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The Boss's Wife


If I decided to really start at the beginning of this story, it started with a handshake – not with her but with her husband Greg. I had been called for an interview by his search firm and when I was introduced, and we shook hands, I knew I was going to work with him. It was visceral. Two hours later I was offered the VP position. I started the following week. This is a true story and its mine.

When I arrived for my first day I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the office staff and the boss's wife. She was about 45 or so, 5'4" with a well maintained body, proportional breasts, trim figure, cute little ass, shapely legs and a bright smile. To say the least she was extremely attractive.

Over the next couple of weeks as I got settled into the new position, I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with her. Let's call her Gail for these purposes. We shared some physically close moments that, when I reflect backwards on it, were probably uncomfortable for both if us – we both recognized the attraction and the sexual tension.

Me? I'm 46 years old, about 6 foot tall and I try to stay in shape with a weekly workout and regular golf. Some months I need to lay off the big meals and spend more time at the gym. I had been divorced from my wife for about three years and had decided I needed a personal life change. So I quit my job and moved about as far away as possible to someplace where I knew no one. After three months of searching I had finally landed a job.

So back to Gail. Our first real physical connection was actually in public at a Memorial Day party at their home. I was greeted with a warm and firm hug, which I reciprocated. Her body was completely against mine which allowed me the opportunity to feel the outcome of her regular workouts and the subtleness of the rest. I reacted like any other red-blooded horny America guy. I was hardening almost immediately and backed away to avoid any embarrassment. She looked up to my face, locked onto my almost black eyes, smiled with what I could only call an invitation, and left.

I've been around a little and I recognized some of the signals she was sending and there is no question in my mind she knew she was sending them. I like to flirt but what she did was more like a challenge. I made sure the next time I saw her that day was when I said good bye and thank you.

The following weekend, about 6:30PM on Saturday my cell phone rang. It was Gail and she was obviously drunk. She was crying about a fight she had with Greg and how hard she worked at pleasing him and how she didn't think he loved her anymore. I talked with her for about an hour reassuring her until she finally calmed down. I inquired if she was ok and she answered she was and thanked me. She closed by saying how grateful she was to have me as a friend. Then she added "how come some lucky woman hasn't latched on to you?"

"I've been married twice, neither worked out very well. So for now, I'll just having some time for myself. I really enjoy living alone. I have a nice place, plenty of help, and company if I want some."

She laughed. "I'm sure you do! I'll bet they're lining up! Thanks again" and hung up.

I didn't see or talk to Gail for almost two months after that. Then one night the phone rang. She was drunk and at their cabin in the mountains. Her husband was at their other house. I learned they had another fight and I really didn't want to play referee for my boss and his wife. But, being the kind of guy I am and the position I was in, we went through a lot of the same conversation as the first time.

"You are so good at calming me down and getting me to see clearer. How come you are willing to do this with me?" she asked.

"Well, I like both of you and I consider you friends. If I can help you guys smooth out the road, I'm willing to do that or at least try by listening. Besides for the money I spent getting in touch with me and the world, the least I can do is share it."

"Does he talk to you too?"

"No, not at all about anything personal."

"Well OK then" and she hung up. Strange and getting stranger.

She was in and out of the office about once a week thereafter and made sure she came into my office to say hello. It would always start with a hug and each time they seemed to get longer and longer, not that I complained. She would often close the door and "want to get something off her chest". Each time it was an apology for her calls or her actions. I made light of it and suggested we let it go.

During that time she would call to talk about things. Each time the topic was about issues she was struggling with and seeking some advice or just needed someone to listen. Each time she was sober.

The next time she called drunk was two months later. This time the conversation went from weird to sexual and back to weird and back to sexual. The sexual innuendo part was a new plateau. It was pretty tame as phone sex goes, talking about how nice my lips were and how she thought I would be a good kisser, what a nice body I appeared to have, etc. etc.. She was embarrassed and wanton all at the same time. She quickly closed off with "I love you – but not in that way".

