The Book of David Ch. 14


I was all alone in the world now.

All alone...

There came a knock at my door and a moment later it began to swing open. My eyes swiveled away from the ceiling to see Danielle poke her head in, her hair darkened by wetness and slicked back. She saw that I was awake and then came in, closing the door softly behind her. She was wearing nothing but a white fluffy towel. "Hey squirt..."

"Dani?" I queried, reaching over and turning on my bedside lamp.

She came next to the bed, standing loosely beside me and then reached to the tuck in her towel. With one flick of the wrist, the terrycloth came loose and then dropped to the floor.

In the pale yellow light, her skin glowed with heat fresh from the shower. And yet her nipples were rock hard and I could see the pink folds of her pussy already peeking out between her legs.

"Dani?" I asked a little more urgently.

She didn't answer except to bend and press her lips softly to mine. I lay my head back and just enjoyed the wonderful feelings of her mouth on mine, our tongues darting out and intertwining together.

When she began to pull away, I followed with her, not wanting to break our liplock, but she pressed down on my chest until I was flat on my back again. Then, she pulled my blankets off to the side and deftly reached her hand into my boxers to pull my half-hard cock through the flap.

"Dani?" I asked one more time. "What are you-?"

She silenced me with a finger to my lips. "We both need this." And then she engulfed my dick in the warmth of her mouth.

For a long time the only sounds were the wet popping of her lips around my shaft and the occasional slurp of saliva as my sister bobbed up and down on my prick. I let my right hand drift over her body, first rubbing her shoulder and neck before gliding down her back. I made no further sexual moves, instead reveling in the softness of her naked skin.

Danielle blew me to the brink of orgasm, but when my balls started twitching, she backed off. Then slowly, she took her time tugging my boxers down my legs and then off, leaving us both completely naked.

Finally, she mounted the bed and then moved to straddle me, her knees beside my hips as she reached down and guided my rocket into her body.

From the moment our hips met, we never stopped moving. Physically, it felt so good to be inside a tight pussy that I couldn't possibly slow myself down from enjoying the sensations too much. Emotionally, I felt a cathartic relief at joining together with my sister who I loved so much, only now daring to believe that our love would survive this latest roadblock.

Danielle seemed to be of like mind. Her legs flexed constantly as she pistoned herself up and down and around and around my pole, whimpering in delight as we pleasured each other.

At first, she simply threw her head back and ran her fingers over her own face and through her hair, pure delight in her eyes as she felt me filling her up over and again. This caused her chest to thrust forward, her firm, round tits so enticing as they bounced before my eyes.

When I sat up to take a nipple into my mouth, she cradled my head to her chest. And with my arm wrapped around her waist, we continued pumping our bodies against each other over and again.

"Oh David..." she moaned. And then she wasn't able to say anything more as I crushed my lips to hers and we fucked each other with our tongues as much as we were with our loins.

For a few moments, we were as one. When our orgasms came, they came powerfully and they came simultaneously. Danielle was whimpering into my mouth as the feelings raced through her body, and I was groaning into our kiss as my cock erupted blast after blast of white lava into her spasming pussy.

She was still shuddering when I ejected out the last few loads into her, and as I finally pulled my mouth away from hers, she exhaled loudly before moaning, "I love to feel your spunk swimming around inside me."

I chuckled at that and let my forehead sag into her cleavage while she circled her arms around my head. Amazingly, those aches in my back and shoulders were gone.

I panted for breath for a few minutes, and then squeezed her tightly in a hug and said, "Thank you."

It was a few moments before she answered. "You don't hate me?" she asked softly.

"How could I ever?"

"For pushing you out. This... this whole thing with Cherys just got out of control."

I leaned up and pecked Danielle on her nose. "I know. I'm sorry. I never meant for things to get so far."

She nodded and kissed me again. "I know. You're a good man, David. I know you would never do anything intentionally to hurt me."


"I love you, David."

"I love you, too, Dani."

"No hard feelings?"

"None at all."


Once Danielle and I got our mutual issues resolved and out of the way, Cherys was delighted and enticed us into a torrid threesome the very next morning. She made good on her promise: the girls wore me out so much that I passed out on the bed and slept until two in the afternoon.

