tagGroup SexThe Briefcase Ch. 06

The Briefcase Ch. 06


Jessica lifted her head from Eric's shoulder when they arrived at another closed door. She slid from his grasp, standing on her now-stable legs. He dropped the arm from around her lower back, fishing his fingers into the pocket of his open jacket, and from it, pulled a black, satin blindfold.

Jessica watched intently while Eric slid the shiny material through the tips of his fingers. His teasing smile curved at the corners of his mouth, gazing into her curious and wanting eyes. She was about to speak when Eric took the blindfold and tied it in a knot around the doorknob. It was a sign, just like the handcuffs, but a sign for whom?

A turn to the handle, he then pushed the door open, waiting for her to enter. You can't have me Eric... her own words echoing in her head as she looked at him with eyes of hesitation, I will not belong to you or anyone else... she remembered the words she spoke to him.

"All you have to do is say no," Eric told her; his hand framed her face, as his lips slanted seductively over hers. "Just say no, and it stops." he dropped his hand, as the other caressed the bareness of her lower back, nudging her toward the open door. Confidence and dominance glittered in his eyes, tightening his expression.

Jessica walked through the door and down a short hallway. This room smaller than the last and also empty. She stood near an L-shaped sofa and then sat down at the edge of the cushion, dropping her purse to the floor. A large, king-size bed, a few feet away, was lit up with bright, table-side lamps.

No masks, no couples, just Eric? I can't do this! She exhaled roughly and then came to her feet, quickly walking toward the door, ready to protest. Eric you're going to listen... she thought.

When she came into view of the door, Justin turned and flashed a charming smile, as he gave Eric a pat to the shoulder and then walked toward her. Every nerve in Jessica's body shot into over drive.

What are you doing here! How did you- she thought, stopped herself, feeling as though she'd swallowed her tongue until she finally took a breath, moving it forward to the edge of her lips.

"Should I go get some strawberries?" Justin teased, stopped within a few feet of her, as she heard the door to the room close behind him.

"You thought I needed a new challenge? You weren't enough?" She sarcastically shot a gaze at Eric, as he walked up, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Justin. She tried to swallow again, catching her breath at the strength of the desire she saw in his face.

"You've known it was there, just beneath the surface. You knew it when we first met and you've been putting the brakes on ever since." Eric's pointed statement struck home and then she felt her knees weaken, remembering the very first kiss he'd given her.

"You think that if you trick me with countless orgasms that I'll finally just cave in? Belong to you?" Jessica fought to stand her ground.

Unfortunately, she couldn't convince herself that she didn't want it. And her fantasies over the years assured her that she did want it. She wanted every sensual, forbidden promise that she'd seen in his eyes. She had known Eric long enough that he wouldn't force her. He would try to seduce her, but never hurt her. All those late nights gathering information and working on her case told her that with just an arm's length between them. She knew.

Her expression had Eric's balls drawing tight in his slacks. Her lashes didn't flutter, her eyes were blazing and her lips appeared fuller, flush and awake.

"I don't think so, Eric." She smiled with sweetened control, "I'm not going to play those games with you." She glanced at Justin, his thick and heavy brow curved up, arching with intensity, before she brought her gaze back to Eric.

"But, I want to play games, Jess." Eric informed her with dark amusement, chuckling with the hidden power that she'd only had a taste of.

"You can't always get what you want, Eric," she stated with mocking conviction, but could feel her breath growing. It was picking up with each passing second.

"I'm going to get exactly what I want, I see it right there in your eyes," he promised, moving too quickly for her as she started to head for the door.

Eric caught her wrists, drawing them behind her back as he jerked her against him. His steel-hard erection, dug into her stomach. Hot and hard, he pulled her wrist into the small of her back, arching her into his hold.

"Now what are you going to do?" Jessica challenged him, struggling against him, feeling her pulse racing, knowing now that he wasn't going to let her go.

Jessica loved it. It sent a spike of heat tearing though her clit, shooting straight up into the soft, center of her womb.

"Now we're going to play my way." Eric warned her, telling her that what was coming was more than she had ever anticipated. "I'll show you exactly what pleasure your body is aching to have."

"We need to talk about this." She whispered, suddenly not so confident, nervous as Justin began to shed his jacket and shirt, moving in behind her.