Notwithstanding this new plateau and her closing admission, I put it out of my mind. She was drunk after all. Until two weeks later. Her husband had gone away with their oldest boy for a long weekend. Their youngest was away at prep school. She was alone for the weekend and another cell phone call came. Had I thought about it, it wouldn't have been a surprise, but this time she was crying. I hate that – a woman crying. There isn't a guy in the world that isn't at least marginally helpless in that situation.

She started out soft and almost whimpering. But the topic wasn't either and she was slurring her words.

"I'm playing with my pussy. Have you ever played with a very wet pussy. Mine is absolutely drenched. I've been playing with it for most of the day, I'm hornier than hell, and I had to share with someone – even if its fantasy. I even shaved myself for the occasion."

"What's going on here Gail?" I asked almost speechless at her admission.

"I wanted to feel like a woman. I needed to be sexual. I had to have a release, and so I did myself. I can't get anyone else around here to do it! So I bought this big black toy that has a buzzer and its fabulous! Not a substitute but it'll do in a pinch." And she started chuckling.

I was in dangerous territory. "I'm not sure I need to know this!"

"I want you to. I trust you to keep this as our little secret. I love you but not like that!"

"Then how?" She ignored me.

"Where are you right now?"

"I'm at my house in the living room."

"Are you alone?"


"Take your clothes off for me. Grab your thing and play along with me."

"Gail – no!" Trying to be as mannerly and forceful as I can. She kept right on going.

"I want you to take your clothes off to help you get in the mood!"

"I don't think that's a good idea" I answered.

"Why not? I bet you've thought about me naked – I have about you – and you're probably getting hard already thinking about what I'm doing to myself but let me describe it anyway. I'm lying here on the bed, completely naked with my legs spread as wide as I can. My knees are up near my shoulders. Can you picture it? I can see myself in the mirror across from the bed and my big black toy is stuffed in my bald cunie as far is I can take it. "

"Listen – we shouldn't be doing this."

"Oh yes we should and a lot more if I had the balls! Now take your dick out and yank yourself."


"The buzzer is on high and it's got me really near the edge. I'm rubbing my clit raw with my hand to get off again. I've cum six times today already and I'm going for a record! Now come on – help me out here!"


"Well here it is then. I really hate to be obvious and certainly don't like being crass or pulling rank. But I am drunk and can say whatever I want. You can call it sexual harassment if you wish, but I own the company. It was my grandfathers and my dads. So he works for me just like you do. So if you like your job, and the money and benefits you will be getting, you'll agree to your new assignment."

Well when she put it like that. "And what are the new job functions?" as if I hadn't guessed. Then I heard it. She screamed loudly that she was coming and she was sobbing and laughing and gasping for breath all at the same time.

"Number seven – FINALLY!" and she hung up.

About an hour late she called back.

"Here is your first assignment. Leave work about lunchtime tomorrow. There is a file on my desk, you have a key to my office I know. Bring it out to the ranch. Think you can manage that?"

I wasn't sure I wanted to do it but she wasn't asking. " Sure, see you tomorrow!"

I told staff I would be a while for lunch and drove the seventeen miles up to the ranch. It sat on 14 acres on a hill with a panoramic view the valley below. The nearest neighbor was almost a half-mile away.

As I knocked on the door I heard a thud and a crash of glass, and then nothing.

"Gail – are you there?" Nothing – so I turned the knob and found it was unlocked. I opened the door and saw Gail sprawled out on the floor with a broken bottle of wine. It had started to spread and the robe she was wearing was soaking it up. I rushed over to her to see if she was all right. She was out cold so I pulled her away from all the broken glass and picked her up. As I did her robe fell open and she was wearing only a see-thru bra and equally see-thru thong.

I found my way to her bathroom, leaned her up in a chair and cleaned up the wine all over her face, neck and chest. I carefully took off the robe and found no other wine so I put her in bed under the covers. She had a fabulous body and it was all I could do not to take a longer tour by braille.

I went back for a towel. For the next half-hour I cleaned up the mess in the front hallway, threw her robe and the towel in the wash so as they wouldn't stain, and put up a pot of coffee. I checked on her a couple of times but she was still asleep. There didn't seem to be any bruises on her head so I figured she was all right.

