to pop a child out for us both.

I knew her mother, April would disapprove of me getting Alexandra pregnant considering she was only eighteen years old with her studies still the most important thing in her life.
It spurred me on, perhaps I was a dirty, pervert but I loved Alexandra.
I could see a future with her, the same one Alexandra had spent most of her life thinking of as she grew up.
I was sweating myself heavily, simply from the time spent fucking her as she slept and since she woke up as well.

I cringed, this was it I could no longer hold in my eruption waiting deep inside and I stiffened as I exploded deep inside Alex's open pussy with my finger still fingering her ass.
The seed inside me filled her pussy up so much, too much even as it began to leak and drool from her pussy onto her legs, my legs and the towel beneath us.
Alexandra was looking up at me, and then down at my seed dripping down her inner thighs.

"I love you so much, James. Don't waste a single drop of your seed, get it inside me." She purred at me, as she rubbed my cock sticking inside her and rubbed my cum into her pussy where she could.

I could see that Alexandra turned her head gently, and looked out to the beach and saw the old man.
"I think we've got an audience." She said gently.

I smiled, and we both saw the old man literally jerking off on his sunbed watching us.
"Dirty fucker." Alexandra laughed.

"We better get on home then huh." I said looking back into her eyes, and she smiled.

We collected our things, and headed back to the car as we had to drive back to London in the evening.
We enjoyed our first holiday together, even if it was just a weekend with her but April asked for me to make sure Alexandra was back for her studies.
Alexandra fell asleep leaning on my arm as I drove us home, back to London.

Monday Evening, Alex's College, 5:55PM

Alexandra had finished her classes, but had stayed behind to go over something with her History teacher.
Alexandra had been sending texts to James all day, loving messages and he had sent some back.
Someone was following Alexandra, she could feel eyes on her and smiled to herself, it was James coming for her again.
Alexandra was amused, she loved James and he was coming for her again.
She knew he would do it again, grab her whilst on school grounds and find somewhere to fuck her in private.

Today she decided to really dress up for him, she knew he would be following her to the school and decided to wear a short, PVC mini-skirt.
Lower she chose to wear a pair of matching black opaque pantyhose, and a pair of boots.
She wore a loose, yet small pink mesh top that showed her large rack and the size of her breasts.

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