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The Breeders


Tahari walked down the steep rocky slope in long graceful strides. She peered around her cautiously as she made her way down, and barely noticed the bright sun warm her tanned skin. The bare gusts of wind blowing off the Kharadan Mountains did little to cool her from the strenuous decent, and sweat glistened on her hard body. This too she took little notice of; Tahari was used to the life and little had been easy for her since her birth 18 years ago. She was a daharijm, an outcast from the breeding harems most women were enslaved into and bred for since their birth, but Tahari had escaped with the help of a nurse when she was but a baby.

Eighteen years ago Tahari was to be the prize of her clan, a miracle of genetic alteration and selective breeding. Her form and function were the product of centuries of testing and research bent on one goal; to make her the perfect breeding tool for the armies of the planet Earth. In a desperate attempt to produce more soldiers the world’s scientists turned to genetics to produce women capable and willing of bearing a new race of Humans. This new breed would be endowed with strength and speed never imagined before in the Human race. They would be a breed to turn the tide in the war against the invaders that had been raging across the solar system for 200 years. A war the Humans were slowly losing.

Tahari slowed as she reached the densely wooded floor of the valley, and bent to drink from a small stream she had been following down from the mountains. Her reflection stared back at her from the small pool at the waters edge. “This is what they have made me” she thought. Her reflection was inhumanly beautiful. Her face was deep tan as was the rest of her body. Her eyes were the color of cold sapphire and her full lips a deep crimson that never required a touch of lipstick. Her cheeks were set high on her face accenting her delicate features. Dark blonde hair cut short in a sheer bob surrounded her face and gleamed with a beauty no Human woman could ever match.

Her body was simply amazing. Standing nearly six feet tall she was strong and supple she could run down a deer in the woods and had matched her strength with wild bears in the mountains. Her sleek body was clad only in a benoi; a tight form fitting material that had grown with her as she aged from a child. It was actually an organism in itself which lived off of her own body’s sweat and dead skin cells. It would live as long as she and its dark black color would never fade. Any tears in the fabric would automatically mend to leave it as new looking now as it had eighteen years ago.

The benoi was crafted for breeding, so only a dark cape hung from her shoulders for protection from the elements. The sleek material clasped in a circle at her throat and covered her shoulders and arms to the elbow and moved in graceful curves down the back of her hands. The material stretched across her full breasts in five bands ending in a circle around her exposed nipples. Her breasts were disproportionate to her body and larger than any mere Human could have supported; making even the living material of the benoi seem to stretch beyond its capacity to encompass them. Though large, E cup in Human clothing, they did not droop and were as firm and supple as any young human’s B cup breasts.

Past her breasts the benoi traveled, leaving bare her hard stomach and surrounded her legs in delicate patterns moving down her firm thighs to enclose her feet. Her sex was left bare to allow for the true purpose of the harijm, which was breeding. Tahari put her hand between her legs, as she squatted by the waters side, and felt her full lips. A low moan escaped her mouth as her hand brushed between her legs, and her engorged clitoris spasmed as she touched it. She brought her hand back to her face and examined the two wet fingers. “Those bastards have done this to me” she thought.

For the past two nights she had been wet constantly. Her fluid flowed down her legs in rivulets as she walked, and even now was slowly dripping on the bare ground below her. Along with this sudden change was a need that had been building in her for the past two days. It was the need for which she had been born, a need she had avoided for the last twelve years. It was the need to breed, she was in heat. It was what had brought her out of the mountains. Even now she could barely control herself. It was a constant effort to concentrate on the present, and not revert back to the dreams that plagued her of men, and to ignore the constant pulse of her clitoris. She needed a man now and she knew it; she had reached breeding age.

Tahari slowly pulled herself back from her reverie and stood up. She was close now to the outskirts of the clan and there would be scouts patrolling the boundary. She began moving again towards her destination. She knew there was a patrol station near. After another 100 yards she stopped as still as a tigress with the scent of prey. In essence she was. Members of the harijm could sense the pheromones of other breeding males from a short distance. Tahari was in luck it was a male patrolman much farther into the mountains than she thought she would find.

