tagInterracial LoveThe Black Tutor Ch. 03

The Black Tutor Ch. 03


I got a chance to pick up some new pussy during the week, since I didn't have my tutoring sessions, a lot of extra free time and got a chance to hang out with Nat and my old friends. I don't know if it was me or the women I hooked up with but none of them could compare with Evie. I molded that stuck up bitch into a wanton sex slave for me and enjoyed my conquest at every chance I could get it. I picked my sister up from the airport and we hung out in Dallas for the weekend and I let her know that I would be having a house guest on Thursday and who the person was. She found it weird that a student would be staying with a teacher but since I was good friends with the dad then it was okay and after she met him when he came over to hang out on Sunday she understood him a lot more. She told me that if they click then she would keep her out of my hair so I can finish my paper.

Thursday arrived, Evie showed up with her dad's car, I introduced her to my sister and let her know that she would be sleeping in one of the spare rooms. I showed her to her room, so she could get settled and she knew the room since I have nailed her in every room in the house since she get started tutoring. She thought that she would have an opening to fuck me that night when my sister told me during dinner that she was going to a movie but my sister talked her into going with her. I got a kick out of watching her squirm in her seat when she was around me. I knew she was horny, wanting and needing my black cock in her.

The next day, the girls went out in town for some errands and then got ready to go to the concert that Shana came down for but her friend bailed on her. Shana persuaded Evie to go with her and as they were about to leave for the show. I stopped them and told my sister to change her clothes since he didn't want his sister looking like some stripper and to have more respect for herself. Evie looked hot in her clothes and the capris that she was wearing made her ass like great. We argued about her wardrobe and eventually I gave in to my sister and they left. I was happy to have some peace and quiet and finished my paper earlier in the day, so it was time for me to relax.

I heard them come home about 3am from the concert laughing and giggling when they walked up the stairs. I fell back to sleep and woke up about an hour later. I wandered over to the bathroom and as I passed Shana's room I heard a strange moan but didn't think anything of it and as I returned from the bathroom. I heard the familiar sounds of Evie moaning and heard the comment from her about how well my sister tongue feels in her and how she was cumming. I was shocked and walked back into my room.

I heard later on the door to my sister's room open and someone sneaking out of it giggling. I figured they were having some fun on my behalf but it would be fucking hot as hell if Evie liked pussy too. Then started to run thru the girls around town that I would enjoy watching Evie eat out and get eaten out by. It was creepy to me that she was with my sister and it was a total turn off to even think about what was going on behind closed doors. I was excited that my sister was leaving because I couldn't wait to tap that sweet ass of Evie's again.

I woke up early, went for a morning run and when I got back I saw my sister making some breakfast. I asked if she and Evie had fun at the concert. She said that the concert was fun but the after party sucked because it got shut down. She added that Evie's platinum booty was the star attraction out at the after party and if it wasn't for that ass they would have never made it in. She joked all the brothers were hitting her up at the party and warned her that once you go black you don't go back. They then went to grab a bite to eat and then came back late.

Evie came down in her boyshorts and a tank top showing off her mid drift. I acted offended and told her to put some clothes on. They both giggled at me being offended by the way Evie was dressed. They spent the next two hours laughing, giggling as they lay out on the deck in their bikinis and Shana asked if I wanted to rub lotion on Evie's back and the laughter ensued. Shana flight was later on, so she gathered her things together and Evie came along with us to the airport.

We stopped in Dallas then grabbed a bite to eat and once I got back in the car. I pulled out my cock and let it hang out while I was waiting for Evie to pay the bill. She hopped in the car and saw what was waiting for her and as I started to drive home she moved down and started to give me road head.

"If you make me cum before we get back to my place then I'll fuck you." I said.

"Please, I need your black cock so bad, I'm so horny, it's been so long and I miss your cock in me." She begged.

