tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Breaking of Hypergirl

The Breaking of Hypergirl


Chapter 1

WHAM! A fist caught the henchman's left cheek, sending him hurtling into a wall where he fell, slumped in a heap on the floor. Twelve down, one to go.

The fight had been going on for twenty minutes now and Hypergirl was starting to lose her patience. The Friday 13 Gang were losers, nobodies. God knows where they had found the super-strength they had used in the raid on the Solar City subway system, but it had turned what should have been a quick clean up job into a hard-fought battle.

Using her X-ray vision she could see the last of the gang braced against a wall a few yards away, a metal pipe in his hand. It was time to end this. In a blur of red and blue she rushed forward at the wall, sending it crashing down on top him. The villain let out a whimper, then went quiet and stopped moving.

Hypergirl dusted herself down and turned to the row of hostages who were still cowering against the far wall. She walked over.

"You're all safe now," she said, "I suggest you all get out of here while they're all still unconscious. I'd hate you to have to see me smack them down again!" She smiled, which seemed to lighten the mood somewhat. The hostages began getting to their feet and walking towards the exit, thanking Hypergirl as they passed.

The rest had left when Hypergirl noticed one lone girl huddled in the corner, still sobbing quietly. She looked about 19 years old, very petite, very pretty. She had long, dark, wavy hair which reached just past her shoulders and beautiful milky-white skin. Her clothes were dirty and torn in places. Hypergirl couldn't help but notice as she crouched in the corner that her plaid skirt lifted just enough to show off the lower curve of her butt.

Hypergirl walked over to her. "Hey," she said, touching the girl lightly on the shoulder, "Hey, it's OK, you're safe."

The girl looked up at Hypergirl, her eyes full of gratitude, cheeks sticky with dried tears. "Thank you! Thank you so much! I... I thought I was going to die..." She looked away for a moment while she wiped her eyes dry. "I wish there was something I could do to to show my appreciation. I know!" The girl's face brightened as she reached into her purse. She pulled her hand out and opened it to reveal cheap-looking chain with a small, red plastic bead pendant which glistened as it caught the light.

"Here! Please, take it! My mom bought me it. I... I know it's not much, I'm sorry."

Hypergirl looked at the pendant the young girl had thrust towards her. It was cheap tat, probably worth no more than a dollar, but it was pretty, in a way, and as she looked into the girl's eyes she could see how much it would mean to accept it.

"Thank you, it's very pretty." The girl's face broke in to a broad smile. "In fact I like it so much I'm going to wear it right now. Will you help me put it on?" She lifted her hair while the girl reached round and fastened the chain around her neck, leaning in close enough that Hypergirl could feel her warm breath on her neck. The girl's face stopped there for just a brief moment too long, and for a crazy second Hypergirl thought she was going to kiss her, until the girl suddenly pulled away and said "There! Perfect!" Hypergirl pulled the pendant around to the front where it hung, just above the "H" symbol in the middle of her chest.

The girl stared at it where it hung and looked concerned."Just make sure you look after it, I'd hate it to get broken while you're fighting." Her face softened and she giggled. "I'm sorry, I'm being silly."

Hypergirl smiled at he girl. "Not at all," she said softly, "Look, I'll put it away, nice and safe." She pulled the top of her costume forward and tucked the pendant inside. She felt the warm plastic bead slip down and come to rest between her breasts. There was a slight tingling sensation as it settled, like static electricity on a TV screen.

In the distance someone screamed.

Hypergirl turned in the direction of the noise then back to face the girl. "Some one's in trouble, I have to go. The police will be here soon. Thank you for the necklace!" With one swift movement she was in the air and away.


Hypergirl stopped mid flight, turned, and flew back to the where the girl still stood. As she landed her face was a picture of confusion. "What was that? How- how did you do that?!" she demanded.

The girl's face had changed. The fresh innocence was gone. She looked strong, confident, devious.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mylanna." Hypergirl had heard the name. Wasn't Mylanna one of Power Woman's enemies? Some kind of witch? "That pendant is magic. I now control everything you do. NOW KNEEL."

Hypergirl dropped to her knees. "Why would you do this?! I just saved your life!"

The girl sneered. "You stupid girl. You didn't save me, this whole thing was my doing! Who do you think gave those morons their super strength? It was all me!"

"But why?!"

