tagLoving WivesThe Black Velcro Choker

The Black Velcro Choker


The look on my husbands face told me that this wasn't going the way that I had hoped. It didn't go well when I asked him for permission to go on a vacation cruise without him, but I had no choice.

I wanted his permission to spend a week away from him with another man. He wanted to know if I was crazy.

Sometimes I think I am crazy. All I know is that I can't help myself. When Miles wants me, I have to go to him.

It all started in February, four years ago. It tax season and Charlie was working long hours and he was coming home late and tired. He just didn't have the time or energy to pay much attention to me.

It was also President's Week and the kids were off from school. I had taken them to the mall and left them, to burn off their energy, at the ice skating rink while I did a little shopping. When I got back they were still going strong, as only teenagers can. I stood leaning against the railing watching them for a bit but then decided to sit in the small grandstand provided for proud parents like me.

I turned to look for a place to sit and I saw him. He was staring at me and he didn't flinch away when my eyes caught him. I was the one that blinked. I turned back to face the skaters but I didn't see them. All I could see in my mind's eye, were his eyes. They were as black as onyx and seemed to penetrate to my soul. I didn't want to look back again. I was afraid to.

Suddenly he was standing beside me also gazing at the skaters. He never turned his face to me as he asked, "What's your name?"

"None of your business. Leave me alone, I'm married."

"I don't care if you are married or not. What's your name?"

I had turned to look at him to tell him to piss off, his face only inches from mine. His head was shaved and his face seemed to be chiseled out of stone, all hard flat planes. His voice was low but very insistent and demanding. Very demanding. Something moved in me, no one had ever spoken to me like this before. He turned to look at me and just stared at me, His eyes bored into me. I couldn't resist, I felt my determination crumble and I answered.

"M M Mary." I stammered, not believing that I had given that information.

He just continued looking at me and I knew what he wanted.

"Caldwell," I continued, again divulging what I had no intention of revealing.

"Phone number?" was all he questioned.

His eyes were fixed on mine, It was like I had no will of my own. I don't know why, I gave it to him.

He turned and walked away. My eyes followed him, watching the roll of his hips, as they moved in his tight jeans. I watched the movement of his broad shoulders as he swaggered through the crowd. Everyone seemed to make way for him. He is so tall and the way the light reflected off of his glistening head seemed to resemble a halo. I wondered if the rest of him would live up to what I could see. Oh God, what am I thinking?

I gathered up the kids and on the ride home I was very quiet as they babbled away telling me all about their skating adventure. My thoughts were about my reaction to my strange encounter that afternoon. That night I attacked Charlie. I don't ever remember feeling so horny or being so aggressive in bed. I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. But Charlie, being Charlie, made love to me, the way he always did. He got me off but that just wasn't what I needed.

It's a tough time of the year for our love life, Charlie runs the local H&R Block office and tax season means long hours and hard work for him. I really couldn't fault him for not giving me what I wanted. What happened the Monday morning after Presidents Week, when the kids went back to school, wasn't his fault either but it changed my life. Charlie was gone early and fifteen minutes after the kids left for school the phone rang.

Before I could even say hello, I heard, "Look on your front door step, you have a surprise."

"Who is this," I demanded?

"You know who it is. You've been thinking about me all weekend."

"I haven't.........." I started to say, but he had hung up. All I heard was the dial tone. But he was right, I had been thinking about him. It was the guy from the skating rink. I was thinking about him when my husband made love to me and at almost every moment I had to myself all weekend.

I looked out of the peephole and saw no one. I couldn't see down to the step so I opened the door and he stepped through the doorway from the side.

"You can't just........." I never finished what I was going to say because his lips were covering mine.

My resistance was futile. He was too strong and as his tongue probed my mouth, it soon faded. I was still in my night gown and robe. Not much in the way of clothing to protect me and he used my clothes to confine me. He pushed my robe down to my elbows and the straps of my night gown followed. I couldn't raise my arms. I was helpless and for some unknown reason it, it didn't seem to frighten me.

He lowered me to the floor and I was protesting, "No, don't do this."

My robe was open and my night gown was up around my waist. My panties were ripped from me. "No, don't. Please no." was all the defense I could muster.