I pushed her head back down to my cock and she began to bob her head up and down and I didn't last very long since I was backed up for a week without cumming myself. She just lay in my lap kissing my cock and caressing in it her hands until we pulled up to my place. I backed into the garage, parked my car and Evie got out. We were walking towards the door then I grabbed her by the arm spun her around and bent her over the trunk of my car. She grunted and moaned as I ran my hand between her legs roughly.

"Fuck me baby, I need your black cock in me so bad." She pleaded.

I pulled up her skirt then ripped off her thong then spread her legs and teased her pussy with the head of my cock. I grabbed a rubber out of my pocket, put it on then rammed my cock deep into her wet pussy. We both moaned in sheer joy.

"I missed your cock in me so much." She moaned.

"Fuck me hard and fast" She pleaded.

I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy with vigor and pace that I have never had before. She was moaning wildly as I pounded her pussy into submission. She grunted and groaned as I pulled on her long blond hair as I fucked her beautiful and smooth pussy.

"Don't stop fucking me, I need to cum so bad." She shouted out.

I couldn't control myself around this woman and her screams of sheer sexual bliss. I pulled out and spun her around again, pushed her onto her knees, pulled off the condom and shoved my cock into her mouth. She stroked it up and down with both hands while sucking on the head of my cock. A few moments later, I let out a huge grunt and my cum filled her mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked her lips wanting more. Her chest was heaving from the intensity of her orgasm and a wet spot began to form around her pussy. I walked over and sat down on the stairs in the garage and caught my breath.

Looking at her so satisfied and cock hungry was such a turn on and I was hard again. I pulled another condom outta my pocket unrolled and waited.

"Crawl over to me and ride me until you pass out." I ordered.

She crawled over to me, ran her hands up my thighs, straddled me and guided my cock into her. I took off her top and began to fondle her breasts as she worked my cock in and out of her pussy. She increased her pace and her breasts were bouncing up and down in front of me and it was a beautiful sight to see watching those breasts bounce and her moaning in delight with her long blond hair waving in the wind. She feverishly bounced up and down faster and faster. I could feel her pussy tightening and contracting over and over as she buried her head into my shoulder screaming in sheer delight. I tweaked her nipples and squeezed her ass as she rode me like a champ. She stopped her riding and I could hear her breathing heavily as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

She grinds her hips on me with my black cock deep inside her pussy.

"Say you love my black cock." I said.

"I love your black cock and what it does to me." She proclaimed.

I grabbed onto her hips and began to bounce her up and down on my cock. I was so close to cumming and I wanted to bust a nut all over her again. She began to ride me again hard and fast. I told her to squeeze her breasts together and I was gonna cum all over them and I wanted to cum all over her tits. She jumped off me onto her knees and squeezed her breasts together while I stroked my cock until I covered her ample chest with my black seed. She scooped up some cum after letting go of her chest and I watched them fall back into place and they were so firm and perfect looking.

"I needed that so bad; I was going crazy being around you and not being able to have your black cock." She said.

I smiled as a drop of cum formed on the tip of my cock and she licked it off. I lay back on the stairs recovering from the moment.

"Fuck you are amazing, I'm gonna be sore tomorrow." Evie joked.

"Wait until I fuck that sweet ass of yours." I replied with a devious smile.

She smiled and spun around and shook that round firm booty in front of my face. I leaned forward and gave it a hard smack.

"Crawl up to my bedroom and Ill give that ass a work out now?" I ordered.

She jumped at the comment, smiled and as she walked on her hands on knees past me, she gave my cock a quick kiss and crawled up to my bedroom with me following behind her. I ordered her to stop a few times to rub that sweet pussy to turn her on even more. Commenting often on how much I love her ass and how good it looks with my black cock in it.

"I want your cock all the way in my ass tonight; fill my ass with your black cock." She professed before she crawled into my bedroom.

