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This story was written without the permission of the persons depicted within its contents. No harm or offense is meant to any member of Da Kine Bail Bonds of Hawaii. With that said please enjoy!

* * * * *

My Hawaiian vacation had started out so well. Swimming in the ocean, learning to surf, luaus and of course the spectacular scenery. I had scrimped and saved for 2 years to afford this trip. It was my dream winter vacation away from my chilly Ohio home. Little did I know that soon my trip would go from amazing to extraordinary.

A few days into my trip I decided to join a tour group that was going hiking on a trek into the lush rainforests along one of Hawaii's dormant volcanoes. This particular company offered an over night trip which sounded fantastic. I loved seeing the sunrises and sunsets and thought 'what a better way to see them here in Hawaii.' We set out early that morning and began the long hike to our camp.

Unbeknownst to us, Duane Chapman A.K.A. 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and his family were hot on the trail of a dangerous fugitive nearby. We would soon find out though as our paths would cross before too long.

The first day of our hike was perfect! I had already taken 3 rolls of film by the time we arrived at our campsite to set up. The rainforest had seemed alive with all the colors and sounds. It was beginning to get dark when we arrived. But, our guide had found us the absolute most incredible area to camp. We could see for miles! The view of the stars above and the forest below was breathtaking. That night I slept as though I was in heaven...

Meanwhile, not far from where we slept peacefully unaware, crouched a cruel and dangerous man. He was a scared and desperate rabbit. He had a pack of 'dogs' on his scent. He knew he needed to shake them, but was unsure how. Dog was relentless in pursuit of his bounties. The rabbit also knew that the Dog had brought his pups, Duane Lee and Leland with him, making it that much more difficult to hide. He wasn't going back to prison, nobody was gonna make him! As the glorious scarlet sun breathed life into a new day, the fugitive was deep in thought trying to figure out how to stay out of the crushing jaws of the Dog. Skittish and edgy, he jumped when he heard a twig snap nearby.

I had woken up early, before the sunrise, lucky enough to witness one of the most beautiful events of my life. I stowed my gear in my backpack and ventured off the path a ways to find the 'little girls tree.' As I finished relieving myself, I heard a branch break behind me. At the same moment, I felt a knife press against my throat, and a large callused hand covered my mouth. I flailed and tried to scream, but felt the blade press deeper into my neck. The large man behind me leaned close and whispered in my ear a chilly warning.

"Try to scream again and I'll slice the skin right off your pretty neck. Understand?"

I gently moved my head up and down, mindful of the knife pressed into my throat.

"Good, now I gonna remove my hand, but you should remember what I said."

I nodded again in understanding. The man pulled me to my feet and tugged my shorts onto my hips.

"You a pretty one, I gonna enjoy splitting that pretty pussy later. Let's go."

Oh God, I thought to myself He's going to rape me and then only God knows what else!

Some how I didn't think this man had any intentions of letting me go. He pushed me forward keeping his knife pressed into my spine. A strong jab forward would most likely sever my spinal cord. He steered me deeper into the forest, heading somewhere only he seemed to know.

A short while later, Dog and his sons found the spot where the man had spent the night. Soon after Leland had discovered his footprints and followed them to where they met mine. They pondered whether I was helping the fugitive or not. Letting Beth know what they had found, they headed off chasing down their prey.

A couple of hours after my abduction the rest of the tour group awoke and discovered I was missing. After making a quick canvas of the area, they headed back down the trail to get help. Within hours I had been reported missing. Since Dog's wife Beth had alerted the authorities that they were in the area hunting a dangerous felon, the local police felt it best to start a search right away. Beth relayed the information about my disappearance to Dog, who now realized that I was a captive and not an accomplice. Beth let the authorities know that Dog had my trail as well as their fugitives'. He hoped to have us both by midday.

Back on the trail of Manu (their felon) Leland fumed.

"If he does anything to this girl I'll never forgive myself."

"Son, we'll find them! I promise." Dog replied

"I should have had him sooner. He was my bounty, I could have pushed harder, Something could have been done different."

"We'll get him Leland. We'll get him."

The day wore on and we trudged further up the volcano. We walked for hours. The man at my back filled my ears with tales of the vile things he was going to do to me when we stopped. I shuddered and felt ill as his descriptions grew more lewd and more lethal.

