tagGroup SexThe Bridesmaids Ch. 02

The Bridesmaids Ch. 02


Kevin's fiancée, Kelly, had just given him the bachelor party of his dreams. Her bridesmaids, all in lingerie, were happy to help with the entertainment -- as long as the groomsmen were up for showing the bride a good time...

~~ [ 15 ] ~~

It took a few minutes for each of the girls to make a trip down the hall to clean up from their little party game. Claribel joked in the bathroom that it had been like playing piñata: each of them just took turns swinging until it burst. They all laughed together and applauded just how well their scheming had turned out. A little soap and water took the candy off their chins, and they borrowed a toothbrush to freshen up.

Kelly was the last to come back from the bathroom, feeling fresher and only barely more demure with her lingerie restored. Her friends were exchanging names with the groomsmen, and Kelly remembered that most of them had never met! Since many of them had traveled in for the weekend, the plan had been to meet each other at lunch on Sunday. How much had changed in an afternoon!

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't introduce you!" Kelly intervened.

They laughed. Their first meeting had hardly been the time for niceties.

"Okay, that was a silly apology," Kelly chuckled. "But we should play a game or something--get everyone better acquainted."

It had been an earnest suggestion, but even Kelly became aware of its innuendos as she spoke it. All the women were still in their lingerie. Several of the guys had lost their shirts along the way. In the circumstances, they were all left feeling incredibly horny and "getting acquainted" was sounding like a fine suggestion.

Kelly grinned.

"I have an idea," she said.

Everyone was intrigued enough to peel their eyes away from of one another for a moment.

"We can play a name game," Kelly proposed. "You'll have to see how well you remember everyone's name. But the catch is: you have to guess who it is without using your eyes."

Instantly the idea got smiles.

"Brilliant idea," said Kevin, answering for everyone as he came in from the kitchen. It had taken him all the while to scrub himself clean at the kitchen sink. Feeling fresh, he had slipped back into his boxer shorts and brought out a twelve pack of beer from the fridge. He cracked each bottle and handed them around while Kelly dashed off to their bedroom to grab some things for the game.

In a minute, Kelly was back. She had pulled together a variety of scarves, bandanas, and neckties, which she passed around to everyone. In her other hand, she had a box of magic markers.

"What are those for?" Charlie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Kelly smiled.

"These are your blindfolds," she answered, "and the markers are for writing down your guesses."

"So we write the names...?" Rachel asked.

"Someplace where they'll wash off later," Kelly replied with a smirk.

Just about everyone got chills.

"Here--you each get a different color," Kelly continued, passing out the markers. "We'll count up the number of correct guesses in your color at the end of the game, and that person wins."

"What do we win?" Peter asked coyly.

"Something fun," Kelly teased back.

~~ [ 16 ] ~~

Peter wanted to give himself the best chances of winning, so he took off his shirt to make himself more difficult to distinguish from the other guys. The rest followed his lead, and the girls aimed to do the same. Lily peeled off her jeans to reveal some cute turquoise boyshorts that matched her bra. Kristen took off her stockings. Most of the girls, even including Rachel, were now simply in bras an panties. Only Marietta's bustier and Claribel's nightie would make them easier to identify, supposing the guys could remember their names.

"Are you and Kevin going to play?" Lily asked.

"I suppose it's not fair that we know everyone's names," Kelly replied.


"Yeah, it's your party!"

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were unanimous in their cheers.

"Of course, someone will have to keep us from tripping and bumping into things when we're blindfolded, though," Charlie added. "Let's say that you both play so that we can try to guess who you are, but you can keep an eye on us and make sure everyone's playing by the rules, too."

"Okay," Kevin smiled, with Kelly in agreement.

"You'll need a marker," Kelly said, handing Kevin a dark blue one. "We'll need to at least pretend to make guesses so we don't give ourselves away."

Kelly galloped in the kitchen and returned with an egg timer.

"Ok, so everyone put on your blindfolds. Kevin and I will pair you up and then start the timer. You'll get five minutes to guess each person!"

Everyone tied on their scarves or neckties while Kevin and Kelly cleared some of the furniture to the sides of the room. Kevin turned up the music.

"Aw, I kinda liked being able to see everyone," Alex joked regretfully as he pulled the necktie tightly over his eyes.