Then he was in me. I must have been soaking wet because I never felt him enter me until he bottomed out. Then I felt myself meeting his thrusts with mine. My protests had changed to cooperation. The only sounds being made were coming from me as I grunted from each trust and then I came with a loud wail.

"Oh God, Oh God, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh. Ug, ug, ug, ug." as he continued his pumping. Then, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh." again as I climaxed again when I felt him spurt in me.

We lay there on the floor on the small rug in the entry hall. I couldn't move, my arms were still trapped, My legs were wrapped around him, my heels on his ass pulling him against me. I didn't want to let him lift his body from on top of me. It was then that I realized, I didn't want him to move. That's when he did.

Just a slight movement of his hips, his pubic bone was on my clit. I don't know how he did it but his cock was against my G spot. I moaned as I came again in a mini climax.

"Do you like this?" He asked.

I didn't answer.

"Did you like it?" More insistent now. More demanding. More dominant.

"Yes." I whispered in spite of myself.

"Do you want to cum again?"

"Yes." Again surrendering a little more of myself.

"It gets better if you ask for permission."

"Better. How can get it better?"



"Not good enough."

"Please may I cum?" Giving him my complete capitulation.

"Yes, do it! Cum now!"

His pelvis gave a twitch and my body exploded. I had thought that the previous orgasms I had were incredible. They paled in comparison to the one I just had. I came so hard that with just my head and heels on the floor I lifted him bodily above me and held him there until my spasms subsided.

I was still praying, "Oh God, Oh God." as he rolled off me and walked into the living room to sit my husbands chair.

"Mary," he called.

"Yes?" was my dreamy answer.

"Come in here."

I couldn't move. I lay there on the hallway floor in a post orgasmic bliss. I didn't want anything to disturb my euphoria. I had never experienced sex as satisfying as this had been. I had never surrendered myself so completely.



"I said come in here. NOW."

That was not a request and I roused myself and entered the living room. He was seated in my husband's recliner chair and I moved before him while adjusting my clothing. He looked like a king on his throne except that his cock was standing up out of his fly.

"Do you understand what happened?" he asked.

"You just raped me," was my accusation.

"Did I?" he asked, "I don't see you crying or screaming for help. Was it rape when you just asked me for permission to cum?"

Then it hit me. What had I done? Yes, he overpowered me, but my resistance was half hearted at best and then it disappeared with his initial penetration. Only to be replaced with my eager participation. What had happened to me? Why did I enjoy it so much? Why did I ask permission? Why did I respond to him like that?

"Then there are two things that I want you to remember." he continued, "First, when I tell you to do some thing, you will do it immediately and second, you will always be naked whenever I am in this house."

"Naked?" was my stunned reply.

"I will never remain in this house when you are not."

I stood there in front of him, unmoving in my night gown and robe, trying to absorb the meaning of what I heard. Then I heard him ask, "Do you want me to leave now?"

"No." I responded with out thinking. "Why should you?"

"Well?" he asked as he pointedly looked at me.

"Oh." I said as I realized what he wanted. I slowly peeled off my robe and gown. The panties had been destroyed. I stood in front of a fully dressed seated man, whom I had met once, briefly, only a few days before. I didn't even know his name. I felt like a slave girl on an auction block. I wanted to cover myself with my hands and yet I wanted to display myself so he would take me again. I felt no shame, I didn't know what I felt.

I watched his dark eyes inspect my body, tracing every curve as his gaze traversed me from head to toe. I wanted him to like what he saw. I couldn't understand myself, I wanted him to want me!

I started to turn so that he could see all of me and when my back was towards him I wiggled my ass. By the time I completed my rotation my hands were lifting my breasts. I was offering them to him! I was offering myself to him!

My body began to undulate, my hips were beginning to thrust. I was dancing before him, trying to seduce him. I wanted him to fuck me again, I wanted his cock again. No thoughts of my husband or my children entered my head. Sweet Jesus, what have I become?

His hands went to his waist and he opened his belt and waist band then raising himself slightly, he slid the upper part of his pants down past his hips.