I took a tour of the ranch house as I drank a cup of the coffee I had made. The views from all the rooms were spectacular, especially the great room with its floor to ceiling stone fireplace and triple wide slider. The house had a wrap-around porch to take advantage of the views which had been carefully furnished with overstuffed chairs and couches.

After about an hour I checked on her again to make sure she was resting ok. I went back out on the porch and settled into a large chair with another cup of coffee and tried to decide what to do next. She made the choice for me. I heard the rustle of her come up behind me. She was in a fresh robe and holding a cup of coffee. She had washed her face and brushed her hair out as well. She was beautiful even without her normal makeup. She was obviously a little uncomfortable.

"Did you put me in bed?"

"I did and cleaned up the hallway as well. The robe and towels are in the wash so the wine wouldn't stain them and the file is on the kitchen table."

"Thanks. I suppose you saw what you saw, huh?" She was blushing some.

"If you mean you in your underwear it wasn't like I had a choice except to leave the robe on."

"They are pretty revealing huh?"

"Yes they are. But you look pretty good in them. I'm normal when it comes to appreciating something beautiful. Uhhh.... I probably shouldn't say that."

"Its OK and thanks. I like to feel feminine and sexy even if no one can see it."

She paused for a while and I wasn't sure where this was going so I stayed mute.

"I really want to tell you how much I appreciate your help today with this and you being able to keep this confidential. You really are a good guy and I don't know what we would do without you at the company now. You certainly have made yourself indispensable in a lot of ways -especially for me. But you should probably go."

"Are you sure you'll be able to manage?"

"I'm fine, the coffee has helped my headache. Hangover. Whatever. And Greg will be here in about an hour." As I stood she gave me a long full bodied hug and a small kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for being a gentleman" she whispered in my ear.

Things seemed to quiet down for a while. I didn't see much of her or even talk to her. Then she must have had a bad day because about 10 PM my phone rang. She didn't sound drunk.

"Here is your next assignment. Leave work early tomorrow and tell Mandy (the receptionist) you have a meeting at the bank to finalize our new line of credit. Go to the Victoria's Secret store at the West Mall and I'll meet you there about 4. Don't be late!" and she hung up.

I hadn't had a chance to even respond. Well, I thought, that's pretty harmless and relatively tame. It's a public place. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Promptly at 4:00 I arrived at the store and Gail was already there. She had a few things on her arm. She looked up and smiled and with the twist of her head motioned for me to follow her to the back or the store and into the dressing area. She opened the door to one and quickly pushed me in. There was just enough room for the two of us to stand because of the bench. She hung up the clothes on the hooks and turned to me.

In a whisper she said " I want your opinion on these clothes."

"Ok" and I sat on the bench. I leaned back against the wall. She was about as brazen as could be. She teased by slowly unbuttoning her blouse, then slipping it off her shoulders and hanging it on a hook. She was braless and her nipples were as hard as rocks and her tits and neck were flushed. All the time she stared directly at me and smiled at my growing discomfort.

"Like what you're seeing. Not like you haven't see it before you know!"

She turned slightly and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. She had been pantyless as well. Her bush was now shaved into a "V" pointing directly to her opening as if you wouldn't know where it was. Her pussy had large full lips that opened slightly, like a tulip, and she was obviously excited. She put her hands behind her head, lifted her tits up and twirled slowly to give me a good look. She had a fantastic body and she was showing it off. Obviously she didn't suit up to sunbathe. And more - she must have come to some kind of a decision regarding me.

"You like?"

"Yup!" was about all I could get out. I was hard as a rock and she knew it. She reached downed and stroked my dick through my pants. I grabbed her hand.

"Just checking! Wanted to make sure you weren't lying." She kept at it. I reached up to squeeze her tits and she slapped my hand away.

"Look but no touch." She reached up and took a nighty off the hook and pilled it over her head. After checking herself out in the mirror, she turned to me.

"Well? What do you think?"

"Revealing and sensual!"

