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The Blizzard


I can't say that I love winter, but it never scared me before. I'd grown up in Indiana, certainly not one of the real snow states but someplace where snow is no stranger. Every year the TV stations blared winter storm and even blizzard warnings. Every year the snow trickled down and caused no problems. The alarmists had lost their ability to instill fear in me.

On that Friday morning, the TV had started, predicting a blizzard for tonight. Rather than raising my hackles, it annoyed me and made me determined that I wouldn't have my plans messed up by their damned doom and gloom predictions.

The last of our kids had flown the coop this spring, off to college leaving my wife and I alone. Our tradition had been to go out for dinner and maybe a dance or two before going home on Friday nights. No damn TV sensationalist was going to take that from me!

Cindy looked at me over her morning coffee. That girl still looks good at 44! "Maybe we better just come home after work and snuggle for the weekend." She gave me that come hither look that promised a weekend of more than snuggling. I have to admit that my blood got a touch warm at the prospect of a weekend of snuggling, but then the snuggling always got more snugly when we went out dancing on a Friday night.

I snickered at her. "Don't be silly, dear. It's never that bad. How many times last year did they call for bad weather when it didn't even snow?"

She had an uncomfortable look on her face but she just shrugged her shoulders. I looked out the window and there wasn't even a hint of a storm. The sun was just shining through a high stratus layer of clouds that was more beautiful than threatening.

As was our habit on Fridays, I took Cindy to work so that we would have only one car to go out right after work. I picked her up and took her for lunch. I looked into the sky and noticed that a few puffy white cumulous clouds were beginning to mix with the stratus clouds and the sun was having difficulty finding any openings to send rays down to the ground. Still the weather didn't look particularly threatening. Even Cindy had relaxed about the predicted storm. I knew she was fine when she started playing footsie with me under the McDonalds table. Dancing for sure!

When I picked Cindy up after work however, the situation had changed. The dying rays of the setting sun were totally obscured by gray puffy clouds and the first flakes of cold white wonder were drifting down. The temperature had dropped dramatically and we had to pull our coats tight to keep warm. The wind had picked up cutting through my light pants and making my knees cold. The car's heater felt wonderful after the brief exposure to the cold.

We were heading for the restaurant, one of our favorite steak places, listening to the sound of oldies on our favorite radio station when that annoying tone cut into one of our all time favorites. Blizzard warning. The disc jockey had a sense of humor and a good music catalogue because he came out of it playing "Winter Wonderland". Damn! Double whammy. Christmas might only be 10 days away but I didn't really want to be reminded!

The restaurant was nearly empty and the service was wonderful. So was the food. We'd been there just over an hour and were working on after dinner drinks when we heard the door open for the first time. The sound brought me around. I could hear the wind really whooshing past that door and the person who came in stomped to shake off snow. Someone said, "Oh My God! Look at that!"

Both Cindy and I stood up and looked out the window. The snow was really coming down! In the slightly over an hour we had been there probably 4 inches of the stuff had covered the parking lot and it was snowing hard. The whipping wind blew it nearly horizontally. You could not see the street through the blowing snow!

Suddenly I began to feel nervous. If I had listened to the radio, and Cindy, we'd be home now but instead I had several miles of country road to negotiate. I was wondering what would be worse, the drive home or the "I told you Sos".

It was dark out, the lights in the parking lot were almost obscured by the blowing snow. All you could see, when you looked toward the lights was streaks of white traveling with the blowing wind. Wind that cut through our clothes and nearly froze our skin despite the heavy winter wear.

I opened the car door for Cindy amid a cascade of several inches of snow and then searched for the scraper in the back seat. The rear window had been blown clear of snow but it was piled several inches deep on the front windshield. I couldn't believe the drift on the drivers side. Snow had been deposited against the car almost to the level of the door!

We were both nervous as we left the parking lot. I knew that the drive through town would not be bad but with the wind whipping and the blowing snow, the country road on the way home could be a bear!