"Take them off me," he instructed and I knelt before him, naked, and removed his shoes and socks, then his trousers. I felt like it was a privilege to help him undress. I felt like I was his slave girl. "Now my under shorts,"

And there is was. Tall and straight, not much bigger or thicker than Charlie's. Tilted back over his stomach, the mushroom cap glistening with our combined juices. I wanted to suck it. I don't know why I wanted to, I never liked sucking on Charlie's. He always came too soon and his cum tasted bitter.

Instinctively I knew what I had to do. I sat back on my heels and arched my back to raise my hardened nipples towards him. I wanted to look sexy. "Please." I begged. I was a supplicant. "May I hold it and suck it."

"Go ahead Mary, do what you want to do."

I rose up on my knees and I caressed his cock. I sucked on it, I licked it, I made love to it. All the while I could feel the cum he had deposited in me leaking from my pussy, mixed with my juices. All of it running down my thighs, making me feel like the sexiest woman alive. Until he stopped me.

"That's enough," he said, I mewled my disappointment. I wanted to suck him dry.

"Get up and straddle me, I want your cunt above my cock." He instructed and I complied. I wanted it in me. I looked down at it and waited for his next command. I was more than obedient, I was dominated, unable to move on my own.

"Take it in your hand and hold it to your cunt lips." I did as instructed. "If you sink down on it you will be giving yourself to me. Is this what you want Mary?"

"Yesssssss," I hissed.

"Is this rape?" He questioned.

"No," I croaked.

"Then do it and be mine."

I held him steady and I sank down on it, slowly. Letting myself savor every inch that entered me. I felt him enter my soul and possess every part of me and I did it freely all on my own. I never felt like this before, never in my life.

I moved gently on him, I was in no hurry to cum. I didn't even want him to cum, I just wanted to luxuriate in feeling him fill me. To know that he wanted me, that he wanted to fuck me. I only wanted to please him, to make sure that he would never leave me. I didn't want this bliss to end.

"Mary," he said, waking me from my trancelike state.

"Yes," I answered.

"Make me cum."

I tried every trick I knew, I moved my pussy up and down on him. I tried what I remembered of my keggle exercises. I tried everything my girl friends told me about how they got their husbands off. None of them worked. I was murmuring how sorry I was as I sank down on his chest in frustration, my tears wetting his shirt.

"You couldn't do it, could you?" He stated.

"Nooooo," I moaned, "I tried so hard."

"It's because I am in control and not you. Can you accept that?"


"Then sit up, back straight, that's it, just like that." His hands had covered my breasts, his thumbs and fingers rolling my nipples. My head rolled back as I savored his manipulations, my hips started undulating on his pelvis and then the pain hit me. He had pinched my nipples and tits so hard that I screamed and at the same time he issued his command.

"Cum! Cum for me Mary. Cum now."

My scream of pain turned into one of pleasure as my insides convulsed. My pussy had clamped down on his cock and it barely registered on me that he came when I did. I was mindless in my orgasm, the intensity was overwhelming. Never in my life had I experienced anything to compare what had just happened to me, the pain and then the pleasure. I was crying soundlessly as I fell forward to again collapse on his chest.

"What are you doing to me?" I mumbled in his ear when I gathered my wits about me.

"Anything I want to." Was his answer, "Just showing you that I can give you pleasure and pain at the same time. You liked that didn't you?"

"Yes." I admitted, suddenly realizing that I was willing to accept whatever he was capable of inflicting on me and not understanding why.

"Good. But it's lunch time already, I think a salad will do. Let me know when it 's ready." And with a playful slap on my ass he dismissed me.

I prepared it and served it, remaining naked and standing next to him on his left as he had indicated. I watched him eat with his right hand as his left hand played all over my body, sometimes moaning as his finger penetrated one orifice or another. When he was halfway through his plate he had me kneel where I had been standing and he fed me, sometimes with his fork and sometimes with his fingers. The way my kids sometimes feed our dog when I wasn't looking. I knew then, I was his pet, his bitch.

The salad finished he said, "Time for dessert." and he pushed his chair back and told me, "Go ahead Mary, I know you have been dying to suck on this."

