tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Bus Ride Home Ch. 2

The Bus Ride Home Ch. 2


Now what. Amy had just got off the bus. She was walking up her drive and I knew that she had a hard-on under her dress. As I got up to leave I know that the words were on my forehead, “Just Got Sucked Off”. What the fuck. I got off the bus, as I walked away I heard the driver say “Good Night”. I just knew that he knew. And I knew that he had had to have seen my hard-on. But then fuck him. I put my left hand up as if to say bye and got my keys out for my car. I unlocked the door got in and started the car. It was then that I saw Amy’s panties in my hand. And it was not my right hand. FUCK.... I had just gave the drive a good look at her black lace panties. Well fuck that too. I got into the house and was still thinking of what happen on the bus. I had gotten the best blow job from a 23 year old .......... what should I call her or him? Amy was good. I had just gotten a great blow job from Amy. I had just let the driver see I had a hard-on and on top of that I show him her panties. I walked into my room and sat on the bed. I took off my shoes and the my pants. I got all the rest off except for my panties and walked into the bathroom. I stood and looked at myself. Standing in front of the mirror I could see my cock sticking out the top. I looked at my face then back down. Put my hands on my panties and pulled them down and off. I stepped into the tub and started my shower. All I thought of was Amy. What was I going to do? Say? What should I tell her?

The door open, Amy stood with a dress on that made me stop breathing. A black lace dress. I could see right thru it. But I could not see anything. Just the dress. It was low cut in the front. It must have had a wonder bar in it. Amy’s breast’s looked bigger then ever. I said that she was about a 34 or 36 c. They looked like a 36 D right now. Her cleavage was...... what can I say? GREAT LOOKING. My eyes went down and I could see right thru the lace and see skin. All the way down to her waist. Then it got dark and I could tell it must be her slip. A small slip but her slip. I went lower and I could see her legs. The inside of her thighs. The dress had a slit from the bottom, mid thigh, to about 6 inches from her “V”. I could see the top of her stockings and the snaps of her garter belt. O. M. G. is all I could think. She was a knock out dressed like that.

“Do you like what I picked out for you tonight my Dear”.

“Yes I do. It is...... what can I tell you? Great. Fucking great!!!!! I’m sorry I should watch what I say in front of a lady”. Then it hit me once more. This was a guy a transsexual. A woman with a cock. A woman that sucked me off on the bus. She had a 4 or 4 1/2 cock in her panties.

“Bob. I should tell you that I’m somewhat a “submissive” and if that is okay with you I would like to be your “submissive”. If that is what you would like? If not anything you like........”. I had stopped her from talking, with a kiss.

“If that is what you would like, then that is what you are”.

“I shall do what you say when you say it and how you say it. When I’m with you I’m yours. Shall I call you Sir, Master, or Mr. Bob”?

“Sir sounds nice. Now we shall have dinner out. Do you have panties on”?

“Yes I do Sir. Should I take them off”?

“No leave them on and I’ll tell you when you may take them off”.

We sat and had dinner. I took Amy to a steak house. After that blow job I needed a good meal. We talk most of dinner. I held her hand and told her things I have not told anyone. Things like. Before I met my wife I was Bi. It started off watching each other then touching , then onto jacking-off each other and then to fucking each other. The last thing was sucking each other. It went on for about 2 years and then I met my wife got married and never did it after that. I thought of it from time to time but just never did it. After my wife had died I went on a few dates. Had sex with one woman but never did enjoy it. I thought of my wife. One night I picked up a hooker. We went back to her house and I found out it was a transsexual. I thought of the guy I sucked in school and went for it. Had a great night. Did it a few times after that. Now it was mostly jacking off to peep shows.

“Amy, I must tell you that I had no idea you were a transsexual until you pulled your panties off to the side. When I saw your....... cock I.......”. I could see tears in her eyes. She was thinking that I was tell her that I did not want to see her. “No, No....”. I took her hand in my hand and held it. I looked into her eyes. “Amy I would love to have you as my ...... Submissive. I think that you and I would be great. I hope that you’ll say yes”.

“Yes Sir I will. All you have to do is order me. I’ll do anything........almost anything for you if told”.

I thought for a minute. I looked over to my left I could see a guy, about my age looking at Amy. He had been doing it all night. Looking at her and looking at her legs.

“Open your legs up some. That guy over to your right has been trying to see up your dress. Let him. Give him a shot of your panties. Let him think of what your legs would feel like around his head”.

“Yes Sir . I also have a cock holder on. It is holding my cock to my leg. I can see him looking. He can now see all the way up. Are you getting hard Sir”. I was but I did not want to let her know.

“Good. I have paid the bill. When we stand up I want you to go to the lady’s room. Take off your panties and meet me at the front door. Do you understand”?

“Yes Sir”. I stood and pulled her chair out as I did I bent down and kissed her cheek.

“On your way to the door to meet me stop at his table and hand him your panties. Tell him what you like. I’ll be watching”. I pulled my face away and she just stood. Her eyes told me that this is not what she wanted to do. But I walked away before she could say anything.

