tagErotic CouplingsThe Cabin Ch. 2

The Cabin Ch. 2


As we lay still cuddling and recovering, I feel you roll over to face me. You gather me into your arms, pull me close and hold me tightly. You begin kissing me, lightly at first, working towards taking my breath away. Your kisses begin to get deeper and deeper. You feel my desire blooming for you but you want me soaking wet again.

I feel your mouth leave mine and place kisses down my neck, around to the right side, nipping and sucking, bruising my skin, tasting our scent, feeling the sting of the salty taste from sweating as we made love the night before and from this mornings session. I feel you licking and sucking your way down to my tits, you begin licking and sucking my nipples, knowing you are teasing me. You know I love it when you squeeze my breasts tightly, sucking and nibbling on the nipples. You watch my body thrust forward into yours, wanting more, needing you, begging for your touch deep inside me. I feel you ever so slowly slide your hand downward.

I gasp in anticipation of your fingers plunging deeply inside of me. You hesitate, I moan, I beg you to please give it to me, but your hand slips back up my body and returns to my breast. You continue to lick and suck on each of my breasts and as each responds to your mouth, you begin to roll my nipples between your thumb and finger with just the right pressure to keep me gasping for my breath. You take one nipple between your teeth as only you can do, knowing I trust you and you bring me to the first of many intense orgasms. You immediately move over to the other nipple and bring me more pleasure, knowing that I am capable of cumming for you many times. You watch as my body responds to your touches, knowing exactly when to let go and when to start again, bringing me to heights I have never realized before.

I beg you to finger fuck me, I need to feel you deep inside me, but you are not content that I am ready for you yet. I feel your mouth moving down over my body, lower and lower until you reach my private heaven. You spread my legs wider and lick the swollen lips of my pussy, as I climb that invisible wall that we both seem to need when we make love. I feel you tasting my juices with the tip of your tongue, my hips rising to try to get your mouth where I want it, but you just tease, gently dipping your tongue between the lips and across the tip of my clit, tracing the lips of my pussy. I am calling out your name, begging you to give me what I so desperately want and need, withering under you, but you just continue to tease me, bringing me to the highest heights, then as you retreat, the disappointing lows. You are building the passion you know I am capable of. You love to tease and torture me with pleasure, gently pushing me beyond what I believe to be my limits. Just when I think I can’t take any more you show me that I can, and I will, because it is what pleases you.

I watch as you move your hands over my body, along with the skills of your mouth to bring me even more pleasure. You won’t be satisfied until I have cum hard for you again. Slowly, I feel the heat rising up through my body, exploding in my brain as I scream when I cum this time. You move your body up and behind me to hold me in your arms until the tremors subside and my breathing returns to a relaxed pace. You offer me a drink of the ice water beside the bed and I sip it into my parched mouth.

I feel your hand move down on my thigh reaching for my swollen pussy; I push my hips back into your body, feeling your hardness against my ass. Feeling your cock pressed into my skin, I want you desperately to finger fuck my pussy. I remember the feelings of your fingers from before, I can see you touching me deep inside, as you finger fuck my pussy. You trace the outer lips of my pussy with two fingers. I press out to capture the fingers but they elude me. You whisper in my ear as you bite gently on my neck, telling me you are going to fuck me now.

Moving from behind me and gently laying me down, you position yourself over me and force me to look into your eyes as you enter me with your hard cock. Watching my eyes, you see the intense pleasure shoot through me as you press your cock deep within my pussy. I want you to plunge in and out of me hard and fast, I am so hot for you. You begin to move ever so slowly in me, taking your time, building another explosive orgasm in me.
Slowly you pull out and slide down my body. You taste my juices. Running your tongue over and over my clit, sucking hard, gently biting, you bring me to all new heights and you watch intently as I explode when you take my pussy with your fingers. I=m drowning in the pleasure of your fingers and tongue. You take me over and over with your fingers, knowing I can give you more, as you begin slowing the pace, I can catch my breath again, and once more you finger fuck me to orgasm all over again.

I watch as you rise above me again and slowly enter my swollen, dripping wet pussy. I long for your silky smooth cock to plunge in and out of my wet pussy, the deep muscles of my pussy gripping your cock each and every time you plunge deep, milking you. Gazing into each others eyes waiting for the ultimate, knowing you will prolong this as long as you can; giving me all of the pleasures you have to offer. You know I will take them selfishly as I give myself over to you. Rhythmically we move with one another, my hips rising for each plunge, looking into your soul, my eyes a window to my heart, begging for the release I long for, the one you know will bring tears to my eyes, you know I have not given you everything, for you continue to make slow, lingering, passionate love to my pussy, my hands exploring your back, gripping your butt, my eyes still begging for the ecstasy that only you can release from me, and as you begin to see the tears pooling within my eyes, you finally bring us both to the highest heights, beyond the heavens, like nothing you have ever experienced, my body trembling under you as I pour everything I have left over your exploding cock, our cum mixing inside of me, both of holding on for dear life, then collapsing into the others arms.

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