tagHumor & SatireThe Bra Salesman Ch. 09

The Bra Salesman Ch. 09


This was a hard chapter to write because it is by far the darkest of all the chapters. Trying to infuse humor into a situation of Albert being blackmailed and endangered was harder than I realized. In the end, I succumbed to the darkness, so much so that I almost changed the category away from "Humor and Satire," but I didn't want people to be unable to find this next chapter. So don't expect as much humor in this one, but hopefully I'll get more in the chapters to come.

Chapter 9: Love Hurts

I have no idea if there's a literal hell where there exists the possibility of spending eternity being tortured by demons until the end of time. I have no opinion one way or another whether there is a Lord of Satan that seeks to spread evil and misery throughout the universe hoping to entrap human souls in the vicious torture of their own misdoings. But if any of this does exist, I can tell you that there is a demon-in-training who is yearning, if not salivating, for the chance to cause as much despair and sorrow as is humanly possible. I know this because I have had to spend the last few days with Brittney.

It seems weird to say that, considering Brittney's gorgeous body is lying on her bed completely naked with my face stuffed into her crotch licking her pussy. But this demonstrates my point. I love licking pussy. I love feeling the little hairs get in my teeth as I go between licking the clit that makes a woman's thighs shudder with pleasure and ramming my tongue into a moist pussy as far as I can go. I love it all, I do.

But I have been down here for fucking forty-five minutes and I think I have strained a muscle in my tongue. If I'm able to talk after all this is over, I'll be shocked. So she has taken a wonderful sexual activity that I enjoy immensely and has made it loathsome and tiresome. And that's only the latest example.

I have cleaned her bathroom, her kitchen, her car, her closets, and her refrigerator. I've even given her fucking miserable cat a bath, and that goddamned animal is as aggressive and sadistic as its owner, and I have the scratch marks on my forearms to prove it. I have done stupid errands to the supermarket and drycleaners, all with the vicious laughter of that bitch Brittney ringing in my ear. Yeah, I know, cleaning an apartment and running errands probably doesn't sound like torture to you, but for a slob like me who is practically allergic to any cleaning products, I assure you it is.

It's not that her apartment is a horrific mess, although I sure wish it had been cleaned years before I came into the picture. And it's not even that every time I get a look of disgust on my face, Brittney conveniently reminds me that she will report me to the police for sexual assault if I don't do everything she asks. Ok, yeah, that part does fucking suck, but that's not even the worst part.

The worst part is the utter contempt and complete derision and condescension she piles on to me that makes it so unbearable. She commands me to do things with this sharp, arrogant voice that is devoid of any human civility or courtesy. She has literally snapped her fingers at me like I'm some peon slave waiting for her edicts to give purpose to my otherwise meaningless life.

Ok, no, I take that back. That makes it merely intolerable. The worst part, the part that I find unbearable to the point that I have to remind myself to breathe... great, now she's grabbing my head and pulling my face further into her cunt. Man, I used to love the feel of pussy lips against my tongue, but my mouth lost all sensation half an hour ago and I've become so slack jawed that it's difficult to keep myself from drooling all over the bed like some overdosed mental patient.

Where was I? Oh right. Anyway, the worst part of this whole fucking ordeal is that while I'm playing fucking servant to little miss she-devil here, I know that downstairs my coworker Dave is fucking the woman I really want to be with. Yes, I know, of course it's my fault that I lied to Tasha about Dave being a lingerie-exercise specialist, and boy did Brittney LOVE forcing me to call Dave and set it up for him to fuck Tasha. She knows how painful that was for me, which of course is exactly why she did it.

He's been going over there about three times in the last week, and he tells me he's scheduled to go over there again tonight. But what that means is that every day Dave keeps coming into work showing me pictures and videos of all the perverted stuff he's convinced Tasha into doing. I know he only shows me this crap because he wants to thank me and he thinks I enjoy witnessing every fucking thing he does with her. Ever since Tasha showed a preference for bondage, Dave has been going all out with his "super duper ultimate radical therapy" on Tasha, making her perform every twisted type of deviant sexual act his perverted mind can conjure up.

Just today he showed me his favorite video so far. Tasha is blindfolded and kneeling on the floor. Her hands are tied behind her back with silk ropes that are also lashed around her ankles, but the rope is so small that her back is arched which is forcing her enormous breasts up. I can see her wriggling and trying to move, but all it does is make her tits tremble.