The next time we went out, Danielle and Cherys were the ones holding hands and lovingly rubbing Cherys' belly while I watched approvingly from across the table.

They got a few more awkward stares and a few less well-wishers than Cherys and I would have, but there was still a lot of love surrounding the happy couple.

That left only one major issue still unresolved for me.



SUMMER (June 2006)

It was another long Friday, but at least the week was over. I was just shutting down my system when a familiar voice said my name behind me. It was Stan, the Executive Vice President who'd been shadowing me for my entire career.

"David! You're still here. We're not working you too hard, are we?"

"No, sir."

"Stan, remember?"

"Yes, Stan."

"Can you swing by my office for a minute?"

"Uh, sure." I hurriedly gathered my things and then followed after. When we got to his office, there was another gentlemen in a wing chair, sleeves rolled up and an open snifter of brandy between them.

Stan gestured to the gentlemen, who was just now turning around. "I believe you already know Robert."

It was Amber's father. I stood up straight in shock but quickly recovered and held out my hand. "Good to see you again... Robert."

He shook it and gestured to the available wing chair. I nervously took my seat.

"Anyways," Stan began, "Robert here and I were going out for golf tomorrow afternoon. As it is, we need a fourth. I was just asking Robert if he had any ideas for someone to round out our group and he mentioned you. He said the two of you have played before."

My jaw half-dropped. I'd played golf exactly once in my life, back when I was dating Robert's daughter.

"So, are you available?" My Executive VP asked.

"Uh, certainly... Stan. I'd love to join." I turned and nodded my head to Robert. "Although, I haven't played in some time."

"No worries," Robert waved me off. "Just like riding a bike." He stood, placing his empty brandy tumbler on the desk. "So, tomorrow at noon? See you then." He reached out to shake my hand.

"Goodbye Robert." I stood as well, shouldering my bag and nodding to Stan. "See you tomorrow."


It was 11:45am when I walked into the clubhouse. I picked up a rental set of clubs and then went out to find Stan and Robert. Along the way, I saw a row of golf carts parked in preparation for the groups to go out. One of them read 12:00pm and had Robert's last name and mine printed beneath our start time.

I was just belting my clubs into the rack when I heard a startled gasp behind me. I turned around and my heart dropped into my stomach. "Amber?"

She was standing not ten feet away from me, dressed to the nines in a powder blue ensemble, complete with visor and white golfing shoes. It was clear she wasn't here just to hang out.

She seemed even more surprised to see me than I was her, and for a while, the two of us just stared back and forth at each other. Last time, her arrival had completely overwhelmed me with surprise. This time, while still surprised, I was recovering quickly and really just looked at her longingly.

Good lord she was beautiful. Sometimes I forgot how stunningly pretty she was. And as Amber looked at me pensively, all I could do was stare in disbelief at seeing her again. Since our last encounter, I had been waiting, preparing myself for our next meeting, steeling my emotions so that I could see her again while rational and in control.

I realized now that I might have waited forever out of fear. I would have never seen her again if I waited until I was "ready". But she was here now; and I desperately wanted to talk to her. More than that, I wanted to walk up and hold her, never to let her go. From the way she was leaning forward on the balls of her feet, she looked ready to jump me as well.

But just before one of us could make a move, another golf cart drove up from the direction of the driving range: Stan and Robert. "Ah, there you are dear. All set?"

Amber managed to take her eyes off me long enough to answer, "Yes, daddy." And with that, she hoisted her bag and brought it over to the cart, where she began strapping it in.

It was then that I realized that we were about to be paired together. With eighteen holes, that meant three hours at a minimum that I would be sharing a cart with her. I was really more shocked than nervous.

Amber muttered under her breath, "This is SUCH a setup."

I thought back to the little stunt her father and my EVP had pulled last night. "Seems like..."

Amber leaned towards me. "Is this OK? I promised I would wait until you felt ready. And if you don't want to be here, you can leave. Or I'll leave."

Automatically, I put my hand on her shoulder, patting softly. "No. It's OK."

Only then did I realize what my hand was doing, and feeling like I'd just laid my hands on some expensive artwork I wasn't supposed to be touching, I yanked my hand back and blushed.

Amber glanced at her now empty shoulder and her lower lip quivered. "Now you can't even touch me?" She looked ready to cry.

