The Bridesmaids Ch. 01


He looked down at Marietta's gorgeous, pink lips.

"Probably not!" he confessed. "But I'm willing to try!"

Kelly snarled gleefully at his answer and nibbled on his neck. Any reservations she had about where things were going were long lost. She tilted his throbbing tool back towards Marietta's lips but halted as she parted them.

"Lick it," Kelly said with devilish grin.

Marietta did, flicking the tip of her tongue around his head. Everyone, most of all Kevin, was getting a thrill from the way Kelly was bridling her friend's good nature for his pleasure.

"You want to suck it, don't you?" Kelly teased.

She could see the answer in her friend's eyes.

"How did I find so many naughty friends?" she gibed. "I guess Kevin's lucky he's marrying a such generous girl..."

"Lucky is an understatement..." Kevin began, but his offer of gratitude was cut short when Kelly pulled Marietta's mouth around his shaft.

With Kelly's fingers holding back her hair and guiding the action, Marietta sucked deliciously, just on the tip at first. Unlike the tight seal of Lily's lips, Marietta's mouth was plush, slippery and free. As she let loose on him, her saliva dripped sensuously down his hardness. Kelly reveled in the sight and gently pushed her friend's mouth deeper. Marietta welcomed the offer. With his hard flesh pressing toward her throat, she took it in and let her tongue drench it.

Watching everything so intently, Claribel and Kristen were now practically leaning over Kevin to absorb the view. He was more than a little aware of their breasts nuzzling against his ears. Although they knew that it would hardly be enough to distract him from a fantastic blow job, they started to tickle his neck and took turns unfastening the buttons of his shirt. Once they had pulled open his shirt and began to stroke the muscles of his chest and abs, Kevin could feel the sensations from Marietta's gift radiating throughout his body.

"You girls give beautiful head," Kelly swooned, still guiding the action with her hand.

Marietta's eyes gleamed as she paused to lick up her saliva and then went back to sucking. It made her curiously horny to see how enamored Kelly was with her, just as it had made Rachel and Lily.

"I could watch you do this all day..." Kelly had begun to say, but she was startled by a sudden knock at the door.

Everyone froze.

"I'll get it," then said Claribel sprightly, trotting to the door in her sheer negligee.

"Are you crazy?!" Kelly shrieked.

Claribel peered through the peephole. She took on a quirky smile.

"I think it will be okay..."

To Kelly and Kevin's horror, she threw the door wide open.

There, in the hallway, were all of their groomsmen.

~~ [ 8 ] ~~

At first the guys could not see past Claribel, nor did they want to.

"Whoa, you weren't kidding about the lingerie!" exclaimed Peter with an excited chuckle. The other groomsmen, too, were gawking somewhat shamelessly at Claribel's sexy getup.

"We weren't kidding about any of it," she replied coyly, waving them into the apartment.

It took the guys a moment to absorb the scene. There were so many scantily clad bodies to distract them that they hardly noticed Kevin sitting in the midst of it all.

"What are you guys doing here??" Kevin demanded in a panic. Marietta had climbed up onto his lap so that he was at least partially hidden, but he was still left feeling quite vulnerable in front of his friends.

"They were invited," Claribel chimed in, answering for them.

"Invited??" Kelly balked. She hadn't been in on this part of the surprise.

"Let's just say that the bachelor party was... rescheduled," Claribel explained. "We called the guys after we got home last night and told them that we were planning a surprise for Kevin that was wilder than any bachelor party they were allowed to throw. It seemed only fair to invite them to join us."

Kelly and Kevin were floored. Today's surprises had been far more premeditated than the girls had let on!

"There was only one condition," Peter added.

"Yeah?" Kevin prodded, though a little wary of what the answer would be.

Peter was a little nervous to say it, but he did.

"We were told we would have to help with the entertainment."

The guys had been given only a few juicy clues about what kind of "entertainment" the girls had in mind. After hearing that it involved the bridesmaids in lingerie, they all eagerly agreed without further explanation. But none of them, save for Charlie, had realized quite how juicy things around this apartment could get.

"What fun is a party for the bachelors unless there's something in it for the bachelorettes? Am I right, Kel?," ribbed Kristen sizzlingly.

Kelly turned bright red. The five men standing in front of her could not yet imagine what Kristen was suggesting.

"So," said Jake, another of the groomsmen, with a long awkward pause. "Just what kind of entertainment have you been starting without us?"