"Talk time is over," Eric told her firmly. "Unless you say no, all I want to hear are your cries of pleasure.

"You can say no Jessica," Justin agreed, touched his open lips to her neck, awakening the fine, and unseen-hair at the back of her neck.


"Do you think I would force you?" Eric asked, with a tight and hungry smile.

Jessica shook her head, subtle jerks from left to right.

"Good girl, I'm going to show you what you could be saying no too."

Eric released the grip on her wrist and Justin now had them, tightly in his hands. Eric growled, staring at her reddened breasts that peeked above her dress, and then dropping his eyes further down, as he started to kneel. One knee came to the floor, settling between her parted heels. He looked up into her eyes and watched the careful way that her breasts rose and fell. He saw it; she was trying to control it. His fingers grasped the front of her ankles and then slid up her shins, as her gown ruffled down over his wrists, hiding his hands under it.

"You remember what I told you about this dress?" Eric breathed, roughly, feeling the silky stockings she wore, against his finger tips.

"Yess..." Jessica whimpered.

"I told you that I was going to devour you, right where you stood. And here you are, standing, right in front of me."

She shut her eyes and realized how willingly she came to him when he asked, as she felt his fingers clawing onto the strings that held her panties in place. Slowly, ever so slowly, he tugged them down her thighs.

Justin placed soft kisses at the tender cord of her neck, "You are so beautiful, Jessica," he whispered in her ear. He scraped his teeth against her earlobe, and then a soft bite, following it with another just below her earlobe.

"I'm going to have to punish you for these." Eric's dark gaze shot up after he freed her legs from her panties.

"P-punish me?" she stammered. Why did that threat sound so damn erotic?

"Yes, spank that beautiful ass because you covered it up." How would that feel good? Jessica thought, and then realized her rear was tingling as though in anticipation of it.

She was barely aware of Justin discarding the rest of his clothing, as Eric's hands went back up into her dress. Lifted and curled, it was raised just above her hips, gathered in his hands. Her light brown curls were neatly trimmed which barely concealed the swollen, pink, bud that peaked from beyond her folds.

Eric glanced up from the treasure before him to see her braced against Justin's chest. Her wrists now released with the straps of her dress pulled down off her shoulders. Justin had her breasts cupped in both hands inside the unsecured satin bra she wore. His lips nipped at her shoulder as Eric's cock throbbed in agony, watching her tilt her head back with glazed eyes into Justin's shoulder.

"If you belong to me, you'll never cover this in my presences." It wasn't a request, it was a demand. Eric's tongue pressed into the narrow slit of her pussy, licked up and around her clit, and had her trembling, forcing her eyes to close. He devoured her like a man starving for taste, working his tongue into the narrow opening of her pussy, and then diving between the syrup-laden folds with a destructive thrust.

"Ohhhh!" The hot-pressured sensation jolted her body. He was licking her inside, deep inside, stroking his tongue deliciously against the path that his fingers had once taken.

Eric felt her pussy twitch, convulse against his tongue. It was now something else about her that he would crave. The sweeter-than-sweet, soft, heated cream that was beginning to slide along his tongue.

Jessica felt herself letting go, loosing more and more of herself. And Justin with his wicked-teasing hands, pulled her dress up in the back, as he squeezed and caressed her sweet ass. His hands were a little softer than Eric's, somewhat slower. He slid one of them between her cheeks and stumbled into the wetness that was there. With slow, slickened fingers, he was probing her, one finger entering, penetrating her with ease inside the never-tried channel.

Ohhh, not there, not that... She took a breath as her eyes sprang open and shot down to Eric, a measure fear in her eyes.

Justin's finger slid free, pulled back, then slowly and gently pressed in again. She sank her fingers into Eric's hair with a tight clutch. "Easy... baby, we are just going to play a bit." Eric's soothing tone whispered against her flinching sex, washing over her, loosening her clenched hand.

"Very slowly... Jessica." Justin whispered at her neck, as his finger eased in and out of her tightened spot.

It was too wicked, sinful, and the pleasure was immeasurable, along with Eric's velvet tongue. Justin steadily worked his finger, and she felt herself open a little more each time, accepting the intrusion. "Ohh, it's too much, I can't-" she whimpered, but this time it was wilder, hotter. Not one but two, pressing inside, softly and slowly stroking her with the gentlest movements- experienced, knowing.