"No, no, it's not that. It's just..." I sighed. "What did you expect?"

"I'm not sure what I expected. I knew what I hoped."

"And what did you hope?"

"That things could go back the way they used to be. That we could be in love the way I remembered it."

"Life doesn't work like that."

"I know. But a girl can dream, can't she?"

I didn't answer. Her dream sounded wonderful, but it was still dangerous. And for a moment I wished I could be a stupid teenager again, throwing caution to the wind and damn the consequences.

Robert called out. "All set?"

I glanced around, seeing the two gentlemen waiting patiently. We hadn't moved in the past two minutes and they pretended not to notice. I just nodded and then we both hopped into the cart, Amber in the driver's seat.

Our two carts rolled along towards the first tee. The group before us was still on, and the older men stopped to wait. Amber parked our cart a good twenty feet behind theirs. For a second, her jaw clenched. "My parents both know I came back here for you. But they don't know that I went to your house that first Saturday. I've spent the last few weeks running around getting set up: looking for an apartment, unpacking, getting a car for myself. My dad asked two days ago if I'd seen you yet. I told him not yet, that I was waiting for the right time." She growled. "I guess he couldn't leave well enough alone."

I reached out and laid my hand on top of hers, which was gripping the steering wheel. "I'm glad he did."

She looked at me. "Really?"

"Yeah." I sighed and looked forward. "Amber, if we work out, and I hope we do, you'll have your father to thank for getting us back together."

She looked at me with wide eyes. "Are we getting back together?"

I moved my hand to her face, softly drawing my knuckles across her cheek. "I want to. Very much."

With a happy smile, Amber leaned forward, ready to kiss me. But I frowned and held my hand up between us. "I still hate you..." My voice was cold.

Her face went white as she backed away. "What?"

I sighed. "Amber, I'm still in love with you. But I hate you for leaving me. I can't help it. I know why you left and my head knows it's almost as much my fault for not going with you. But there's a part of me that really resents you for abandoning me."

"You knew I had to follow my dream."

"But you didn't have to cut off all contact with me. You could have written. You could have called."

Amber looked down at her feet. "It hurt... just thinking about you..."

"I know. But it hurt worse knowing you wouldn't answer my calls." I found that I was balling my hands into fists, trembling with repressed anger and pain. Slowly, I exhaled, calming myself. "We need to talk. There are a lot of conversations we've missed in the last three years."

Just then, the other group moved off and the two older men got out of their cart to pull out their drivers. Amber sighed and nodded. "Looks like we'll have some time together."


"So did you fuck her?"


"After the golfing. Dude, did you tap that? Amber is a major babe."

"Kevin!" Jen slapped him. "You are such a pervert."

"Hey, he's your fiancé," I waved. "And the answer is no. We just talked."

He shrugged. "Why not? It's not like you haven't done it before."

I sighed. "It's complicated."

"Dude, you've been saying that since she got back into town. What's complicated? She wants you. You want her. Why the hell are you sitting in my fucking living room instead of fucking her in her living room?"

"Kevin, it's just co-"

"Complicated," he interrupted. "Riiight. You always think too much, you know that?"

He tossed back his coke and then looked at me. "What score did you shoot?"

"Well, we weren't really..."

"Dude! You overcomplicated everything! What. Score. Did. You. Shoot?"

"106," I blushed.

"There! Was that so hard?" He leaned forward on the couch. "Now... Do. You. Want. Her?"

I gulped. "Yes."

"Then go back over there."

"But what if she breaks my heart again?"

"Duuude. What if you get hit by a bus tomorrow?"

I threw up my hands in exasperation. Life wasn't this simple, was it? "Jen, what do you think?"

"I think you need to fuck her," she nodded.

"What? What happened to making sure I had all my emotions under control?"

She shrugged. "You're a strange guy, David. Thank goodness I'm not stuck with you. But after everything you've said about the conversation you had with Amber, all the things you've got between you, and the fact that you were able to get comfortable with her in that short amount of time, I say yeah... go over there and fuck her."

"That doesn't make logical sense at all!"

"David," Jen said thoughtfully with her hand on my knee. "Right now your mind is jello. You haven't been able to maintain a coherent train of thought for more than ten minutes since Cherys 'broke up' with you and Amber came back into town. And it's been weeks already."