"You can peek," Kelly responded, "but only after you've made your guess."


"Everybody ready?" Kevin asked. "Here we go!"

Kelly clicked on the timer. Then she and Kevin led their friends around, partnering them by putting one's hand in the other's. After pairing Kelly with Jack, it took a little deception for Kevin to pair the last girl with himself without her getting wise, but Claribel seemed not to catch onto him right away.

It was somewhat comical to see his friends fumbling for clues, he thought, as he looked around the room. Like most people, Claribel's first moves were tenderfooted as she moved her hands up his arms. She squeezed his biceps with a giggle and moved on to his shoulders and chest.

Across the room, Alex was already breaking out his marker. He was on the short side compared to the other guys and had quickly realized that his partner was the only girl who was taller than he was. Starting at her shoulder, he formed the letters down the side of her arm: R-A-C-H-E-L. Wanting to see if he was right, he pulled up his blindfold to find the blonde beauty wearing a smile of conceit.

"Alright, ya got me," she admitted. "I'm gonna figure you out, too!"

She had a hunch who it was, but his name was escaping her. If she could get him talking, she figured his voice might ring a bell.

"Now tell me," she asked with her hands gently stroking his chest, "were you the first to go up to Kelly today?"

"Nope," he answered, giving little away. It was fun to have the chance, while Rachel couldn't see him, to steal a look at her up close. Rachel just smiled at kept at him with questions, hoping that a complement on his abs (which her hands were really enjoying) might help to keep him talking.

Meanwhile, Kristen had already scrawled Charlie's name correctly across his chest and was watching him with amusement as his hands searched her for clues. He had, politely enough, traced out the borders of her lingerie. Given her build and her outfit of a simple bra and panties, he was quite sure that she was one of two people.

"I think you're Kristen," he whispered into her ear. She smiled, trying not to give away any reactions. "But you might be Lily."

"How do you know?" she asked, keeping coy.

"Well, you're both about the same height, and you both have really great, hard bodies. And your outfits were both lacy, except..."

"Except?" She wondered if he was hesitating to mention that Lily was a good cup size bigger than she was. It made her squirm to think how inferior she would feel if he had to check!

"Well, except that Lily was wearing little shorts, and Kristen's were, er, skimpier..."

"Very observant!" she replied, relieved but blushing. Trying not to think about how closely the guys had been watching everything--everything--she had done earlier, she kept at him. "Guess there's only one way to check that, huh?"

Charlie's heart skipped a beat. Although he wasn't shy by nature, it was strange to be touching someone whose cues he couldn't read with his eyes. The coltish tone of her voice made him nearly certain that it was Kristen after all, but he was not about to turn down the invitation to confirm it.

A pleasant shudder ran through Kristen as Charlie's fingers slipped down her back and cupped beneath her rump. He felt enough cheek right away to know it was her, but he reasoned that it didn't hurt to be thorough. He could hear her hum with approval as his fingers snuck under the edges of her lace, sending shivers along her alabaster skin. There was well over a minute left, and they were both content to spend it letting his hands become better acquainted with the contours of her back side.

Next to them, Claribel was still unsure about who she was touching. Kevin had already guessed her, leading her to believe that it was the drape of her nightie that had given her away. A number of guys had the nice build she was feeling on his upper body, so she finally wandered lower to see if she would recognize the pants. All she found, of course, were a pair of boxers.

"Hey, now wait a sec," she said, getting wise. With a grin, she reached down further to touch his bare legs. "There's only one person this could be... unless someone is trying to trick me."

Kevin could only keep quiet and try not to give any more away. But Claribel was sure already, enough at least to feel confident checking one last thing. With a smug twist in her expression, she stretched out the band of his boxer shorts and grabbed inside!

"A ha!," she cheered. She pressed up against him and whispered into his ear. "Still a little too soon? Any of your friends would have had a boner by now."

He tried to stifle a laugh, but she had his number. Getting down on her knees, she quickly found a place inside his shorts to write her guess, drawing out a bright orange K-E-V-I-N on a part of his hip that was ticklishly close to his junk.

She finished just before the timer sounded.

* DING *

~~ [ 16 ] ~~

"Alright, time's up," Kelly announced, having just witnessed how freely her friend had crawled into her boyfriend's shorts.

