tagRomanceThe Boat

The Boat


It all started when I answered an ad for a boat for sale. I had been looking for a good boat for a few years but hadn't really looked seriously. The ad in the paper was for a year old boat at a very low price and just the type boat I was looking for.

The house where the owner of the boat lived was near the local lake. It was a modest home among some very high dollar ones. The boat was parked in the driveway and I spent a few minutes looking it over. It could have been on the showroom floor for all the wear and tear it showed. Other than a watermark on the motors lower unit, it was in perfect condition.

"It was only used twice," a female voice from behind me said.

Without looking around, I replied, "I can believe that."

When I did turn around, my eyes got big and my mouth dropped open. I have seen some beautiful women but this woman was at the very top of the list. Tall, slender, redheaded, and wearing a tiny pale yellow string bikini with an open terry cloth wrap over it.

I took a deep breath as I closed my mouth. I let it out slowly and said, "Good afternoon. I'm here about the boat you have for sale." I got it out in a reasonably steady voice. My eyes behind my sunglasses were wandering up and down and all over her lush body.

"Yes, the boat," she said softly, a sad look coming to her face. "It was my husbands and like I said, he got to use it twice."

From the sound of her voice and the look on her face, I could tell something had happened to her husband. I wasn't sure how to ask about it or even if I should.

I guess I had a questioning look on my face because she said, "He bought the boat, brought it home, and took me for a ride out to the island that very afternoon. We had a wonderful time. The next Saturday, he went fishing and had a great day." She paused, the sad expression got deeper. "The following Monday he had a bad headache and went to see the doctor."

She paused again and sighed. "Too make a long sad story short, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died a short time later. That was five months ago. I hate to part with the boat but I don't even know how to run it and I need the money."

"My condolences, I lost my wife several years ago so I have some idea of how you must feel."

The woman nodded. "Dick was older than me but I never expected...." She paused with a sigh and changed the subject back to the boat. "I'm asking six thousand for the boat but I'm not sure if that is too much or not."

"From the condition of the boat and the age, it's actually a little low."

"It's half of what Dick paid for it so I figured it would sell quickly. The bills piled up quicker that I thought they would and it took longer to get Dick's finances in order. The six thousand will get me back even."

"I'll take it." I told her and then my conscience jabbed me. "At nine it would be a good deal. At six, it's stealing. I'll split the difference and give you seven five."

The woman looked at me sharply for a second and then nodded. "You're a good man not to take advantage of an old lady."

Grinning, I looked around and then asked, "Old lady? What old lady?"

The woman smiled and stuck out her hand. "I'm Helen and I'm a lot older than I look."

I took her hand and replied, "My friends call me Tex and I'm older than I look also but you can't be a day over thirty five."

"Forty three actually but don't tell anyone."

"Add twenty years to that and you'll have mine."

"I would have guessed early to mid fifties but nowhere near sixty. You're only a little younger than Dick." She got a sad expression again.

"Is there a launch ramp near here, where I can try the boat out?" I asked to change the subject.

"There is a private one here in the subdivision but I'd have to go with you. The stuffed shirts that run this place don't even allow guests to use it unless a property owner is with them."

"I'd be honored with the company even if there wasn't any rules."

A smile brightened her face and then she grinned. "You are a charmer, aren't you? It must be the generation or something. Dick was the same way."

"We were raised with manners if nothing else," I replied and then asked, "Do I need to tow it?"

"Yes, unless you want to ride the garden tractor to the launch ramp. That's how I got it out of the garage. I sold Dick's truck and my car doesn't have a hitch thingy."

"Let me back my truck in and we'll go check it out then."

She looked at me for a moment and then nodded as if she had made a decision. "Ok, let me get my purse and change into something more appropriate. I was relaxing by the pool when I heard your truck door shut."

"What better for a boat ride than a bikini?" I asked with a grin.

She chuckled softly but said, "Probably so but I'd feel better with a little more on. Not to mention the noisy neighbors who think I'm some kind of brazen woman for wearing this with my husband dead only a few months."

"I know the type. Too bad they don't realize that life goes on and we have to do what we have to do to put things out of our minds."