I stood at the door and watched her walk out of the lady’s room. She looked right at me. Then at the other guy. Her face was flush. Almost white. I could see her swallow and then take a deep breath. I could see her breasts rise and fall in her top. She walked up to the table. She said something , bent kissed him on his cheek and handed him her panties. He looked at her and then his hand and then back to her face. His face turned a deep, deep red. Amy walked towards me and took my arm. We walked out.

In the car she told me what she had said. “You have been trying to see my panties all night so here take them home and smell them. I came in them as you looked up my dress. My husband is just to old to get me off. I’ll be back at 11:00. I then walked away. Think he’ll be waiting for me at 11”?

“I would. Now my dear home for you. Then bed. I think I’m going to suck my first cock in years”.

On the way home Amy sat next to me holding my hand. She told me how she like to play games and that she has been a submissive for years. She also liked to dominate men from time to time. She also told me that she enjoyed getting and “over the knee” spanking. As long as her ass got red, and hot.

“Amy, kneel and take my shoes off. Now my pants. Shirt. And leave the panties on. I wore them just for you. And I think it is going to be the last time I do”. Amy removed each item and kissed each body part as it came in few.

“Stand my dear. Strip for me. Show me what you have for me and tell me what each part is going to do”. Amy stood and took off her things. Amy was down to her panties and bra. “Stop. I like what I see. Tonight I’m going to suck your cock. This time and this time only I would like you to fuck my mouth. Fuck it like you would like me to fuck yours. Let me know what it is you would like me to do to you. Only this once my you order me. Now do it”.
“Kneel in front of me. Pull my panties down and lick my cock. When it is hard pull the strap off and take me into your mouth. I’m going to fuck your face. Your going to feel my balls hit you chin. And if your good. I just might cum in your mouth. Now kneel”. With that Amy slapped my face. When I say slapped . She slapped it.

I bent and took her cock in my mouth. It had been a few years since I had sucked cock. The transsexual I went out with had a condom on. But now Amy was....... what can I say smooth. I took her all the way in. She was only about 4.5 to 5 inches. It could look up at her as I sucked. I could see he tits still in her bra. I held her ass in my hands and I could feel her fucking my mouth. I held still. Amy just fucked my face. In and out in and out. Soon I could feel that she was going to cum. I sucked harder. This time I was going to taste it. Any would be my first mouth cum in 35 years. I could hear her.

“That’s it suck my cock. Drink my cum. Pull my off with your mouth. Soon baby, very soon I’m going to fill your mouth”. Now her hand held my face. Her hand held my ears. Her hips moved in and out. I could feel her balls slapping my chin.

“In your mouth or up your ass”? That is all Amy said. Could she fuck me. Could she get that up my ass. It had been years since I had anything up my ass. Why not?

I pull of her cock and my head went up and down in a yes answer. I stood and bent over the couch. I felt her pull my panties down. Then I felt her put some KY on me. I could see her putting on a condom. The she put some KY on that. I then took a deep breath and felt her push. I felt myself open for her small cock. Two of my fingers felt bigger then her cock. But I would never tell her that.

“Yes.... Yes..... I think I can take it all. Your cock feels so big in my ass. Fuck me. Fuck me like no one has ever fucked me”. Soon Amy had her hands on my hips and she was fucking me faster then I had ever fuck anyone. I could feel her balls hitting my balls as she pumped in and out. I felt her hit my ass cheeks with her thighs. It was like a spanking without pain. Amy’s hand came around and took my cock in it. She jacked me off as she fucked me.

“You my dear are great. I have never felt anything like this. When you cum pull out and do it on my face. PLEASE”.

Her fucking started to go faster. It felt like she was trying to get her body all the way into me. Amy pulled out turned me around and I could just see her pull the rubber off.

“Open your mouth. Open your eyes. I’m going to cum. ‘m going to cum on my lovers face and in his mouth. Watch it shoot out of my cock and into your mouth. NOW”.

For the first time in years I felt cum hit my face and land in my mouth. It tasted just like it did the first time. I would say Amy shot about a shot glass full. I know that sounds like a lot. But that is what it felt like. I had cum on my face, in my mouth. It was dripping down off my chin. The last few shots she pushed her cock into my mouth. I felt her cum come out of her cock. Now I knew what Amy wanted me to do to her.

I sat next to Amy and felt my ass burn. It felt like I had been fuck by a foot long cock. My face was sticky and I could still taste her. She was kissing me and telling me that.

“This is what I want you to do to me. Use me and fuck me. My mouth, my ass. Cum on me in me, all over me. Spank me and turn me into your slave”.

That night Amy fucked me three more times. Each time she did it a different way. And each time she came. It must be her age. And each time I sucked her dry.

I hope to hear from all of you. Part III might come soon. That one I’ll try to just tell you about the sex....
Send e-mail to iser21@excite.com .... Take a look at my old picture................

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