tagErotic CouplingsThe Bride and the Camcorder

The Bride and the Camcorder


For many years I had worked as a travel writer, selling articles to magazines and newspapers. But when I realized there was more money to be made in travel pieces for TV, I studied video techniques and switched to that. I had filmed travel pieces in many countries around the world and this time was just finishing up on one to be called "Hiking the Grand Canyon." But it had been a tough and grueling job, and I was glad to see it come to end.

When I got ready to leave the Canyon area, more than anything else, I wanted to stay in a luxury hotel with a lot of hot shower water, a good restaurant, a good lounge, and I didn't want to have to drive very far to do it. The nearest town to the Grand Canyon of any size was Flagstaff, Arizona, about 75 miles away, so I drove there. I would start heading back to New York the next day. I had a phobia about planes, so I never flew, only drove.

I picked out the most luxurious-looking hotel in Flagstaff and checked in. The room was quite nice, and yes, it provided a lot of hot water. I took a long shower, put some clean clothes on and prepared to go down to the lounge for a nice cold and wet beer. I decided to take the video camera with me in case I wanted to get any shots of "the nearest luxury accommodation," other than the lodge actually in the park of course. That was often booked up.

The lounge also was large and luxurious-looking. I ordered a draft beer but was only there for about fifteen minutes when a young couple came in. It was pretty easy to tell what they had been up to. He was dressed in one of those silly-looking pearl-gray tuxedos, and she was dressed in a white satin bridal gown.

But what a looker she was! About five-foot-eight, I guessed, with long and curly blonde hair and a face more beautiful than I had ever seen in Playboy.

They sat down at the table next to mine. When the waitress came over, he ordered a double Jack Daniels on the rocks, and she ordered a white wine.

"Don't you think you've had enough for one day?" she whispered to him after the waitress left. "You had a lot to drink at the reception."

"Ish my wedding day," he said, slurring his words and winking over at me.

I tried to ignore them, but I could not help overhearing some of the subsequent conversation.

He was talking to her in a whisper, but she leaned back and said: "No way!"

"It would be a keepshake, a memento," he said.

"I'm not going to do that in front of a complete stranger."

"Please? Pretty please with sugar on it," he whined. "Just for me?"

"He wouldn't do it anyway."

"Let me ask him."

"You can ask him, but I'm not saying I'll do it."

"Okay!" He got up, crossed over and sat down at the chair next to mine. "Can I ask you something?" he said.


"We jus got married."

"No kidding."

"My wife's shister took a lot of video of the wedding, but the video I would really like to have would be of the wedding night. You know what I mean?" He winked again.

"I think I know what you mean."

"Are you staying here at the hotel?"

"Yes, for the night. Then I'm heading east."

"We're staying here too. We have the bridal suite."

"Good for you."

"Are you a pretty good photographer?"

"I'm very good. I do it as a profession."

"Fantashtick! Would you be willing to take pictures of our wedding night if I paid you for your time?"

I looked over his shoulder at the bride. She just lifted her hands in the air to indicate a "whatever." But that was not a "No way." And I must admit the idea intrigued—and aroused—me. As I said: She was a real looker.

"Well, I'll tell you what," I said, "I'm not doing anything tonight, and I'm sure whatever's on TV would be boring. So why don't I do what you ask—and give it to the two of you as a wedding present?" I looked over at her and spoke loud enough for her to hear. "And as a professional, I can promise you that it will be beautiful and not obscene." Actually, I did not give a rat's ass what it was; I just wanted to see her naked and watch her get fucked. And I wanted to figure out a way to get the tape back to my room and make a quick copy of it before turning it over to them.

"Great!" he said. "Just a minute."

He went back to his own table and talked to her in whispers. To my delight, I could see that it was not taking much persuasion to get her to agree. Perhaps she was a bit of an exhibitionist. Most pretty girls are. Then he came back.