She crawled onto my bed presenting her round firm perfect ass to me and I grabbed the astro glide out of my drawer lubed up, teased her asshole it the tip of my cock. I then ran my cock between her labia and then moved it back up to her wanting asshole. I pushed the head of my cock into her ass and she moaned with delight. She looked back at me with a wanton look of lust in her eyes. I inched my black cock into her ass feeling the tightness around my cock and it made me very happy. I got my cock half way into her ass and I paused to let her feel the power of my cock in her ass. She pushed back and took my cock deeper into her ass. She screamed in pain that it hurt so much but the pain went away and she pushed her ass back and my cock went deeper into her ass.

I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her sweet ass listening to her moan wildly in delight as my cock ripped her ass apart. My pace increased with each stroke and she loved it. I got my cock in as deep as I could and just started to pound her as like I did her pussy. She squirmed and squealed in ecstasy. I felt my balls swell and she began to shake while I buried my cock deep in her ass and blew my load deep inside her.

"Oh god, that feels so good, so soothing." She moaned as I filled her ass with my cum.

I slowly pulled my black cock out to a loud pop occurred and her asshole was gaped wide as my cum slowly streamed out of her ass. She crumbled to the bed as I released my grip.

"Fuck you are amazing." She commented.

I got off the bed and let her enjoy the moment, went back downstairs to gather up our things from the garage. I saw that I had a few calls on my phone from Nat. I listened to the message and he said that he was having a party tonight and wanted my ass up there for it. The other was my sister telling me she got back home safely. I wondered what those two did last night but will wait for Evie to crack and tell me she likes pussy too.

I went back upstairs, tossed her purse and things on the bed then told her I'm gonna take a shower. A few minutes after my shower started she decided to join me. She grabbed the wash cloth out of my hand then proceeded to wash my whole body once again and paid very close attention to my cock and balls. She moved from squatting in front of me to her knees and blew me in the shower. She looked so hot on her knees sucking on my cock as I watched her blow me in the bathroom mirror. I returned the favor to her and spent lots of time cleaning her breasts and her firm fine ass. I pressed her against my body and buried my hand in between her legs and roughly cleaned her following that by feverishly rubbing her clit until she had an orgasm.

A few moments later, Evie came down naked smelling like strawberries which I found out when she told me that she got this new body lotion and wondered if I would rub the rest all over her body since she could only do her hands with a seductive smile.

I asked her about the concert and what she thought of my sister. She said that she loved the show and was surprised at all the guys that hit on her during the concert and at the after party. She commented that his sister told him that black guys love a woman with a great ass and that I had one. She added that Shana was great help to her in some uncomfortable situations and just an all around good time. I even added her as one of my friends on the social web pages that we both use and both got laughs out of it.

We talked some more then decided to watch a movie. I lay on the couch I had downstairs and she lay on top of my thigh to be close to my black cock. I petted her on the head and when a sex scene came on the movie we were watching, she saw my cock get hard and she would suck me off until I came. I took her several times more that night, I took her on the couch, the chair, on the poker table, and pool table that I had down there and got pissed when her long nails torn into the felt of my pool table but I took my frustration out on her ass.

The girl was insatiable and I fucked her until my cock was raw. She eventually fell asleep exhausted and I laid there with Evie sleeping on my stomach I thought I don't know if I will survive the weekend since every time I saw this girl's fine ass and great tits I become hard and she knew it and would blow me until I came. Then I realized that I was complaining about getting fucked by a hottie and joked to myself that I was getting old.

Sunday rolled around and she complained that her ass was sore but in a good way. She fucked me a couple more times during the day and we went thru the whole box of condoms I gotten earlier in the week and they were all used on Evie. She showered, gathered her things then took off to pick up her dad at the airport.

School started off again after the break and most of the students weren't too into being back to school, so I didn't do anything earth shattering during the day. It was basically a recap of what I talked about the week before break. I received a note that the principal wanted to see me at the end of the day and when I go there I saw Mr. Watts and the principal talking. She saw me then waved me into her office.