Then, Jen started smiling in a victorious way that made me a little nervous. "But last week, you came over to visit with that self-satisfied freshly-fucked face of yours."

"I don't have a 'face'!" I protested.

"Dude. You had 'the face'," Kevin drawled.

"Anyways," Jen continued. "You got laid, and all of a sudden your Cherys and Danielle issues were gone. Now I don't pretend that they all went away completely, but you stopped bitching to us about them. So with Amber, yeah, I say go over there, clear out your pipes, and then come back here. You'll be able to think more clearly and then we'll deal with the consequences."

I sighed and tried to work my head around her logic. "You always recommend this kind of therapy to your patients?"

She shrugged. "Just the sex addicts."

"Thanks." Even I'm not sure whether I was being sarcastic or sincere.


Nervously, I fidgeted on the doorstep. I hadn't done this in years. I barely remembered what to do. A part of me figured it didn't matter. There was no need to impress. Amber knew me and we both knew what we wanted. I'd met her parents. But still, for appearances sake, here I was, standing in front of Amber's door with roses in my hands.

The door swung open and Robert smiled. "David! It's been a long time," he joked. It had probably been about four hours max since we finished our golf round. "Come in. Come in."

I shook his hand in greeting and walked into the foyer. Amber's mother came in. "Ah, David! Good to see you..." She walked up and hugged me, leaving air kisses beside each cheek. Then she stepped back and looked me up and down like a predatory cougar. "You've grown up into a fine young man." There was a little leer in her voice which I chose to ignore.

"Please to see you again, Julie," I sketched a short head bow.

"Ah, flowers," Amber's mom preened. "I don't remember the last time someone brought ME flowers."

Robert looked suitably abashed. "Hmm? Well, I'll have to rectify that. Julie, I'll pick you up the most beautiful bouquet on the way to our dinner appointment." He reached his hand out to his wife.

"Dinner appointment?" Julie looked confused.

"Yes..." Robert said with a masked imperative in his voice. "Don't you remember? Our dinner appointment?"

Julie got it just then. "Ah yes. THAT dinner appointment. Well, we'd love to stay and chat David, but we really must be going. I believe you'll find Amber in her bedroom.

"Thank you, Julie. Thank you, Robert." I nodded to the both of them as they headed off, a little smile on my face.

Once they were gone, I took a deep breath and then headed up the stairs. Amber's room was the third on the left. I knocked and waited.

"Come in!" she called.

I opened the door. Amber was dressed in comfortable lounging clothes, cotton pajama pants and a tank top without a bra. She was lying on her stomach across the bed, propped up by her elbows as she flipped through a photo album with a lost expression on her face.

As I entered, she turned to face me, and then her eyes went wide in surprise. "David!"

"Hi Amber."

"How'd you get in here?"

"Your parents answered the door. Then, they invented some dinner appointment so they could leave the house to us."

"Really... And why would they do that?" I shrugged and held out the flowers. "I wanted to ask you out on a date tonight."

She took the roses gleefully and then inhaled their sweet scent. Then she fixed me with a sardonic grin and asked, "Doesn't the guy usually call ahead for the date before just showing up?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I dunno. I haven't done the whole asking-out-on-a- date thing since... well... maybe High School."

She giggled, her voice a musical lilt. I willed myself not to think of all the ramifications of what we were doing, all the niggling worries in the back of my head. I looked only at Amber, my old friend, my old love, and a woman who I was still in love with. My relationship with Brianna crumbled because Amber always had a piece of my heart, and as she lay there, smiling at me, I dared to hope for the best.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" she asked, sitting upright on her bed with her legs crossed beneath her.

"Well, I was thinking dinner, maybe a walk in the park."

"Not hungry," her eyebrows went up in an aw shucks manner. "What about the walk? What did you want to do? Talk?"

I nodded.

"You talk too much David. Besides, we did a lot of talking today on the golf course. I thought we were through all that."

"We're not through. I still hate you."

"I can fix that. But not by going to dinner and talking more."

"Then how? What do you think we should do?"

"Fuck." She said it with a sweet smile and so matter-of-factly that it took my brain a few seconds to catch up.


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