And then I see Dave, with his balding head glistening with sweat and his round, hairy belly, climb on top of her and mount himself above her with this sadistic look on his face. He grabs his erect penis, at least I assume that's what the little thing between his fingers is, and he crams it into her pussy without any warning; no foreplay, no rubbing, no fingering her to get her nice and moist, he simply jams himself inside her and begins rutting her as vigorously as his perspiring, aging body can muster.

I can't tell from the video how Tasha feels about any of this, since the blindfold obscures most of her face and Dave has the volume turned all the way down so that we won't disturb anyone else at work; all I know is that Tasha's beautiful body is being pounded by this short, fat man whose tongue is drooping out of the side of his mouth in carnal obliviousness.

As much as I hate watching Dave do this to her, I can't help but be mesmerized by the undulations of her enormous tits rocking back and forth every time her pussy gets another pounding from his hairy figure, blurry from motion, thrusting himself mercilessly into her shackled body.

Dave grabbed my shoulder as we were watching the video and excitedly told me this was the best part. I stare at the picture and see Dave suddenly turn her body over so that she is now on all fours; well she would be on all fours, except her hands are still tied behind her back, so she is on her knees with her head against the mattress as her massive tits bulge out of the sides of her body. Dave grabs her buttocks and spreads her ass apart as he rams his little stump into her asshole.

I can't tell if Tasha is hurt, with the sound down and her face blindfolded and covered, but I see her head jerking from side to side as Dave forces himself deeper into her anal cavity. I can literally see drool pouring out of his mouth as he shoves himself into her harder and harder, making her entire body shake with every plunge.

This goes on for another minute before Dave stops moving, so I assume he has ejaculated his load inside her. The two of them are sweaty and breathing fast, as Dave shuts off his phone and holds his hand up for me to give him a high-five.

I don't blame him per se, he thinks this is all about me forgiving him and letting bygones be bygones, and that I want to hear and see everything he's doing to her, but actually it makes me fucking nauseated. I mean, Tasha is the woman I want to be with, and I can't do a fucking thing about it as long as Brittney has all my dirty secrets to hold over me.

But what can I do? I lied to Tasha for so long and I blew my chance to be honest with her. If I tell her the truth now, she'd either throw my ass in jail or pummel me to death for being such a dipshit suckass person.

I've tried to think of a way out of this, but nothing comes to mind. I mean, surely the fact that Brittney knows all this shit and is blackmailing me would make it possible for me to somehow turn the tables on her. But it's my word against hers, and if she says she didn't know anything and only found out recently who I really was, who is going to believe a dipshit suckass person like me, right? I do have one witness, but that's Tasha. And once she finds out everything, who knows if she'd actually back me up on this. For all I know, she could be so pissed off for what I did that she takes Brittney's side and tells the cops that Brittney didn't do any of the blackmailing I would claim she did, then I am seriously fucked.

So I'm stuck doing whatever it is Brittney wants me to do. And yes, I admit, she does demand I have sex with her, which isn't always bad. It's just that I think about Tasha the entire time. It's what gets me through this shit. When Brittney is on top of me fucking me as hard as she can, I imagine it's Tasha I'm with.

And right at this moment, I imagine it's Tasha's pussy I'm licking. I reach up and grab her tits as I continue touching her clit with my tongue. She arches her back as I lap up her moistness and squeeze the tips of her nipples with my fingers.

I can hear her moaning as I keep driving my tongue inside her, and she grabs my hands and presses them into her breasts. I lick her labia, and she shifts her pelvis and grinds herself into my face. She's breathing hard now as I press my tongue against her clit as hard as I can in between licks.

Finally she pulls me up and spreads her legs so that I can push my cock inside her damp pussy. But my eyes are still closed so that I can think about Tasha being underneath me, imagining her perfectly voluptuous body writhing beneath me in pleasure. At first I slowly slide my cock into her, and then pull out against the wishes of the muscles around her pussy trying to clench and hold me tight. I slide in and out of her several more times slowly, just to make sure her cunt is drenched in arousal.

I give one hard thrust, and I hear her yelp in gratification. I slide in and out slowly, then give another surprising thrust as hard as I can, which makes her yelp again. I do this a few more times while my hands caress her stomach and make their way up to her gorgeous tits.