"Exactly. I always wore my bikini by the pool so why should I change that now. Anyway, I always enjoyed the way Dick looked at me when I wore it. It's comforting in it's own way."

I grinned and nodded. I could see what Dick saw and understood it well from his point of view. "I'll get my truck," I said as I turned and headed down the driveway.


I had the boat hooked to the truck and was inspecting the lights when Helen returned. She had on a pair of loose fitting blue shorts, a white blouse with the tail knotted below her breasts, and tennis shoes. I grinned when I saw the yellow of the bikini top peeking from the open front of the blouse.

"Are we ready?" I asked.

She nodded and pulled a set of keys out of her purse with a float attached to them. "We'll need these."

"Good thinking," I said as I went around and opened the passenger door for her.

She smiled as she climbed into the truck. "Dick was a gentleman also. Even after ten years of marriage he still opened doors for me."

"Smart man." I replied with a grin. "Younger guys don't get it but that's their problem," I added as I shut the door.

When I got in and started the truck, Helen pointed to the right. "Two blocks down and on the left. There's a gate that's always locked so I'll have to open it. I'll also have to close and relock it. It's a royal pain in the butt."


Past the gate was a small parking lot that had just enough room to make a circle so I could back the boat down to the launch ramp. With a couple of trucks and trailers in the parking lot, it would have been a job to get turned around.

"They don't make it easy, do they?" I asked as I stopped the truck.

"Most of the member of the board of the property owners association have private boat docks so they only use this once or twice a year. It used to be three times as big but they sold the lots on each side. It's just another way they are forcing the little people out."

I nodded as I got out of the truck. Helen got out and came around to the back of the truck to join me. I found a bowline in the first storage locker I looked in. I unhooked the front tie down and hooked on the rope. I tied a loop in the bowline and dropped it over the front upright and below the winch.

Helen grinned and shook her head. "Dick had one of his earlier boats get away from him a couple of times. I always followed him down to hold the rope while he parked the truck. Neither of us was smart enough to do what you just did."

"I was raised around boats. My dad fished and several of my uncles commercial fished so I got an education early in life. Most of it's second nature by now," I said as I went to remove the motor tote and to check that the plug was in place. The plug wasn't there. After a few minutes search, I found it under the drivers seat.

"That's another thing Dick forgot several times. Talk about your mad scrambles," Helen said with a grin.

"I've played that game a time or two myself," I replied with a chuckle as I headed back for the cab of the truck.

Helen stood to the side as I backed the boat into the water. I had the trailer slightly to the side so I could see it in the rearview side mirror. When the boat was afloat, I tapped the brake and stopped. The boat slid off the trailer easily.

I retrieved the rope and pulled the boat over to the dock and tied it off.


When I returned from parking the truck, Helen was sitting in the passenger seat waiting for me. I hadn't asked when the battery had been charged last. I hoped it still had enough juice to crank the motor. After pumping the bulb to prime the engine, it kicked off on the first try. The fifty horsepower four stroke motor was so quiet I had to turn to make sure it was running.

Helen got up, untied the boat, dropped the rope in the floor of the boat, and returned to her seat. "And away we go," she said with a big grin.

I eased the throttle forward and eased the boat out past the no wake buoy. Once I cleared the buoy, I fed in more throttle and was soon cruising across the lake at 45 miles per hour according to the speedometer. The engine was still quietly humming to itself. I had never owned a four stroke outboard and was surprised at how quiet it ran.

"Do you fish?" I asked Helen to make conversation.

"No, if I went fishing with Dick, he fished and I sunbathed and read."

"That sounds like my wife. She loved to fish as long as the fish were biting but after that it was sun and book time."

Helen looked back in the direction of the launch ramp. As she turned back, she lifted her hips and wiggled out of the shorts she wore. She tossed the shorts under the dash to be followed quickly by the blouse. She used her feet to remove her tennis shoes.

Once more dressed in just the yellow string bikini, she wiggled her toes and sighed. "Much better. I hate clothes to start with and when I can, I shed them. I used to be able to sun nude in my back yard but they built three two story houses behind ours so now I can't even get sun in my own backyard."