The rest of the players pulled off their masks, most pleased but a few stymied by the result of their guesses. The names were mostly written on arms and shoulders, but a few locations were more daring. Rachel had finally written her guess down Alex's abs; he hardly minded that she had gotten it wrong with "Alan." Kristen's name, curiously, was tattooed in Charlie's black marker right across the bottom of her bum.

"Blindfolds back on, everyone," Kevin sounded, after congratulating Claribel on her clever sleuthing. "It's time for the next round."

He and Kelly reshuffled everyone. This time, Kelly wanted Kevin to herself for a while, so she paired herself to him in the end. They spent the whole time kissing and laughing together while they watched their friends explore.

Marietta had been paired with Jack, and she guessed him pretty quickly. Out of all the nice physiques on the groomsmen, his was made of the sheer muscle of a lifelong soccer player. She gave her hands a chance to savor his sculpted features before writing his name just above his hip. Pulling off her mask, she saw that she was right. Jack moved in to take his own turn guessing.

"Wait, don't touch me yet," she whispered, knowing that it would be a dead give away one he felt her silky bustier. "How about I give you a clue instead?"

Before Jack could agree, Marietta had pressed her lips against his. He was surprised but kissed her back quite steamily. Soon they were fully making out. Marietta dangled her arms around his neck and didn't object to his hands on her hips, but when he started to slide up her back she had to halt him.

"Don't worry," he smiled. "I have my guess already. Of course, you're the girl with the strawberry lips."

She was a little impressed and a little embarrassed that he had actually remembered. He pulled back her wavy, brunette locks and tantalizingly wrote her name down the side of her neck. She gave a delighted whimper and removed his blindfold for him.

"I can't let this thing keep giving me away!" she pouted, smoothing out the halter that wrapped her trim torso.

"You know, I can help with that if you'd like," Jack grinned. He slipped his hands around to the clasps on her back.

Marietta didn't reply. She simply began to kiss him again. So they kissed, and Jack loosened each clasp until the stretched silk went slack. Peeling it off, he felt her warm tits press against his chest! He didn't even have a chance to see for himself before a cheer came from across the room.

"Woo! Some of you are doing a much better job getting acquainted!"

It was Kelly. Marietta turned to her and blushed, recollecting that bride and groom could see everything. Kevin's eyes were wide, just asking to be taunted, so Marietta wagged her chest in his direction. Her breasts were modest but beautifully pert with pinchable raspberry nipples.

Jack's hands couldn't resist. Marietta giggled and warmed to his touch, knowing that it was taunting Kevin all the more.

The other pairs were quick to make their guesses so that they could finally peek. Marietta quickly had to get used to being the center of attention--and Jack to being envied!


The guys were disappointed to have to cover their eyes again as Kelly reset the timer. But at the same time, everyone was anxious to get with a new partner.

The first thing Kelly did was to take Marietta and pair her with Kevin. Her bareness would have been an unfair clue to anyone else, whereas to Kevin it would just be a treat.

Seeing Marietta topless had made everyone a little hornier. Tom's new partner pressed up against him right away. She was shorter, and he could feel her bosom squish against his ribs. Embracing one another, they explored with their hands, and Tom could tell that his partner was fond of groping. His own hands slipped down her back and found a firm, shapely tush to squeeze. By her underwear, Tom thought he had a good guess.

But he wasn't ready to write it just yet. His partner hummed a little each time he touched her, and it tempted him to be bolder. He brought his fingers slowly up her back, feeling her chest heave into him. With a gentle pull on the bands, her bra sprung open. Tom was happy with her reaction, as she purred like a kitten and nuzzled against his chest, and he felt her slip the bra off her shoulders and remove it completely.

Tom's passion took over, and he sunk to down to greet her soft, billowy breasts with his lips. She whimpered, holding his head to her bosom as he covered her with eager kisses. By now, Tom craved his sight, so he tickled his pen across her navel, pulled off his blindfold, and went right to sucking on her nipples.

He had been right all along: it was Lily.

Just next to them, Kelly was continuing to toy with Peter. He had been adventurous enough to feel her out a little bit, but hadn't found--as Kelly hoped he would--the decisive clue: the tiny bows on her peek-a-boo bra.