"Why?! For my own amusement! What better reason is there?"

Hypergirl gritted her teeth as she reached up to the necklace. "Well it ends here!"

"Ah ah ah. DON'T YOU DARE TAKE THAT OFF. EVER." Hypergirl stopped stock still, the strain of fighting the command obvious on her face. After a few moments her hands dropped to her sides. "Good girl. Now, we're going to have some fun. CARRY ME!"

Hypergirl picked the witch up in her arms. "Where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll see."

Chapter 2

300 feet in the air, the girl pointed down at a warehouse on the edge of the city. "LAND THERE." Hypergirl landed and set the girl down. The front door was ajar. "FOLLOW ME."

She followed the girl into the building. In the middle of the was a double bed surrounded by bright lights.

The girl turned to Hypergirl. "Well now my glorious saviour, time for a personal question. Are you a virgin?"

"That's none of your business, you evil little bitch!"


Hypergirl looked at the floor. "I won't... I - no, no I am not a virgin, mistress."

The girl smiled. "Good girl. That's probably for the best. Now, GET ON THE BED AND MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE."

"Wait, what do you mean?" Hypergirl walked over to the bed and climbed onto the fresh white linen. She lay back and rested her head on the soft feather pillow.

"STAY THERE." Mylanna walked away into another room. When she returned a minute later Hypergirl could see something silver in her hand. As the girl neared she was able to make out what it was. A video camera. A horrible realisation began to dawn. The girl stood at the bottom of the bed and pointed the camera at Hypergirl. "Show time!" The red light on the front of the camera blinked on.


Hypergirl's mouth began to move though she tried to stop it, and the words came out of their own accord. "My name is Emma Porter, most will know me as Hypergirl."

"Now Hypergirl, you are going to give the viewers a show. I want you to... PLAY WITH YOUR TITS."

"What?! Never!" Even as she protested, her hands began to snake their way up her torso until each grabbed hold of one of the perfect mounds and began to grope and caress it, circling and pinching each of the nipples through the Spandex of her costume. After a few minutes her now hardened nipples where visible through the thin fabric. Suddenly the fondling stopped and Hypergirl watched in horror as her own hands took the bottom of her shirt in and pulled it up over her tits, revealing her firm, shapely breasts. The pendant hung between them, glowing gently.

The girl was impressed. "Wow! You certainly have a beautiful pair of tits! GIVE THEM A KISS."

Hypergirl's left hand grabbed her left breast as she reached down with her tongue and began licking the hard nipple. Oh God, she thought, how can I be doing this? The thought was interrupted by the witch' next order:

"Enough. Hypergirl, RUB YOUR PUSSY."

Hypergirl did as she was commanded, lifting her skirt out of the way and rubbing through the red Spandex panties. "No! I can't believe I'm doing this!" She looked at Mylanna through the lens of the camera. "You- you'll never get away with this...... aah..." The protest ended in a low, soft moan. Somewhere beneath all the shame, beneath all the disgust, another feeling was stirring. She had been shocked by the hardness of her nipples and as she lay there, playing with her pussy against her will, she began to feel the dampness of her arousal seeping through the panties. "Mmmmm... oh god...." She knew the next words even before they came:

"Such a good little slut. TAKE OFF YOUR PANTIES."

She pulled her panties down and over her ankles, then lay back on the bed and continued to rub her pussy. Before she even realised she was doing it, Hypergirl had slipped a finger inside. Her back arched as she found her G-spot and bolts of pleasure shot through her body. She looked up again into the lens of the camera as another finger slipped in to her moist cunt and the pace increased. The witch could hear the wetness as Hypergirl furiously fingered herself. Two minutes passed before the heroine spoke again. Her words were ragged, barely more than panting moans. "P-please s-stop thisss.... I- I... oh, oh God noooo...!"

She knew it was too late. There she lay, tits on show, nipples hard, fucking herself live on camera to god-knows-who at some one else's command, and she was going to come. She knew the feeling well and she was already past the point of no return. She closed her eyes and, with one last whimper of pleasure, she came, hard, feeling the muscles contract and squeeze her fingers inside her as she did so. As the waves of pleasure died down she fell back panting on the bed. She looked over to Mylanna, whose face was a mixture of anger and satisfaction.

"I didn't tell you to come. APOLOGISE."

"I- I'm sorry Mistress..."