"I have a fenced yard and no neighbors. You're welcome to use my sun deck anytime you want. That is if you don't mind me drooling from behind the drapes in the bedroom."

Helen looked at me for a moment and then grinned as she reached up and untied the sting behind her neck. She leaned forward and untied the string behind her back. The yellow bikini top joined the rest of her clothes under the dash.

My eyes wandered over her full breasts. She had a barbell piercing the left nipple. The right one did not looked pierced. "I guess this means I won't have to hide behind the curtains and peek."

With a soft laugh she replied, "It's your sundeck, why should you have to hide. Anyway, I'm far from shy around the right people and I think you are a right person."

"Thank you," I replied softly. "I'll try to live up to that."

Helen smiled as she looked over at the dash and the gas gauge. "We have three quarters of a tank of gas, if you're in no hurry, why don't we take a ride down to the damn and back."

I made a short turn to the left and throttled back to a cruising pace of forty. "Since I'm with such enjoyable company and have nothing better to do than enjoy the view and a day on the lake, why not."

Helen laughed as her hands went to her hips. "You like the view, do you?" she asked as she pulled on the string bow at each hip. "What would make the view even better?"

"Keep pulling on those strings and I'll find out soon enough," I replied with a grin.

As the strings came untied, Helen said, "I guess I didn't tell you that I normally sunbathed nude while Dick fished. I loved to tease him and then there was always the chance of someone seeing me naked. That last part always made me tingle in just the right places."

I grinned over at her and nodded. "You left the naked part out earlier but it doesn't surprise me, my wife was the same way."

Helen slipped forward off the seat onto her knees. The bikini bottom joined the rest of her clothing. She gave a little shivering shake as she looked at me over her shoulder. "You're a nice guy and I think I can tease you without getting myself in a lot of trouble."

It was a statement more than anything else but I said, "You're as safe with me as you want to be. I can't promise I won't stare and drool though."

Helen laughed and whispered, "I love the stares and the drool just adds to my pleasure. I love to be looked at especially when I'm naked so now I'm going to lay down in the bottom of the boat and get some sun for both our pleasures."

"You'll not get any complaints out of me," I said as she leaned forward. Once on her hands and knees my eyes were locked on her luscious ass and her plump sex peeking at me from between her upper thighs.

When I gave out with a low soft whistle she looked at me over her shoulder. "An ass man I take it. So was Dick in so many ways," she said with a grin.

"Oh yes. I do love the part that goes over the fence last best," I said with a grin of my own. When I licked my lips, Helen laughed and wiggled her ass from side to side.

A moment later, she dropped her upper body, moved it slightly to her left, and spread her knees shoulder width. Now her sex and light brown anus were in full view. I licked my lips again and groaned softly.

"I'm not sure who is teasing whom the most," she whispered softly. "I'm being far naughtier than I normally would even with Dick and your eyes are setting fires deep inside me."

Movement from forward of the boat caught my attention. I looked up and then told Helen, "There is another boat coming toward us and they're going to pass on your side of the boat."

Helen looked up and then shivered as she slowly lay down on her stomach. Her feet were in the seat she had sat in earlier. With another shiver she asked, "I wonder if they will be able to see me?"

"Why should I say they won't when I know it will spoil your fantasy," I told her with a grin.

Helen laughed and said, "I knew you were a good man."

"When I count to three you could come up on your knees. That way there would be no doubt that they could see you."

Helen groaned softly as I said, "One." The groan was even louder when I said, "Two."

As I started to say three, she looked around and shook her head. "I can't, I'm too much of a chicken. Anyway, I know a lot of people on this lake. Just my luck it would be one of my neighbors."

"I'll have to take you somewhere no one knows you so you can flash to your hearts content."

"Dick suggested that several times but I always found a reason to refuse. Here it would be accidentally on purpose but I don't think I have the nerve to do it on purpose, if that makes any sense."

"Sense, yeah, it makes sense but then again what have you got to lose by trying it once."

