tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Boss and His PA Ch. 03

The Boss and His PA Ch. 03


I left for my office after about ten minutes to recover my composure. That gave me some time to think, consider my confused thoughts, and formulate some plan for the way forward. I realised that I had a very efficient, charming, beautiful, and now very sexy PA, but that some care would have to be exercised in the office to keep this development between us.

I understood that Anne's easy willingness to comply meant that she must have a strong latent tendency for obedience, and exhibitionism. I also began to realise how much I had enjoyed her performance in the pub, that I would certainly want to proceed with further experiments, and that I had also enjoyed inventing orders for her to follow.

As I returned to my office I noticed that the door was closed and upon entering found Anne sitting at my conference table with papers spread around presumably to provide a semblance of being at work should anyone enter. As I closed the door behind me, she looked up, turned to face me and very deliberately took hold of her skirt pulled it up her thighs and opened her legs allowing a clear unobstructed view of her stockings, suspenders, bare flesh and a pussy that seemed to be glistening with moisture.

"God, I had no idea that I would ever have the nerve to carry out your instructions like I did." she exclaimed

"You have no idea how randy I am feeling, and how turned on it has made me dressing like this, exposing myself to you, the barman and anybody else in the pub. I was extremely nervous and worried about the reaction and I was not sure that I would have the nerve to go through with it, but I am so wet, and just sitting here in your office - exposed like this is bringing me close to cumming without even touching myself. It must be the combination of nerves, excitement that I have exposed my tits to a complete stranger, that I am now sitting here in your office with my cunt on show, anybody could walk in and see what you are seeing."

All of this came out in a great rush, and I must admit I was hugely turned on. Her use of words like "tits" and "cunt" just seemed so erotic and I must admit that my bulging cock had returned to its full extension under my trousers. Anne continued, "You have obviously found a part of me that I was never really aware of until we talked on Monday over lunch. When you made me describe my clothes this morning on the phone from my desk I was so worried that someone would hear but also was desperate for someone to overhear as well, your instructions about what to do over lunch really made me wet, the rules I signed two days ago have never left my mind, the shopping trip was so exciting, and I think that I have just discovered a part of me that I want to know more about."

At this she stopped and looking slightly embarrassed blushed red and then almost absentmindedly her hand moved between her legs. As I stood still with my back against the door, I watched, mesmerised, as her legs were spread as wide as possible, her skirt now covering nothing at all and she began to use her long manicured finger nail to scratch and fondle her pussy. Her head rolled back, and her eyes shut, her fingers beginning to find her pleasure zone.

Quiet moans, and shallow breaths escaped her as she forced her legs ever wider and began to masturbate right here in my office. One hand held her pussy lips open as the other managed to insert one finger into her wet cunt and her thumb began to seek her clitoris. As soon as she found the right spot she began vigorously to rub and prod simultaneously, her moans became very disjointed, her hips began to jerk spasmodically, her pelvis thrusting against her hands and almost immediately her whole body seemed to fall into a spasm. She jerked uncontrollably her limbs seemed to loose any connection to her brain, her mouth made an incoherent jumble of moans, mini shrieks, mumbled semi-words, and other unidentifiable sounds.

Gradually the noises, spasms, and hand movements slowed to a halt and Anne slumped back in the chair, eyes closed still with her legs spread wide, gaping pussy lewdly displayed, her pert tits falling out of her blouse, nipples erect and breathing returning to normal.

Clearly she had just brought herself to some sort of major orgasm right here in my office, 2.00 o'clock in the afternoon, and only three days after that momentous conversation over lunch! I had to go and sit down, otherwise I feared I might fall down my legs were so wobbly. Gradually Anne came round, opened her eyes, seemed to take stock of where she was, what she had done, how she was dressed, and how she was sitting.

Looking me in the eye she said, "May I tidy myself up now, someone may come into the office?"

I nodded my assent, surprised at her seeking my agreement, and she then stood up, pulled her skirt into some semblance of order, buttoned her blouse to more normal levels, and then buttoned up her jacket. By the time she sat down again, anyone entering the office would not know that anything so erotic had happened only a few minutes before, that is unless they were able to detect the faint musky smell of Anne's juices, her slightly flushed and marginally dishevelled hair, and my somewhat stunned demeanour. What now? Was the thought running through my head.

My cock was beginning to subside, and the terribly uncomfortable pressure was lessening, we were sitting facing each other, neither quite sure how to proceed, what to say or do next. I guess no more than 5 minutes passed in this manner when Anne continued, "David, that's the first time I have ever masturbated in front of anyone and it is the most powerful orgasm I have had. Today is also the first time I have ever followed instructions like that, and certainly the first time I have ever dressed like this, gone out in public without underwear, allowed complete strangers to see my tits, exposed my cunt, show off my stockings and I'm not sure what is happening to me. I hope that you are OK with what has happened, that I can continue to be your PA, and that if you want to stop this sort of thing then we can return to our previous relationship"

"Anne, this has been a most amazing day for both of us, I do believe that we have learned something about each other and ourselves today, and if you are happy with events then I very much would like to continue with our professional relationship, and with our new found personal relationship. You are extremely attractive, and obviously very sexy, you've exhibited tendencies today that seem to complement mine and with our agreement I would like to explore more of our desires. If you agree, then in future I will not ask your permission, I will tell you what I want you to do, wear, behave like, when and wherever the fancy takes me. You will obey immediately and without complaint, you will accept punishment if I decide that is appropriate in whatever manner I decide, and you hand over you body, and mind to me for anything I wish to do."

I had read these sort of words in erotic literature I had read so thought it sounded like the way forward. Anne replied simply, "David, I agree."

So began a further phase in this extraordinary saga that has led to more exploits both in and out of the office, photography sessions, public flashing, and an exploration of Anne's submissive, and my dominant traits.

We have explored spanking and punishment regimes, different dress codes, and body adornment. I would say that having released many of our hidden desires that normally remain unfulfilled we have established a very productive and successful business and professional relationship that has resulted in my continuing promotion and Anne's resultant increasing responsibilities and income levels.

Our personal relationship seems to know no bounds with no subject taboo, no thought or desire too difficult to discuss, and a refreshing and open honesty that makes us able to work particularly effectively together.

Having received Anne's unequivocal agreement I then allowed her to return to the ladies, restore her dress and continued with my work. Around mid afternoon I called her and explained that I wanted her to stay behind after work so she could show me the fruits of shopping trip yesterday.

At 6 o‚clock she arrived in my office carrying several bags from various stores around London. A veritable treasure trove was then revealed. Anne had followed my instructions and I was shown two very short skirts one black, straight, made of some type of stretchy material, and another in chiffon, pleated, gossamer thin and very mobile.

These were followed by two blouses one in white and one in red, both almost transparent, one with buttons and a deep v-neck, the one in red with a very obvious and I must say alluring zip that ran all the way down the front. The next bag produced a pair of shoes with what I measured to be 6' heels - black court shoes complete with ankle straps. Another bag labelled Agent Provocateur produced underwear of a very revealing and daring nature, again exactly as I had specified along with the 6 pairs of stockings specified.

Finally a dress that seemed to be ankle length made of a very lightweight but stretchy material. It seemed to be very straight, white, and met my requirements since it possessed many buttons in black all the way from neck to hem at about 1' intervals.

Having approved her purchases the bags were placed in my confidential cupboard whose keys were held only by Anne and me. Usually at some stage between Christmas and New Year I always go into the office to clear out papers and files no longer needed. Usually my PA assists and Anne and I had made such an arrangement for the Tuesday after Christmas. That was when the next part of this story takes place.

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