Slowly she crept through the woods. Years in the mountains hunting for her own food had made her as silent as a cat as she tracked her prey. She neared a small clearing in the woods and stooped behind a tree to size up her adversary. A Mamluke stood in the clearing. They were the male breeders; genetically altered like women to produce offspring. They had incredible endurance and strength to match the breeding females. He stood 6’5” tall and was massively built. He wore a benoi that rippled and bulged over his bronzed chest, and flowed around his arms in dizzying patterns to match and complement the female benoi. Tahari took all this in subconsciously and even made the mental note that this man was far stronger than she, but all her attention was focused on the member between his legs. Hanging limp the mans penis hung 8 inches between his legs, and his shaft was 2 inches wide which enlarged to 3 at the head. The man’s testicles hung low, and swung like massive pendulums as he moved. They were the size of grapefruits and thus were supported by circles of the benoi that hung between his legs.

Tahari felt the juices between her legs begin to pump furiously. Trickles ran from her cunt and her ass both altered genetically to provide pleasure from a man. She knew that she was lost, at the moment she could think of nothing else but the need for that man to be inside of her.

The Mamluke had been slowly moving in circles stiffing the air. Tahari realized that her sense of smell was keenly better than his. She had sensed him from over 300 yards and he was having trouble from a mere 50. “Not that it matters” she thought. She was panting now and sweat glistened on her skin in a bright sheen in the sunlight. Her cunt made a soft sucking noise as it slowly convulsed in time with the tremors that ran through her body. Her clit was fully engorged now and stood a full inch from her cunt as large around as a quarter. Her nipples stood deliciously erect and as hard as diamonds. Pleasure emanated from each in waves as the skin pulled ever tighter where they stood an inch from each of her massive breasts. Tahari slowly stood up. The man had finally scented her and was moving in her general direction. She moved languidly from her concealment and strode into the sunlit glen.

The man’s reaction was immediate as he caught sight of her. He grunted and stumbled as he stopped to stare at her with his mouth hanging open. His member convulsed once where he stood and a thin stream of pre-cum began dripping from it. As if in a daze he stood there with his mouth open with his fat member sticking out leering at her half hard and dripping cum in short spurts. Tahari had never been with a man before but she knew that this one was hers.

Leisurely she laid down into the soft grass and stared at him as she slowly opened her legs. Her cunt now lay completely open and the juices coating her bare ass and body let loose the full torrent of her pheromones on him. The effect was staggering. The man dropped to his knees with a strangled gasp as his half hard member sprayed thick gouts of cum a full 3 feet in front of him. He went to his hands and knees in front of Tahari panting and clutching the ground in front of him. After a full minute the man’s breath slowed and Tahari stared in to his eyes as she said “you may eat me now”.

Crawling on his hands and knees he rushed to her. He assaulted her bare nipples with a ravenous insatiable appetite. He worked circles around them and took them into his mouth sending waves of acute pleasure through Tahari’s body. She felt dwarfed by his powerful body looming over her, and breathlessly moaned “eat me now”! His head moved between her legs and she thought the pleasure may kill her. His tongue was amazing. It stuck a full 3 inches from his mouth and was lean and supple. He lapped at her cunt feverishly; moving up and down he licked the juices from her lips and moved his tongue inside her pussy to her G-spot and tore at it with abandon.

Tahari’s body moved felinely on the ground as moans were tore from her throat in ragged gasps. His tongue was like a finely tuned instrument working her dripping cunt with utter precision as his hands began messaging her keenly sensitive nipples. She had never imagined the pleasure that tore at her body; it was a white hot light enveloping her as she felt the orgasm building in her with every movement of his tongue. Her clitoris was engorged to the point of bursting and milky white fluid pumped from it in thick streams coating his face. When he pulled his tongue from her cunt and clamped his mouth over her clit Tahari screamed. The orgasm exploded inside her body in a torrent and her legs clamped around his head in a vice. She had no control as her body convulsed with each wave of pleasure. Each movement of his mouth on her clit brought her to a new level as she tore at the ground with her hands and a long scream left her throat.