Helen grinned and rolled over onto her back. She spread her legs as far as the side of the boat and my hip allowed. Her sex was plump, as was her mound. Both were cleanly shaven. She flexed her hips up and back several times before she said, "If I try it and like it, I might not be able to control it. Just the thought of some stranger seeing me makes me as horny as hell."

"It's not like we're longtime friends or anything," I pointed out.

"Exactly," she said in a whisper as her hands came up to caress and massage her breasts gently. "That's why I'm going to come my brains out the second I touch my clit with you watching me."

I looked at the woman lying in the floor of the boat and grinned. On impulse, I let go of the steering wheel, lifted my hips, and pulled my shorts down around my ankles. Using my feet, I got the shorts completely off, leaned back in the seat and put one hand on the steering wheel. The other slowly stroked my hard dick.

"I hope you don't mind if two play that game," I said softly.

Helen's eyes were wide as she watched my hand move up and down. Slowly she shook her head and then moaned softly. "Dick was always too shy to take his clothes off even out here on the lake." Her fingers found the barbell on her nipple and pulled gently. The fingers of the other hand rolled and pinched her other nipple.

After a moment, she moaned again. "With you doing that, I might not have to touch my clit," she whispered as her hips flexed up and down slowly.

The island at mid lake was coming up, so I made a gentle turn to the left to avoid it by a wide margin. "Are there many people at the island," Helen asked.

I looked that way and counted three boats. "A few, three boats anyway."

"Maybe they will all be gone by the time we get back. A cool naked swim sounds wonderful to me."

"I haven't been skinny dipping in a while now. The last time was in the Gulf of Mexico by moonlight. My wife was with me and we had a ball on that deserted beach."

Helen whimpered softly as one hand slowly worked its way down her belly. She paused the hand with her fingertips barely touching her mound. "I've always wanted to do the nude on the beach by moonlight thing but we never did."

"There used to be a semi legal clothing optional beach not to far from here but I haven't been there in years so I don't know if it is still there or if you can even get to it but we could go look some weekend." I told her.

She shivered and raked her nails over her soft plump mound. She moaned softly and nodded. "I would like that. On a beach naked in daylight would be even better."

I angled the boat back out toward the center of the lake. There was not another boat in sight. I eased the throttle back to a fast idle and Helen looked at me questioningly. "There's no one around but us so I thought I'd slow the trip down and make it easier on myself to watch you."

She whimpered and raked her nails over her mound again. "Do you eat pussy?" She asked in a soft whisper.

I chuckled and licked my lips. "Is that just for future information or is that a request? In either case, the answer is a definite yes."

She moaned softly as her hips flexed up and back. "I'd love nothing better at this very moment but...." She let the sentence trail off as her hips moved with a little more urgency, her eyes once more on my slow moving hand.

Then she groaned long and loud as she came. The hand on her mound moved lower quickly and she moved her fingers back and forth over her clit rapidly. That made her hips lift as she gave out with a soft yell as her hips jerked and bucked against her fingertips.

I grinned at her and sighed deeply. The look on her face reminded me so much of my wife when she came that way. I also wanted to move over between her legs so I could clean up the juices running down the cleft of her ass. I wondered how big an orgasm she would have if I did.

About then, Helen's eyes fluttered open and she shivered hard as she saw me looking at her. "That one slipped up on me," she whispered softly.

"So I noticed and a beautiful one it was."

She grinned and nodded. "You should have seen it from my side."

The hand that had strummed her clit was once again on her mound, the fingers slowly raking over her tender skin. Slowly she slid the fingers lower avoiding her clit as they got close to it. As they moved lower she shivered as she felt her wetness. "I've made a very big mess."

"I'd offer to clean it up but...." I grinned as I licked my lips. "I'm afraid it would lead to something else." I ran my hand up and down my hard shaft as I finished speaking.

Her eyes jumped to my hand and she groaned softly. "If I wasn't such a chicken, I'd probably let you but...."

I looked around quickly. We were getting close to the dam and there was another boat trolling along between it and us. I turned the boat around and idled back the way we had come. "Maybe there won't be anyone at the island when we get back there."

She shivered and then sighed deeply. "You came along at just the right time," she whispered.

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