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The Board


I have this fantasy. I revisit it a lot. It never fails to arouse me to the point where I am frantic for it.


In my fantasy I and a large group of horny, hard, lecherous men play a board game. And I'm the board. I imagine it a lot like the drinking game Kings Cup. The deck of cards is laid out face down on the table, scrambled about, and each has a task assigned to it. For example, if a man turns over a two, I jack off him and a friend of his choice simultaneously. If a man turns over a five, he gets to fuck my cleavage. If a man picks up an eight, he gets to lick me out. And if a man gets a King, he can fuck me.

The game teases me and it teases them. They'll all be desperate for it, for me, the twenty-three year old girl who has never done anything beyond what I consider vanilla one-partner sex. Life has always gotten in the way of doing anything drastic like my acting out my fantasies. However, that's going to change.

There's this guy, I know, Kevin. He's a friend of a friend's guy friend. He's always wanted me, hasn't tried to hide it. He's sent me pictures of his cock and text messages of all the things he wants to do to me. Kevin's not attractive in the least, he acts really pervy around girls and they tend to steer clear of him.

I've gotten sick of fantasizing, of watching clips on the internet. I've finally pulled the courage out of god knows where to actually do something about this fantasy of mine. I power up my computer and without letting myself think about it quickly type a reply to one of Kevin's texs. I explain my fantasy to him and tell him I wish to fulfil it.

Kevin replies with a text message. 'That's fucking hot I'm so fucking hard right now' Kevin texts me.

My pussy grows wet as I type in my reply.

'Would you be interested in helping my fantasy come true?'

'Fuck yes!'

'Do you know of any other guys who would be interested? I don't care what they look like or how old they are, as long as they're twenty-one or older.'

'Hell yeah. How many guys were you thinking?'

'Between six and eighteen?'

'I don't know that many personally. But there's this website I know where guys talk about wanting to do this kind of stuff. Would you be okay with it if I sent them your email and ask if they were interested?'

The thought that I am actually going to go through with this is completely turning me on.

God I'm so wet now, my face is blushing.


'God I can't fucking wait to fuck you,' he texts.

'I have three conditions though.' I add quickly, 'It's follow these rules, or get nothing at all. Okay?'


'Number one is no anal. I know you guys are really into that. But it actually doesn't feel good from our end.'

After a pause, he replies, 'Okay.'

'The second part is an ultimatum. Either there will be no filming and no photos, or, you can film and take photos and even post on the internet if you want. But I will need to wear a mask so I won't be recognised by anyone I know. I don't want to lose my job if the wrong person finds them.'

'What kind of mask?'

'I've got a lace masquerade mask from New Years, it only covers my eyes.'

'And we can take photos and film everything? Film you?'

'Yes' God I'm so fucking turned on.

'Shit, I'll ask the guys, but I'm pretty sure we'll go with option two.'

'Okay and lastly I want every guy to go through an STD check, because this is a strictly no condom party.'

'God fuck yes!'

I purposefully arrive twenty minutes late to Kevin's place. There are cars everywhere, and it sends a thrill through me. I'm really doing this.

I lower down my mirror and put on my mask. As promised, it only covers my eyes with holes cut in so I can see. Just enough to give reasonable doubt in case anyone I knew should ever find online photos or videos of what I was about to do. I had put on eye liner and mascara so that my eyes looked dark and sensual behind my mask.

I get out of my car and check my reflection in the window. I looked sexy. The tight black dress I'm wearing fits my hour glass figure perfectly.

I walk to Kevin's front door and knock. Kevin answers it and swears when he sees me.

'You're fucking hot,' Kevin's eyes scanned me up and down. I'm thrilled by his response.

'I hope you have a deck of cards?' I ask.

He smiles and leads me inside. The men are seated in the living room. I did a quick count - fourteen. A lot of them are a good five to ten years older than me, and some of them possibly older than that. The older ones are probably from the website. I get turned on at the thought of how most of these guys go online and talk about fantasies like this, and that they have dreamt of just this kind of situation with someone like me. I was going to fulfill their fantasies too.

There's a small coffee table in front of the men, with cards already faced down and scattered about.

'Fuck,' one of them exclaims 'I didn't realise she would be this hot.'

'I can't believe this is happening,' another says.

'We came up with the rules, are these okay?' Kevin asks, and hands me a piece of paper.