Past the couch it was difficult for them to see how much Kevin had been undressed. None of the groomsmen had quite realized what they had interrupted.

Marietta answered flatly.

"Oh, we've just been playing a little game called how hard can it get?"

The groomsmen chuckled, imagining that she was just being a tease. But Marietta moved aside, leaving Kevin with nothing in his lap but his huge erection.

"How did we do?" she asked, as if to sling the question across the room.

They all gasped. Some of them had taken it for granted that Kelly would have allowed nothing more than for her friends to tease Kevin with a glimpse at their lingerie. Others had held out hope for something a little more racy. But none of them had imagined that things would have gone so far in this direction—and before they had even arrived!

"Yeah... it's a fun game," said Kevin mirthfully. Joking was all he could do to keep control of his nerves now that he was woefully exposed.

Kelly glanced around at her friends. She was still astonished that they had turned the surprise around on her, yet she was starting to feel fiendishly glad that the guys had been invited. Her skin tingled with the possibilities.

"It looks like some of you are already starting to play along with our game," jibed Kelly, eying the pressure in some of the groomsmen's pants. Each of them shifted apprehensively. "Well, aren't you going to show them how the game works?" she needled in the direction of her friends, turning the hot lights back onto them instead.

The girls were getting used to the spotlight by now. The new audience added to the excitement.

"I believe it's my turn," came an eager voice.

Kristen stepped forward.

~~ [ 9 ] ~~

The room was on pins and needles as Kristen strutted to the center. She squared off knee to knee with Kevin, flaunting her tight figure in front of his approving salute. She had never done anything like this before, not with more than a single pair of eyes on her. But after watching the other girls, she was convinced that it was a rush she had to feel for herself. Her trepidation was well hidden.

"That's a whole lot for one girl to handle," she mused. The words tickled everyone in the room. Sensing that her sarcasm had cut some of the tension, she made an impulsive move. "Maybe I could use a little help... Claribel?"

Both Kevin and Kelly lit up at the suggestion. The new guys in the room were just getting their first glimpse at how completely Kelly had embraced this game, but their own approval was instantaneous as they saw Claribel come forward to kneel with Kristen at Kevin's feet.

Kristen took a long, bracing breath. She had butterflies with everyone watching, but it helped to have Claribel's calming confidence by her side. She managed an anxious smile and bravely slipped her fingers around Kevin's awaiting member. She pulled it between their faces, and together the two of them began to lick.

"Oh wow," huffed Charlie, the best man.

"Jealous?" Kelly asked.

Charlie smiled warmly at her. It was not the first time he had been jealous of Kevin.

"Totally," was his infatuated response.

The answer made Kristen and Claribel smile while they continued to tickle with their tongues. They were both so pretty, and their slippery licks were like the brushing of light, pink feathers. Like everyone else, Kevin could not tear his eyes away from the sight, as self-conscious as he was. It was unsettling to feel so vulnerable in front of his friends, but their envy bolstered him.

Kristen tucked back her soft, blonde hair and started to give him heavier licks. After several, she paused and glanced around.

"Was somebody wearing lip gloss? Strawberry?"

Marietta blushed and nodded, causing everyone to laugh. The guys looked achingly at her lips, wishing they had arrived earlier!

"Nice flavor," winked Kristen, and she went back for another taste.

She and Claribel giggled at the discovery and treated Kevin like a jumbo candy cane. He groaned, watching their lips begin to suck at the sides of his shaft. It only took a few moments of this before Kristen got carried away and pulled the top of his cock into her mouth. Claribel let her partner go for it while she softly massaged his balls. It made Kevin's head fall back in utter ecstasy to know that every single one of his friends would willingly give a limb to be in his place.

The groomsmen couldn't even remember their original plans for the night. This was a bachelor party beyond their dreams. Judging by Kelly's zealous participation, their friend's marriage was shaping up to be wilder than his bachelor days! Rachel had noticed the groomsmen's glee. Curious to see where things would go, she went over to Kevin's ear and whispered loud enough for everyone to hear.

"How do you like your bridesmaids fantasy?" she chirped.

Kevin didn't have to answer but only groaned at the soothing clutches of Kristen's mouth. But Rachel's real question was the follow-up.

"Do you think Kelly has a groomsmen fantasy?"

