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The Burning Question


My story begins in my college freshman algebra class. Second semester there was a guy named Gavin who transferred from another class. He sat across the room, but our desks faced each other. I thought he was cute, but I had a boyfriend, so I didn't think too much about him. We never talked to each other in class or spoke in the hall, but the weekend before our spring break, we were both guests at a wedding for a friend of our families. Strange coincidence, but when I told the groom I had a class with the guy, the groom introduced us. We talked quite a lot that day, but I was going on vacation with my parents for spring break, so I figured I would see him in class and maybe talk to him some, but wasn't thinking too much about it.

Well, we talked quite a lot. We ended up becoming really great friends, best friends actually. The first time I went to his house, we were studying algebra and Spanish, but mostly we talked and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. Over the summer we talked more and became even closer. My boyfriend was a senior and had enlisted in the Army, so he left after the summer for boot camp. We stayed together, but I was beginning to wonder if that was a mistake. Toward the end of our sophomore year Gavin had asked me to go to his house to hang out and have dinner. I had been to his house a few times since we started talking, so I didn't think this time would be different from the other times I had gone over.

It was almost time for me to go home that night. I got my stuff together and started to walk out of the room. "D," Gavin called me that even though my name is Devon. I turned around and walked back toward him, but before I could say anything, he kissed me. It was a sweet, soft peck on the lips, but I didn't know what to think. I didn't say a word and left that night wondering what I was supposed to do. I loved my boyfriend but felt lonely and now someone I had grown to care for was showing interests. When I talked to him next we said we liked how it felt to kiss each other. We spend a little time making out over the next few days and had a lot of fun, but my boyfriend was coming home to visit. Gavin didn't want me to break up with my boyfriend and have a relationship start that way, so we stopped what we were doing.

Well, for reasons I still don't understand I stayed with my boyfriend. Gavin and I still hung out and still were the best of friends, but never kissed. By the middle of our junior year he also had a girlfriend, so neither one of us thought anything would happen again.

"D, I know you and your boyfriend have had sex and I also want to have sex." I knew he was a virgin because we had talked before about sex. Talking about sex with him was nothing new.

"Gavin why don't you tell your girlfriend?"

"Well, you know I'm a virgin, but I want to have sex for the first time with someone I really care about. I really care about you. I want my first time to be with you."

I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to say. Because I was already having sex with my boyfriend I was on the pill, so that wasn't going to be a problem. I hadn't seen my boyfriend in many, many months, so I was feeling lonely again. After a few days I made a decision. I wanted to be with Gavin. I wanted to experience him. We decided when we could be together. I anticipated that day; it was all I could think about.

We planned for the day when we could be together. I went to his house and Gavin asked me if I was ready. I told him I was and by the way he looked at me I knew he was ready as well. We started to kiss and touch each other and the way he touched my body was so new and so different. I had never experienced something so tender and amazing. Just by the way he touched me I felt like I would cum. He got between my legs and asked again if I was ready. I told him yes and he stared into my eyes while he entered me. He felt amazing, almost like we were made for each other.

"Does that feel good?" Gavin asked.

"Yes," I moaned. It felt fantastic. He kept the pace slow and I felt my vagina quiver. Every inch of his cock entered me and as he would take his dick almost all the way out I yearned for more. He entered me again and again, each time picking the pace up just a little more. I used my hands to touch his body, his muscular shoulders and chest felt so good under my fingers.

"Cum for me baby."

His words made me loose myself and I came, just like he asked. He pushed himself into me a few more times and I knew he came as he let out a deep, sexy grunt. My God, he was so damn sexy. How could I have not have seen him this way before?

After we finished enjoying each other, it was time for me to go home. I thought of him often over the next few days. Not too long after our first encounter we found ourselves alone and in the mood again. We started to make out and touch each other's bodies. He took my shirt off and took a minute to really look at me. His eyes were filled with desire. I wanted to feel his cock inside me again. I wanted to touch his body. I wanted to taste his dick. I moved around him and pushed his body back onto his bed.