I read through them and feel myself blush. My pussy grows hot with my arousal.

'Perfect,' I smile.

'Okay, one second and we'll start,' Kevin hurries over to a camera on a tripod I hadn't noticed. It faces the group of them around the table. Kevin presses a button and sits down. I assume he has started recording.

I step in front of the camera and remove my dress, revealing my matching black lace bra and panties, and I sit down on the vacant chair that had been left for me.

Kevin picks the first card and reads the rule.

'Touch whatever part of the Board you like for 10 minutes,' he reads out loud.

He waves me over. Heart thundering, I walk over to him. He stands up, reaches around me, and unclasps my bra, tossing it aside. Immediately the other men bring out their phone cameras. Kevin cups my breasts and squeezes them. He rubs his finger tips over my nipples and they harden.

Then he stops and turns me around to face the men. He grasps my hips and slowly slides my panties down to the floor. There are an overwhelming amount of clicks from camera phones.

I feel my pussy begin to leak juices. My inner thighs are wet.

'Sit in your chair,' Kevin dictates and I obey. 'Spread your legs wide and show us all what you're offering up to us on a fucking plate. Show us your cunt.'

I spread my legs wide. The men are staring at my crotch and rubbing their dicks. I'm so turned on. This is really happening. I'm letting a group of men take photos of my exposed pussy. Not only that, but I'm spreading it open for them, exposing my stiff clitoris and my fattened labia and the hint of my vagina, waiting, expecting.. . One man scoots closer to my chair. He places his phone about an inch from my pussy and takes a photo.

'Now come over here and sit in my lap,' Kevin instructs 'I'm going to touch you.'

I sit in his lap. He spreads my legs wide open like before, then slowly slides his fingers down my stomach to my pussy. He rubs the tip of his finger against my clitoris and I gasp. He begins to draw circles on it, over and over and over. I whimper. He slides his fingers down from my clitoris and circles the outside of my entrance. I moan.

'She's soaking wet,' Kevin tells the men who are ferociously snapping photos or filming. A couple of them have moved closer like the first man, taking close up shots.

'Yes! Blow job from the board.'

A man stands and walks over to me. He unzips his fly and takes out his cock. It stands straight and hard, and it points straight at my face.

I lean forward and lick the tip. I wrap my lips around the head and swirl my tongue around, tasting the salt and musk. Kevin rubs my clitoris with one hand and slowly pushes his finger inside my pussy with the other. I moan around the cock in my mouth.

'Fucking hot slut sucking my cock,' the man groans above me.

I run my hands up and down his beer gut. They're so appreciative, so in awe of me. Yes they're degrading me and treating me like shit but that is the turn on as well.

'My turn,' I hear someone else say.

I suck harder on the cock in my mouth. God I'm fucking loving this. I can see my juices all over Kevin's fingers.

'Fuck between the board's thighs,' someone reads out.

'Shit!' the guy above me growls.

I smile and laugh. I get up off of Kevin and walk around to the new player. He's older, like mid thirties.

He turns me to face my audience. I pull my legs together and he pushes through my thighs from behind. The top of his cock skims my pussy lips as he thrusts back and forth. Now the men begin to argue about who is next.

'Such a fucking slut, want to fuck your cunt so bad,' the man behind me grunts.

The other men are too busy to notice that the man standing behind me and fucking my thighs has started to thrust higher. Instead of just skimming my pussy, now he's rubbing hard against it. My pussy juices are coating his cock. Oh god I want him inside me so much. I close my eyes and whimper.

'You fucking want it, don't you,' he says. He stops rubbing and takes hold of my shoulders. I can feel him lining his cockhead up against my hole. I gasp.

Suddenly someone is yanking him away.

'Don't fuck up the game for the rest of us,' someone says.

'Yeah, fucking wanker-,' someone else interjects.

'Dude, she's so gone. Look at her, she was going to let him fuck her.'

'Fuck she's completely out of it.'

I smile at them and reach down between my legs to rub myself.

'Fuck!,' someone exclaims.

Another voice says, 'My turn-,'

'Lap dance from the board,' says someone else.

I jump on that man's lap and begin to gyrate. I dance as sensually and teasingly as possible. He extracts his cock from his trousers and begins to stroke it as he watches me. The temptation is too strong. I move my hips in slow circles and slowly descend lower and lower, closer to his erection. I feel the tip of his cock touch my pussy, and I teasingly arch my back up and away from it. I do this again and again. I want to make him frantic.