"I ain't never raped no body, but after killing a guy it don't seem like a big deal. And your pretty little body is just too much to not take. The Dog ain't never gonna catch me, so why not! Then when I had my fill, I'll just slit your throat and leave you for the animals to enjoy." He chuckled with pure evil in his eyes.

"Oh God!" I cried closing my eyes. Unfortunately, doing so caused me to miss seeing the tree root sticking out of the ground. I stumbled and fell. I landed full force on my left ankle, wrenching it severely.

The man yanked me up off the ground. "Get moving!" He said giving me a hard shove.

"I think I twisted my ankle."

"Walk or die here. I don't care." He said as he pressed the knife tip into my chest just above my heart.

I turned and began to hobble in the direction he had shoved me. The pain was excruciating, but my fear was even greater. We trekked for probably another mile, when he pushed me towards a foliage covered rock face. I thought he meant to rape me right there. I was terrified as he grabbed my waist and pressed himself forward against me.

However instead of the solid rock I found myself falling into a cave of some kind. He shoved me forward again, causing me to land hard on my knees on the dirt floor.

"Now it's time to have some fun!" He sneered.

Dog and the boys were behind us by about an hour or so, but catching up quickly. Duane Lee found the area where I had fallen. Leland noticed that my steps faltered as they picked up the trail again.

"Looks like she hurt her leg, probably when she tripped." Dog commented

Leland just growled in reply.

Back in the cave, the fugitive began pawing my body, grabbing and mauling my generous tits through my t-shirt.

"Strip!" He bellowed, brandishing the blade at me. The cave was dark, but enough light filtered through to allow me to see the lecherous gleam in his eyes.

I gingerly pulled my t-shirt over my head and removed my shorts. He whistled low in appreciation of the tiny white bikini I wore underneath. I had bought it on a dare from a girlfriend at home, but never intended for it to see the light of day. Two tiny triangles of fabric barely covered my nipples and a third slightly large one hardly concealed my pussy lips.

Yanking on my arm the felon pulled me off balance. Falling once more to the floor, he unzipped his fly and pulled out a massive 10" cock. God, and he wasn't even fully hard yet. I was sure that just the act of raping me would kill me. My body began to tremble as he grabbed my face in his hand.

"You gonna open your mouth and suck my cock like a good girl or you gonna die. You understand?"

As much as the thought of giving this beast a blow job revolted me, I knew he would make good on his threat. So I opened my mouth and accepted the monstrous shaft that was shoved into it. I knelt there while he fucked my mouth, willing myself not to cry, vomit or both.

My captor grabbed my breasts to use as leverage as he pounded his cock against the back of my throat, harder and harder. I winced as his fingers dug deep into the soft supple flesh of my tits. Moments later, although it felt like hours to me, I felt his sack tighten against my chin and his cum shot into my throat gagging me. Grabbing his cock he continued to pump cum across my face and all over my body.

My revulsion caught up with me as I began to heave. A moment later he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back exposing my neck.

About a half mile down the trail, Dog, Leland, and Duane Lee were getting closer. Manu's 'scent' was getting stronger and they knew they were almost there.

"She's slowing them down, so they shouldn't be too far ahead." Dog told his sons.

"We've got to get to them soon, Dad." Leland said gripping his father's arm.

"Hey you guys check this out." Duane Lee called out quietly. He pointed to an area of undergrowth that had recently been disturbed. It headed towards a seemingly solid rock face. All three men looked at each other and mouthed the word "Cave."

Unsheathing their mace, the men crept towards the hidden entrance. They froze as they heard a man bellow and the sound of a retching woman. They were still twenty or so yards from the cave opening when they heard a blood curdling scream, and broke into a run.

The felon deftly brought the knife down and sliced through the thin strap holding my top around my neck. The tiny white triangles fell away from my nipples, exposing them to his lustful glare. Another quick slice did the same to my bottoms, revealing my pussy.

He shoved me onto my back and wrenched my legs apart. He had his cock in hand and was lining up to rape me when the shouting began outside. The man turned towards the entrance of the cave and was suddenly blinded by the sunlight streaming in. Three men burst through screaming at him.

"Hit the dirt!"

"Drop the knife!"

"Give it up Manu!"

