tagLesbian SexThe Business Trip

The Business Trip


As Susan paid her fare and climbed out of the taxi she thought about her imminent meeting with a mixture of both anticipation and trepidation. Dressed in a smart grey pinstripe business jacket and knee length skirt carrying a slim document case, she briskly went up the broad steps to the large rotating doors of the hotel entrance, her stiletto heels clacking on the polished marble.

She had never met the woman representing the other company before, but she had dealt with her department and had now and then spoken to her on the phone. Wendy Cory was a sharp operator, she was also very blunt, to the point of being outright rude at times and if there was one thing that Susan didn't like it was people being rude to her, it really got her back up! Talk to her politely and she would go a long way to be of help. Unfortunately the amount of business that the company that Wendy worked for put their way meant that it would not have been very judicious of Susan to of told her where to get off, as much as she had wanted to at times.

Terms were being negotiated on a new and lucrative contract with Wendy's firm and it had fallen to Susan to negotiate over them with Wendy, who had already made some tough demands. Susan had a set of counter proposals and her terms of agreement set by her boss, she knew that it was not going to be easy to get a great deal, but she thought that she could maybe arrange at least a good deal on her companies behalf. That is if she didn't let Wendy walk all over her, and she had no intention of letting that happen she was determined, no matter how intimidating Wendy Cory was!

Susan walked out of the glass revolving doors and scanned the plush reception area of the hotel where she was due to meet Wendy Cory, she was dead on time as she liked to be on these occasions. There were several businessmen hanging around in groups or standing at the desk and some hotel staff at work. Susan looked around and spotted a dark haired woman sitting alone at a low table with a cup of coffee in front of her and reading a paper. Susan didn't know what Wendy looked like but seeing as there were no other professional looking women around the reception area she assumed that this must be her as this was where they had arranged to meet.

Susan walked over to the woman and stood in front of the coffee table. She moved her case to her other hand and offered it to the woman greeting her with a friendly smile. 'Hello, you must be Wendy? I'm Susan, nice to meet you.' The woman looked up from her paper for a momentary glance, nodded at her barely acknowledging her presence and then took a sip from her coffee and went back to the paper. Susan felt annoyance rising but kept the smile on her face, she also kept her hand outstretched instead of sheepishly taking it away. Long silent seconds passed and the woman looked up again and Susan thought a half smile just flitted across her face as she finally reached out and shook Susan's hand with her own slim well manicured fingers.

'Hi, yes, I'm Wendy. I've booked us a table in the restaurant here, hopefully the food will be adequate.'

With that, and not waiting to see if Susan had any objections or any other plans she picked up her paper and a slim case and began to walk through the lobby to the restaurant. Susan followed her.

They were shown to their table and sat down. While Wendy looked at the menu Susan gave her the once over. She guessed that Wendy was probably about 5 or 6 years younger than herself, say late twenties – early thirties, she had a nice figure, very slim, almost thin with small pert breasts. She was wearing a dark suit with an above knee length skirt that showed off her very shapely legs which Susan had to admit were fabulous. Wendy's face was angular with high sharp cheekbones, she had arching dark eyebrows and her hair was long, black and full with a wave in it, parted on one side. It would fall across her face now and then and she would throw it back with a toss of her head or tuck it up behind her small ear. She was, Susan thought, a very attractive woman. She betted to herself that Wendy could wrap most men around her little finger - but then she gave off such an aura of attitude that Susan wondered if any ever dared to approach her! She was like a black widow Susan decided with a little laugh to herself.

The waiter came over and they ordered their meal. Even before the food was brought to their table Wendy began to discuss the terms of the deal in hand instead of making the usual, polite small talk over the meal and then getting down to business afterwards. Susan knew the details so she didn't have to get her papers out and when Wendy made some strong demands Susan held her ground. She knew that for Wendy to be spending time over this deal meant that her firm wanted Susan's to handle the contract, they had just sent her to play hardball. This assumption gave Susan an edge and along with her feeling that this was in some way personal made her dig in and negotiate back just as hard.