I decided that we should find a motel. There were only three in town. I judiciously drove to the first but found a long line of travelers trying to call it a night. The registration line was backed up out the door. The good news was the line was moving rapidly. The bad news was that the line was moving because the desk clerk was sending them away, there were no rooms left in this manger. The news got worse. It was a parade headed to each of the remaining motels and no rooms left.

Driving was becoming an adventure. You could not see the road, only the packed tire tracks of the last hapless traveler. Follow the ruts and pray. More time wasted, more snow. The only choice, attempt the trip home.

My knuckles gripped the wheel and turned white with the tension. There was hope! We followed a snowplow to the edge of town but he belonged to the city and turned back. Cindy was remarkably quiet. When we got home, I was sure she'd chew me a new ass hole but for the moment, she was too frightened to complain.

I looked at our road with trepidation. Five miles to home. I could see the snow blowing across the road. I took a deep breath and turned. I was going very slowly. There was little sign that anyone had passed this way before us. The wind covered tracks almost as fast as they were made. One side of the road was nearly blown clean, the other showed saw blades of drifted snow that reached to the mid point of the road and beyond.

We crawled through fingers of snow a foot deep. Slowly we moved. The car slid and jerked on the slippery surface as it struggled for a foothold. Each slip caused a sharp intake of breath from Cindy who was probably praying along with me that the car would hold the invisible road. All I could do was look for the fence posts and try to stay in the middle as the wind covered and then revealed the road before us.

I had looked at the clock as we turned. We had come one mile in 15 minutes slowly pushing the snow aside as we crept along. It was almost 9:00 when we made the halfway point, A big new modern house that someone from Chicago had built a couple years ago. The stories said it even had a pool in an attached greenhouse. We didn't know the owners despite the fact that there were only half a dozen houses and farms between town and our idyllic home in the country. The wind quit howling momentarily and we could see the driveway packed with cars. Then just as quickly the snows came up again and we couldn't see the house anymore.

We had gone only to the edge of the property when the tree lined yard gave way to a bleak cornfield blown clear of snow on the west side of the road. The part that appalled me was that the corn stubble was visible because all the snow had been blown from the open space and piled against the trees on the east side of the road. The drift was piled very deeply against the trees but stretched back across the road and obscured the fence that I knew to be there, slowly tailing off to the bare field. I knew the road, there was a deep ditch now totally under snow. The drift across the road had to be 4 feet deep. There was no going through it.

I stopped the car and got out thinking of the possibility of digging through the drift, but after a few steps it was clear that the drift went on and on and on. I would have to dig through several hundred yards of deep snow. There was no chance! No way to go forward until a plow cleared the road, probably sometime early in the morning.

My mind was whirling about my options as I carefully turned around in the snow packed road. Cindy still had not uttered a single sound. The snow was coming down with a renewed fury. The tracks we had left only minutes ago were already covered over. I crept back past the house. The snow was only getting deeper. Our car was pushing snow with the bumper and it was only getting worse. I heard a squealing sound and knew that meant that snow had gotten under the hood and was packing the belts.

I stopped the car. I didn't say anything to Cindy. I just backed up until I found the driveway. I turned the car in and stopped among the cars in the driveway.

I had expected a torrent of "I told you so!" to come pouring out of Cindy's mouth but her silence continued. She just looked at me with a part quizzical part relieved look on her face. We had two choices. We could stay in the car and wait for a plow to come down the road, or we could go into the house and ask for asylum from the weather and my stupidity.

She expelled a long sigh. "Well we were overdue for meeting the new neighbors." She smiled at me and giggled. "Thanks for stopping, honey. I was really getting scared."

I smiled back at her. "Looks like they're having a Christmas party. Too bad we didn't bring our swim suites. Maybe they would have let us swim."

"Well, dear. I guess it's time to face the music and introduce ourselves to the neighbors and beg for mercy."

I sighed. "Well, I haven't crashed a party since High School. Bout time to do it again!"