Tahari must have blacked out because when she awoke the man was standing over her. The ground below her pussy was a small puddle of her juices and farther down was another where the man must have ejaculated again. “How much cum does this man have,” she thought. She slowly got to her knees in front of him and knew that she had to find out. Pulling him closer she grasped his still semi-hard dick. Seeing it this close was amazing. She couldn’t even fit her hand around it!

Starting at the base she slowly licked its entire length and stopping at his mammoth head put it in her mouth. She started sucking him slowly as his massive cock enlarged in her mouth. It was an astounding 15 inches long now as it has swelled to its full length. She couldn’t believe she could fit it in her mouth. A full 4 inches wide at the head and she was taking it, but Tahari’s only thought was that she needed more. Slowly with each bob of her head she began taking more. She worshiped his massive hard-on, and was enthralled by its strength and power. She felt the head touching the back of her throat and knew she needed more, she need all of it. She pushed it slowly past her throat and down. All 15 inches of it filled her painfully and deliciously. The man was groaning and he hunched over as his eyes closed and he slowly mechanically fucked her deep throat.

Everything bred into Tahari came to light in her mind. She fucked his hard member with her mouth as voraciously as he had taken her. She alternated between working his head and taking all of him down her throat. She moved faster and faster needing him; her cunt was flooded now and every part of her was rushing to the release. She felt him close as sweat beaded along her body. As she continued working his head with her mouth and she grasp his mammoth balls with her hands. A low moan came from him as she kneaded his balls and worked his rock hard member. Pre-cum began to drain into her mouth. The taste was amazing it let loose another torrent of juice from her cunt as a spasm rippled her body. She ground her engorged clit on her heal as she squatted in front of him rocking back and forth on it as she fucked his dick with her mouth. She had to have his cum; she was pumping him for it with wild abandon as spurts of pre cum drained into her mouth and sent waves of pleasure through her body. His legs were shaking and his hips were fucking her mouth with deep strokes.

His moan was gaining and suddenly he groaned as his orgasm hit him sending thick loads of cum into her mouth. His whole body convulsed as stream after stream of sperm was shot into her. Tahari’s body was convulsing as well as her own orgasm hit her full force with the first load of cum. Blinded with her orgasm her only thought was to keep swallowing his sweet delicious load. Each shot sent a new wave of pleasure through her already racked body, and she could feel her stomach filling with his never ending spout of seed. Finally his body convulsed one last time and sent the largest load down her throat completely filling up her stomach and sending her sprawling to the grass as the pleasure assaulted her in waves. She lay in the grass for long minutes with her knees against her throbbing nipples as the pleasure coursed through her.

At long last her vision cleared enough to see again, and she uncurled and got up on shaky legs. Her breasts were coated with thick cum where his massive load had dribbled out of her mouth. She immediately licked herself clean savoring the sweet taste and the small waves of pleasure it brought to her. On the ground before her lay the man. His eyes were closed and his member lay semi-hard against his stomach. Thick cum still dribbled from his cock onto his stomach as he panted for breath. Tahari’s eyes locked on the cum and she immediately went to lick the remainder from his stomach. She took his member into her mouth again to suck out what cum remained. As she sucked amazingly it grew hard again! The man began to moan as she sucked harder and faster to bring him back to full size.

Once he was rock hard again Tahari wanted more. She stood over him and slowly lowered herself onto his pulsing cock taking care to position her dripping cunt over his engorged member. Once she had the position right she slammed herself down on his cock. Tahari’s virgin hole expanded to its limit to contain his massive bulk; sending shear pleasure and pain writhing through her body. She panted and moaned as she let the feeling wash over her. The man who had been almost comatose until now began grinding into her as she slowly began to move up and down on his shaft. The feeling was unbelievable; his cock completely filled her wet cunt. She felt stretched beyond capacity as she moved her virgin cunt onto his enormous member taking more and more until all 15 inches lay buried inside her.

