The Bra Salesman


And as I kept thrusting my fingers into her, I had more inspiration to go even further. "I'm not sure I'm getting an accurate measurement this way, do you mind if I try something else?" No fucking way is she going to agree to this.

She was still gasping for air, "Sure, whatever you need to do."

I took a big gulp that I hope to God she couldn't hear. "Then please bend over at the waist so that I can determine how deep you are." Ok, THIS is it. I thought surely she would realize how ridiculous this entire venture was. This is when it would dawn on her that all of this was a complete hoax.

But goddamn it, when she obediently bent over and presented her dripping wet pussy towards me, I thanked every fucking star in the sky that ever made a wish come true. I looked in the mirror hanging on the wall and watched her breasts dangle beneath her. She was holding the chair to support herself and she had a huge grin on her face. And you sure as shit know I did too.

I unzipped my pants and unleashed my engorged cock. I kept one hand on her buttock and I used the other to insert my dick into her cunt. She moaned with approval, and I started thrusting myself into her. My hands dug into her soft hips and I pulled her pelvis towards me and shoved my swollen cock into her repeatedly.

By now I was violently pounding myself into her harder and harder with so much force that her buttocks would shake every time the flesh of my pelvis slammed against her ass. She was grabbing the wall now and clenching her fingers. Her mouth was wide open, as though she were desperately trying to breathe. Her massive breasts were flailing randomly and shuddering with every impact of my body into hers.

I could feel myself ready to cum, and I grasped her ass tightly and slammed it over my cock. I held her hips firmly in place so that she couldn't move as spurts of jism erupted from my cock into her sopping wet pussy. She groaned as her body shook from what appeared to be an orgasm of her own.

We both took a several breaths before I pulled my cock out of her pussy, now dripping with cum. Suddenly I began to panic that I had gone too far and I tried to think of how to explain what I did as part of some ludicrous method of sizing her pussy. All those thoughts of prison time came rushing back into me, now that my sex-crazed mind was becoming clear again. What the fuck do I do now?

Instead, she looked at me with panic in her eyes. "Sir, I am really, really sorry about this! I... I don't know what came over me, I... I didn't mean to... you know... orgasm." She whispered that last word as if it were some mysterious secret. Now she was just pleading with me, "I am so embarrassed! Please don't be mad at me! Please!"

I couldn't believe it, I was the one who had tricked her into bending over and letting my fuck her cunt, and she was apologizing to me! But I brushed my disheveled hair off of my sweaty scalp and put on the most forgiving look I could manage. "Ma'am, you have no need to apologize. I've been doing this a long time and this isn't the first time a woman.... you know... enjoyed herself during a measurement."

She had such a look of gratitude on her face, and I knew there were Nazis looking down on me from the afterworld commenting on what a terrible prick I am. But then she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. I put my arms around her sweaty, naked body and enjoyed feeling her press those impossibly large tits into my chest.

She loosened her embrace, but still had her arms around me. I looked her in the eye and told her, "Oh, and just so you know, you are a medium."

She laughed and gave me another big hug. "Thank you for everything! You are the best bra salesman I've ever had!" And I smiled. I'm the ONLY fucking bra salesman you've ever had. I may be the worst human being on the planet, but I am the only bra salesman you will ever meet.

She quickly put her own thong back on, and as she was buttoning up her shorts, she looked at me excitedly, "In fact, I'm going to go tell your manager right now how wonderful you are!"

"Oh," I laughed nervously, "Nononono, you don't need to do that! This is all part of my job! I was happy to serve you!"

"No, I insist!" she said emphatically as she put her bra and blouse on. "You were so thorough, and I want your boss to know what a wonderful employee you are."

I tried to grab her arm, "Please, ma'am, don't..."

She put her finger to my mouth and pressed against my lips, "Nuh-uh, no arguing! Thank you for being so terrific!" And she spun on her heel and bolted out of the room.

Part of me wanted to stand there and ogle her beautiful buttocks as she walked away, but I knew I had to get the fuck out there. So I ducked behind as many aisles of clothes as I could, trying to make my way to the exit. As I walked out the door to the parking lot, I looked over my shoulder and saw she had just found a manager and was trying to find me.

I made it to my car and was pulling out of the parking lot when I realized that I never did buy my girlfriend a present. I needed to think of another store to go to and buy something to take home and show her how sorry I was. Except now, things were different. I wasn't sorry. I'm not interested in mending things with her anymore. I am a rotten human being who has no business being in a relationship with anyone. I need to have a talk with her tonight.

But before I do that, maybe I can convince her to wear that red-lace lingerie one more time.

The End

***special thanks to LustyLeader for editing services

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by Anonymous

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by Ishui02/20/18

Thought I would die laughing!! Thanks for the great entertainment :-D

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by Anonymous12/09/17

love u

i want you to become my bra salesman and hold my boobs;

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by kelprime10/23/17

el oh el

No really, that was pretty funny. Pretty hot too.

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