~~ [ 10 ] ~~

The question had already been on his mind since his friends had walked through the door. It had been on Kelly's, too. The two of them exchanged a long look, trying to read each other's thoughts. Kevin realized that he was hardly in a position to hesitate, as he was still getting head from two of the bridesmaids.

"If they can make Kelly feel anywhere close to the way I feel now, I would love to see her live out any fantasy she likes!" he answered, his eyes steadily on his fiancée.

His voice faltered as he said it, not from doubt, but because the thought was such a turn-on that he was close to cracking. Kristen realized it and gently pulled her lips away. She put her hand tightly around his base to squeeze off the pangs of pleasure. Once he had relaxed, she cast him and Kelly a supportive smile and offered his cock to Claribel.

Kelly watched Claribel practically flirt with her as she put her lips around it. She could tell how badly her friends wanted her embrace the offer. At the same time, she had become so unbelievably turned on after watching what they had done with Kevin that she was more than willing to see what happened if she said yes.

"What do you say, Kel?" Rachel coaxed.

"I say... if the groomsmen are as horny as I am, I'm in big trouble!"

Rachel grinned. So did Kevin. And so did his friends.

"They look pretty horny to me," said Kevin.

Upon hearing this nudge of encouragement from the groom, Jack turned out to be the bravest—or least the least scrupulous—about coming on to his friend's fiancée. He stepped into the fray, approaching Kelly and sitting next to her on the couch. It did not escape notice that there was clear erection in his pants.

"Oh, you're definitely in trouble," he said to her, with a roguish look, "if Kevin really wants to set me loose on you."

Kelly's body flashed with heat. Jack had a soccer player's physique and, as she was noticing for the first time, deeply piercing eyes. She could practically feel what he had a mind to do to her in his gaze. One last glimpse at what her two bridesmaids were doing to Kevin was enough to persuade her that it was her turn to have some fun.

"I'll take some of that trouble!" she replied, springing up onto her heels. In a flash, she had straddled Jack, and she could feel his hard-on pressing against the crotch of her shorts.

The hairs on the back of Jack's neck stood on end. Instinct lead his hands to her hips, and Kelly grinned, starting to grind into his lap. Jack's immediate pleasure was tinged with guilt. He checked for Kevin's reaction. The sight of his fiancée teasing Jack with the hint of a dry fuck actually amused Kevin, and if there was a smidge of envy, Claribel's blow job was soothing away all the pain.

Jack was emboldened, and he moved his hands down to Kelly's ass, squeezing it and pulling her tightly against his swollen prick. A spike a pleasure shot through Kelly's core as his hardness found her clit. Closing her eyes and letting him rub into her, she soon became aware of another pair of hands resting on her shoulders. Glancing back, she saw Lily.

"Don't mind me," Lily smirked, smoothing her hands over Kelly's arms.

The sight clearly turned Jack on, so Kelly continued to work her hips. Lily was toying with them both. She ran her fingertips along her friend's skin and hooked a finger beneath the bottom of the tightly shrunken tee she was wearing. Jack practically drooled as he watched the shirt lift, revealing Kelly's smooth, flat belly. Kelly tingled, knowing that her friend had pulled the shirt just shy of her chest only to get Jack to crave what was next, and surely enough, when the tease was ripe, Lily peeled up the shirt to expose Kelly's sexy bra.

Kelly had worn an especially naughty bit of lingerie, having expected Kevin to be the only guy there. It was a sheer blue 'peek-a-boo' bra with slits through each cup that were held closed only by a tiny bow knot. Kelly blushed as Lily pulled off the shirt completely.

"Wow," said Kevin, who had been watching intently and had realized that the sexy number had been meant for his eyes. He was gawking at his girlfriend with the same lewdness as his friends.

"You like it?" Kelly smirked.

Kevin nodded vigorously.

With so many eyes on her body, Kelly was beginning to understand the titillation her bridesmaids had been feeling. As she soaked it up, she felt something else. Lily's fingertips had returned, now tracing the details of her bra! It was a strange to be touched this way by another woman, and even stranger to be enjoying it. Lily's light strokes were so sensual that Kelly simply closed her eyes and surrendered, knowing full well that Kevin and his friends were reeling at the sight.

Jack especially enjoyed his privileged view. The shadows of Kelly's nipples were already visible through the sheer material, and he swore he could even see them stiffen as Lily's fingers danced along the borders. Lily noted his reactions and became even more adventurous, slowly encroaching onto the cups. She smiled at Jack and watched him closely as she pinched the ribbons and pulled the knots undone.