I didn't say anything more. I just opened the door and looked at where the door had plowed back the snow. I walked around the car and helped Cindy out. The snow was past our knees and walking was difficult. The lights were on in the house. We couldn't hear anything until we were on the porch, then the sounds of music and laughter drifted out of the house.

Most of the porch was clear of snow with only the edges dusted where the white stuff had swirled around the corners to the protected porch. It was a relief to be out of the wind. I felt awkward about ringing the door bell but we had no other choice.

We rang once and waited. We waited several minutes and then rang again. We could hear the tone but still no one answered. We rang a third time.

Finally the door opened a crack and a pretty female face peeked out at us. She didn't look happy.

"I'm sorry to intrude, but we live down the road and we're stuck. We can't get home and we can't go back to town. We wouldn't stop if we had any choice. We were hoping that you wouldn't mind if we waited out the storm here." The door opened wider.

The woman was slender and very pretty. She was wearing a white terry robe and I assumed that we had pulled her from her pool. It was strange though, the sounds of people talking in the living room were clear, along with strange sounds of human interaction. It sounded like they were.... No! they couldn't be!

She gave us a concerned smile and waved us into the tiled foyer. "Let me get my husband. Wait here for a second. We certainly weren't expecting any uninvited guests."

Cindy and I exchanged looks. The woman was acting very strangely. We stood in the foyer looking at each other as she disappeared into the house. The foyer was large with a closet in one wall, a door going to who knew where in the other wall and two openings at the end where hallways converged on the end of the foyer. One opening must have gone to the bedrooms and the other to the living room.

We had been there for a couple minutes when a man entered the foyer from what we assumed was the bedroom side. He turned and smiled at us. He kind of looked Cindy over from top to bottom and then smiled a more or less normal smile at us. Cindy and I looked at each other with shocked looks. He was totally naked! A few steps behind, came an attractive red headed woman, also completely naked. The couple met up and wandered into the living room. Leaving Cindy and I in total shock.

A few minutes later the woman who had let us in returned with a man in tow. He was tall and well built, probably in his late 40's. He was barefoot and bare chested, dressed in only a pair of pants. He smiled a warm neighborly smile at us and extended a hand. "Hi, I'm Ron and this is my wife Diane. Why don't you come into the study with us." He opened the door and led us into a large study off the foyer.

I looked at the two of them and introduced ourselves.

Diane smiled more warmly at us. "I'm sorry if I didn't act very neighborly before. It's just that we're having a party and I'm afraid you might not be very comfortable here."

Ron smiled an almost shy smile, then said, "You are most welcome to stay until you can get home, but we thought you might just need some warning about this party. You might want to wait here, rather than join the party. You see, we're swingers and this is our Christmas sex party."

I looked at Cindy and she had a strange look on her face. I couldn't read it. Her face seemed to show part shock, part excitement, part desire and part fear.

Ron looked from one of us to the other. "Our only request is this. You were never meant to be at this party and we would appreciate it, if in exchange for shelter from the storm, you would not mention this party to anyone. We like our privacy. We don't flaunt our swinging and we try not to offend anyone. It's partly why we moved out here."

Diane looked at Cindy. "You can join the party if you want and if you don't swing, it's not a problem. This is a swinging party and the men may hit on you. They don't realize that a non swinger could be here. You have to give them that bit of latitude, but if you tell them no, they should leave you alone. If not, just get Ron or I and we'll have a talk with them. No one will expect you to do anything you don't want to."

Ron looked at us. "I just don't want you to be shocked. If you go out there, you will see nudity. You will see people having sex and not just couples. If that bothers you, stay in here and I'll make sure that no one bothers you. Please make yourselves at home. You're free to go anywhere you want and do anything you want. We just don't want you to be offended."

Cindy was the one who spoke for us. Her voice quivered with some kind of emotion. "Don't worry about us. We won't say anything. I'm not quite sure what we can or can't take. Guess we'll have to talk but we won't be offended and we will keep your secret." I looked at her and nodded.