"Are you going to take me in your mouth?" Gavin asked.

"Yes. I want you to feel my mouth around you."

"Oh God baby, that's so hot." He moaned while I took his hard cock deep into my mouth. I moved my mouth up and down and felt his body move with pleasure. I continued to enjoy him while I heard him moan. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, so I stopped sucking his dick and decided to climb on top. He watched me as I placed my wet pussy on the tip of his cock. I moved myself slowly onto him while he grabbed my hips to control himself. I felt him quiver underneath me and I knew I was going to cum soon. I moved my body up and down while I looked into his eyes. I felt like I was going to completely loose myself all over again.

"Cum for me baby."

The words that he had said before made me so crazy. I came all over him and felt him cum deep inside my wet pussy. I couldn't believe how he felt inside me. I knew I had only been with one other person and he had only been with me, but he was so good. Maybe it was because I cared deeply for him, maybe it was because I was falling in love with him, but he did everything perfectly.

"God you are so good Gavin. I can't believe how amazing you make me feel."

"You make me want more."

I lay next to him on his bed and he held me in his arms. I knew I loved him and I felt like he loved me too. Neither of us had the courage to tell the other, besides he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. We never told each other how we felt, but because we knew each other so well I'm sure we both wondered if the other felt the same. We made love one other time during our junior year.

During our senior year I broke up with the Army guy, but started dating someone else. Gavin was still with his girlfriend and had fallen in love, so I never thought of my feelings for him again. I knew he was happy and I was happy for my friend, my best friend. Unfortunately his relationship ended, but still nothing happened between us because I still had a boyfriend. We did still talk every day and even had the same English teacher, just different class time. We had an assignment that we had to write about 10 people we took a trip with in the future and of course my included him. His also included me.

"Let me read what you wrote about me," I said.

"No. I don't want you to read any of it," Gavin told me.

"Why? You didn't write about me?"

"I did D, I just don't want you to read it."

I didn't listen of course because I'm stubborn and as he walked away to do something I took his report and read what he wrote about me. He talked about the job I had and that I was happy in my life being married with kids. The thing that really caught my attention though was toward the bottom of the page about me. The words I would never and have never forgotten: "She would make the perfect girlfriend." As I read those words, he saw that I was reading his report. He didn't look happy, but he didn't get mad either. He never had got mad at me.

"What do you mean by what you wrote?" I asked.

"Nothing," Gavin told me, "it's just something I think."

"But what do you mean by it."

"I'll explain to you sometime."

The sometime never happened. We graduated and because my boyfriend was jealous, he always believed something would happen between Gavin and me while he and I were dating. My boyfriend gave me an ultimatum, me or him. Stupid me, I chose my boyfriend, not my best friend. Because of this decision I lost my best friend who I loved. I did break up with that guy, but had no idea how to get a hold of Gavin. He had moved toward the end of our senior year and I never had a chance to go to his new house, so I never knew where he lived. He had also changed his phone number because of the move, so I couldn't even call. I tried to forget him and move on. I met a great man, whom I fell in love with. We got married and had 2 children. My husband knew about my past experiences, but also knew how much I missed my friend. A few years ago he told me I should look for him. Technology being what it is I found Gavin on a social network.

After sending a few messages back and forth, my husband suggested I ask my friend to dinner. He fully trusted me and knew nothing would happen. Plus he could tell I was a little happier having that friendship again, almost like a gap had been filled. Gavin and I got together for dinner and regained our friendship. The busyness of life had caused us to loose contact for periods of time, but when we pick up again, it's like nothing changed, we just have to fill in a few blanks. He has since married and they are now expecting a child. I'm extremely happy for my best friend. I love him still, but not in a way where I would say I am in love with him. I am deeply in love with my husband and enjoy the life I live, but there has always been one question. One aching question that has never left my mind...

What if?

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