Only these are not her tits. After all the time my fingers have spent burying themselves in the soft flesh of her mammaries, I know what Tasha's breasts feel like. Hell, I know every single detail of her magnificent tits. I can tell you what the ends of her nipples taste like including the precise level of saltiness they have. I know exactly how the softness of her skin changes when you touch the underside of her magnificent chest. I even know what the specific noise they make when they slap against each other whenever I fuck her. I know every square inch of her amazing tits. And now that I'm groping her chest, it only reminds me that it's not Tasha I'm with. I'm with goddamn Brittney. I try to ignore the thought and go back to my daydream, but it's too late now and in the end, I just can't do it.

"What the fuck's the matter with you?" Brittney is now sitting up on her elbows looking at me like I'm some pathetic, impotent man who can't keep a decent boner.

I snap at her, "I'm just not the mood, sorry."

"It's her, isn't it? You're thinking about Tasha." How the fuck is it possible that Brittney always knows exactly what I'm thinking? Do I have some sort of cartoon thought balloon hanging over my head revealing what I'm thinking? But I know what the reason is. I am not a complex or complicated man with nuanced shades of thoughts that are too mysterious to be revealed. No, I am a simple, bullshitting schmuck who is in love. And that's the worst kind of bullshitting schmuck to be.

The fact that she knows it's true doesn't mean I'm going to give her the satisfaction of admitting it. "No, that's not it." But of course it was.

"Fine, I was planning on taking you to see your precious little Tasha anyway," she said as she put on some clothes, "so we might as well go now." I put my clothes on as well while keeping a dubious eye on Brittney. Somehow I figure there's a catch to this. But she didn't say it like it was a mere suggestion, it was an order for me to follow her down the elevator and to Tasha's door.

She knocked on the door, and Dave is the one who answered. "Hey there! So you decided to stop by after all." Thank god he has on some underwear, but otherwise he completely naked. Wait, he knew we were going to be coming by? Brittney set this up? She knows how to contact Dave? Oh that's just fucking terrific.

As we step in, I look into the back bedroom and I see Tasha naked with a gag shoved into her mouth and each wrist and foot of hers is tied to a corner of the bed. I know I should be repulsed right now to see the woman I love treated this way, but oh my god just seeing her naked is enough to get my cock tingling in anticipation.

Dave says with a smile, "I've been waiting for you before I got started." I look down and see the red whip marks all over her torso and legs. Dave is holding two large clamps in his hands. Good lord, I've seen smaller clamps on construction equipment, those things are fucking enormous. "Watch this!" he smiled as he reached down and attached the clamps on her nipples. As the huge jagged clamps snapped hard on her erect nipples, and I heard her trying to scream through her gag. Tears were coming out of her eyes. "She loves it when I do that." You could have fucking fooled me.

Without warning, Dave pushes his erect penis into her and starts rocking uncontrollably back and forth. He is mercilessly fucking Tasha's body, which is now flailing in every direction. Her breasts are shaking side to side so much that the clamps fastened to her nipples are hard to keep track of. Dave is grunting like an animal and Tasha is shrieking, tears streaming out of her eyes and down the sides of her face.

"Feel free to jump in any time you want," Dave calls out. I'm standing there dumbfounded, not sure what to do. But Brittney gives me a look that says I'd better not even fucking think about joining in. But then she looks over at Tasha with a devilish smile on her face as she kneels on the edge of the bed beside Tasha. I didn't know what she was doing until I watched her reach down and grab one of the clamps on Tasha's tit. Brittney held it firmly in place and squeezed the clamp as hard as she could, which made Tasha's muffled scream even louder.

Brittney looked back at me with a hateful gaze that could melt steel as she twisted the clamp around. Tasha's body was now writhing uncontrollably in pain. I couldn't stand it any longer so I walked over to the bed, but Brittney held out her other hand, "I think you'd better stay back. If you know what's good for you." Dave looked confused, but Brittney smiled at him, "He'll get his turn later." Dave smiled and continued pummeling Tasha's groin as hard as he could.

