tagInterracial LoveThe Bride & the Black Bartenders

The Bride & the Black Bartenders


Pamela sighed as her fiancé kissed and licked around her big nipples. She could feel the wetness between her thighs. God, she wanted him inside her, but she had vowed to wait until they were married and not for the first time since they had met, she considered breaking that vow.

Pamela was a typical "spoiled" little Southern Belle. She had attended only the most exclusive private schools and had just graduated fourth in her class from Princeton. It was at Princeton that she had her first and only sexual experience. She had been seduced by one of her professors, a snobbish, uptight, older man whom she had foolishly thought she had loved. He had slobbered all over her big breasts as he took her virginity and he ejaculated inside his condom minutes after penetrating her vagina. It had hurt and not been the least bit enjoyable, but she had loved him. Days later she had caught him with another student and she had fled crying from his office. She had vowed never to have sex again until the "I do's" had been said between her and a man she was sure loved her and wasn't just after her body.

Michael tried to unbutton her blouse further down past her navel. He had kissed down her belly to her navel when she stopped him. "Only two more days stud," she told him as she stared at him seductively. "Then this bodies all yours."

And what a body it was. Michael had never seen as perfect a figure as his future wife had. He had been waiting with her parents when Pamela had returned from college. Michael Winfeild Scott, a descendant of the general by the same name, had been set up to meet Pamela by their parents. He hadn't been thrilled with the idea of an arranged date, but had given in, when he had been shown a picture of the beautiful young woman. Michael had felt his penis stir in his pants the moment she had walked into the room.

Pamela had been angry with her parents at first since she was just getting over the professor, but she had conceded to have dinner with the dashing young med student. He had quickly charmed her and she had agreed to another date. They had been dating eight months when he asked her to marry him.

Michael could swear that his penis hurt, when she stopped him. "Come on honey, you can't leave me like this," he said despairingly as he stood up to show her his bulge. "I know you started taking the pill, so why wait?"

"I want it too, but It's only two days honey," she said. "Then you get to be the first person to put his bare penis inside me."

Michael knew about the professor and how the experience had hurt her so much.

Pamela suddenly had a naughty thought, and said,"Wait here." She ran to the bathroom, put a glob of vaseline on her hand and returned to her fiancé. He was still standing there with a curious look on his face when she sat down facing is crotch. Pamela looked up at Michael seductively as she slowly unzipped his shorts with her empty hand.

Michael couldn't believe it, Pamela was going to give him a blow job. He had dreamed about this all year. Some of Michael's cruder friends had told him she had DSL (dick sucking lips), when they had first seen her. He watched his fiancé take out his penis and began stroking it with her vaseline covered hand. He was disappointed when he realized all she was doing was jacking him off, but he started enjoying the sensations. Anyway, this was a step in the right direction.

He smiled at the thought of breaking in this practically virginal woman. He had fucked around with lots of women and fantasized about all the new experiences he could teach his fiancé. He smiled down at the expression on her face, it was a cross between disgust and fascination. His mind kept screaming SUCK IT, SUCK IT. Yeah baby, get to know the cock that your going to worship with your mouth, the cock that's going to give you your first orgasm, the cock that's going to fuck your hot ass. Yeah, that tight pussy's all mine.This was the farthest he had ever gotten Pamela and the excitement caused him to shoot his load after a few minutes.

Pamela found jacking off Michael to be disgusting, but she had never gotten this close of a look at a penis before. She had briefly seen the professor's penis, nearly hidden by his paunch and she hadn't been all that impressed. Michael's was bigger, just over six inches she guessed and slightly thicker. It was beautiful, erotic in a way, as it jumped beneath her stroking hands all shiny with vaseline. It twitched and Pamela jumped back as a strand of semen flew out of the flared head of his cock, it was quickly followed by a couple of smaller gobs. Yuck, she thought as she ran to clean up. Michael yelled through the bathroom door that he'd meet her out on the beach.

Her parents had rented out a old Colonial era inn for the wedding. It sat right on the beach. Tonight and tomorrow wedding guests would be staying there until the reception downstairs. Then everyone, including the owners were leaving so that the newly married couple would have the large house all to themselves.