Ron looked at Cindy with a wistful look. I had the feeling that he was undressing her with his eyes. That he wanted into her panties. He smiled. "I'm going to leave you with Diane. I have a certain guest who needs my attention. We do have some food in the dining room and you're free to join the party if you want."

I looked at Diane and I knew that if I just asked, I could have her. I looked at Diane again. She suddenly looked so sexy. She smiled at me. I think she read all the strange emotions going through both of us. "I think I'll leave you two alone to talk and I'll be back in a bit. I'll give you the grand tour if you want. I'm sorry if I seemed unfriendly when you first got here." She giggled a little. "You were a real shock to me, probably less of a shock than this party is to you, but still a shock. I'll let you talk and I'll be back."

The door closed quietly behind Diane. I looked at Cindy and saw a flush of excitement on her face. I didn't know what she was thinking. I was sure that she had not cheated on me. I may have thought about it, but had never cheated on her before. We had never discussed swinging but that look on her face said she wanted to join the party. I didn't know what I was thinking. I don't know what I was feeling. A jumble of emotions. I certainly felt the sexual tinge in the air.

"You want to go in there don't you?"

Cindy just looked excited. "We don't have to do anything with anyone. But, I've never seen anyone having sex. I think it would be fun to go in there. What do you think Hun?"

"I think I can handle looking. Whatever you want."

My lovely wife smiled at me. "I sure think that it would be better to wait out the storm with people and sitting on a comfortable chair rather than trapped in here. Besides in this storm, we're going to have to leave this room sooner or later because I know you're bladder. You can't wait all night." She giggled.

She shed her coat, draping it over the chair and then she held her hand out for me. I piled my coat on hers and took her hand. Our eyes met and a spark of excitement bounced between our eyes. We opened the door and stepped into the foyer. I looked at my lovely wife and sucked in my breath. A bold new world awaited us.

Diane covered in her white terry robe stood outside the door talking to a naked man. We watched the two of them. It was obvious that sparks were flying. You could feel the sexuality in the air.

She led us through her house. She was proud of her mansion but neither Cindy nor I really saw the rooms. We were busy watching people. We went through pockets of reality. Fully clothed people having normal Christmas party conversations, then the surreal hit, some or all of the people conversing would be naked and perhaps even touching in a sexual way. Then we would pass a couple or even three people having sex. I'd seen porn films before, but never real people having sex, let alone a group of people.

I could hear Cindy breathing faster. Her hand gripped mine more tightly. We followed Diane's cute wiggling ass all around the house, finally ending at the pool. There were half a dozen people in the pool, all naked and most paying more attention to each other than to swimming.

It was hard to tell how many people were actually here. I guessed 25 couples or slightly more. Diane read my mind! I had been trying to estimate the crowd. She smiled at me. "The storm held down the number of people here. I have food for 125 but I think only about 75 or so are here. You'd be doing me a favor if you ate a little of the food."

We weren't hungry and totally unsure of what we should do. Diane excused herself and left us in the pool area. I imagined her looking for her naked male friend and then leading him to a bedroom. The thought sent shivers through me and put the starch in my manhood.

Cindy had a really strange look on her face. She didn't say anything but led me back to the living room. It was totally surreal! I think word about us had spread. People, clothed and not stopped us to introduce themselves. Most were from near Chicago and had taken the two hour drive to join this party. No one made any moves on either of us, we just had normal conversation, mostly about the storm.

Near the center of the living room were some couches arranged in a U shape. One couch had a naked couple sitting there quietly talking. Cindy led me to the unoccupied couch across from them and we sat down. I saw the flush of excitement on Cindy's face.

For half an hour we talked to the naked couple. We talked of weather and sports and our kids. They were not a couple. Their partners were off somewhere. Then casually the woman reached for the man's cock and began to stroke it while we talked. He responded. Then she smiled and slid to the floor. She took his cock into her mouth and the conversation ended.

Cindy watched, her eyes glued to the couple. She watched when Becky slid up and guided Tom's penis into her. She was enthralled watching them enjoy each other, and they were enjoying each other to the fullest.

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