tagMatureThe Bully Turns To My Mother

The Bully Turns To My Mother


It was it! I was graduating, five days after my 18th birthday! Finally no more school, and no more of Brandon's harassment. I was ecstatic to get through it quickly. I walked up to the stage and they called my name. "Carson Smith" I began to walk across the stage. I walked across to the hollering from my family. My mother made a scene by walking down to the rails and screaming "Good Job Baby!" As I walked back to my seat, I heard "Congratulations Faggot!" I ignored it. I knew it was Brandon, but I went back to my seat anyway.

He never said anything else to me for the rest of the ceremony. When it was over everyone met up outside. I quickly ran to my family to avoid having to talk to anyone and get out quickly. My mother insisted on taking pictures and I went along with it, trying to speed up the process the whole time. All of a sudden, Brandon walks behind my mom acting like he isn't paying attention. His hand brushes her butt and he pinched my back. I turned around and saw him. He saw me and my mom and remarked "I apologize, I wasn't paying attention. I am trying to find my mother." he smiled and my mom smiled back "It's fine sweety." I made no expression, but in my head it pissed me off because I knew it he did it on purpose.

Finally, it was all over. Brandon stared at me the whole, and I tried not to make eye contact. When we were leaving, I heard a whistle as the stereotypical guy does from the movies when he sees a girl he likes. "Damn baby, Nice ass!" None of my family acted if they even heard it, but I knew who it was. They probably just thought it was teens being teenagers.

Brandon was 18 and a jock type of guy. Since 10th grade when I met him, we started out fine. He used to ask me where parties were at every week, and I would always tell him I didn't know. One day, I came to class and he had taken my seat. I asked him if I could have my seat back, and he started cussing. I ignored it and sat in my seat. I made the mistake of crying, and he's been bothering me ever since. When he found out I wasn't into girls, It got ten times worse. I was just glad to get rid of him after graduation.

After getting home, Brandon came jogging by my house. I acted as if I didn't see him. I was sitting on the porch and smoking a cigarette, trying to look cool. I hoped my cigarette would impress him and he would think I was cool. My mom walked out and I quickly through my cigarette to the side, off the porch. She asked what I wanted for dinner. I told her I didn't know, trying to get her to back inside. Then, when he passed my house and on the corner, I heard "PUSSY!" shouted really loudly.

"Who is that?" my mom asked. I looked to the side of the house, acting shocked. "I have no idea. Probably some kid thinking he's funny. Inside, I was shaken hard. He knows where I live now. I felt like I was starting high school all over again and he had all my classes.

I tried to ignore it and went in the house. After dinner, I headed to bed. My bed was beside my window, so I looked out and was shocked to see someone standing in my backyard. He was kind of ducked down in the bushes. My first thoughts were that it was Brandon. I went down stairs and went outside to face this guy. I looked out the back window and saw the guy looking in the window and apparently grabbing his crotch. I opened the back door and yelled "Hey!" the shadow jumped the fence and ran off. The shoes he wore, were none other than a pair of sperries greatly resembling the one's Brandon wore all year. I walked over to see what he was looking at. It was my mother in the bath tub, rubbing herself. I was disgusted. I walked back into the house.

I got up to my room and was disgusted, not only had I saw my mom naked, but Brandon was peeping in on her while she was doing it. He saw my mother naked, my stomach sunk and my heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute. I began to cry and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up routinely. I heard voices down stairs. I rushed down, as they didn't sound familiar. I was horrified this asshole was in my house. I got downstairs to see it was just my mom and dad talking. Turns out my paranoia just got to me. I greeted them and went to watch TV. My dad came in to tell me that my mom and him we're going to go on Vacation. "All right!!" I thought in my head. "Finally some time to throw a party."

I went upstairs to text my friends and tell them I would be throwing a party soon and trying to find someone to bring Alcohol. Kandice said she had a "Contact" to get it. Then there it was, I had my party starting. I wanted it to be small, to avoid having my home destroyed. I was extremely excited to have my first party.

My parents left the next morning, and for two days I did nothing but relax. Then, it was party time! The party was pretty fun, and we had around 10 people. Just an average teen party. Around 3 AM, everyone went home and I drunkenly went upstairs to my room. I couldn't sleep, and began to get thirsty. I went downstairs to get a drink. I turned the alarm on, and walked around the house. I considered ordering a pizza, and had to turn off the alarm. I went in my parent's room to get some money off the dresser. I counted out $10 and went to use their bathroom to call and order a pizza. I opened the door and my heart dropped. Brandon was sitting on the toilet, sniffing my mom's panties. He was startled, but just sat there when I walked in. I couldn't move for a minute. I sat there in shock, I looked down. It just couldn't register. My bully was sitting there, jacking off with my moms panties in his hand.

When I finally, snapped to, he put the panties down. He stood up, and I realized something. His dick was at least 10 inches. It was massive. This made me feel horrible. Not only is he terrorizing me, and wanting to fuck my mother, he is hung. I began to just cry. He angrily pushed me out the way and left. I heard the door beep as he walked out. I sobbed my way to the alarm and turned it off.