He jumped to his feet and charged the men like a bull in Pamplona. And like Spain's famed bullfighters, the three men felled the charging beast with simultaneous blasts of mace. Manu dropped to the ground coughing, wheezing and clawing at his burning eyes.

Dog and Duane Lee bound him in handcuffs and buttoned his pants back around his waist. The youngest came to me and asked if I was hurt.

I shook my head No as I reached for my t-shirt and began wiping the drying cum from my face and body.

"Oh God." I cried as I realized I was using my only salvageable item of clothes to clean myself off. Not to mention I was sitting naked in front of a perfect stranger.

Without saying a word, he stood up, removed his vest, took off his t-shirt and handed it to me. His eyes never left mine until I had put it on and I was covered.

" I'm Leland, let me have a look at your ankle." He said as he gingerly felt my leg for any breaks. "I think it's just twisted. Nothing seems to be broken." He reached beside me and handed me my shorts. He held out his hand to help me up then turned away so I could finish dressing. Suddenly his radio crackled to life causing me to jump.

"Son, Duane Lee & I are heading back down with Manu. Do you have the girl?"

"Yeah Dad, she twisted her ankle but we are headed down behind you. Meet you back at the office."

"Good work son, good work."

Leland turned back to me and took my arm. "Can you walk or do you want my help?" He asked as he put his vest back on over his chiseled chest.

"It hurts to put too much weight on it, but I think I can manage!" I said trying to sound confidant.

I was obviously not very convincing, as Leland quickly scooped me up into his muscular tattooed arms and headed out of the cave. He had carried me for quite a ways when I asked him to set me down for a minute. He gently placed me on a fallen log and sat down beside me.

"Thank you for finding me! You saved my life." I told him. I looked at him and was startled to see unshed tears in his rich brown eyes.

"I'm sorry. I should have gotten him sooner. He wouldn't have hurt you then."

"Sooner? I think you arrived just in the nick of time. He was about to rape me and then kill me. I tripped and twisted my ankle. Please don't feel sorry, you couldn't have arrived at a better time in my opinion." I said as I touched his cheek, my palm brushing against the soft hair of his dark well trimmed goatee. "Come on let's test this ankle out." I told him as I stood gingerly and began walking slowly down the trail.

Leland was quickly at my side, his arm around my waist for support. I threw my own arm over his shoulder and leaned into him. It took us about 2 hours to make it all the way to the parking lot where Beth waited for us with the SUV.

"Do we need to take you to the hospital?" She asked concern ringing in her voice as we headed down the highway.

"Leland thinks my ankle is just twisted, so I don't think the hospital is necessary."

"I don't wanna be rude honey, but if Manu assaulted you, we need to get a kit done for evidence." She said softly.

"Thank you for your concern, but Leland and the others arrived before that man could actually rape me. I'm very grateful to them all." I told her looking straight at Leland.

"We'll stop at the office to check in with my dad and then I'll take you back to your hotel." Leland told me as I leaned against his tattooed shoulder.

"Oh no." I moaned.

"What?" They both asked concernedly.

"My backpack got left up in the cave. Everything; my money, ID, room key are all in it! I've got nothing." I said with a defeated sigh.

"Let me call Big Daddy and have him call the park rangers to see if they can get it for you." She said as she dialed Dog's cell.

"Don't worry, we'll figure something out." Leland told me as he tenderly caressed my arm. Beth was soon explaining to Dog about my lost pack.

"...alright Big Daddy, see you in a few." Beth spoke into the phone and then hung up. "Duane is going to make a few calls to see what we can do for you."

"Right now I just want a shower." I said with a stiff chuckle.

"Beth, why don't you drop us off at my apartment. That way she, uh...?"

"Lynn" I added when I realized he was searching for my name.

"Thanks, that way Lynn can freshen up before we hit the office. That is if that's alright with you." He asked me.

"Sounds wonderful." I said cheerfully.

"Okay brah. I'll let your dad know. Just be sure to come to the office when you're done." Beth told Leland, as she turned onto his street. We were soon pulling into the parking lot of a cozy apartment complex. Leland led the way to his spacious 3 bedroom home.

"My boys are at school and then they head to their mom's for a while."

"Oh, okay." I said as he opened the door. He led me down the hall and showed me the bathroom. After getting me a fresh set of towels and turning on the shower, he turned and walked out of the bathroom.

