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The Boss


I've been thinking about an old boss of mine when I was a receptionist for an IT company. In some ways he was my Mr Grey, but at page 6 in the book/scene 3 of the film. He was controlling and stern but had a way about him that was also appealing and I could never figure it out. I always tried to bring out his 'human' side but he was always so staunchly private. There were days he would come in on his motorcycle with his leathers on and that would be a good day.

There was one occasion where I had typed up a letter for him. It was my first proper receptionist job [where you had to dress smartly] and I still had the habits that school had taught me. I walked into his huge office and gingerly walked up to the front of the desk and handed him the letter. Somehow I was scared of him -- a mix of him being 'the boss' and the general feeling of power he gave me. He took the letter from me and started to read.


"Come round to this side of the desk" He said. I did as I was asked, not having ever been round 'that side of the desk' before.

"Using tabs at the start of paragraphs, eh? That's a bit old fashioned." He said with a smirk, looking at the letter.

"Yes, well that's what they taught me in school." I nervously giggled.

He looked at it for a few moments more, I half expected him to bring out a red pen and start marking it up. He didn't though; he just gave it back to me and said.

"Yes, good, please sort the paragraphs out and print it on headed paper for me."

Looking back now, I wonder if that was part of some test I had unwittingly failed. He was never actually my direct boss; I always had an interim supervisor. If he had been my direct boss, and this was The Secretary, I wonder how it might have played out?

"Come in Claire, please shut the door behind you." Stephen sat behind his large foreboding desk. He continued tapping away on his laptop as I stood there uncomfortably wondering if I should pass the letter to him. Finally he looked up.

"Now then, the letter, let me see it." He said as he extended an arm and at the same time picked up his red pen in readiness. He started reading, tutting as he did so and used his red pen to mark the mistakes I had made. I just stood in the middle of the room, playing with my thumb.

"Don't do that." He suddenly said. I was startled.

"Do what?" I asked quietly.

"Pick at your thumb like that, I find it abhorrent." He replied as he continued to read.

I was embarrassed and felt myself flushing.

"Come around this side of the desk, I want to show you something." Stephen said calmly. I did as I was told and stood a respectable distance away.

"You see here, this spelling mistake?" He said.

I squinted from where I was, not really able to make out the words.

"If you can't see then I suggest you come closer, and maybe get some glasses." He said with a small grin.

Again I felt smarted but moved in closer. I peered at the letter; suddenly Stephen took my hand and started to inspect where I had been picking my thumb. I'd made it bleed a little bit. I tried to pull my hand away but he held firmly onto it and with his other hand pulled a clean tissue from the box on the desk. He wrapped the tissue around my thumb, taking off the excess. I watched him intently. It was an ordinary act but somehow it was also highly erotic.

"I've seen you looking at me in the office Claire." Stephen said as he continued to put pressure on the thumb, the spelling mistake apparently forgotten now. It's true, I had looked at him when he was in the office, I didn't think he'd noticed though and immediately started to flush again.

"Sorry, I..." I stammered, not really sure if I should deny it or just apologise for doing so.

"Don't be sorry, I like it, in fact I have been noticing you lately too, have you changed your hair, lost some weight?" He said, as he was taking away the tissue from my thumb and throwing it in the bin. I had actually lost some weight but again felt embarrassed by this sudden personal questioning. I stared at him with my hand still in his.

"I think your thumb is fine now." He said looking at me. "And yes, I do believe you're looking more trim recently." As he said this he let go of my hand and lightly touched my arse. It made me flinch slightly.

"Would you like to sit on my lap, Claire?" Stephen said softly. I was taken back by the question but also appreciated his direct approach.

"Yes, I would." I replied meekly and moving forward. He led me down to his lap with his hands on my arse then he slowly started to undo the buttons on my shirt with one hand.

"You're very pretty Claire, and I don't think you even know this yourself." He said as he continued to undo the buttons. The feel of his touch through the shirt and his other hand on my arse was already getting me very excited. My breathing deepened and again he had a small smirk on his face. He had undone my shirt to my navel and pushed it aside to reveal my lacy white bra. He ran his hand around my breast and gently rubbed my now erect nipple with his thumb.

"These, for instance, are very lovely indeed." Stephen said, referring to my breasts.

"Thank you." I said and then felt immediately embarrassed for doing so. Again he smiled.

I arched my back slightly against his touch, his hands felt masterful.

"You wear very sweet perfume at work Claire, it's very distracting." He said as he leaned in to my neck and kissed it lightly. I took a sharp intake of breath. He paused briefly before kissing me again, further down towards my breasts. The hand that he had on my arse had now moved to my back and was pushing me in towards him. I was helpless under his powerful grip, both in his arms and his charm. He muffled small grunts of approval into my heaving chest and put his hand high up on my thigh.

Suddenly Stephen stopped kissing and brought his head up in line with mine.

"I want you to kneel down now Claire, in between my legs, and I want you to undo my trousers and take what I have for you." He said directly to my face. I took a moment to process this. Out of curiosity and heady passion I decided to take his instruction. I wriggled off his lap and kneeled on the floor, pulling my tight smart skirt up around my hips as I did so. I put my hand on his bulging crotch and his breathing deepened. Carefully I undid the belt buckle on his trousers then the top button, followed by the zip. I did each action carefully and tried not to fumble. He looked down at me intently as I worked. With his trousers now open I could see his throbbing cock under the white cotton material of his yfronts and could see that he was a well-endowed man. Was it too much for me? I vaguely wondered. I rubbed his cock gently through the cotton and he moaned quietly. I looked up at him and he was staring at me with fire and desire in his eyes. My innocent demeanour soon dissolved and now all I wanted was his cock in my mouth.