As she began to fuck him in earnest she reached down and started messaging her engorged clit; sending new waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Moving up and down she slammed her wet hole onto his cock fucking him as hard and fast as she could. She couldn’t describe the feeling as she squatted over him humping like the bitch in heat she was. Her breasts were bouncing wildly against her chest and each jolt brought tingling pleasure from her hard nipples. “Yeah you like my wet pussy you slave!” she screamed, “You like this bitch humping your big cock?!” Give me your seed you trash!” I want you to fill me up with your hot cum until it flows out of my cunt!” “Its mine and I’m going to take every drop from you!”

Suddenly he pulled her to him crushing her breasts against his face as he began to fuck her for all he was worth. The pleasure washed in torrents over her as he moved like a piston into her sopping wet hole. He fucked her for what seemed like hours this way never tiring and never slowing. She was crushed to his hard body and felt powerless as he reamed her dripping holes. Her breath came in ragged gasps now as she moaned against his chest. The pleasure seemed to be too great for her; each minute she rose to a new level of bliss. Her cunt was spasming on his cock sending gouts of fluid flowing down his member and every touch of her clit sent waves of ecstasy through her body.

After what seemed an eternity he rolled her onto her back and again mounted her. His stamina was incredible. Tahari pulled her legs back to give him full exposure to her hungry cunt as he again began slamming his cock into her. He reached down and began fondling her massive breasts, and squeezed her stiff nipples as he rode her. Tahari felt like she was riding one massive orgasm and found herself moaning “fuck this little slut! Do you hear me? Ride me like the bitch I am!” She had no control anymore and every time she though she could take no more another rippled orgasm broke over her sending her to new heights.

The man began moaning and his breath came in short gasps as he continued to hammer her drenched cunt. His eyes were closed and tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. His moans became louder and louder until he suddenly convulsed violently and he screamed. Hot cum splashed brutally into Tahari’s hole and she could feel the heat building inside of her with each new load sent into her waiting cunt. No ejaculation she had witnessed before could compare to this. It was as if the man body knew this was its purpose and he was now emptying every drop of his massive balls into Tahari’s cunt and ass. She was completely full of his cum and every new spurt seemed to burn its way farther into her being. She was floating on waves of ecstasy; blinding colors floated before her eyes and she had been screaming for what seem like an age.

As the man continued pumping his seed into her Tahari noticed her breasts seemed to be getting heaver. Looking down she realized they were actually growing. Strands began to snap on her benoi as they slowly swelled before her eyes, growing to an immense size. White milk began flowing from her nipples as her breasts continued to expand. She was now at least a G cup and her tits lay bare on her chest as they had completely torn out of her benoi. Milk ran in torrents from her throbbing nipples now standing almost 2 inches from her bare breasts. With each pulse of milk new pleasure ran through her body igniting a fire in her pussy. She needed to be fucked.

The man was still slowly pumping into her and seemed almost spent but it wasn’t enough for Tahari. She violently pushed him onto his back and again mounted his still hard cock. The man seemed dazed and barely conscious but Tahari began riding him with an insatiable need. She slammed herself onto his mammoth cock making her enormous tits bounce lewdly spraying milk over herself and the man. She began furiously rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples as she rode him taking herself closer and closer to orgasm. Cum flowed in rivulets from her filled holes soaking the man and making sucking noises as she rode him faster and faster.

The man lay mumbling incoherently and drooling as she viciously pounded her cunt onto his shaft. Suddenly as she thought she could take no more her orgasm took her; throwing her head back she gasped as pleasure flooded her body. Torrents of juice mixed with cum flowed from her as her pussy spasmed and her clit spurted fluid as it ejaculated. Milk streamed from her tits as every muscle in her body tightened and released involuntarily. Dimly she heard the man grunt suddenly and tighten. Warm seed began filling her cunt again as somehow the man found another reserve. She rode him faster and faster as her orgasm built to new levels with every torrent of seed that exploded into her cunt. She couldn’t stop. Her breath came in ragged gasps and her drenched hole made sucking noises around his colossal member, and her body shook uncontrollably.

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