"Look at me Jess, show me your eyes," Eric breathed against her clit. She looked down unable to help her body understand what she was feeling, experiencing.

He was undressed? she asked herself. Eric's vest was gone and the top of his pants undone. She blinked down at him to see one hand holding her crumpled up dress at her hip and his erection grasped in the other hand, curled around the glistening shaft that she'd never seen, only felt in her hand.

Eric's mouth opened and then he covered her sex. He sucked, tugging her swollen flesh, flicking rapidly over the captured bud, sending electric shock through out her body.

"UHH!" she cried. Justin's breath was thick now, biting at her shoulder, the feel of his bared cock at her lower back.

"Ohh, Eric! I need you," she whined, her hands grasping his head, pulling at his hair, and praying her legs wouldn't give out.

Eric dropped the other knee, planting both on the floor between her heels, as one hand released the material of her gown, "Hold her for me, Justin," he instructed, lifting her leg to curl it over his shoulder, grasping her raised cheek into his hand.

Justin pulled one of her hands free from the threads of Eric's hair. He freed the strap of her dress from her arm and then draped the arm over his shoulder. His arm went around her body, bracing her tightly, as he continued to press into the sensitive passage with his gentle fingers.

Eric growled into her lightly-scented flesh with a closed mouth. The hungry sound had her shaking, gripping Justin's neck, relying on him to hold her so she wouldn't crumble to the floor. Eric's tongue was met with two of his fingers, filling her flinching muscle. It ripped another cry from her lungs as her head dropped hard against Justin's shoulder.

"Uhh, uhh, yesss!" her hips bucked; she was cumming, writhing against Eric's mouth, as they stroked inside her, keeping the same pace.

"Good girl, Oh yes! But we aren't done yet, Jess." He barely let her catch her breath, as he broke away from her, leaving her wanting more. "I'm going to make you burn, Jess," he promised, as he rose to his feet.

Justin then eased his fingers from her sweet ass. She was weak once again, standing between them, and staring backed at Eric with something resembling shock. She didn't know what she had expected, but not this, not yet.

"Come here, my sweet Jess." She was his, a connection she'd never known.

His smile was savage, part of his hunger fulfilled, as he brought her to the edge of bed. Justin moved ahead of him, pulling the covers back, stripping the bed to its sheets and then laid a tube of lubrication on a near-by pillow.

Eric was prepared; he was going to do what he promised. He wanted all of her pleasure. Tonight she was doing things that she only imagined, dreamed, and fantasized about. She should tell him that she'd never been with two men. She needed to think about this, but she couldn't think. She could only feel.

Nothing exists but this man. She is captivated. Eric kissed her hard, crushing her captured lips. He freed the straps of her dress allowing it to slither down her body, to pool around her feet. Releasing the clasp to her bra, it falls on top of her dress as her now released hair falls to her back. Her choker slides from her neck as Eric holds her, pressing her hardened nipples against his bare chest.

She stepped out of her heels and then he placed her on the bed, crawling over her. He took another hot kiss from her waiting mouth, her arms wrapped around his neck, as he moved until they were lying on their sides.

And behind her was Justin.

She whimpered against Eric's lips as she felt Justin's gentle hands part the cheeks of her rear and a second later, his tongue. He licked her from her pussy to her rear entrance, flicking his tongue over the tightly clenched opening, then pressed against it.

"Uhhhh! Oh god!" she cried.

Eric hooked his thumb into the side of his pants, shuffled his knees together, and then removed them, leaving them in a pile at the end of the bed. Eric lifted her leg against his thigh, opening her, revealing her to the man behind her.

She moaned into his lips, furious pleasure tore through her as she drove herself back on the invasive tongue. Oh god, she needed this, she couldn't believe it. Something wild and inside that narrow channel that should never know touch.

"Do you know what he's going to do?" Eric's voice was rough, wicked and carnal. "He's going to stretch you there..." She felt a cool application of lubricant against her rear, his fingers dipping, and sliding, preparing. "...And then fill it with a little toy that I bought just for you..." Eric squeezed her breast, as he brought it to his lips, clamping his teeth over the erect nipple, growling his seductive plan against it. "...Make it burn and ache before I fill your pussy."