"Okay, we're not gonna have any dinner cause we had enough to eat at the reception. So how would seven o'clock be?"

"Works for me. Where are you?"

"What room are we?" he asked her.

"Two forty six."

"Two forty six," her repeated.

"I'll be there." I tried to give his bride what I thought was a reassuring smile. She still looked a little uneasy about the idea.


Carrying my trusty camcorder and gear bag, I knocked on their door at seven. The groom, who was still dressed in his pearl-gray tux minus the jacket, answered it. Behind him was his bride, still in her white satin gown.

"I guess we should know each other's names," I said, offering my hand. "My name's Donald Baker, travel photographer."

"Well, my name's Chuck, and this here is Christine," he said.

I nodded to her, but I could tell from his breath that he had not sobered up a lot. I wondered if he actually would be able to perform. I hoped so.

"We kept our stuff on so we could start just like we came in," he said. "So if you just tell us what to do to make a good video, we'll do it."

"Sounds fine to me." I put the gear bag down. "This is going to be all handheld," I said, "I'll have more mobility that way and get you a better tape." With the kind of camera I had, no additional lighting was needed. The camera adjusted the lighting itself.

"Well, I think the first thing we would want would be for your beautiful bride to slowly get undressed—with you watching," I suggested.


"Do you want to close the blinds first?" I asked.

"Hell no! Anybody wants to watch our wedding night, they're welcome to it."

Apparently both of them were exhibitionists.

"I hope you realize that I've never done anything like this before," Christine said to me.

"I realize that. I'll make sure you like the tape. It will be beautiful."

"You have to unzip me," she said to her husband.

"All right!" He went behind her as I started shooting, took the zipper at the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down to the top of her hips. She was easily able to shuck out of the dress and laid it on the bench at the end of the bed. Now she was clad in obviously new white lace panties, a white lace bra, a white garter belt, white stockings, and white satin shoes. She pushed off the shoes. Now I guessed her actual height was more like five-seven.

"Ain't she the most beautiful thing you ever saw?" Chuck asked.

"She sure is." I continued shooting as she put one foot up on the bench, unfastened a stocking and peeled it down. Then, she did the same with the other one. Then, with a sigh, she turned to us, reached her hands behind her back, unfastened the hook, and dropped her bra on top of the dress. God, what a beautiful pair of breasts she had! Not huge, but perfectly formed, with little maroon nipples.

Finally, with a bigger sigh, she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and slowly pushed them down. What a sight! She had the most beautiful little spun-gold muff I had ever seen, and she had apparently trimmed it to one inch and perhaps even dyed it more blonde for the occasion. She also had trimmed the bottom close so it looked like a fuzz-covered peach. Shyly, she crossed her hands in front of her.

"No, don't do that!" Chuck cried, "Show us what you got."

Looking up in exasperation, she put her hands to her sides.

Wow, I thought.

"Isn't that the prettiest pussy you ever saw?" Chuck asked.

"It sure is."

"So what's next?" he asked.

"Well, I think this is the point where she would perform oral sex. Give you a blowjob."

"All right!"

"Shouldn't he get undressed first?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I guess that's right. Chuck, you should get undressed first."

"Okay!" He turned, quickly sat down on the bed and started to pull his shoes off. Then he stopped.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

He looked up at her. His face was nearly white. "I don't feel well," he muttered. Then he jumped up, ran for the bathroom, and closed the door.

"You---," she began to say to him. But he was gone. She looked at me. "He's been drinking all day. I should have known this would happen."

I shut the camera off. "I'm really sorry about that," I said. "What do you want to do?"

She sat on the bench. "See if he comes out."

I put the camera down.

"There's still some champagne on that table over there," she said. "Would you like one?"


"Bring me one too."

I carried it over to her, and she stood. "You really are quite beautiful," I said.

"Thank you."

I toasted her, and we clinked glasses. "It's a shame that your beauty might be going to waste tonight."