'Lick out the board, fuck yes, come here you young fucking slut.'

It's another of the older men, mid to late forties. He has a comb over. I sit back down in my chair. The man reaches out and spreads my legs wide open again. He leans forward and takes several long deep breaths, inhaling my scent.

'You smell so fucking good,' he leers and licks a long stripe up my pussy.

I gasp.

He runs his tongue over my clitoris again and again and again, lapping at it. I cry out and grab his partially bald head. He sticks his tongue inside me and I buck. He scrapes his teeth along my clitoris, and my entire body tenses, locking up in pleasure.

'Receive a blow job from the Board.'

'Fuck you man, fucking eights.'

'Lie her down sideways across the chair,' someone instructs.

In this position my arse is lifted up onto the armrest. The bald man spreads open my legs again and dives in.

I cry out once more.

The other man who had won the blow job approaches me. My head is dangling backward off the couch. He slides his cock inside and fucks my mouth.

Oh my god it feels so good.

'Fuck the Board's cleavage.'

A man straddles my chest on the couch, brings my tits together and fucks into the little compressed space between.

Oh god three men are taking their pleasure from me at the same time. The smell of sex is overwhelming. They are all around me, all wanting me. I come and come and come, my hips pushed up into the air. The men cheer.

Someone picks up a card and throws it aside. It looks like we aren't carrying on with the smaller actions now. So much for lap dances and hand jobs. 'Lick out the Board!' someone yells.

The bald man sits back. His job is done anyway. When I see who is coming forward, I whimper.

It's a man who is at least in his sixties. He has a coarse, full thick beard. Some of it stained with tobacco. He presses his face into my pussy and rubs. His tongue flicks over my clitoris again and again and again; His coarse hairs in his beard rubbing against my open vulva -- my clitoris, my labia, my opening. His beard gets soaked with my juices.

The old man mumbles something, growling against my pussy and grunting. God that beard rubbing is such a turn on. The man who is fucking my mouth pulls out and spurts his fluid all over my neck and breasts. I love it, being marked and utterly used.

The man thrusting between my breasts takes the opportunity to lift my head up so on every thrust up toward my face his cock brushes my lips. I poke my tongue out and lick the tip of his cock on the up thrusts. He groans and thrusts harder. I feel the old man's fat tongue push itself inside of me, and I arch my back to encourage his tongue to get even deeper inside me.

'Come all over the Board's pussy,' someone reads.

Another man appears beside the older one between my legs and jacks himself off as he watches. I groan at the thought of cum coating my pussy. The old man is tongue fucking me as deep and fast as he can, and I cry out in absolute pleasure.

Suddenly the old man is yanked away and I feel a cock rest against my pussy and streams of cum hit my pussy lips. He rubs his cock all over my pussy, getting the cum all over my cunt. I want so much fucking more. The man between my breasts releases another load of cum on my breasts and stomach.

The pussy-coater backs away and sits down. I bask in the feeling of being bathed in cum. I'm tainted and this is the proof.

'Fuck yes! I've got a fucking king!'

The men groan at the other's good luck. The old man stands up and walks away as the king-holder approaches me.

He's fat. I spread my legs.

'Kevin, bring the camera over,' the man urges.

Kevin brings the camera. The man above me takes it and rests it against his eye. He has it gazing at my spread, swollen pussy. The man is naked, his fat almost overwhelming. His cock is in proportion, with some fucking girth and it's no small thing either. The sight of it both alarms me and excites me. Soon, very soon, this stiff flesh is going to be spreading me open.

'I'm gonna fuck your pussy,' he says to me, but yet he doesn't.

He presses his cock against my pussy and rubs. He's teasing me. He wants me to beg for it. He rubs his cock in my juices. He stands above me, filming the way my greedy pussy tries to swallow his cock.

'So god damn hot, such a fine fucking cunt,' he announces to our audience.

He places the tip of his cock against my entrance and rubs circles around it. I whimper.

'Please,' I beg. 'Do it.'

He dips his finger in my juices and smirks.

He pushes in the head, and I gasp. He begins to fuck me with just the head, in and out, in and out, teasing the hell out of me.

'Oh god,' I gasp.