"Ah," Kelly gasped, feeling the cool air twist around her nipples as her coverage dropped away.

She opened her eyes, not willing to miss Jack's reaction for anything. He was, of course, agog. She had gorgeous tits, full and perky, in beautiful proportion to her frame. As if to show them off more suitably, Lily took another bold step and cupped her hands beneath them!

Jack was speechless, but the cheers of the other groomsmen summed up his response. He watched Kelly swoon before his eyes, irrepressibly aroused. When Lily began to tease her nipples, she looked practically ready to faint, so convincingly in fact that Jack even flinched to catch her. But rather than collapse, Kelly collected herself and pressed her hips lustfully into his lap. Jack indulged her craving with more of his dry thrusts.

Lily had been fantasizing about a moment like this since Kelly first confessed to having flirted with the idea of bringing in another woman. Lily knew the thrills of being "the other woman." There was something intoxicating for her about the euphoria that men felt upon seeing two women together. It wasn't so much that she desired her friend sexually (as supple as Kelly's body was to touch) but rather the rush of being the first to tug at Kevin's secret desire to see his own girlfriend aroused by another woman.

Kelly's soft moans were getting everyone really hot. Lily was especially tingly, and when she felt a pair of hands settle on her hips from behind, she instinctively rubbed up against her suitor. The hard-on she felt against her ass was Tom's. She badly wanted to give herself over to his chiseled good looks and heated advances, but it was not her turn. With a flirtatious pout, Lily moved aside and placed Tom's hands instead on Kelly's hips.

"Can you handle two of us?" Tom asked in a low, seductive voice.

Kelly didn't answer, looking instead at her fiancé with a smirk. They both knew that she was more than capable of handling two men -- except this time, he wasn't one of them. Rubbing it in, just to tease her fiancé, she took Tom's hands and pressed them around her breasts.

Tom was woozy. After all the years he had known Kelly as Kevin's girlfriend, it was a hell of thing to be squeezing her tits. Yet Kevin's grin showed no illusions about how much Tom was loving the chance!

Kelly knew it, too, from what was pressing into the small of her back. Her body undulated up against both men as she dry fucked Jack and let Tom feel her up. Her skin was slippery with a thin layer of perspiration, which was being massaged over her breasts and soon onto her shoulders and back. The clasp on her bra was a cinch, and Tom eagerly stripped the lingerie away.

When Tom seized her bare chest with new fervor, Kelly began to notice a little envy developing between him and Jack. She decided to play it up, leaning forward so that her chest was where Jack wanted it -- right in his face. Tom was forced to let go, and Jack went for the bait, gently flicking his tongue again Kelly's nipples.

"Eee!" Kelly giggled, enjoying the tease more than she had expected.

Jack was indulgent, devouring her chest like a feast. Her ploy had worked. Tom was reeling with envy. Seeing that she had bent forward, he stepped up and pressed the front of his pants to her rear.

She glanced back mischievously. Tom gave it to her, holding her hips and forcefully grinding his hard bulge against her sweet spot. Kelly moaned, yet the more she responded to Tom, the more earnestly Jack sucked on her tits. She was getting all that she had bargained for and more. The contest finally became so heated that she had to pull away for a reprieve.

"Damn," said Kelly breathlessly, now sitting up straight. "Your friends are definitely as horny as mine!"

Kevin grinned.

~~ [ 11 ] ~~

Kelly's topless body glistened with sweat and saliva as the guys tried to cool her down. Tom's fingers gently stroked her back and shoulders while Jack's smoothed out the bare skin of her thighs.

"You didn't think we'd let Kevin have all the fun, did you?" Jack chided.

Kelly gave an exasperated smile, and all three of them took a long glance at the fun Kevin's dick was having. Claribel and Kristen were now taking turns sucking on the head.

"Still," Kelly gnawed back, "you boys need to take a lesson from my girls and learn how to share nicely."

"Is this nice?" asked Tom, provocatively, moving his hands gently over her breasts and down her smooth belly.

His fingers knew just what they wanted, and they wasted no time unfastening her shorts. Kelly bracingly closed her eyes and leaned back against Tom as his fingers slipped like butter into the front of her panties. She was already gloriously wet.

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