"OK – I'll buy this one." She took it off and tried on the next one, then the next one and then the next. Each time she modeled for me and they got skimpier and more revealing. The last one was see-thru and left nothing to the imagination. After taking that one off. She calmly pulled on her blouse and her skirt, adjusted herself in the mirror and opened the door. I still had an enormous tent in my pants. She walked out, up to the register and paid for her purchases. About five minutes later I followed her out only to notice she was no longer there. I just went to my car and went home.

Two days later, a Friday, she called again.

"You know where the Valley Inn Spa is – the clothing optional resort. I'll text you the room number. Be there tomorrow!"

"Listen Gail, are you sure about this because I'm not?"

"When I hugged you I felt your dick press against me, I was sure then. When I grabbed you at Victoria's Secret I confirmed you have a nice dick, and I want all of it. If you are as good in bed as you are at the company I am going to be a very happy woman and, as a result, you will be a very satisfied man! Do you have a problem with any of that?"

"Do I get a vote about this?"

"Not if you like working there."

"Why the spa?"

"Because I will be there all day anyway."

"We'll talk some more about it tomorrow." Dumb answer but all I could come up with. She had already hung up. Well I guess I was in it up to my neck. She was the boss and headstrong and I needed the job. So I resigned myself to whatever I had to but I was determined to limit it to only this once. I went out and bought a paper and started looking for another job.

As instructed and at the appointed time, I drove to the spa. On my phone was a text from her with room 101 and instructions on where to park and how to get to the room so I didn't have to go through the lobby. I parked as instructed and walked through the garden gate that was closed but unlocked. As soon as I was through, I knew I was overdressed. I had on the only clothes among about 35 people – all in various stages of repose getting sun or a massage or whatever. I ignored the stares and as casually as possible walked to the room.

The door was slightly ajar and I heard Gail say "come on in – I saw you arrive! I'll be right out."

I entered the room and shut the door. The room was more like a large suite at a five star hotel. It had its own living area complete with bar and 40" LCD TV, and a double door leading to the bedroom. I could here the shower running. Fuck it, I walked into the bathroom and saw Gail taking a shower. I stared at her body – it looked incredible all wet. Her nipples turned up from her firm tits, she had shaved the "V" off, her muscles were all firm but the curves were all there. As if she hadn't noticed me being there, she turned and bent over to get some shampoo and I got a great view of her ass and pussy. I was hard immediately.

If I was going to quit, I might as well enjoy myself while I could so I shucked my clothes and walked into the shower behind her. She jumped (I think a little too contrived) and squealed with delight. Then she just smiled. "I like a guy who knows what he wants! You want some of this honey? And by the way – I'm stone sober." She reached up, wrapped her arms around me and gave me one of the most sensual and passionate kisses I have ever had. She dropped her hand and grabbed hold of my dick.

"OOOO – nice. I've wanted to do this for months. Can I have some of this?" She bent over and sucked me into her mouth in one fluid motion. She pumped me with her hand and then sucked me all the way down her throat and back, over and over. I grabbed her hanging tits and pinched her nipples hard.

"Oh more!. Pinch them harder, give them babies a good squeeze!"

I did as she asked and she moaned in delight as she continued her oral onslaught. I turned off the shower, pushed her to vertical, picked her up and carried her to the bed. She was kissing my neck and ear and whispered how much she had fantasized about this moment.

"Oh this is really going to be fun" she yelled as I threw her on the bed. She splayed out with her legs wide and leaned up on her elbows giving me a great view of her entire body. She reached down and started playing with her pussy, alternating with licking her fingers. I stood and watched, amazed at the sexual brazenness of the woman.

"Come on you big stud! I can tell you want some of this pussy cause your big thing is as hard as a lead pipe. Come fuck this thing till I scream uncle!" I wasn't sure what had prompted this but I wasn't going to ask at that moment.

I walked to the bed, grabbed her ankles, pulled her to the edge and spread her legs around my shoulders. I lined up my dick and teased her a little at the entrance to what was obviously very ready. She was having none of it and, using her legs for leverage, pulled me into her. I lost balance and fell on top, ramming into her waiting pussy with my entire length and touching her cervix with the tip. Man was she wet and hot.

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