Pamela slipped on one of her more daring bikinis. The cups were small and revealed a lot of her breasts out the bottoms and sides. The panties barely covered her firm behind and it was a leopard-skin pattern that made her feel like a wild animal. She wouldn't have dared where the bikini in front of her parents and the other guests, but most wouldn't be arriving until tomorrow night. She liked what she saw in the bathroom mirror. "Make way for Pamela, Queen of the Jungle," she said. "Reorrwrrr."

She threw a towel over her shoulder and walked down the steps. She turned the corner towards the beach exit and nearly got knocked down as she bumped into chest of a large man. He grabbed her and held her steady. She found herself completely engulfed within his arms and was staring at a large barrel chest. When he started caressing her sides, she looked up at a large handsome black face staring down at her. She jumped back angrily.

"Well, well," he chuckled. "The jungle Queen isn't ready to submit to the Strong Nubian warrior before her." He then added "Yet."

Pamela noticed another large black man watching them from the corner of the room. She had never been around a lot of black people, nor had anyone ever spoken to her like that before. She was suddenly very conscious of her near nudity and felt intimidated and a little frightened.

"Y..you just keep your hands off me," she managed to stutter. "Get out of my way."

The man she had bumped into, held his hands up in a gesture of submission and motioned for her to pass. She angrily stomped past the two black men and out the door towards the beach.

Will and Mark smiled at each other as they watched the angry woman marching down to the beach. Their tongues were practically hanging out of their mouths as they watched her ass shake as she walked over the sand.

"Bro, that had to have been the hottest piece of white ass, I ever seen. said Mark in awe.

He was the bigger of the two at 6'6" to Will's 6'3". The two men worked as bartenders at a male strip bar, usually wearing nothing but bow ties and tight briefs to show off their abnormally large bulges. They both were weight lifters and had fucked many a married white woman from both the gym and the bar. They had taken the bartending job at the reception because Pamela's father was offering $500 cash for three hours work.

"You gonna fuck her?" asked Will.

"Yeah, I think I am," said Mark confidently. "How 'bout you?"

"I don't think we can." answered Will

"Why Not?" asked Mark

"Cause here comes her husband." answered Mark as he pointed towards the beach.

Michael was furious, Pam had been a nervous wreck as she told him of her encounter with the black men and he wanted to know what a couple black guys were doing at their inn. He burst into he room and slammed the door.

"Which one of you "boys" touched my fiancé." screamed Michael angrily. He stopped when he saw the size of the two men standing before him. They actually seemed amused at his indignation.

"It was an accident, Suh" said Mark in his most subservient voice. "Yo Missus, jus bumped inta me and I caught her."

"What are you "boys" doing here anyways?" asked Michael a little more confidant now with their submissive behaviour.

"Sorry Mistuh," Will chimed in. "We just be here settin up the bar fo duh recepcion.

Stupid Negroes with their bad English thought Michael, No wonder they never amount to anything. "You just keep your dirty black hands off my fiancé," he said. "Or I'll find another couple of bartenders for my wedding." Michael saw their eyes narrow at that comment and sensing he had gone too far he backed off and returned to his wife.

Mark and Will cracked up laughing as they watched the man fleeing down the beach. "Settin up da bar fo the recepsion," Mark laughed clapping his friend on the back. "That was classic." "You weren't so bad yourself, bro" said Will. "So that hot bitch is marrying that asshole." he nodded out the window. Pamela was modeling her bikini for her husband.

Mark watched as she did a little pirouette before her husband a couple hundred feet from the Inn. He remembered the way she felt in his arms when she had bumped into him. He had grabbed her up by her breasts and slowly moved his hands down over her full hips. His cock stirred as he watched her out on the beach. Doubtless that little prick was bragging about how he had put the two "boys" in their place.

"Well, there goes all hope of fucking that bitch," sighed Will.

"I don't think so bro," said Mark still staring at the bride-to-be.

"I don't care how hot you think you are, Mark, you can't fuck no woman just when she's getting married," argued Will. "A few years from now, sure, no problem."