I begin to feel enslaved in my home. I felt as if I was defeated. Just to make it worse, the alarm beeped again. I was furious, this had gone on long enough. It was fight or flight, and I had nowhere to go. I opened the door to see my parent's walking in. I was horrified. I was about to be in a lot of trouble, I hadn't cleaned yet.

My parent's got extremely angry at me, I knew I was in trouble. They gave me two options, I could move out or I could be grounded for 2 weeks and my father takes me to a counselor. I took the grounding.

The next day, I was forced to go to a behavioral counselor while Mom went grocery shopping. It went well and the counselor recommended I keep going because why wouldn't I? It just adds to his check. Dad brought me home and went to work. Mom came home and I helped her unload the groceries.

After the groceries were unloaded, the doorbell rang. My friend Julia was coming over today, but didn't know when she got off. I opened the door to see Brandon. "Hey bro, can we talk?" I was horrified. "Why are you at my house??" he smiled. "I just wanted to talk to you." he grinned, smelling like strong alcohol. My mom walked up, cleaning a plate. "Dear, who is it?" she walked up to the door. "Hello, How can I help you?" she moved me out-of-the-way like any parent would. Brandon smiled at her as if he were one of the nicest kids at school. "I was wanting to see Carson. We haven't talked since school, and I think he's mad at me for borrowing a shit and not returning it." my mom laughed. "It's fine dear, I am sure he won't mind letting it go. He has enough clothes as it is. Why don't you come in?" she smiled at him. "Sure, I don't have anything to do today." he walked in. I glared at him. He rubbed his crotch and put two fingers over his mouth and acted like he was tonguing a vagina.

My mom went back in the kitchen. "You boys can watch TV, and talk while I clean." She went in her room. Brandon told me "I promise not to ever do that again, it was low. I just want us to be cool." I rolled my eyes. "Just leave!" I walked him to the front door and he left, grinning. I went up stairs to my room and put my iPod on.

Brandon opened the door, and walked back in. He made his way to my mom's room and opened the door. He didn't see anyone, he cracked the bathroom door and saw her naked, preparing for a bath. He walked back and then purposely opened the door. "OH! I'm sorry!" he yelled. She quickly grabbed a towel and clothed herself. He stood there "I am really sorry, I just had to use the bathroom." my mom smiled "It's ok baby, you can use it, just let me put my clothes on really quick. "Please it's an emergency!" he yelled. She smiled "Go ahead babe, I understand." he went to the toilet and pulled out his semi-hard 10 inch cock. My mother curiously just looked over and acted like she saw nothing. Her towel accidentally fail and she rushed to bend over and pick it back up. Brandon purposely left his pants unzipped and his cock hanging out and flushed it. My mom looked at him "All better?" he nodded. She looked down at his huge dick sticking out of his pants. "You forgot to zip dear." She turned around acting if she didn't see it.

"Oh!" he said and zipped his pants back. He watched her as she was washing her face, he noticed her pussy was dripping wet down her leg. He non conspicuously walked behind her and put his finger in it. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" she screamed. "Get out! You gotta go." he grabbed her and held her straight looking at him. "Your husbands been cheating on you for years baby, you know you want this." he let one hand down and dropped his pants. His massive erection fell out, and he rubbed the head of it against her pussy. "I can make you feel better than any man has."

She closed her eyes and kept pushing him away. He pushed the huge dick to where it began to enter her. She covered her mouth screaming in her hand. "Please stop! I won't! Stop it now, You little bastard!" his cock began going deeper into her. Her pussy was so soaked that it glided in. He made a small moan, and mom began to wrap her legs around him. He plowed his monster cock inside her as she reared back. He began licking her tits, and kept plowing her pussy. "Your.. Your.. This is the best sex I have ever had." He grabbed her and moved her up and down on his massive rod. He carried her to the bed, and locked the door. "Your ... Your like a god." she moaned as he tore her pussy up. The bed started thumping fast against the wall.

I took out my iPod and went downstairs to try to sneak a cigarette before dad got home. I began to hear a thumping, and went outside to see if Brandon was trying to scare me. As I took out my cigarette, My dad drove by. I quickly put it back and waved at him passing. I then went back in and went outback to smoke. I lit my cigarette up and walked around the back yard. "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that huge fucking dick." I heard muffled. I looked around and walked to the edge of the fence to look if someone was having sex outside our yard. No one was there, I turned around. I died a bit inside at that point. There, in the window.... I saw my mother laying on the bed. Between her legs, a tall, tanned, long-haired guy with large muscles and 6-pack abs was fucking her extremely fast. "My mom is having an affair?" I said to myself, a tear rolled down my cheek, I was heart-broken. The guy lifted his head, and I made eye contact... With Brandon.

To be continued.

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by Anonymous

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by SKPG09/10/17

Oh and one more thing.

How did you know what Brandon exactly said to your mom?

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by SKPG09/10/17

Yo where is part two?

I like it, and is this a true a story?

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