"What are you going to do to make up for it?"

Hypergirl gritted her teeth and spat out the words. "Nothing you crazy bitch! You've had your fun, now let me go!"

"Had my fun?!" laughed the girl, "My dear little girl, I've barely even begun!" There was a tripod nearby. She picked it up, stood it at the foot of the bed and placed the video camera on top. "Have you ever been with a girl? TELL THE TRUTH."

"N- N- N- I kissed the Golden Goddess once.... but...." Hypergirl glanced at the camera, aware of what she had just admitted.

"The Golden Goddess?! The "you" from another dimension?!" The witches eyes were a full of delight. "You little whore! How depraved!"

"It wasn't my fault! She just- "

"SILENCE!" cried the witch. Hypergirl's mouth snapped shut. Mylanna climbed onto the bed beside her. "SPREAD YOUR LEGS. AND KEEP LOOKING AT THE CAMERA." With that the witch slid down until she was positioned between Hypergirl's beautiful, toned thighs and buried her face in the heroine's pussy. Hypergirl felt the girl's delicate tongue caressing her clitoris. She wanted to scream, to shout GET FUCK OFF ME! but her mouth still refused to open. All she could do was stare at the camera and imagine how many thousands of depraved people were watching as her pussy was licked by this maniac bitch.

The girl stopped for a second and looked up, licking her lips. Her chin glistened "Mmmmm. You taste delicious!" Suddenly Hypergirl felt a finger being pushed inside. Another quickly followed. The girl watched Hypergirl's face as she tested and probed around inside her pussy. For a split second the heroine's eyes widened and Mylanna knew she had found the sweet spot. She grinned as she returned to licking the swollen clitoris while her fingers continued to work Hypergirl's G-spot, stroking and caressing the sensitive front wall of her pussy.

Hypergirl stared at her reflection in the camera lens, eyes wide as saucers, mouth closed tight. Low, guttural, animal noises were coming from her throat. The pleasure was almost unbearable - her pussy felt like it was on fire. She thrashed her head from side to side in protest. Just as she felt another orgasm was about to force it's way out of her the witch stopped licking and looked up. "TELL THE VIEWERS WHAT'S HAPPENING, Hypergirl."

"You're... you're licking my pussy!"


"It feels wr- wrong.... oh... it feels... g- good! So good!" Her hands clutched at her bare tits as the orgasm hit her. "Not again! AaaaAHH!" She clawed at her heaving breasts and her thighs clamped the witch's head as she came. Again the orgasm was intense, magnified by shame.

The girl pushed herself to her knees, wiped her mouth and giggled. She put a hand to Hypergirl's mouth. "TASTE YOURSELF." Hypergirl hungrily sucked and licked her fingers one by one, cleaning them of the sweet juices.

"WAIT HERE." The girl stood up and walked out the room. Hypergirl lay, half naked, in the damp patch on the bed. Remembering the camera, she quickly pulled down her top to cover her breasts and replaced her skirt . She felt like weeping and covered her face with her hands to hide her disgrace.

"TAKE YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THAT PRETTY LITTLE FACE." Hypergirl did as she was told, wiping away the tears as she did so. Mylanna was striding back into the room. The skirt and blouse were gone. Now the girl wore a lacy black bra with matching thong, stockings and suspenders. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. The contrast of her pale milky skin against the dark sensuous lingerie and jet black hair was breath-taking and Hypergirl couldn't help but admire her beauty in spite of the situation. What shocked her was not the clothing but what the witch wore over them - Mylanna had a black leather harness over her panties, to which was attached a large purple dildo. It was huge, perhaps ten inches long and three inches thick. It swung from side to side as she walked.

Hypergirl swallowed hard and whispered to herself, "Oh Jesus!"

The girl climbed onto the bed, pushed the heroine across and lay on her back. Hypergirl couldn't take her eyes off the massive plastic cock."This thing needs some lubrication. SUCK IT BITCH." Sitting at the side of the witch, Hypergirl tucked her hair behind her ears, bent down and took the dildo in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she worked. She pulled it out and licked the length of the shaft on each side until it glistened in the studio lights. Finally Mylanna grabbed her hair and pushed her head down as far as it would go. Hypergirl gagged and fought uselessly against her hand. Eventually the girl muttered, "Enough." and removed the hand from the heroine's head. She looked Hypergirl up and down.