He was right. All the while I was kneeling at his side my head was at the level of his lap. If my eyes were not looking up at his face they were on his penis and when he fed me, my opened mouth was next to it. It was so magnificent I wanted it more than the food. Now, with his permission, I could have it.

I licked and sucked, hands and mouth, I made love to it. Until, in frustration, I asked, "Please, cum in my mouth."

That was my total surrender. All through high school and college I would never give head. To me, that's what the sluts did to please the guys they didn't want to fuck. If I liked the guy enough, I fucked him and got my pleasure too. If I didn't like him then he got nothing, just what I would have gotten from giving him a blow job.

His hands had been caressing my back and shoulders and now they gripped my head. I could feel his cock swell and then pulse and my lips formed a seal around the shaft. When the first burst hit the back of my throat I came and each following burst triggered another climax in my core. I never knew I could cum from giving oral sex. His was less salty and a lot sweeter than Charlie's, it was ambrosia.

He kept me kneeling there naked, sitting on my heels my hands holding his cock, as I received his instructions. It seemed like the most natural position in the world and I just nodded my head in agreement as he spoke.

After listening me repeat what I had just heard, He dressed and left, leaving me dazed and almost not comprehending what had just happened. But I knew what had happened, my life had changed, After his original attack I became his willing accomplice. I guided his cock to my pussy. I tried to make him cum in me. I wanted him to fuck me. What have I become? It was then I realized, I didn't even know his name.

The next morning at 9:15, after my family had left, I was kneeling naked in the foyer waiting for him. The only things I wore were my high heel shoes and a wide black Velcro choker. He had left it with me yesterday.

He had me put it on myself. It was a symbol of my belonging to him and I was to wear it whenever I was in his presence. My putting it on myself was an acknowledgement that I had given myself freely to him. And I had, I gave him my body and I reveled in how he used it. I cannot described the feeling that came over me when I put the collar around my neck. I just knew I was preparing myself to go to heaven.

I waited every weekday morning like that. If he did not come by ten o'clock I was free to go about my day as I pleased. If he did come he used me any way he wished. I was his whore, I was his lover, I was his slave. I was anything and everything he wanted me to be. For five or six hours, two or three days a week, I had more and better orgasms in a day than Charlie gave me in a month.

Then it stopped. It took me almost two weeks of waiting on my knees before I realized it must be over. He just disappeared with never a word, with never a hint. He left me waiting, kneeling, wondering if, or how, I displeased him. He left me with a void in my heart that I would stroke occasionally by wearing the choker and kneeling naked in the hall hoping that my demonstration would bring him back.

A little more than three months after he disappeared the door bell rang at 9:15 am. Of course the thought came to me, could it be him? I dismissed the thought immediately and opened the door and it was, it was him! I almost fainted. We both stood there looking at each other and then he broke the spell saying, "Well?"

And I, stupidly standing there staring, said, "Come in."

To which he replied, "Well?" again.

And then I, suddenly comprehending, said, "Oh, but the door is open."

He just stood there looking at me and I finally realized that he was not going to enter until I was naked. As I removed my house coat my pelvis started to move. When my night gown followed, my shoulders moved my breasts. By the time my panties touched the floor, my hips were thrusting towards him. God, how I wanted him, I was trying to seduce him with my body.

As he walked past me he pulled me by my arm into the kitchen. Turning a chair he sat down and pulled me face down across his lap. Instinctively I knew what was going to happen. Although I had never been spanked in my life, not even as a child. I was already crying. "Nooooooo, please noooo."

Then SLAP. "Nooooo, please." SLAP.

"I told you." SLAP, "Every morning." SLAP. "Naked," SLAP. "On your knees." SLAP. "Do you." SLAP, "Understand?" SLAP.

"Yes, I understand." and with my understanding I came, lying there on his lap, I came. Again and again, I came. Every additional slap on my ass reinforced my climax until it was a continuous orgasm racking my body. Like no other I had ever experienced. I had already surrendered my body to him, and with my understanding, I surrendered my soul. Never again would I disobey any instructions from him.

For the next four hours I did everything I could to please him. Whatever he wanted from my body he got and by the time he was ready to leave I was exhausted. But not too exhausted to realize that his final instructions were to change my life further.

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