"Remember our little trip to Mexico?" Mark asked.

"Yeah so," replied Will a little perplexed.

"I picked up some knock out drops, when we were there," Mark told him, a big smile on his face.

Ah, the date rape drug, thought Will. "So we beat up his white ass and drug his wife." he said. "Not me, that's rape."

"I ain't never had to rape no woman and I'm not going to start now." said Mark a little indignantly. "Here's what I had in mind...."

Will nodded as Mark filled him in on the plan. It just might work he thought.


Mark and Will were busy mixing drinks for all the guests at the reception. It was what they called the post-wedding rush, when all the bored guests filed out of the church and headed straight to the bar. Mark was on the inside, in the dining area and Will was stationed outside on the large deck that ran around the Inn overlooking the beach.

People were talking about what a handsome couple, the bride and groom were, when Will overheard someone say, that the newlyweds had the big old inn all to themselves this evening. His ears perked up at that, and the first chance he got he ran inside to tell Mark. Mark had heard the news already, and said "That's perfect, we'll sneak back after everyone;s gone and if we get caught, we'll just say we were picking up some of our things."

They were interrupted by someone announcing, "Ladies and gentleman, may I present Mr and Mrs Michael Winfeild Scott."

Michael entered the room looking all handsome and dapper in his black tuxedo, but all eyes were on Pamela as she entered behind him. She was absolutely stunning in her long white wedding gown. It hugged her lean figure perfectly and it had a plunging neckline that showed off a nice amount of cleavage. There was a spattering of applause and Mark felt his cock become fully erect at the sight of the blushing bride. He had always found white lace to be very sexy and he shifted the cock in his pants to get more comfortable.

There was another rush for drinks and Will returned outside to his bar. Mark and Will were busy serving drinks the rest of the reception and during the buffet dinner out on the deck. Mark tried to catch the brides eye all afternoon, but she wouldn't have anyhting to do with him. Her husband kept getting her drinks and they both appeard to be getting a little drunk.

"You want a refill Mrs. Scott," Michael asked his wife as she finished her wine. "Why Mr. Scott, are you trying to get me drunk?" she replied. "I think its a pretty safe bet that your going to get laid tonight." They laughed and kissed each other.

Actually, Michael was trying to get her drunk. He wanted her to loosen up so that tonight he could pretty much do as he pleased with her body. Michael felt a little light headed himself and figured he should slow down on the booze himself. Motioning for some friends to join him. He headed over to the big black guys bar.

"Well, well, Don't you look good all dressed up in those fancy duds, boy" Michael said.

"What'll it be Mr Scott," Mark replied, his patience was almost at the breaking point. The jerk had been making snide comments to him all afternoon and they had gotten worse the more he had drank. Mark noticed a couple of big guys standing behind the groom. The wimp actually brought some of his frat brothers to back him up, he thought.

"Just one glass of wine, I think I had enough this evening," he slurred, then turned to his buddies. "I don't want to miss out on anything tonight". His buddies grinned and clapped him on the back.

Shit, thought Mark, I missed my chance. He listened to the rich white boys banter back and forth. He swore he heard them say that the bride and groom hadn't had sex yet. He looked over at the bride getting her picture taken with the guests. How can anyone be around that sexy bitch and not fuck her? He had already picked up on the fact that they had started dating over a year ago. Mark grinned, she must be ready to explode in frustration without having sex for over a year. He handed over the glass of wine.

"You boys, just be sure not to steal anything you hear," warned Michael.

"We're not going to steal nothing, suh" replied Mark demurely. Nothing but your wife that is.

Mark watched the groom take the wine over to his wife. He was thinking they might have to drug her after all, when Will came in from outside. Mark informed him that the plan was in jeopardy because the groom wasn't drinking anymore, he also filled his buddy in on the conversations he had overheard.

"We got one more chance," Will reminded him.


"May I have your attention everyone," said the DJ. "Please gather around for the champagne toast."

Michael looked around for a drink and saw the large black bartender standing before him holding two glasses of champagne. The bartender was showing them the proper respect as he handed a glass to his wife with a little bow, and then one to him with a grin on his black face.