"Yes, standing here stark naked and drinking champagne with a total stranger is not what I had in mind for my wedding night."

I laughed. "Let me go check on him."

It was worse than I thought. The toilet was full of vomit, and Chuck was stretched out beside it, passed out. I flushed the toilet and returned. "I guess that's the end of the picture-taking," I said. "He's passed out."

"He'll be out the rest of the night then. I know him." She sighed and sat down on the bench again. "I knew this would happen." She looked up. "What do we owe you?"

"Nothing. I told him that this would be my wedding present to you. I'm just sorry we can't complete it."

She thought about it for awhile. "We should give you something for your trouble," she said. "....Is there anything from me you would like?"

"She said as she sat there naked. Like what?"

"That thing you just mentioned."

"A blow job?"

"Yes, a blow job."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not kidding. I would like to pay him back for ruining my wedding night."

That's not something you should do, I thought. But that was not what I said. "I would love a blow job from you," I said.

"Then drop your pants."

"Can I tape it?" I asked.

"Of course."

I propped the camera up on the dresser and turned it on. Then I unfastened my belt and pushed my pants and shorts down to my ankles. She dropped to her knees from the bench and crawled over. She took my cock in both hands, looked at it, then covered it with her mouth and started swirling her tongue around. For the next ten minutes she gave me the most delicious slurping blowjob I had ever had in my life, murmuring "mmmmmm" all the time. I was hoping now that someone was watching us.

Finally, she took it out. "Do you want to come in my mouth or would you rather fuck me?" she asked, and I could tell from the sound of her voice that she had consumed more than a few glasses of the champagne.

"I don't think I could resist an offer like that," I said. "I definitely would rather fuck you. Let me reposition the camera." I didn't even ask her permission to tape it this time. I repositioned the camera so it was trained on the bed. Then I picked her up in my arms—it seemed the right thing to do—and carried her to the bed. I laid her down, and she spread her thighs. I definitely wanted to fuck her, but I also could not resist that delicious-looking fuzzy peach.

"Is it okay if I go down on you?" I asked.

"Oh God, would you? Chuck won't do it because he says it's unmanly—but it's okay for me to do it to him."

"He doesn't know what he's missing." I took off the rest of my clothes and laid down between her thighs. Then I spent at least the next fifteen minutes eating the most delicious peach I had ever tasted, while she moaned so loud, I thought it would wake the groom.

Finally, neither one of us could resist it any longer. I kneeled between her thighs, lifted up her hips and plunged my cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, but both of us were so excited that we came quickly—and at the same time.

"AGGGGHH!" she cried.

I thought that was going to be it for the night, but after assuring me that Chuck would not wake up until morning, she used that magic tongue of hers to bring me up again, and we fucked more slowly and tenderly this time. And this time, I flipped her over so that she was on the top and facing the camera instead of me. She seemed to enjoy the idea of performing for the camera.

Neither one of us got any sleep. I wanted to leave early in the morning—especially before Chuck woke up—so I fucked her one more time around four a.m.

"I've got to leave," I said, getting out of the bed. "I want to get an early start." Actually, I just wanted to get away before Chuck woke up.

"Okay." When I was all dressed, she said "Wait." She climbed out of the bed, crossed to me, stood on her tiptoes and naked as a jaybird gave me a deep kiss with a lot of tongue. "Thank you so much for my wedding night," she said.

"I'm the one who should thank you. You're the greatest little fuck I've ever had."

"That's the nicest thing that's ever been said to me," she said with a laugh. "I'll remember you."

"What are you going to tell Chuck?"

"That I had to watch TV all night—and that he owes me."

"Good for you." I kissed her once again, then picked up my gear and left. I went back to my room, packed up, and checked out. Chuck was after all quite a bit bigger than me, and some guys don't take too kindly to your fucking their bride on their wedding night.

But I had something to look forward to when I got home. I understand they have some good shows on video.

The End

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