My fists were clenched in rage, I wanted to stop this torture. But the fact is that as long as Brittney was blackmailing me, there was nothing I could do. At least not without jeopardizing everything. Oh screw it. Let her throw me in jail, I don't fucking care anymore. I'm not going to stand here with my thumb up my ass and watch someone I care about get mangled by these two shitheads.

But before I reached her, I heard Dave growl loudly and I could tell he reached climax as drops of cum came shooting out of her pussy as he continued thrusting in and out of her. Just as he slows down, I grab his shoulder and pull him back. "Hey! You didn't let me finish!" I ignored the drops of cum dripping out of the end of his penis.

"Sorry, I thought you were done," I lied. Brittney was watching me with a vicious glare and a smile that made me nervous as I reached over and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Holy shit, I'm pulling out so much of the gag that I'm starting to feel like a magician with an endless scarf coming out of his sleeve. They must've stuffed that gag halfway down her throat, it's a wonder she was able to breathe at all. As Tasha gave out a few raspy coughs, I ask her, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm *cough* fine." I don't believe her for a second. As I'm untying her feet, I can see the redness around her ankles.

I look in her eyes. "Y'know, if this is hurting you, you don't have to..."

"She's fine, aren't you Tasha?" I'm untying the ropes around Tasha's wrists now, and I can't tell if Brittney is talking to her or me. Somehow Brittney manages to talk with a smile towards Tasha and a glare towards me. I don't know how the fuck she does that, but it is creeping me out.

Tasha gave a half-hearted smile, "Yeah, I'm ok. Really." She looks at me and she must've read some concern on my face because she repeated herself. "Honestly. I'm ok. Dr. Cooper has been very... thorough with these exercises, but I do feel like it's helping me quite a bit." Damn, I can't get this one fucking knot out.

"And you love how it feels too, right?" Dave asked with that stupid smirk on his face. Goddamit, the more I pull on this fucking knot, the tighter it gets. Who the fuck tied this fucking thing, Houdini? Wait, that doesn't make sense, Houdini escaped from knots, he didn't them tight to... never mind, that's not the fucking point.

The corner of Tasha's mouth lifted a little into an almost-but-not-quite smile, "I have to admit, it does feel kind of good," she said. But then her voice trailed off and she looked up at me sadly. In her melancholy eyes, I saw the rest of the sentence she wanted to say, "but I'd rather it be with you." And what I mean by that is the narcissistic voice in my head imagines that's what she'd say.

"Well, that's going to do it for me tonight," Dave says as he picks up a pair of dirty socks off the floor. Not sure why he's leaving now, but I can't say I'm sorry to see him go. "I'm beat, so you all have fun!" Apparently he's been wandering around the room trying to find all his clothes and at last he found the final things. I don't know why it took him this long, all he had to do was follow the stench. Yeah, I know that was mean, I'm in a pissy mood right now, so cut me some slack.

"Anyway, it's your turn now, right Tasha?" Brittney says as she helps Tasha sit up on the bed. Right, like Brittney is so fucking helpful.

Tasha looked over her shoulder at Brittney and said, "You don't mind?" while rubbing her wrists. Clearly those ropes hurt worse than they looked.

"Absolutely! I promised you some time with Albert here, and here we are." I didn't know what Brittney was talking about, but anything where I can spend a little time with Tasha, even around these two sadistic freaks, was wonderful to me. "Just let me tie this on real quick," and with that, Brittney wrapped one of the silk ropes around Tasha's neck. Tasha was gasping for breath at first, but she got used to her windpipe being constricted and was breathing fast but at least she was breathing. "Now get on your knees and give Albert what you want."

As Tasha got on her knees, I looked at Brittney confused. "Tasha has been telling me how much she misses having your cock in her mouth. I must admit, I don't really understand why, but that's what she said," Tasha was unbuckling my belt and pulling down my pants as Brittney was talking.

"What I said was that I missed doing the exercises with Albert, that's all." Tasha said sheepishly.

Brittney ignored the comment and kept talking, "So I promised her I'd let her suck you off as long as I got to put a leash on her. Y'know, for fun!" Tasha put her hands around my cock and slowly slid my dick into her warm, wet mouth. Oh my god, I had forgotten how good she was at blowjobs, but boy did it all come back to me now. Suddenly her head jerked back and she was gasping for air, "Just a little asphyxiation to heighten her pleasure." I doubt very seriously that was for Tasha's pleasure.

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