Michael was staring into his beautiful wifes eyes, imagining all the things he was going to teach this inexperienced young woman tonight and over the rest of their lives. He had wasted a years worth of sex waiting for this day, and she was going to pay for every minute of it. He missed most of his brother's speech as he fantsized about tonight. He caught the usual B.S. found true love, happines, eternity,blah, blah, blah. The large wedding party, cheered for the couple as they downed their champagne.

Michael frowned a little, at the taste of his. His father- in -law must of skimped on the good stuff, he thought.


Michael pecked at some of the left over food as Pamela hugged her parents goodbye. The caterers were returning in the morning to clean up everything so that the couple might get something to eat if they got hungry later on. Michael was a lot drunker then he had planned on and he stifled a yawn. This past week had really worn him out.

Pamela waved to her parents and shut the door with a sigh. "Finally we're alone" she said as she walked into her husbands arms. She felt his penis harden in his pants and playfully gave it a little squeeze. Michael bent over and lifted her into his arms and with a groan he struggled to carry her up the stairs. He entered the honeymoon room and dropped her on the bed, breathing heavily. He began to undress as she watched.

"Wait, honey," she said in excitement. "I have a surprise for you." Pamela lifted up her long gown and ran out to the room she had spent her last night as a single woman in. She stood before the mirror and unzipped the back of her dress. She struggled out of the dress and looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a small lacy white bra that pushed her large breasts up and revealed the tops of her half dollar sized nipples. Just under her navel she wore a white garter belt that supported her white nylons. Her panties were see through and revealed her well trimmed bush. She ran a hand down her belly and into her panties, she was already wet with anticipation. Then clad only in her lingerie and heels, she walked back to her and Michaels room.

Mark and Will were hiding behind the outdoor hot tub, just off the beach. They had left the inn, parked their van around the next block and had hurried back down the beach. The ony light on in the old inn was upstairs in the bride and grooms room. They snuck up onto the deck and entered through the large sliding glass door, which Will had made sure was unlocked ealier. Mark had brought a flashlght and he shined it before them as they crept throught the dining area towards the steps.

Pamela walked down the dark hall to their room, She opened the door and stood before her husband. "See anything you like," she purred. He didn't respond. Michael had stripped to his boxers and was lying on the bed fast asleep. That insensitive bastard, she thought. What kind of a man passes out on his wedding night?

She climbed up on bed and throwing one nylon clad leg over his body, she straddled her husband. Pamela began rubbing her crotch against his moaning. "Please honey, wake up, I need it so bad," she sighed as she tried to shake him awake to no avail. Angrily she dismounted and stormed out of the room.

Mark and Will we're about to climb the stairs when the hallway light on the second floor came on. They scrambled for cover, and hid under one of the dining room tables. They heard the click, click of high heels coming down the stairs and peeked out.

Mark couldn't beleve his eyes at the vision that presented itself before him. He looked up the stairs at her white high heel then he let his eyes travel up her fit lean legs to her panties and garters. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his 12" cock and began stroking it as his gaze traveled up her flat stomach to the breasts that were way to large for someone so thin. He hadn't gotten the leopard bikini out of his mind for two days and, the slut-bride look was about to put him over the edge. Her blonde hair was still done up so that she looked every bit the conservative, elegant woman from the neck up, but from the neck down she had a body built for big cock.

Will looked down at his buddies foot-long monster, "Watch where you point that thing," he whispered. When they had first met, Will had been a little intimidated by the size of his friends cock, he had always been proud of his own 9" rod and he wasn't used to being outdone in the cock department. The feeling of intimidation had turned to sympathy when he realized that none of the women they had fucked had been able to take all twelve inches. Most found his own monster a little uncomfortable at first. They always came back for more though.

They watched the sexy bride, walk around picking at leftovers. She was sobbing a little in frustration when she fixed herself a drink. They heard her mutter to herself, "I can't believe how horny I am. That bastard," They grinned at each other as she walked past their hiding spot and into the living room. Pamela sat down on the couch and turned the tv on. Her state of arousal overwhelmed the horny woman and she found herself rubbing her clit as she sat there.

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