They jousted over the meal and had secured a deal before they had even got to the coffees. The papers were signed and Wendy seemed to relax a little, suggesting that they go to the bar and have a drink to toast the deal. Susan wondered if Wendy was just a bitch at work, one of those ambitious career women types. Having had a glass of wine with her meal Susan ordered another one and sipped at it, but Wendy knocked back a gin and tonic in short order and had another one in front of her straight away.

'So how long have you been at your company?' She asked sitting in a corner seat with Susan.

'About ten years now, I worked there before, but I had a break for children and came back.'

'You do a good job.' Wendy stated. Susan smiled at the compliment.


'That was a good deal you made there. I could tell that you were bullshitting on some things, you showed more balls than most of the men who I deal with, I like that.'

Wendy reached into her bag and took out a packet of cigarettes. Without asking Susan if she minded if she smoked or offering her one she took one out and put it in her mouth. Taking a drag and lazily puffing out smoke she seemed to be surveying the bar, there was silence between them for a while. Susan studied Wendy sitting there, she was a remarkable woman, very attractive, languidly blowing smoke and sipping her G&T, a very strong character but also a mystery, she gave nothing of herself away.

'So, do you know this town? Is there anywhere to go in the evening to have fun?' Wendy asked. 'I'm staying overnight here.'

'I don't really know, I only come here on the odd business trip, never socially.' Susan told her. 'There is a nice restaurant down the other end of the street, but other than that I couldn't say.'

'Gee! That's exciting then.' Said Wendy, sarcastically.

Susan didn't know what to say to that. She wondered what the other woman did for 'fun' anyway?

Wendy seemed to be regarding her as the conversation had faltered now, drawing deeply on her cigarette as if considering something, gazing at her through the smoke with her arched and narrow dark eyes. 'Well I'd like to make something of the stopover here, I don't like to just waste my time.' She stated eventually.

'I'm open to suggestions, so if you can come up with an idea?' Susan told her politely, trying to be friendly and helpful.

Wendy really shocked her with her next comment, she didn't even lower her voice in the conversation to say: 'Look Susan, I'm going to be frank here because.... well because I just always am.'

Susan was intrigued to hear what was coming, but she was completely amazed at the question that came next!

'Have you ever fucked with another woman?' Wendy asked, as if she were asking: 'Have you ever been to New York?' She dragged on her cigarette and stared Susan straight in the eye as she waited for her answer.

'I can't say that I ever have.' Susan answered after a stunned moment, trying not to sound anywhere near as shocked as she was at such an extremely personal question.

'Well I can tell you, it's a lot of fun.' She smiled and puffed out a slow plume of smoke, adding, 'especially with me.'

'Oh, I didn't know, hadn't thought that you were, erm....that way.' Susan said, avoiding a direct answer. Although Wendy was a strong character Susan would never have thought that she was a lesbian! She radiated such a strong feminine aura!

'I'm not. Just every now and then I get the urge or meet someone who appeals to me, like you for instance. I really don't care much about labels, I just do what I want in life and seeing as we are both at a loose end this evening and I can't be bothered with trying to find some guy at the moment...' She explained, mater of factly.

'Really?' Was all Susan could think of to say, wondering if anyone nearby could overhear their conversation, but then she thought: 'What does it matter if they can? I don't know any of them, and they certainly don't know me!' She felt a frisson of excitement inside and that surprised her.

'So anyway it's up to you.' Wendy prompted, digging for her answer, dragging on her nearly spent cigarette.

Susan had occasionally, casually wondered what it would be like to be with another woman? The fact was though that she had never been in a situation where it might have happened or given serious thought to any way to engineer it. So it had always just been an idle fantasy for those very private moments. But now here it was, the opportunity being unexpectedly offered to her on a plate right out of the blue by a woman whom she undeniable felt a fascination about. Wendy was certainly something! Susan couldn't deny an attraction to this sultry woman, almost despite herself. She made the snap decision to take the chance offered, it may well never come again and she'd spend the rest of her life wondering what if? Susan made up her mind to go for it.

'Okay, yes.' She said, having made her decision and acting boldly. She wondered if she would ever tell this story to her husband when the night was through?