A second later she slapped Eric's shoulder with the palm of her hand and then curled her fingers nails into his flesh, as she felt the heavy pressure of whatever toy he'd promised.

Justin was working it inside her slow and easy, stretching her, creating a burning pleasure/pain she couldn't process in her fractured mind.

"Eric!" Jessica screamed as she felt the pressure increase, only to feel a slight easing as the toy became lodged inside her. She knew the shape. She'd been to exotic toy shops before. It was a tapered tip, widening to the bottom before it indented to create a natural lock. The butt plug was supple and smooth rather than hard and cold, as she imagined them, seeing them in their pre-bought packages.

"Give me your eyes, Jess. Let go for me." He crooned.

Justin squeezed her cheeks softly, "Perfect!" he whispered hotly below her, "So tight, so hot." He then moved his head between her open legs, as Eric held one leg, looking down at Justin, giving him greater access.

Justin's tongue flicked along her lips, teasing her, making her frantic with need until he reached her pulsing, hard clit. His tongue circled and circled, robbing her lungs of a full breath each time he made a pass. Eric's sheathed cock brushed against her thigh, bobbing in reaction to her jerking body.

"No, I'm not ready..." Jessica panted.

Justin moved from under the cover of her thigh, now laying alongside her. She could feel his bare cock pressed at her lower back, his hand moved against it. Eric moved closer, moving his body into the gap of her open thighs, as Justin turned her face toward his. He licked at her lips, making her taste herself, taste the wildness of her own response to what was happening.

"So ready..." Eric growled, watching her mouth taste her own gift, as Justin curled his tongue around hers.

Justin moved out from behind her. He licks down to her burning nipples, as she sees his slick cock, pushing through his clutched fingers. She rolls to her back as Eric braces his knees against the bed; his powerful arms hold his weight above her. "...This is what it's like Jess..." pressing the head of his cock to her pussy, as his thickness spreads her. It sends sensations through her, making her body shudder.

She was dying, a little death was fast approaching. Her eyes widening as Eric began to work his cock inside her, "...how much tighter, wilder it makes it. Making that sweet pussy ache, feel the pleasure bordering pain." Eric said, lustfully, making her completely aware of the toy in her rear.

She raked her nails over his chest, as Justin came to his knees. He held his cock just above her reddened breast, sliding it against his hand with heartbeat strokes. "Oh Jessica, you're going to make me cum," Justin moaned, panting above her with ragging breath.

She felt the soft tissue in her rear spasm around the toy, feeling Eric's cock throbbing inside her. "You're so fucking tight," he grimaced, flexing within, shifting his hips and stretching her further.

"UHhhh Eric! OH, Eric!" she begged; a plea to push her over the edge that she'd been riding.

Eric sat back on his ankles, pulling her up onto his thighs, moving into her at different angle, as Justin stood on his knees, rubbing the tip of his cock against the circle of her nipple.

The brutality of the pleasure driving her, left her paralyzed beneath him, trying to retain some measure of sanity.

"Cum for me Jess, right now. Take your pleasure." He command her with a hungry tone.

She shuddered until finally her muffled cry came. Her heavy eyes closed as she jolted, and then felt the heated cream of Justin's release spill onto her breast. "Oh fuck! Uhh, yes!" Justin cried, on broken breath.

The sensation was all-consuming, just as the hunger had been. Eric dug his fingers into the curves of her hips, thrusting forward one last time, the blanket of protection around his cock, filling with the searing heat of his release.

"Ohh, Jess!" Eric threw his head back, shutting his eyes.

Justin began to roll onto his back, slowing his breath with a few quiet swallows, as Jessica lay motionless.

"Are you okay?" Eric leaned over her, smoothing her hair from her forehead as he stared down with concern.

"No, I'm dead. Go away until I can think again."

He chuckled, cupping her knee with his fingers to set her leg onto his hip. He rolled them slowly to their side, as he slid his hand down her thigh.

"What are you-" she suddenly felt him ease the toy from her, giving her one last shudder, one she thought she wouldn't feel.

Then Justin leaned down, placed a kiss to her lips and then left the bed, headed for the bathroom. Eric kissed the dip at her neck, trailing his finger tip down her spine, as she heard the sound of a shower, wishing the strength back into her legs.

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