tagNovels and NovellasThe Black Book Of The Nature Boy 16

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 16


March 3, 2007, I was hanging out with my friend, Randall, at the Westchester Mall in White Plain, New York. Randall was a dark skinned pretty boy with the physique of a body builder. This was the first time we had hung out since he came back home from Iraq. It felt like the good old days in high school!

We boarded the elevator, and two young black women were right behind us. They were hot and gave off the vibe that they were sex-starved. The one who stood next to me was short, light-skinned with a shapely body. Her hair was blond and cut close, and she could not take her eyes off me. Her curvy friend was also pretty and a shade darker than she was. She had her arms around Randall.

"We have some handsome gentlemen on the elevator, Angela."

Angela. That was her name, huh. I was so aroused checking out her voluptuous figure. I had vivid images of myself fucking the shit out of Angela on this elevator.

"Sue, you're a trip." Angela giggled.

The elevator proceeded to descend, and when we passed the fourth floor, the elevator came to an abrupt halt. I was thinking, No, not now. I hate being stuck on elevators. The women, to my surprise, were not frightened. They were calm with smiles on their faces. It was as if they wanted to be stuck on the elevator with us.

"I hate elevators, but I don't mind being stuck on one with beautiful ladies," Randall admitted.

"I love having sex in the elevators," I hinted.

"That's fine with us," Sue said.

Randall and Sue began making out. Angela started working herself free of her apparel. I stood there aroused and watched. She looked so sexy removing piece by piece off her body. This was much better than those high-class strip bars in Manhattan. Angela approached me with sexual desire in her eyes, and explored my mouth. Thank God, I brush my teeth after eating that Chinese food. She lowered herself, and pulled my dick out. Even Angela could not believe the size of it.

"Oh my God, Sue, look at his dick." She sighed. "This is crazy."

Sue took a quick glimpsed and said, "I hope you can handle that."

I laughed, feeling good. Angela spat on my dick and rubbed it, and squeezed my testes. She engulfed my dick like a porn star. I leaned back and enjoyed the pleasure I received from Angela. We made eye contact a few times and laughed like shy kids.

I lifted Angela up and held her firmly by her moist hips. I had her bouncing up and down on my dick, enjoying every second of her pussy. She screamed in an agonizing yet pleasurable pain. I was about to slow it down, but she demanded me not to stop. Angela loved the dick I gave her.

Randall had Sue in the doggie-style position giving her every inch of his dick. Randall sweated so profusely like a determined athlete. He spanked her ass, and pulled her hair. Sue was moaning and groaning; screaming to Randall to fuck her harder.

Angela's pussy juices covered my dick. While her body continued to shake, she held me tightly. I sucked on her breasts, reserving my energy. Angela was breathing hard as she stood on her feet palming my chest.

"I can't handle that dick, baby," she said. "Your shit is too big."

"It's too big for you?" I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. "But you were handling it so well."

She giggled and smiled. I squeezed her tits to encourage her to continue with our lovemaking. Finally she sauntered up to me and tenderly grasped my dick, giving me a new look of confidence.

"Let me ride this anaconda," she told me.

I obliged even though I was not too thrilled to be lying on this dirty elevator floor. She rode me like a rodeo trying her best not to scream out her pleasure. Her facial expressions were priceless! I wanted to laugh so badly, but the pleasurable feeling permitted me not to. Sue sat on Randall's face rockin' in a rhythmic fashion. She was so loud that I knew she had one intense orgasm after another. I guessed Randall's tongue action was one of the best ever!

We all felt the elevator move. We paused because we knew the elevator was about to resume down. All of us scrambled for our clothes like wild shoppers at a mall. We could not help but to laugh as we rushed to get dressed. I helped Angela with her clothes, as she had not even bothered to put on her bra and thong. When the elevator doors opened, we walked out as if nothing happened. What a ride!

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