'Have you got any nice underwear with you? You know stockings and things like that?' Wendy asked.

'No, I didn't bring anything like that. I wasn't expecting that kind of trip.' Susan replied with a little laugh. She had only come prepared for business, not pleasure.

Wendy reached into her bag and took out her purse. She separated out a couple of high denomination notes and handed them over to Susan.

'Okay, here, go get yourself some nice lingerie for later. I like that sort of thing, it turns me on.' She smiled wickedly.

As Susan took the money Wendy got up and said.

'Look, I've got stuff to do, call's to make. I'll see you down here in the reception tonight at 8.30 and we'll have a couple of drinks in the bar to loosen up and then we'll see what happens.' She winked and then leaned over and kissed a still stunned Susan a quick kiss on the lips and then she was gone.

Susan sat there, mind spinning in neutral for a moment, feeling herself burning with embarrassment or was it arousal?. She was sure that the people on the next table had heard or at least had got the jist of their conversation and were trying to look like they weren't trying to look. Susan finished her drink, her mouth was dry. She thought over the implications of the last few minutes' conversation and felt herself becoming aroused at the idea, like having sex in a place where you might get caught, that sort of frisson. Feeling a little light headed she got up and left the hotel to go shopping.

Later that evening Susan walked down the stairs into the reception area where she saw Wendy straight away, sitting in one of the easy chairs waiting for her. Susan had taken ages getting ready once she had returned from her little shopping expedition, showering and doing her hair, she had felt very nervous all the time, but in a good, excited kind of way, only a little scared.

She was wearing the ubiquitous black dress (which looked good on her) as indeed, she noted was Wendy, who Susan thought wore it very well. She stood up to greet her, smoothing it down her long coltish legs which were clad in dark stockings, giving a little welcoming smile which put Susan a little more at ease in this tense situation. Susan was wearing stockings too which she had bought earlier at Wendy's request (and with her money too!), she liked to dress sexy, it made her feel good, her husband always seemed to appreciate it too. She had a lot of sexy clothes back home, but she had never thought that she would have needed them on this trip, that was for certain!

'Hi, you look good.' She said to Wendy as she reached her.

'Thank you, you do too. Let's go get a drink in the bar, but let's not take too long, there are more interesting things to do this evening than sit around in this sterile place.' Said Wendy deadpan, and curt as ever.

She turned to walk towards the bar. The evening was closing in now and it was getting chill outside, but it was warm in the hotel so it wasn't the cold that made her shiver as Susan followed her.

They ordered drinks and sat at a table. Susan had a glass of white wine and Wendy drank scotch and coke on ice, putting away two in quick succession - but it seemed to have no noticeable effect on her. They talked a little, mostly Susan nervously rattling on about her work or family, Wendy seemed reluctant to give any personal information away and shrugged off any such questions directed at her. She seemed amused at Susan's predicament; perhaps she found it arousing to see her quarry cornered as she closed in thought Susan to herself, aware that she was desperately making conversation to cover her nerves.

Susan was still talking when she suddenly felt Wendy run her leg up the side of hers under the table as they sat in their chairs. Nylon rubbed against nylon as she felt the shapely calf climb slowly up her leg, she kept on talking - faltering just slightly. Wendy looked at her as if she was for-all-the world deeply interested in what she was saying - whilst obviously her attention was elsewhere.

Susan felt the edge of Wendy's black stiletto shoe trace lines on her calf, she furtively looked round to see if anyone was watching what was happening, but the other drinkers were engrossed in their own conversations. She stopped talking and smiled over at Wendy, then she reached out and covered from view by the table lightly caressed the shapely thigh on the inside through the sheer material, tracing up towards the hem of the black dress - but stopping short of it. Susan looked around nervously out of the corner of her eye in case they were being watched by the other drinkers, but it was still pretty empty in the bar, she felt a thrill at her actions.

'I like that.' Said Wendy, smiling at her for once.

She opened her thighs wider and Susan knew what she wanted, Wendy was daring her to slide her hand up further. Somehow Susan just couldn't bring herself to do it, not here in public.