I released his throbbing member from its cotton cage and licked and sucked it gently, moving further down the shaft a little at a time. As I sucked the top with my mouth, I gently played with his balls with my hand and stroked the shaft with the other. Stephen put his hands lightly on my head and pushed me gently down onto his cock. I enjoyed feeling him at the back of my throat and it made my clit throb with anticipation. My nipples were erect in my bra and desperate to escape and be pinched. Just as I was getting into it he pulled my head away and looked down at my face.

"I.. I didn't think you'd been that... enthusiastic about... giving head." Stephen said with a slightly shocked face. I looked at him and now it was my turn to give a small sideward's smile.

I stood up from the floor and stood in front of him. I undid his necktie and laid it on the desk looking at him knowingly as I did so. I undid the buttons on his shirt and pushed it to the side so I could see his tanned sculpted chest. For someone who worked in an office all the time he certainly did keep himself looking hot. I laid my hands on his chest then leant down and kissed him gently on the lips. He reciprocated and pulled me into him giving me a long, lingering kiss. He explored my mouth with his tongue and ran his fingers through my hair. He stood up and grabbed the necktie from the desk. Gently he wrapped it around both of my wrists and tied it so that I couldn't release myself.

"Lean onto the desk, please." He said to me. I did as I was told and I laid on the desk with my arse sticking in the air. The marble topped desk felt cool against my chest and arms. My hands found the opposite edge of the desk and I clung onto it. Stephen stood behind me with his hands on my arse then gave me a small spank. I yelped appreciatively.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked me.

"Yes, I did, you could even do it harder if you liked." Was my reply. He didn't need to be told twice and gave me a sharp spank in the middle of my arse, hitting my pussy under my tight skirt at the same time.

"Ugh!" I yelped out. I couldn't see his face, but I knew he was smiling.

Then I felt his fingers around the hem of my skirt, lifting it up over my arse so it sat around my waist. Then he pulled my small white cotton panties down and helped me step out of them.

I felt very vulnerable stretched out on his table, my wrists tied and my naked arse protruding in mid air -- but at the same time I felt so turned on, being at his mercy.

He ran a hand down my back and on to my arse and then I could feel him kneel on the floor. He spread my legs using his hands then buried his face into my pussy. There was no warming up to it and I squealed slightly at the sudden intrusion. However after a moment I was falling apart under his expert tongue as he licked me from pussy to arsehole and back again, using every part of his mouth to pleasure me. My knees felt weak and in that position it all felt much more intense. He pushed my arse cheeks aside with his hands and licked and sucked out my arsehole then used one of his hands to gently rub my clit. I had to bite my lip to stop from shouting out too loudly as my head span with the wash of endorphins through my body.

Stephen stood up and kept a hand on the back of my arse, rubbing it gently. Then he gave me another sharp spank. Having already been pleasured orally the spank felt even more sensitive on my now bare pussy.

"I think you're good and ready now." Stephen said as I heard the knowing sound of a condom packet being ripped open. "Now, I want to make sure you're nice and quiet." He said to me. I didn't know if that was possible but agreed regardless.

He pushed the top of his cock inside me and gave two small thrusts.

"Oh please Stephen." I begged.

"You want more, do you?" He smirked back.

"Yes, please, please." I whispered back.

He obliged and pushed his whole length in before pulling back out. I was right, he is well endowed and it felt wonderful. He did two more shallow thrusts then deeply thrust again, and again. My legs slapped against the table as he thrust deeply again and I gave a small yelp. I could feel his hands on my hips and with the next thrust he spanked me again. He continued with the same rhythm of two shallow thrusts and one deep thrust and the difference in pressure kept me wanting more each time. Then he started to thrust deeply every time and grunt under his breath. I wanted to reach between my legs and rub my clit but the necktie was stopping that, instead I gripped onto the edge of the desk. Stephen massaged my arse and rubbed my arsehole gently with a thumb as he thrust.

"I'm going to come." He stammered, then a few seconds later he moaned out and with a final thrust he stilled and unloaded in my pussy. With a heavy sigh he bent forward onto my back and gently pulled himself out from inside me. I started to move my arms towards my body but he grabbed onto my wrists.

"I believe I owe you an orgasm." Stephen said to me and without letting me go he reached down and rubbed my clit with his hand while kissing my shoulders and back. I held onto the table and it didn't take long to feel the orgasm erupt inside of me. I wanted to collapse and close my legs but his fingers kept rubbing me and made me climax over and over. I wanted to yell out but had to bit my arm instead to control the shouts. Once it passed, it was my turn to lie gasping on the desk and as I did so he undid the tie from my wrists. He stood up and found my panties from the floor. I stood up gently, inspecting the marks on my thighs from the edge of the table. He saw them and stood in front of me with my panties. I was about to take them off him but then he kneeled on the floor in front of me again and helped me into my underwear. As he pulled them up he lightly kissed the marks on my thighs. My head started to swim again. As he pulled my panties all the way up my legs he gave my pussy one final lick and I gasped. He stood up and pulled my skirt down over my hips. He let his hands linger on my hips for a moment before pulling away and did up his own shirt and replaced his necktie.

"That was lots of fun for me Claire, I hope you enjoyed it?" Stephen said as he tidied some items on his desk.

"Yes, I did, very much." I replied, honestly.

"I would like it to happen again in that case, if you are willing." He said.

"I am very willing." I replied with a smile. He greeted that with his own sideward's smile.

"Now, get back to the office, Claire, it's nearly home time." He said as he sat back down at his desk.

"Yes, Stephen." And I trotted off to the ladies with a massive grin on my face to check I didn't look like I'd just been fucked by the boss.

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