Hypergirl grimaced as she pulled her top back up, leaving her breasts bouncing gently in the open. "I'll destroy you for this." She sounded defiant but it didn't last long. The girl smirked.

"Of course you will. CLIMB ON MY DICK." She climbed on. At first she thought she couldn't take the entire length, but slowly she worked her pussy down the shaft until she had the full 10 inches in her pussy. As her weight settled she let out an small involuntary moan which seemed to please the witch.

"Now RIDE IT."

Hypergirl began swaying her hips back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. The dildo was far bigger than any cock she had ever taken, but gradually the uncomfortable feeling lessened and pleasure took over. She leaned forward and the witch took one hard super-nipple between her teeth and bit, slightly too hard, causing Hypergirl to gasp. The girl looked up at her from below.


Still working her hips, she took the top and skirt, pulled them up and over her head and tossed them to one side. Now all she wore were the pendant and her red boots . Her silky blonde hair spilled over her shoulders and breasts. She could feel the pleasure build with each stroke of the cock inside her. She was really working it now, grinding her hips down harder and harder. She tried to resist but the more she tried to stop the more her pace increased. Mylanna saw that Hypergirl was on the brink of coming again.


"Yes Mistress." There was no fighting the words this time. Hypergirl leaned back on the cock until it was pushing against her G-spot. After two or three minutes of grinding she closed her eyes, threw her head back and began moaning aloud. "Now Mistress, I... I'm s-so close!"


Hypergirl's hips stopped mid-flow. She opened her eyes and looked around, ashamed at losing herself in the moment but desperate to come. The frustration was obvious on her face. Mylanna pushed her off the dildo.


Still panting, Hypergirl turned and got on all fours, ass in the air. The camera was close now, perhaps three feet away and pointing straight at her face. She felt two hands grip her waist and knew what was coming. One quick movement and the full 10 inches of the dildo were back inside her pussy. She couldn't help but let out a loud groan of pleasure as it was pushed deep inside. In the lens her reflection stared back at her, eyes wide. The cock started working it's way in and out and her eyelids began to close.


Mylanna increased the pace of her thrusts. Hypergirl's breasts swung back and forth with each movement. The pendant swung with them and each time it touched her glistening skin she felt the same sparks of static she had when she first put it on, heightening her senses. Her eyes stayed open.


"Yes Mistress."

"Good girl."

The witch took a bunch of the heroine's hair in her hand and yanked it hard as the cock thrust deeper than ever. Hypergirl's eyes began to roll back into her head and she really had to fight to keep looking at the camera. The thrusts became a pounding - hard and fast and relentless. Now and then her mind would return to the terrible and shameful truth of her situation but then the rock hard cock would reach new depths and the sudden shock of pleasure and pain would drag her straight back in.

Mylanna reached forward, grabbed hold of one perfect breast and squeezed. It was enough to push Hypergirl over the edge. Her words were ragged.

"Can I come?"

"NOT YET!" The pounding continued, harder than ever. Hypergirl's hands gripped the sheets as she pushed back against the thrusting dildo. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced -- a hard, never-ending assault on her pussy. She had to concentrate to stop the waiting orgasm from taking her.

"P- please Mistress", she begged, "Please! Please let me come!" Her legs were shaking and her knuckles turned white as the gripped the sheets harder and harder. She barely recognised the ragged, broken girl staring back at her in the reflection of the camera.

The witch's voice seemed distant.


"Oh no. Oh god. Oh my fucking god. Oh oh oh....."


Tears of frustration were now streaming down her face "I w-want to come! Oh god, I want to come so badly! I want... to come... so... fucking.... badly!" She spat the words out between clenched teeth.

Behind her the witch was laughing. "Well what are you wait for? COME ON MY DICK."

It was like an explosion. The orgasm ripped through her body, starting in her pussy and spreading outwards to the very tips of her toes and fingers. Hypergirl shook all over and her back arched as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She felt the walls of her cunt squeezing the dick hard. These was a loud crack as it shattered inside her. Time stood still. Finally the storm began to die down and Hypergirl's arms gave way beneath her. She collapsed, exhausted.

"Fuck me..."

"I think I just did". The witch smiled at the camera and winked. "Well ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed the show. I know someone did! Bye now! Hypergirl, WAVE THE VIEWERS GOOD BYE."

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