She said she wanted to wait for me to arrive to get down to why she asked him here. She mentioned that she heard rumors that Evie and I was an item because she stayed at my place during spring break. Mr. Watts jumped right in and told the principal the reason why she was there. He said that I was his last hope to take care of his daughter and that anywhere else he wouldn't feel comfortable with her being there. She listening intently and asked what happened during her stay with me.

I told her that Evie came over after she drove her dad to the airport; she and my little sister Shana introduced themselves since she was staying with me also. I worked on my term paper for grad school while they chatted, I made dinner for the girls, and they went to a movie. On Friday, Shana and Evie went into town to do some shopping and give me some peace and quiet then came home changed then went to a concert. I had no idea when they got home. Saturday, they laid out working on their tan while I finished up my paper then took my sister to the airport. Evie and I went out and grabbed a bite to eat in Dallas then came home, watched a movie and I fell asleep on the couch, woke up on Sunday, as you know, went to church, grabbed some lunch for both of us then went home and helped Evie study until she left to pick up her dad.

She then motioned for Evie to come in and explained the situation and asked Evie what happened at my house. She basically explained the same thing I did and didn't paint me in too good of a light saying I was cranky because of my paper, so my sister and her stayed away as much as possible and became close friends really quick.

The principal seemed to be satisfied with the explanations and asked a follow up question to Evie. She asked how she would describe the relationship between her and me. She said without a pause that she sees me as a good influence on her life then started to tell the principal at how I believed in her and how I was blunt and forceful with her. She commented that she was use to getting her way and no one ever confronted her before until I did and she told a story about her acting like a bitch at first then he told her if she wanted to be nothing more than a trophy wife or a another teenage pregnancy statistic then she needs to get her head out of her ass. She then talked about it was nice to have someone believe in her and understand the pressures of being a teenager. She went on a long speech about the image of girls in the school as either you are a cheerleader or a slut in order to get noticed, how difficult it was dating since guys only wanted sex and it wasn't what she wanted in life and lack of female role models in the area.

During the speech, she broke down crying about how tough things were for her and how much she needed someone to believe in her and tell her that she had a future that didn't include kids or marrying young. I was shocked that she revealed that after her real mom passed away that she had a meaningless hook up with a guy just to feel something besides sorrow and she wasn't a virgin as everyone thinks. She finished up her speech that she didn't want to end up like Amber, Stacy and Samantha being pregnant in high school and have no future and that she was better than that and I thought her that.

The principal excused Evie and her dad from the office and we started to talk some more. I told her I understood her point and concerns but if she listened to every rumor and gossip in the school then I would have been involved with every female student in the school and all their mothers. I joked that I couldn't help with being so adorable and cute and she chuckled. The principal then moved to Mr. Watts's comments he made to her on the positive influence on his daughter and how proud he was of her. She moved onto the topic of sex and asked if I was doling out advice or guidance to it. I told her that I would tell the students I wasn't comfortable with discussing the topic and to talk to their parents about it and if their parents weren't into discussing the topic then they needed to force the issue.

As the week went on, I was still fucking the shit out of Evie several times a week and she loved every minute of my black dick inside her. I started to work on getting her to deep throat me but it was a slow progress. I would take her on my pool table or bed then have her head hang off the edge then fuck her slutty mouth with my cock. She loved covering my cock in her spit now and gave such hot sloppy blowjobs. I would see her around town out with other guys and did feel a little jealous when she was with other guys and she also gave me attitude when she would see me with some other girl but always found a way to make her feel better.

It was two weeks after spring break and I took on a few extra students to tutor for some extra cash for the summer and to not arouse suspicion from the principal again. Evie told me that she may be late for our Sunday tutoring session since she was going downstate to check out a college and visit one of her old childhood friends that she found out went there. She was so excited to see her friend since even though they were a couple of hours away from one another; they haven't seen one another in ages.

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