Realising after a moment or two that this game wasn't going any further, Wendy said curtly downing the last of her drink;

'I've had enough of it in here, shall we go now?'

Susan felt like she was jolted with electricity as the implications of Wendy's suggestion sunk in. They walked out to the lift and Susan felt like she was moving through a dream, that this was a story or a film that was happening to someone else.

They got into the elevator in reception and were the only ones riding in it as they ascended towards Wendy's room. Suddenly Wendy pulled Susan to her and kissed her hard and passionately on the lips, her arms wrapped tightly around her back and head, roughly grasping and tugging her hair. Susan, surprised in the first instance, returned the embrace and then the kiss on the soft hot lips being crushed against her mouth, no going back now.

She felt Wendy's small breasts poke into hers as they embraced, something that doesn't happen when you kiss a man she thought! Susan looked over Wendy's shoulder at their reflection in the mirrored wall of the lift, two women embracing and kissing passionately, someone would get a surprise if the lift suddenly made a call before they reached their floor! Susan almost wanted it to! This was a night to be daring and shocking she thought to herself, a sexual electricity running through her just like she was a nervous teenager all over again.

The lift came to a gentle halt and they separated to exit, Wendy leading the way to her room, fishing her keys from her little bag. The key turned in the lock and Susan followed her into the room. Wendy threw the keys on the bedside table as Susan shut the door behind her. There was a light in the room already on, but only from the bed sidelight so it was subdued. The room was standard hotel fare, not too small, a large bed with a wooden surround built with lamps and bedside table, a straight chair tucked under a desk unit opposite the bed which had the TV on it and an arm chair in the corner by the window. The décor was the same as in her own room, neutral, slightly florid.

Wendy had walked over to the desk unit and opened up the mini-bar in the cupboard beneath the TV. She took out a bottle of scotch and a mixer of coke that she had put in there to chill earlier and picked up two glasses.

'Got scotch, unless you want something else from the bar here.' Wendy said.

'Scotch is fine.' Said Susan, her voice a little hoarse as her mouth felt suddenly dry, but she needed the drink for more than a dry throat.

'But drown it please, otherwise I'll be out cold in no time.'

Wendy poured the two drinks and took them over to where Susan was standing, still by the door.

'Well, I guess neither of us would want that now would we?' She commented teasingly.

'No, but I could do with the Dutch courage I think.' Said Susan as she took the drink offered to her with a hand that trembled slightly and swallowed with a gulp that sounded awfully loud to her.

'Don't worry, relax, we'll have fun.' Said Wendy giving her a wide smile and winking at her as she walked over to the desk and put the TV on using the remote and selecting a music channel, putting it on at a quiet volume as background noise.

As she stood there Susan wasn't having any second thoughts about the situation that she now found herself in. She had made her decision to go ahead with this and once she had made a decision that was it, she went with it as best she could. Actually she was feeling highly aroused now, but her main worry was what to do! Would she be able to please another woman? She knew how to please her husband, but that had taken time and experience and she had of course been with other men before she had met him. In a strange way it was like being a virgin again, perhaps that was part of the excitement that she felt tingling in her crotch.

As it happened of course, Wendy took control of the situation.

'So, how did the shopping trip go then Susan? Did you spend all of my money?' She asks as she sat down in the arm chair and takes a cigarette from her bag.

'Very nicely thank-you, not much change though I'm afraid.'

'Oh really? Well perhaps you'll let me see if my money has been well spent then.' Says Wendy, raising her eyebrows questioningly?

Susan decides to play along with the teasing and puts her bag down by the bed as she walks over to where Wendy is sat. Turning her back on her she lifts her brown hair and says:

'Unzip me.'

Wendy puts her lighted cigarette in her mouth and reaches up to slide the zip on the dress down slowly exposing Susan's skin in the opening at the top as the sides fall apart. A lacy black material with little eye hooks runs a bridge across the gap under the bulge of her shoulder blades and down past where the travel of the zip ends. Susan walks away over towards the bed again and turns. She pulls the straps over her shoulders and slowly the dress slides down over her body, stepping out of it she kicks it aside.

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