Then in one strong thrust he pushes all of his fucking huge girth inside of me. I moan at the sharp, stretching sensations. I am so wet that he buries his cock with that one stab. He begins to pound me into the couch. It is rough, and it is dirty. His fat slaps against my thighs and my stomach. He grunts and wheezes from his efforts. I wrap my legs around whatever of him I can.

He fucks me, one deep, driving thrust after another, and I grasp at the couch. My pussy stretched around his cock clings tightly to it. He grasps my hips and slams them against his. Forcing his cock as deep as he can on every thrust. I feel his balls against my asshole. I am so full of cock and I love it. Suddenly, quickly, I feel his cum filling me up with its liquid warmth. He stays inside me for a few seconds, then withdraws and slaps my pussy playfully with his cock before walking away.

Just like that the game is over. The cards are forgotten and the men are approaching me hastily.

The bald man is back. He picks me up, presses me against the coffee table, and fucks up into me. Oh god it feels so good. His cock is smaller than the fat man, and his strokes churn through the added liquid of the fat man's cum. Another man straddles my face and fucks my mouth. I'm being filled from both ends, oh god I'm being filled from both ends. I am a whore. I am a complete and utter slut.

I climax long and hard. I black out, I thought only for a moment or two, but when I open my eyes, my mouth is full of cum and a different man is pounding my cunt with his cock. I think to myself, briefly, that I should make them stop. I was only supposed to actually have sex with four men, just the four kings. But it feels so good, my cunt greedily sucks at one cock after another, and it's making slurping noises as if to prove it. Oh god the sounds of sex, I could just close my eyes and lose myself. The man climaxes with a growling moan and a pulsing shaft, and another takes his place.

This one is calling me a greedy cunt, calling me his slut, as he bites me, marking me as his possession, and I'm just lying here and meeting his thrusts with my own, using my hips to sink his cock even deeper. My cunt is on fire, oh my god. His cock moves in and out in frantic, hard jabs. It doesn't matter if he cums quickly or not. There will always be another man with a ready erection to refill me.

'More! More!' I cry.

'Such a dirty whore. Letting me fuck you bare. You love my cock don't you, you love the way I'm pounding the shit out of you!'

He spits on me. He tells me to open my mouth and spits inside. I swallow. He grunts red faced graps my titties and bends down to suckle as he fucks me. I grasp under my knees and pull my legs as high and as wide as possible. The new angle allows him to slam his cock in much deeper forcing my cunt to spread wider around his fat cock. He groans and picks up the pace so that I am on the verge of coming again. He cums inside me and laughs as he walks away leaving me unsatisfied.

Another man approaches. He picks me up and lies back, positioning me so I'm straddling him.

'Fuck yourself on my cock you greedy whore!' he commands.

I line up his cock and slowly push myself onto it until he's balls deep inside me. I undulate on him, scrubbing my inflamed pussy on his pubic bone as his hardness stretches me open, fills me, takes me. My tits bounce and spit and cum flies off them with the quick movements. I'm in heaven oh my god, I have never felt so full and yet I want more, so much fucking more. I roll my hips trying to push his cock in deeper and deeper.

The man comes inside me and he pushes me off. He has used me. He has left his semen inside me, mixed in the hot soup of all the previous men. He has taken his pleasure in my body.

Another man comes forward. He has a giant cock that makes me groan in anticipation. I want it so bad. He turns me onto my side, grabs my leg and rests it on his shoulder before he rests his cock against my hole and pushes in. I am all liquid inside, and he fucks incredibly fast. I'm wailing, begging for him to go deeper and harder. He nearly bends me over in half, and it feels so fantastic. He's fucking so deep into me I'm losing it. I'm climaxing again. I've lost count.

The man pulls out, turns me around and fucks my cunt from behind. I thrust back eagerly. I love this man's cock. When he comes, I nearly cry knowing that it's over. He walks away laughing and high fiving some of the others.

Kevin reappears and pulls me back around so I'm lying on my back. He spreads my legs so impossibly wide that it hurts. He pushes his full hard cock inside me, hard and punishing. My cunt swallows it down with a squelch.

'Fucking snubbed me for months, now you're going to take my fucking cock, you're going to take every cock here,' Kevin exclaims as he thrusts frantically.

Kevin seems to love it rough. It hurts, and yet I love every second of it. I want so much more, I want him to mark me, leave hickies and bruises so everyone who sees them knows what a fucking dirty whore I am, that I let him use me like this.

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