"I'll give you a hint," she offered. She wanted Peter to realize that they had already become well acquainted.

So, smiling to herself, Kelly reached down and touched the front of his pants! He inhaled sharply. She slowly rubbed the shape of his erection, not surprised that after having his hands on several different women, he was still as hard as she had left him.

"Any guesses?" she razzed.

"I think I'm getting a little warmer." Peter was smirking.

"Now you're playing!"

Of course, so was Kelly. Her retort was swift, and before Peter knew it, she had unfurled his belt, pants and fly!

"Any warmer?" she asked, with her hand now inside his pants, massaging his trunks.

Peter's throat was too clenched to speak. He could feel the warmth of her hand sweating through as she squeezed his swollen bulge.

"No guess yet?" she teased, knowing that his answer had been squelched. "If you insist..."

Kelly gave a smirk, knowing that her fiancé would be watching what she was about to do. Then she reached into Peter's shorts and tugged out his cock!

"Aghh," gasped Peter, sorely gratified to finally feel the nakedness of her hand. He knew already that it was Kelly and that, in all likelihood, it was in plain view of Kevin that she was so devilishly giving him a jerk. But it felt so amazing--and her earlier pawing had primed him so thoroughly--that he was well beyond those sort of hang ups by now.

~~ [ 17 ] ~~

So was Kevin.

Seeing her touch another man brought him pangs of jealousy, but with those also came the thrill. The jealousy was a reminder of their complicity in each other's pleasure. It was Kelly tugging on him, bringing him along in everything she was experiencing, refusing to stray. In a paradoxical way, it was an affirmation of fidelity.

Even as Kevin was going along with Kelly, he was bringing her along as well. His hands had already become fast friends with Marietta's tits, and by the time Kelly had started giving his friend a hand job, he was having a taste of her nipples. With his hands on her ass, Kevin continued to plant kisses down Marietta's belly.

"You know how to get a girl hot," she said, breathing heavily. She had already figured that it was Kevin, but had scarcely had an unflustered moment to write down his name.

"Can you really get much hotter?" he prodded back.

Kevin was on his knees now, and he tucked his fingers into the back of Marietta's briefs, pulling them down to bare her ass. She whimpered as he touched her. There was no thought in her mind of stopping him when he did the same to her front and finally stripped her last garment to the floor. This time Kevin knew that Kelly would be the one watching, and he tickled his tongue into her friend's tightly trimmed lawn.

Marietta went weak in the knees. She held onto Kevin's head, letting out moans that seemed to question how this man who belonged to her friend had managed to get her so horny. Kevin could feel her shapely buttocks clenching in his hands as he burrowed deeper, and when her legs began to tremble, he guided her to a seat on the couch.

"You're killing me," Marietta whimpered as she collapsed into the cushions. She took the brief chance to scribble Kevin's name across his shoulder and then tore the necktie away from her eyes.

Seeing that Kelly was watching her, she became conscious of how invitingly her legs were spread. She blushed, feeling impertinent and, at the same time, weird to know that her friend could see her glistening pink, and instinct told her to recoil. But Kevin's face was already in the way.

"Nnhh..." Marietta groaned, melting open again at the warmth of his tongue. She continued to fixate on Kelly, with a face that was now clearly troubled with pleasure. Kelly knew what she was feeling, and she simply smiled back with a quirky streak of pride in her fiancé.

Kelly was aware that there was scarcely a minute left, and in that minute things were just beginning to heat up. Marietta writhed on the couch, flirting with a climax if Kevin could just keep her a little longer. Tom and Lily were making out, and with his hand in the front of her lacy shorts, he was indulging her with a finger. Yet neither of them could long keep their eyes away from what Kelly's grip was doing to Peter. His erection was almost visibly throbbing. It pleaded with Kelly to lift its burden, a plea that Peter helped along by loosing the bows on her bra and sweatily rubbing her breasts. The tension was building with each tug of her hand. He just needed her to keep going.

* DING *

Peter wanted to smash the timer. Nearly everyone else, who had been watching ever since their blindfolds came off, could feel his frustration.

"Sorry, hon," Kelly said sadly, giving him a pat on the chest.

Any woman in the room would have taken him as her next partner just to give him relief. To see them all yearning for him wound Peter even tighter. Kelly hurried to begin the next round.

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