"I'll put on some coffee and make something to eat, okay?" Leland called back over his shoulder.

"Thank you." I called as I shut the door. I sat down to remove my shoes and socks, noticing that my ankle was already beginning to color. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor. Pulling Leland's shirt over my head, I gasped upon seeing my breasts in the mirror.

Already dark purple finger-shaped bruises were forming around them. As I stepped into the warm spray, my mind raced back to the earlier events of the day. I began to scrub my body as the nausea set in.

Reaching up I turned down the water temperature a little, hoping I would feel better, I began to scrub harder. As I scrubbed, my eyes filled with tears. The more tears I shed, the harder I scrubbed. Suddenly the room began to spin and my vision blurred as the room went black.

Leland had just finished some sandwiches for us when he heard a loud 'thump' that came from the bathroom. Dropping the plate in his hand onto the table, he ran into the bathroom to find me lying on the tub floor.

"Lynn, what happened? Talk to me honey." Leland said, crouching beside the tub to lift me out of the icy spray. My vision began to clear as I looked into his worried face.

"I can't get clean! I can't get the feel of his hands off me." I cried as I frantically started rubbing my tender flesh again. "He's still touching me. Please make it stop." I pleaded.

"Shh, shh. It's alright. I'm right here, he can't hurt you anymore." Leland whispered as he took my hands in his. Turning the water off, he wrapped me in a towel and carried me to his bed. Setting me on it he began to tenderly blot the water off my skin.. "God , you are freezing! I'll get you a sweat shirt to wear." he said as he stood up to retrieve the offered shirt.

I grabbed his arm and begged, " Please don't leave me!"

"I'm just going right here to the closet, hun it's ok!"

"No, please..." I cried.

"Ok, it's ok. I won't leave you. I'm not going anywhere." He said sliding gently into the bed beside me. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, right now the only thing I know is that having you next to me keeps him out of my head." I said as I nuzzled in and drifted off into a restless sleep. I was dead to the world and never heard Leland's cell ring.

"Everything alright son?" Dog asked

"She's pretty shaken up. She fainted in the shower as she tried to scrub him off her body. Tell me you booked him, because if I see him right now, I'll kill him!" Leland told his father with ice in his voice.

"Yeah he's behind bars and will stay there this time. No bondsman will touch him, after they found out about the girl. The cops want her to come down as soon as she can, to press charges. Did you say she tried to scrub HIM off?"

"Yeah she rubbed herself raw. Lynn said she could still feel his hands on her." Leland said through gritted teeth. Dog knew his son well and knew he was pissed.

"Where is she now?"

"She's sleeping here beside me. She doesn't want me to leave her right now."

"You ok with that, son?"

"Yeah but I don't think she's gonna be up to going to the station tonight. Maybe tomorrow after she's slept for a while. By the way, did you find out anything about her backpack?"

"Bethie is headed back out there right now to pick it up. They sent some rangers up to get it right after we called them."

"Good, I'm sure Lynn will be glad to have it back."

"Take it easy Leland, we'll see you tomorrow. Call me if you need anything."

"Dad, could you possibly pick up the boys tonight and keep them at your house for me. I don't want Lynn to have to try and explain why she is here."

"Sure son, I'll get them and we'll see you tomorrow."

"Thanks Dad. Tell them I love them very much!"

"I will son."

Leland closed his phone and shifted to set it onto the bedside table. I stirred as he moved.

"Leland?" I whispered with panic rising in my voice.

"It's alright. Here I am." He said as he rolled back to me. The towel had slipped down while I slept, so my bruising breasts were on display for him yet again. "Do they hurt?" He asked quietly looking from the purpling flesh and then to me. I could see the concern shimmering in his deep brown eyes.

"They are sore, but I think it's mostly from my scrubbing." I said looking down at them as I pulled the towel back up to cover myself.

"I have some aloe in the refrigerator, that'll help soothe them. Do you want me to go get it for you?" He asked reaching out to trace the bruising on my flesh, but pulling back before he touched me.

"Yes please. Thank you." I said as he stood up and headed into the kitchen to get the aloe. He returned quickly with a bottle of clear gel and handed it to me.

"I'm gonna wait in the living room." He said as he grabbed a sweatshirt and pair of shorts for me to wear. Then he turned and started down the hallway.

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